American Time Capsule: Abandoned Dealership Collier Motors AMC Has 200+ Classic Cars! (FULL TOUR)
We went out to Collier Motors AMC in Pikeville North Carolina to meet up with Robbie Collier. Robbie is tasked with managing his fathers estate which includes the last surviving American Motors dealership in the world. This place has over 200 classic American cars from the 1940's up until the 2000's hidden among the brush around the original dealership building. Javelins AMX Ambassadors Gremlins Pacers Ramblers EVERYTHING is here. Even Barry Goldwater's former personal AMC AMX with all kinds of custom stuff. Robbie is selling EVERYTHING on the lot so check out his Facebook page!
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  • Stapleton42

    If you like this stuff..make sure you subscribe for more videos like this! Robbie is selling everything here. Even parts. If you need anything check out his Facebook page!

    • Chris David O'Reilly
      Chris David O'Reilly

      Thank you OG🤘🤘 i5 from Chester 🇬🇧🤘😎🤘🤘😎🤘 I watch to the very end..

    • New Avenues
      New Avenues

      You think they will talk about EVs like that?? That's the thing.. the newer ppl will do our America history in return for more govt controlled car culture. They will gladly pay up and sell the rest of us hot rodders and tuners out... EV lovers don't even complain or provide solutions on how to bridge the gap of ICE and EV. They just want to fast and put a new wrap job on it... that's my beef. You all don't realize if their isn't any comment on how our car culture is being handled.. it will cease to exist in terms of heritage. Where are the EV lovers at showing the old Saturn EV? Oh that's right... they can't because Saturn forced everyone to bring the cars back so they can crush them.

    • LeavesOfGrass100

      Wow you where in my backyard literally, I’m a big fan of your vid’s and would of been tickled pink if I could ran into you in Pikevile

    • Tyrone Shoelaces
      Tyrone Shoelaces

      Yeah he needs to sell that crap. What an eyesore. What the hell has he been waiting for all these years!

    • Jay Smith
      Jay Smith

      What a cool place. It was nice how your daughter is also into cars. My daughter can care less about vintage cars.

  • James K Ellis
    James K Ellis

    This guy is living on memories. I believe in his mind he still sees all these cars in new condition. Such a shame that he didn't even maintain the property so that these could have at least been in better condition 😢

    • Benji Arehart
      Benji Arehart

      @Donald Talton So your telling me that they couldn't have even maintained them? Dont buy it. Maybe not being able to sell them, but not taking better care preserving them. No. That's what you call lazy, and careless. They are nothing but junk now. You could buy most of those car already restored, cheaper than what it would take to get these back. Most have past the point of no return. At least in an economic sense.. I wouldn't buy anything in that field for 500 bucks. Some of these cars in the shape they were before they were sentenced to their death. Would be high dollar cars now or at least in good restorable condition. Its their fault these cars are junk. Nobody elses.

    • je #3
      je #3

      @Honda D-SERIES respect?he does show his father respect as his dad did with the cars,leave them rot as he did.

    • James Peterson
      James Peterson

      That sums it up perfectly, all that cool stuff left to rot!

    • Honda D-SERIES
      Honda D-SERIES

      Auto respect for his father he could at least mow the lawn and watch the cars twice a year or three times a year wants to close down

    • je #3
      je #3

      @Donald Talton there were in poor shape when the ole man was alive and they still didnt do nothing with them.

  • drwho534

    A fascinating field of history but sad how all these cars ended up in such awful condition. I'm sure many could have been still running on the road today but were just needlessly left to rot.

    • Kenneth Grimes
      Kenneth Grimes

      Not really but the guy who owned it but my step Dad had a amx Javelin and it ran like a scolded dog and that's what interest me not that this cat wants 20 grand for one that's swish cheese. The body stile was very cool to look at sweet looking ride in it's day or even today for that matter.i could see paying that if I don't have to drop another 40 thousand to get it on the road.

    • Noel Gibson
      Noel Gibson

      @Brandon Amond My sister's husband had about ten classic cars on his farm when they first met. Not only were they deteriorating away more by the month, they made the whole property look generally untidy as if hoarders lived there. Ten years into the marriage, she grew tired of the eyesores and said to him:- either get them going if you want them, or get rid of em. The day a a towie came to remove them, five restorers were waiting excitedly for them. My brother in law was given some money for them, but not a huge amount because their condition was so far gone.

    • BSams

      Definitely sad to see them deteriorating like this. I bet there are some low mileage cars out there that just sat since the dealership closed. Very sad.

    • C M
      C M

      @Eddie Nylund where at do you think that? 1500 for that wagon is completely reasonable. Guys like you probably think you should be able to buy any car in the lot for $500. Classic cars are worth a ton

    • Joseph Williams
      Joseph Williams

      It's difficult to believe that anyone with the love and passion for these type vehicles would let this happen. I believe I first saw this place on an episode of American Pickers. I remember thinking the same thing then. The father was actually sitting at his desk going through a box of pink-slips like it was 1970 and they were open for business. It was the same area that had the roof collapse on that AMX... I remember thinking at the time why weren't the pickers buying that AMX. They might of been able to even get it started and drive it out, the roof hadn't collapsed at that time.But the car wasn't even mentioned, and was left there until the roof collapsed on it. We obviously don't know the back story, but it's sure hard to understand how they let that happen...

  • PinMan Dan
    PinMan Dan

    This is amazing, but I always ask myself "why does everyone wait until all the cars are rotted out and then decide to sell them ?" LOL

    • Peace Prayer
      Peace Prayer

      I was thinking the same thing. What a waste. It's interesting to get all the knowledge passed down but the history would be better served if not just sitting there rotting away.

    • je #3
      je #3

      im sure there like alot of people that dont sell nothing,there going to get to them some day.most of the stuff is estate sale bound!!!i watch a few videos of him and the old man when he was alive and they didnt do nothing with them then when they could.

    • Donald Talton
      Donald Talton

      Robbie didn't really give a damn about any of those cars. He was money hungry and didn't have the foresight to store any thing.

  • Gear Challenge
    Gear Challenge

    Bless Robbie. To hear him say, "it still runs..." He is THE used car salesman of all time!

    • Wyatt Baker
      Wyatt Baker

      I have met him he is a great guy and told me quite a few stories on some of the cars there

    • John Burt
      John Burt

      I thought that too “OH it still RUNS!”…. Yeah- ok.

    • pjlew63


    • captglenn100

      Would be interesting to hear how much money he wants for each of the cars. I am guessing he is still asking far too much, when you listen to his sales pitch about each vehicle as if it were brand new. He mentions a few times that he has someone interested in a vehicle, my bet is that he is asking far more than the condition of each warrants. Perhaps this is why they are all still sitting there, either asking too much or really does not want to sell them due to nostalgic reasons of his own.

    • Gregg Christopher
      Gregg Christopher

      I caught that🤣. He’s certainly nostalgic

  • Andy Elwood
    Andy Elwood

    Guys like him are slowly fading away and every chance I have to listen to their stories is a real treasure.

    • Rafael Torre
      Rafael Torre

      Great knowledge dies with every older person. They know a century of knowledge that may not even be in an old dusty book. Quality artisans that know or knew what good quality is. Grew up with made in usa. Us, made in China with imperfections that takes up a landfill. I have a lot of my dads tools, only a mini fraction, and I got all the screwdrivers and laid them in the sun. They looked like the cane from Jurassic Park. An amber looking handle that looked like a rare gem shining in the sun. Made in usa. All of them. 75 years old and better than new. Indestructible except maybe a scratch. They are Beautiful and functional.

    • William Fritz
      William Fritz

      @Maverick Buckley Pickers did a show hear didn't buy much Frank said

    • William Fritz
      William Fritz

      Pickers filmed

    • Jenny Animal
      Jenny Animal

      @Jesus is coming. Read the Gospel. I wonder if he will be driving some badass Mopar when he gets here . PRAISE JESUS 🙏🙏🏼🙏🏾 👈

    • Jenny Animal
      Jenny Animal


  • lavapix

    Yep, you're young not having ever seen a 4wd Eagle before. That guy lost 20 lbs spitting out all of that stored-up info.

  • Scott Featherstone
    Scott Featherstone

    What an amazing story, the knowledge this guy has of the history of each car is incredibly

  • Shane Horton
    Shane Horton

    This dealership is 10 minutes from my house. I got depressed every time I drove by it because they wouldn't budge on selling anything. glad to see they are finally selling and not letting history rot away and let people like us preserving and showing a iconic past

    • Cory Dunaway
      Cory Dunaway

      A few years too late unfortunately. These cars are falling apart

    • David Pinto
      David Pinto

      @David Vanmeter we can destroy them

    • David Pinto
      David Pinto

      Too bad they are all rotted away

    • Donald Talton
      Donald Talton

      Yeah, it finally got through the courts. I lived in Fremont for years, but my parents bought a house in Eureka. My Uncle had a bunch more cars than Colliers in his junkyard in Eureka, but one day just decided to sell them all to the crusher. I was a sick puppy whie that was going on. Managed to get 1 truckload saved. I bought a GTX & a 63 Grand Prix (for $200!)

    • Automobile Addict
      Automobile Addict

      @Auteur Fiddler They're car hoarders; some have a few, some have a ton.

  • jim hogue
    jim hogue

    My Dad was President of AMC in Canada in the 80's( He started out there as a summer job and worked his way up). I was forced to live and breathe AMC my whole life.I know everything Robbie Collier is talking about! Talk about a blast from the past! Great Video!!

    • Hubris Wonk
      Hubris Wonk

      Maybe you can tell me why so many people thought AMC was so great but the ones I owned were junk!

    • shocktrooper '84
      shocktrooper '84

      My own Dad sold new AMCs during the 70s at Pippin Motors in Smithfield NC...only about 45 min. drive West of this location in Pikeville NC. My very first ride in a "Muscle Car" was in a brand new circa '72 or maybe '73, AMX Javelin that was his 'demo' car. I will never forget that ride...Dad pinning me back in the seat with all that get up & go under the hood! He was so happy and proud! AMC was our bread & butter when I was a young boy! I STILL love AMCs! :-)

    • Stapleton42

      Man that’s wild! Glad to have you here man

  • Drake3051

    If these cars had been properly stored this would be a gold mine.

    • David Kohler
      David Kohler

      @ToddMcF2002 10 you are right about the old AMC cars not being valued as much as any of the big 3.and they cost even more to restore. Its sad ,ive owned Javelins and Gremlins ECT since the 70,s I keep hoping that one day they will raise in value. But true muscle heads are a dying breed.

    • Gordon Welcher
      Gordon Welcher

      There should be a law declaring these cars historical objects with a hefty fine for leaving them outside to rust.

    • DanielWarPaint

      @townhall05446 tony is clueless.

    • DanielWarPaint

      @harry schuster you see clearly my friend.

  • Travis Benson
    Travis Benson

    This guy's like a walking encyclopedia for cars.

  • Mark Sklizovic
    Mark Sklizovic

    It’s always cool when you get a chance to see older cars like that even though lot’s of what he has there is probably parts it’s still cool and the oldest car on the lot is probably still restorable its a Packard probably a 48 the metal was a lot thicker than it was in later years

  • James McIntire
    James McIntire

    AMC made some really unique stuff. They did have everything they could to keep up with the market with a much smaller budget than the Big 3

  • Dylan Kuhn
    Dylan Kuhn

    Incredible! I just lost my father and he left us his baby blue Javelin. Learned a few things about them from this video!

  • Shear Wave
    Shear Wave

    You can tell he thoroughly enjoys walking around reliving his childhood. You can also tell this man highly respected his father. Time flies that is for sure.

    • Daryl Wallace
      Daryl Wallace

      @Stapleton42 I know this may be a dumb question but Is that 63 Impala still there? and could you tell what condition it was in? I noticed you didn't get a good camera shot of it lol

    • Melbourne-heat.♨️

      If I had a tractor I would have put a chain around The Cars one by one and moved them get a bobcat or a bulldozer clean up that area..He has a perfect spot with all them cars going by line them up clean them with a pressure washer..If the car is whole you sell the whole car or if you have a car that is a parts car then you sell it piece by piece.. if they been sitting there that long stick to your guns and say no low-ball prices.. if you find one online and it's going for $8,000..More or less tell that person I want $3,000 cash or they can walk away..Always great to hear stories of your childhood but having a million dollars or more in your pocket you can have better memories..Or you take pictures of all the cars before you start selling them..That's me I see a gold mine I see myself on a boat in the Bahamas deep sea fishing with a beer my hands 🍻..That"s a great memory for me..😎

    • skeexix 01
      skeexix 01

      @FEARPORN When you hear the seller say "my daddy" like hell.

    • Lonnie Miller
      Lonnie Miller

      @Ed Brookshire I know what you mean about the cars that he thought were a gold mine .,I knew a man in blew eys missouri, he had been hoarding cm muscle cars for 40 years or more . He had thousands of ss chevels 1st and generation Camaros nothing nearer than a 80 model they get cars anything that was a sports car Chevrolet Nova's thousands of cars. When he passed I had known his sons for 30 years. He had 5 places with cars rowed up Drove 99 percent in to the fields and sat for years. They had sale . He had title's for the most of the cars. But they were not being restored parts cars .the crushers had a 3 week supply for the portable car crushed.

    • Ed Brookshire
      Ed Brookshire

      @Lonnie Miller I had an uncle that ran a sawmill did the exact same thing with Cadillacs you must have been 12 of them parked in a row with trees growing through them wouldn't sell them for anything when he died they were worthless and got crushed

  • Brian Wilson
    Brian Wilson

    As much as I enjoyed watching this, I had the same amount of sadness at the same time. Such a shame to these cars rusting away.

  • Jim Merriman
    Jim Merriman

    I watched the entire episode tonight on the big screen, and my pick for a car that could be made drivable, beyond what has been sold, are the Eagle wagons. They are actually very cool! A neighbor used to have one about 25 years ago. Next up would be the Javelins. I think a lot of work needs to be done to make them safe road worthy cars again, but I think the market value is there to support the investment. I will say that I think it's a shame that the family didn't find a way to cut down the trees and maintain the property. If they had done so, they be sitting on a very valuable collection of cars, instead, so many cars are now so deteriorated that they only "car art". And in a way, that's a shame, because so many cars there are even worthy parts cars. A real shame, but perhaps there just wasn't a way for a different outcome, you never know. Thats a nice big property though. I wonder what the building might be worth? It was a fun episode to watch, thanks!

    • Stapleton42

      Thanks man we are glad you’re here!!

  • Corey Johnston
    Corey Johnston

    Man your living your best life truly happy for you you wake up everyday and do what you love and you got a badass chick that ain't scared to get out in the woods mud or grime keep doing what your doing love the content and I'm glad you got this man on film he is dying breed and needs to be immortalized and glad you did this in film.

  • Stingray 1975
    Stingray 1975

    Thanks for this. I watched the whole thing. Pretty fascinating, yet heartbreaking. I want to get about 20 guys with chainsaws, and brush equipment and at least try to save what is there before nature swallows it all up.

  • The Unlucky Frog
    The Unlucky Frog

    I don't know if I am missing something but I just cannot understand how someone can let this many cars fall into disrepair. From what I am understanding, many of the vehicles were drivable, little to no rust, good vehicles, at least sell them? I guess life gets in the way but letting them rot away just kind of kills my soul a little bit 😅

    • Dan Daniels
      Dan Daniels

      There's many old boys that ha e just one or two old cars that life got in the way and kept them from ever finishing there dream cars and they've just sat in a garage or barn and rusted away and rodents chewed everything inside up. So imagine having a whole dealership and surrounding land full of old vehicles . Your like where do I even start. Then there's the memories of your dad and family of the whole dealership and the stories and you just gwt lost in it and time and raising your own family and working and living life and before ya know it 30 yrs pass and that's what you have left. His dealership lot is one of thousands around the country that's fell into disrepair and and over grown with growth of trees and brush and you are at a loss of what to even do with it. And I read another post on here that said it was caught up in a legal battle between siblings and no one could touch it for yrs so unforseen things happen that we dk t see and understand that brought it to the conclusion he has today. Atleast he's salvaging some of it by parting it out and some cars are bought so not a total waste .

  • Dougc3157

    It's amazing that this place still exists. Just amazing that the gentleman remembers all about this place and the cars there. But it's a big shame that they let the place go to ruins. Most of the cars are in such poor shape that it would take a fortune to restore. Such a shame. What surprises me is that the town or the state doesn't go after him to clean the property up as it has most likely turned into a EPA hazard. Good video of the place though, thank you for the tour.

    • Stapleton42

      He is facing pressure. That’s why everything is being sold

  • Bill Wagner
    Bill Wagner

    Watched the whole video and it really brought back the memories. Got back from Vietnam in 1970 I was 22 and bought a. 69 AMX dark blue two white stripes over the top, 343 engine, the best and most fun to drive vehicle I ever owned. After 8 years I needed a family car and sold it to a guy who had already restored one and wanted another. I am happy to know that it was well taken care of.

    • Joseph Williams
      Joseph Williams

      I had a 1970... 390 and a 4 speed... Dark green with a flat black shaker hood.. Too bad they only lasted three years. Anything after that was not an AMX. I never cared for the Javelin, especially when they changed the body around and called it the AMX Package. They were just ugly. But the original AMX was amazing. An absolute blast to drive. Could never afford one now, but the memories are priceless. Thank you for your service. Take care and God Bless.

    • townhall05446

      So, not parked in a field for 30 years?

    • Stapleton42

      Thanks man. Welcome to the channel!

  • The Real Poody
    The Real Poody

    I loved this video, looking at a time capsule like this is so fascinating. Placing concrete/asphalt is very expensive, but do you think he would of saved money in the long run if he did by preserving these cars longer? Edit: I did make it to the end, and it's been a while since I watched a 58m video on IRglo other than Rescue Rebuild with his 401. Stuff like this fascinates me, I only imagine picking one of these cars up, restoring it, and recording the process on the way. Videos like that are very entertaining, I look forward to the next time capsule!

  • Tim Stingel
    Tim Stingel

    You would be amazed at how many of those vehicles can be brought back and driven again

  • Pascal Underwood
    Pascal Underwood

    I'm from around this area! Asked my brother about this particular storage of cars, but my brother said to me , you would be lucky if you got in there! This was a couple of years ago! I recognized this place from IRglo picture, thanks for sharing! Watched to the end! Awesome 👌

    • Stapleton42

      Thanks man!!

  • Brian

    Thanks for the tour. Amazing to hear all those personal stories behind the cars. Not surprising they've had difficulty parting with them. Great job guys 💚

  • Jim Nite
    Jim Nite

    What an interesting man Mr. Collier honestly knows his AMC inventory. Also a very genuine man. Took the time to compliment his wife!!! Really enjoyed your video. THANKS!!!!!

  • Jo Smotherman
    Jo Smotherman

    This guy is a walking encyclopedia of AMC knowledge. I would have loved to have been there in 1980/83 with 50 grande.. It's a shame that those cars stayed out so long.

    • Melbourne-heat.♨️

      I would have got about a thousand tarps rolled up the windows covered them up the best I could and got some strong nylon rope tied them all up.. but first I would have moved them all the way from the trees even if I had to Bunch them up the trees probably did most of the damage..Plus every time a tree starts to rot a huge limb would fall down and do major damage to that car..Dame shame they will probably just sit there forever..😫

    • Victor Black
      Victor Black

      @tony friend you show how little you know about the history of the American automobile. Knowing the 'worth' of any 'thang' is slightly more than cutting donuts in a downtown intersection at 3am...give yourself a break. Back yourself up with a little knowledge about the subject before taking it at it's intrinsic value.

    • townhall05446

      @tony friend Because they are rusted to crap. All those outdoor cars are totally un-fixable unless you want to spend 4x what they''ll be worth afterwards. Call the wrecker and send them to the scrap yard.

    • tony friend
      tony friend

      WHY they Aren't Worth anythang then or Now1

    • Kevin Geezy
      Kevin Geezy

      man, with 50 grand back than, you'd probably walk out with 10-15 cars!

  • Randy Layton
    Randy Layton

    That was a walk down memory lane for me, my brother had a 72 Javalin 390 4 speed. I loved that car, it was goofy fast and handled like a go cart! He let me drive it on my first date with my high school girlfriend and I got a ticket for doing a burnout! We lost him in 1984 and my parents sold his car to his best friend who still has it to this day!

  • Zakk Gardner
    Zakk Gardner

    I _love_ this stuff. Thank you Stapleton42. Subscribed! And we (human beings) can't imagine how there could have been other highly advanced civilizations on this earth that have been totally lost to time. Most things that can be made from materials here on earth will turn to dust in relatively short order if they are not maintained - unless of course they are made of granite and other extremely hard stone - such as what we can still see in Egypt etc. If, offhand, you are interested in seeing evidence of ancient high technology, take a look at what UnchartedX (no affiliation) has uncovered here on youtube. It's leaving me in awe. 😮

  • Yaj Tramer
    Yaj Tramer

    This man has not much more knowledge of AMC than myself. I had a 71 javelin sst 360 ci purple. Awesome car.

  • Brian Hord
    Brian Hord

    I loved the whole video. Thank you guys for taking us along. I like that 4x4 AMC car you guys were looking at; it's way cool. I like the old Jeeps too, the yellow one looked interesting. Heck any 4x4 I'm good with too, but a lot of cool cars!

  • Denver Flipperer
    Denver Flipperer

    The "sickness" of hoarding is that guys like him will never let that stuff go for any price and would rather let it all rust to nothing....

    • industrial athlete60
      industrial athlete60

      Spot on

    • DrHogfan

      I was just about to type WHY !(does someone do this ) I think you hit the nail on the head. I actually have an old lady that abandoned her house(easily a $350k house) on my mail route. She was a horder. The daughter and son in law are finally starting to clean it out

    • Kenneth Hacker
      Kenneth Hacker

      Yup ,he talks like these cars were running a few years ago lol.they clearly been rotten away for decades.great upload and great comment

  • Rayrard

    I mean I get the elements do a number on these cars but I wonder why he couldn't keep the interiors buttoned up (the windows and doors are left open) to at least preserve something. Plus he could have kept a nice open area clear and moved the cars once in a while to prevent them sinking into the ground (heck some cheap blacktop would have been a good investment). That one red car the guy tried to close to door to protect the interior and the man literally told him "don't worry about it"". You need to close the doors and windows of cars when they are outside!

  • Deborah Valentine
    Deborah Valentine

    Watching the video is actually infuriating as one who has a passion for automobiles. The stories are nice to hear as is the history nice to know. ALL of these vehicles could have been sold off whether for parts, restoration or even scrap. Very nice and rare model vehicles sitting there. If I were that fellow, I'd hold a one weekend clearing out auction in cahoots with an auction house. I'd rather see the fellow collect some $$ and have an empty field there with nothing at all in it than a graveyard of vehicles knowing that each vehicle has gone to a better cause/end than rotting in a field.......

  • Michael Paul Padilla MDAC GROUP
    Michael Paul Padilla MDAC GROUP

    I enjoyed the hell out of that, I travel a lot between Pa and Fl and I see a few places like this in my travels, I could spend a week there exploring, thanks for making this and being great people! I live about an hour and 10 minutes from Pikeville, think, i'm going to a ride over and meet Mr. Collier

  • stanley steemr
    stanley steemr

    Amazing he remembers so much extensive history for every car. A wonderful walk-thru review.

  • James Sandman
    James Sandman

    Watched to the last second as this Chevy and Earnhardt fan was fascinated with the diversity of the AMC world and it occured to me that my father had a Porsche Gremlin. That was truly fascinating and informative and what awesome stimulus with all of those gorgeous cars and that gorgeous Logan!

    • Stapleton42

      Thanks man!

  • Edward Kellogg
    Edward Kellogg

    This place is amazing. I have read about it and seen pictures of some of the cars. This old dealership still has lots of great cars to sell and get back on the road. Great video.

    • Stapleton42

      Thanks man!

  • Woodywood

    I stuck around to the end bro usally always do. I like your style this is the type stuff that one day will be forgotten by most but for the rest of us we have people like you and Logan out here hustling and tracking down leads so y'all can make some badass content! Ain't nobody else doin it like you with the variety of videos your makin like seeing NASCAR time capsules and hearing stories from the drivers it's all badass! Much respect to you and Logan y'all seem so down to earth and cool remind me of some country folks anyway much respect and stay say man see ya in the next vid

  • Norman Jones
    Norman Jones

    I'm not sure if I've ever seen someone like Mr. Collier who is such an encyclopedia of knowledge. I honestly think I could spend a whole month looking at this awesome collection and never get tired. Thanks very much for sharing this super awesome video my friend. (PS) I am also from North Carolina.

    • Stapleton42

      Thanks man!

  • Bob Ellis
    Bob Ellis

    What an interesting video! Thank you so much! I watched the whole thing and it brought back a lot of memories. My dad owned a grocery store and we had a customer who had a 71 AMX with a 360 and it would fly! It was a pine green metallic with white stripes and we all drooled over that car. There were lots of our customers who had cars that we oogled over. Thanks again for such a great video!

  • Ross Reed
    Ross Reed

    Thank you for the GREAT TOUR of a fantastic time capsule ! I hope you will consider doing more, and stay safe!

    • Stapleton42

      Thanks Ross!

  • Speedy Steve
    Speedy Steve

    I always thought the Pacer was a revolutionary car. Cab forward, great visibility, FWD. The problems were the straight -6 mill because a V-6 was not made, and tinted windows.

    • Heidi Tatman
      Heidi Tatman

      I'm thinking that they were RWD and not FWD.

  • Kenneth Reiver
    Kenneth Reiver

    Extremely nice gentleman , it's just a shame these cars weren't properly stored . Hopefully enough get saved before they are scrapped.

    • Victor Black
      Victor Black

      @crazyfoot490 l I myself have owned at one time seven road worthy cars (in my qualified opinion), one sweet li'l '67 C10 p/up and one hobby stocker. Spend some of that hard earned money on CAR COVERS (w/some mouse traps, roach motels, etc.). And if you store a car for some time, drain gas tank, cooling system and brakes, including MASTER CYLINDER. I learned there is a hard way and an easy way to 'collect' automobiles. The easy way is much more fun, and much less work.

    • jeff rentsch
      jeff rentsch

      @crazyfoot490 l I have a 1998 S10 that is outside as I rebuild 1982 K10. Will probably sell S10 after I get the K10 up and going. Been down a month with broken ankle.

    • crazyfoot490 l
      crazyfoot490 l

      I agree. As the owner of several cars myself. It's hard to keep them all under roof. cars outside under trees I wish weren't.

  • Paddy Boy
    Paddy Boy

    Thanks for your effort guys, I love you dedication to making the videos. Cheers Pat 🇦🇺

  • Arne Sahlen
    Arne Sahlen

    56:59 We appreciate you too. Thanks for this terrific slice of auto history. The owner-host's story of family devotion to cars may never be repeated in our onward global rush of high technology and mutual destruction.

  • Richard Scarlett
    Richard Scarlett

    this is really heart breaking to see all these cars in this condition

  • Jack Bluesman
    Jack Bluesman

    Just amazing!! Mr Collier the Ultimate sales man to the end , ( It Runs Good ) I love his knowledge, buzzed me right out! I had a 1970 AMC Rebel Machine in 1990 with a manual & 3.91 gears a 390 polished & blueprinted was a bit to powerful for the car, it twisted the front of the chassis where it split the front window post and box frame connection, I still remember that rumbling sound! Also a AMC Javelin 6 Cyl I restored in 1978 for my best friend that needed a car, And also drove for a summer in 1979 a AMC Javelin with a 401. You are doing what I used to do when I was your age , but we did it first on out bicycles checking out the lane ways and looking down driveway on a Saturday or Sunday morning to see what was piled under the old lawn chairs and lumber people had in there garages when they went to do there gardening on the weekends, Later I would drive around with my best friend looking in the rear of factory’s , because a lot of the time it was the guys who had the money running a business who had the place to put several old cars in there yards back then but no time to enjoy them! Obviously we did not have the internet or video cells or access to a lot of funds like IRglors do, It was a hobby on a weekend we had that turned into enjoying 85 personal vehicles I owed all different kinds from a Model T to a 70 Coupe Deville to a 91 Heritage softail to a 88 911 Porsche Carrera Them days are almost long gone, But as your video shows there is still a few of us old dogs that aren’t old mean pricks still alive around that hold a few nice vehicles around. And to the some other comments with regards to old people letting there cars rot or just sit, Sometimes there is more to the story that is personal that meets some peoples imaginations, A lot of people that have a vehicle sitting around is because of many reasons, Most is a loss of interest, not even money motivates some to sell because some have gone through life with many different stresses and don’t give a dang about that old car, and are fed up with greed hate trickery lies and couldn’t be bothered with that vehicle taking valuable space up or could give them extra money in there pockets, Because money won’t bring back the youthful minded person they once were, or change much of anything, Or not caring because of health issues, Or taking care of a sick family member Or just plane giving up on life because whatever that old shit box might bring them in cash will not bring back the personal connection they once had with that vehicle, Or how they feel by parting with it makes them feel less of value to themselves in life, Holding onto A specific vehicle a person may have many have legitimate reasons behind there thinking, Then there is the estate bickering The suing of family members that only showed up at funerals to see what they think is owed to them, Or the property being held up in a court battle that may take years and years to settle Leaving these old cars to rot in a old field! I particularly respect and admire You and your wonderful best friend Lady for doing a respectful editing process in your videos, This means the world to us older and younger crowd in like, not revealing any heartache these people most certainly are going through, A lot of people that hold onto there old rides are because we think one day when things all work out and the mortgage is paid and if they have kids they are financially set on there own or when unfortunately our old parents pass away and we not in the position of being a 24 hour or part time care giver, Many think that they will just pop a battery in that old car ant give it a tune up fix a couple of rust spots and push in a old cassette tape fire it up and be travelling back in time in something that had meaning to them, Until they start to realize it will cost hundreds of dollars in many cases to just get it out of a garage into a shop to look at, and then thousands more afterwards, And so they close the door again on what once was and think maybe another day I will get to it and then it sits to fade away for more years. Sad but this is true! I have seen and spoke with many people about the reasons and have a few similar to myself here, But the most best way to approach ANYONE that has something of interest to you is to be Kind and not fake, respect there feelings because MANY of these people have gone through shit and experienced unbelievable things that hopefully you and all in the search for a adrenaline fix of a dream come true will never experience, as many have lived lives of betrayal, So when it comes to a barn find or garage find or field find Respect is number #1 If someone sees you are being honest (And in this life that’s a rare) You may find yourself buying something you dreamed of owning too! Everything takes Money and that’s the one thing all these neglected vehicles suffer from The personal time , money, to properly store and run and take care of them or that one that is sitting in some old garage somewhere! No one truly gives up on there dreams in life it’s just that sometimes dreams or ambitions last on forever with some never awaking to the realize that there will come a day of total darkness! Or life’s priorities take over, lack of energy, interest, even hope! Good luck in keeping the dream alive and the thrill of adventure in finding something of historical sound feel texture and mechanical electrical and artistic design! And always be Kind to your better half ALWAYS compromise, as it is truly the key to ANY long relationship! Being kind also works well with any vehicle but I find they don’t like to be compromised very much! Cheers! Ont. Ca. ☮️🇺🇸🇨🇦☮️

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    • 0Epic0

      @townhall05446 when it was abandoned it was worth nothing, nobody wanted those cars. It’s easy to say that now they would worth something, when only a few years back they did worth less than the metal they are made of.

    • townhall05446

      @0Epic0 In this case, there were trees and bushes growing on the money, as the cars became part of the foliage.

    • townhall05446

      @redmondjp You hit it right on the head. Even before they were left to rot, these cars by and large were nothing special. The only couple I saw that were worth saving should have been put indoors but weren't. 'Old' does not mean 'collectible' or 'valuable'. Those care weren't overly popular when they were new, nobody is thinking 'gee I'd love to have a 1969 Ambassador sedan again!'

    • townhall05446

      @Norm Wetherbee One commonality with those guys is that IF they will give a price they'll accept for their car, they price it like it's a mint perfect edition. If a 69 Road Runner in mint shape is $60,000, that is what they think theirs is worth as it sinks into the dirt for 20 years.

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    • townhall05446

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    • spoonsarefun

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      Exactly..these 'owners' are shameful ffs!

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