16 Year Old Grudge Races His 800HP ZL1 Camaro at an Outlaw Drag Strip (They Were NOT Happy About It)
Some of you guys have seen Baylor in my other videos. He helps out at Triple Seven quite a bit and also happens to drive this really nasty 2019 Camaro ZL1 with some "unknown" mods. We decided to take it to Yello Belly (aka The Gut" near Dallas Texas for some unsanctioned no rules grudge racing. This track is ultra sketchy and the money is always flying. We have no idea what to expect from this...
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  • Dante M
    Dante M

    No cap, this looks like more fun than some of the official races.

    • Pitmaster4Lyfe

      I effin love places like this , it definitely has an air of excitement cause you know that 99% of the drivers have absolutely no experience when it comes to drag racin!! 🏁🏁🏁🏁🏁🏁🏁

    • sariah reigns
      sariah reigns

      @Derek Sendall no offense but you know no one will tell you anything but in mexico of corse. you gotta go to the local meets and learn what part of mexico is what i suggest.

    • sariah reigns
      sariah reigns

      @nicholas mihail omfg me too! maybe ill time the next tx2k with one of the gut nights. im gonna be procharged in january. 6gen 1ss headers ecs procharger lingefelter hpfpump zl1 fuelrail and injectors tuned e85 should be around 700WHP. i need some new sneakers if im gonna run on that track though! lol seriouslly though that reminds me how front street philly used to be back before streetracing was was really cracked down on. ya really did something making it seem legit like legal street racing.

    • Rayzohn

      It’s supposed to be a place where you can pull out a civic and race a demon and not feel completely touched 💯

  • Anthony Shrouder
    Anthony Shrouder

    The camera guy looks terrified. Like he never goes to that side of town. 😂

    • Daystar

      @Jason C. Ziegler Who cares... huh boy?

    • Clickin' It With Drew
      Clickin' It With Drew

      @Panda Pancakes This had me fuckin dead 😂

    • Jason C. Ziegler
      Jason C. Ziegler

      Shit that's one of the best parts of the Dallas area. You wanna see sketchy, go to Harrry Hines and Webb Chapple in west Dallas.....or friggin oak cliff lmao

    • Reyaluze

      @Panda Pancakes my bad foo ian mean too

    • Clinton Burtchett
      Clinton Burtchett

      Hahaha frfr

  • firefangzzz

    Guys: Talks about how dangerous it is Event: Everyone friendly af and looks pretty nice

    • Jack Ryan
      Jack Ryan

      @Crystal Methany has nothing to do with race🤦🏼‍♂️

    • León

      That's how people describe Yello Belly in Texas😂 then you get there and everyone is just drunk and having fun like uncles in a family BBQ😂 they even have some good ass food trucks

    • Pepe Silvia
      Pepe Silvia

      @Crystal Methany "we are just talkin shit". no just you

    • Carson

      @Crystal Methany cringe

  • Smooovq

    “Has anyone been hit standing here?” No *points 5 feet away* “I’ve been hit there though”

    • Jack Ryan
      Jack Ryan

      Well, he did ask "here", not "there"😂

    • Bryce Baptiste
      Bryce Baptiste

      Bruh 🤣

  • Blue

    Yello Belly looks like heaven. A place by racers for racers not yet tainted by rules and regulations for safety. Cherish this place before it changes. This place will be a place of legend soon.

    • The Slick
      The Slick

      @chris perez those days are going out fast, better write them down

    • chris perez
      chris perez

      I went there back in 96 to 2002 it still the same more fences tho u could make a honest living wage betting on the right cars.

  • Prune Squallor
    Prune Squallor

    This looks like how it was when I started racing in the 60’s. We did everything ourselves with very few rules. Racing in it’s Purest Form.

  • LTx_Chuy

    “Sound like its stock with an exhuast leak” lmao

  • Satmax

    "You gonna try to hit anybody?" "I ain't no Mustang." lol

    • Revolutionary RC
      Revolutionary RC

      Soon as it happened I read yo comment lmao

  • Cody Banta
    Cody Banta

    i love watching murda's streams. they're always hilarious

  • Eric Brown
    Eric Brown

    As sketchy as it may be, that is better than throwing down on the street. Everyone there is a participant.

    • zagan1

      @Bbd L Looks like a proper place though


      @James Puckett i got 6 reckless driving tickets($280 ea), 3 exhibition of speed tickets(accelerating to fast off a light)(($240 ea)), 4 driving without reasonable consideration for others tickets($280 ea), 13 stunting tickets($120 ea), no accidents, no actual speeding tickets. In one stop i aquired 8 tickets for a total of $1100, didn't pay a single one because lawyers are smarter than police. I've never had a suspended license, never had excessive insurance or registration costs. Ive only wrecked 1 car in my life and i wasnt even found at fault for it... I pay $110 a month for plates and insurance per vehicle. $25 a year for my license. hahahahahaha

    • Dirt Poor Garage.
      Dirt Poor Garage.

      @SOULESS So you are saying innocent people don't get hit and killed or injured by people street racing???

  • Ai Dan
    Ai Dan

    Who else sat there for a solid 30 seconds in awe of the sheer power and how bad that mustang was beat? I can't be the only one

  • miguel mcintyre
    miguel mcintyre

    driving an 800 hp camaro "wanna bet $20" lmfao what a goon

    • Soar Above
      Soar Above

      Ikr? I mean, I’d pay $20 just to lose a race against a fast car. Yanno, just for the gits n shingles. Alas... I don’t own a VTEC nor a Silverado lmao.

    • AM

      Scared to bet high with a beast whip would've easily win


    This is what racing is all about lol hanging with good peeps and just racing for fun😂

  • Phixem

    Man I love the energy of these guys. It’s seems like just people having a good time and laughing I love it man.

  • LaserStorm1000

    16 year olds nowadays looking like 30

    • Liam Ritchie
      Liam Ritchie

      The father of his girlfriend be like 🤔

    • John Dude
      John Dude

      i wonder how they'll look when they're 30?

    • Brittany Millerry
      Brittany Millerry

      Shid you try working on a car in 80-90 degree heat you gonna age quite a few years in just 1 summer 😂

    • Deon Jones
      Deon Jones

      Yeah no shade, but that 16-year-old did look like he was 30 something.😬 IJS

  • Mylo Solis
    Mylo Solis

    You guys are awesome, positive,optomestic,in control,and know how to have a great time,nice work guys,keep up the good work,fast car👍

  • Darkknight _704
    Darkknight _704

    That literally looks like the "REAL MEXICO" race spot 🤣🤣

  • Kay

    This is better than the last 5 fast and furious movies combined.

    • Phillip Davis
      Phillip Davis


    • Lil Baby
      Lil Baby

      7 one is best one

    • Salamander69

      The 5th one was good imo

    • Wayne Ferguson
      Wayne Ferguson


    • Alphaxx

      But where is the family

  • Nash Elton
    Nash Elton

    first video i have ever seen from u guys, i really like how friendly you are with everyone. That's an element they thrive in! I was cheering for buddy the whole way he seems respectful but wild be safe guys!

    • Nash Elton
      Nash Elton

      also that civic win was awesome as fk lmfaooo


    “So what’s done to this car?” “Uh, basically whatever my dad would pay for, I’m not really sure” 🤣🤣🤣

    • C H
      C H

      @Mike G Perspective. Some parents drop hundreds of thousands of dollars on their childrens school, but yours gave you a Pontiac and you’re still here bragging about it.

    • The Slick
      The Slick

      @Bradley Reeves a 250cc motorbike with any tuning whatsoever can keep up with heavily built street cars lol

    • Igcbjjfd Fhhvxyjn
      Igcbjjfd Fhhvxyjn

      @AndyFletcherr lol that sounded good when u typed it right.... When poor people get rich they have character....when you're born rich you lack character. Adversity creates character. Being spoiled just makes u lack substance. That was his point. Clown

    • Jose Zapata
      Jose Zapata

      Just basic stuff 🤷🏾‍♂️

    • luis moreno
      luis moreno

      Sure as hell drives the shit out of the car

  • Irving Rodriguez
    Irving Rodriguez

    This looks like a drag strip for prison 😂

  • Dan Shearer
    Dan Shearer

    I was expecting a closer race with the mustang. Damn that grip on the camaro is wild

  • Jeremy Winsch
    Jeremy Winsch

    You guys are hilarious!!!! I have watched this like 5 times now. Keep the videos coming!

  • 02SubaruWRX

    He’s got the cheater stache so nobody questions his age or fake ID at the track

    • Brittany Millerry
      Brittany Millerry

      @Crystal Methany wildin

    • Crystal Methany
      Crystal Methany

      @02SubaruWRX Or do *WHO* you gotta do...? I'll just walk myself out now.

    • 02SubaruWRX

      @Crystal Methany lol gotta do what you gotta do!

    • Crystal Methany
      Crystal Methany

      @02SubaruWRX hahaha no wonder he has a nice ride

    • 02SubaruWRX

      @Crystal Methany plot twist, the hairs aren’t his....

  • Blaze_TheWicked

    More videos here would be awesome. Places like this are more unpredictable and therefore more fun.

  • Mr. Parker
    Mr. Parker

    Everyone’s reaction to The Civic - X3 race has to make you smile. Solid gold.

  • Wizzle Dizzle
    Wizzle Dizzle

    Dudes 16 and looks like he’s 40. Damn that’s gotta suck

    • Igcbjjfd Fhhvxyjn
      Igcbjjfd Fhhvxyjn

      Its the universe balancing the fact he's a spoiled kid who probably will never work hard in his life.

    • Mopar Matt
      Mopar Matt

      @John Dude some say he got smoked by a zl1

    • John Dude
      John Dude

      @Crystal Methany Someone's clearly jealous, constantly hating on this kid when replying to every comment on this video lol

    • Crystal Methany
      Crystal Methany

      @Momo Judging? Um ok back the sentimental truck up Dr Phil. This is the internet, you don't like it, well I'm *NOT* sorry, many more years of this to come, and not just from me but from all over the place. So go try to be "captain save a kid outta place" in some mass shooting video or something like that, not where people are getting a slight chuckle or giggle. 😂👍

    • Momo

      @Crystal Methany don’t judge a book by its cover

  • Caden

    if there were more tracks like this, takeovers would become irrelevant lmao

  • MOTOHEAD 1021
    MOTOHEAD 1021

    My wife's asleep im watching the si civic race the BMW x3. Laughed Hella hard and screamed he chirped 2nd. Now I'm on the couch have a good night everyone.

    • Jack Ryan
      Jack Ryan

      Yea, in the 9th Gen Si, you can chirp first and second gear all day every with traction control off. I Love that button

    • LightGesture

      I'm in your position, wife fell asleep next to me. I was supposed to get birthday seed, but started watching IRglo....... lol!

    • Darrell Webb
      Darrell Webb

      Bro I did too lol!

    • Bryanox7

      this was the best part how did that civic win 😂

    • billywayne McWilliams
      billywayne McWilliams

      Dude I've had my si for 21 years now..don't make fun of me..1 owner procharger Poppin 240 HP...but a v6 Camaro will take me 🤫

  • Misael Martinez
    Misael Martinez

    This is the most under-rated video ever! I enjoyed the whole thing! Amazing content! Keep it up man

    • Stapleton42

      Thanks man!

  • V. Gregg Undercover1566
    V. Gregg Undercover1566

    Always wondered what it would feel like to be born into money. Now I know😂

  • Jesus Gonzalez
    Jesus Gonzalez

    A RACE IS A RACE 🏁 No matter what you have, you gotta love that feeling

  • avman1339

    Should have sandbagged/held back some. Totally trashed your and others opportunities to win money by beating that Mustang by so much on your first race.

    • Lagstiny 2
      Lagstiny 2

      I mean pro charged mustang against camaro with basic mods 😂 I'll take the camaro even if it lost cuz I'm not a crowd kchaser lmfao

    • King

      @Christopher true money before ego

  • XLR8 Gaming
    XLR8 Gaming

    the most disrespectful thing i’ve seen in a while, shining your taillights at a car as you pull 💀

  • Z0D1aC_510

    This was really dope!! Lol the stock ones had me too excited 😆

  • Justin

    This looks so fun and everyone seems so chill.

  • Joe Gilly
    Joe Gilly

    This looked like a lot of fun. I would take my 3.5 L twin turbo ford out here .

  • Mystic

    The actual driver constantly smiling is the best thing ever 😂😂

    • Crystal Methany
      Crystal Methany

      Probably nervous as hell! Imagine being the only two ghost guys around an ocean of brown vatos? Shit even the Camaro is white!

  • Justin Damirgian
    Justin Damirgian

    Reminds me of street racing in Philly. The whole point of racing like this is to bet money. These guys got their cherry popped, hard! no rubber or lube and took it well in real street racung and it was fun to watch.

  • Topsey Kretts
    Topsey Kretts

    Its tracks like these that are keeping the everyday guys off the street racing and keeping it on the track.Gotta appreciate the simplicity with it all.

  • David Loya
    David Loya

    Bro this was great!!! I need more of this 😂😂😂💀

    • Stapleton42

      another one just posted!

  • Jay AR
    Jay AR

    Looks like Mr.Beast started street racing.

    • Adam Holley
      Adam Holley

      I think he looks like Nick Cage Edit: Grammar

    • Try Again
      Try Again

      Except this guy isn’t a flamer.

    • k Will
      k Will

      @1st World Problems SOLVED 🤣🤣

    • Hamster_operator

      @BRD 😂😂😂😂😂🙏

    • BRD

      Mr. Feast

  • Lambyy 17
    Lambyy 17

    I hope you keep doing this! It’s amazing 😂

  • Lispy Ryan
    Lispy Ryan

    i use to go to street races alot with my dad and they always were like this, 300-900hp cars and trucks and were all street legal, we had a gen 1 s10 with a 327 small block on radials and whooped everyone, its more fun but way more dangerous on the street...and its not really..legal

  • Jake B
    Jake B

    this would be alot of fun to roll in with a "sleeper" diesel truck lol

  • ulices martinez
    ulices martinez

    Good to see some content from locals 🔥

  • Flippin Mad Pinball
    Flippin Mad Pinball

    Loving this man. I'll be watching any videos from this place!!!

    • Stapleton42

      Heck yeah 💪🏻

  • Hidden Potential Project
    Hidden Potential Project

    You have to be a great parent to let your child who's had a license less than a year get a sports car - not even to mention giving it almost 1k hp.

    • dennis taylor
      dennis taylor

      800HP so he say's

    • Cravin

      He’s driving better than most tho. Kid might be a natural 🤷🏽‍♂️

    • Impulset0

      And he's responsibly racing it at a track as opposed to some side street or the interstate.

  • UnProVen _
    UnProVen _

    This looks like the street racing I know and love

  • Jacob Kilen
    Jacob Kilen

    Make sure to do a second burnout dry hop make sure the road will take the power

  • Silver99

    For racers regulating themselves, it seemed to go pretty smoothly.

  • 2 Liter
    2 Liter

    reminds me of actual street racing. with side bets and all.

  • Matt Seal
    Matt Seal

    This is one of the best drag racing videos I've ever seen haha. I gotta check this place out!

  • Huanvison 2.0
    Huanvison 2.0

    That pass was worth liking, this whole video is sick as hell! I’m subscribing for sure!

    • Stapleton42

      Glad you’re here man!

  • eddie wap
    eddie wap

    Love this, make it a series bro!

    • Stapleton42

      I am!! Check the peoples track playlist!

  • SpiritualNvNDO

    all this video gave me was chill vibes and much needed everyday cars being raced 🤣

    • SpiritualNvNDO

      @Stapleton42 checked them out, I can see your more familiar with everybody now 🤣

    • Stapleton42

      Glad you like it man. Check out all the newer ones from this track!!

  • Joshua David
    Joshua David

    This brings back memories. That track was sketchy 25 years ago when I would go as a teenager. Good to see it hasn’t changed!

    • Chris Lacy
      Chris Lacy

      @Joshua David thanks. I am going to have to visit

    • Joshua David
      Joshua David

      Yello Belly drag strip in Grand Prarie, Texas

    • Chris Lacy
      Chris Lacy

      Where is this at?

  • CaptainSLOW

    I literally got hyped the civic / X3 race. Honestly did not think the civic was gonna hang lmao

  • lizoyd18

    Wow this place looks fun just a regular street race nothing sketchy about it

  • Cliff League
    Cliff League

    This is my home track and I love seeing “outsiders” come and see how bad it actually is and still see it as fun

  • Raul Rojas
    Raul Rojas

    That’s right no matter if your stock a race is a race ❤️

  • Rossy D
    Rossy D

    I would love to see normal cars race

  • shane m
    shane m

    Most definitely and bet on the race that car is crazy fast. Keep up the good work

  • Bobby Brand New
    Bobby Brand New

    Dopest race at 16:50. 😆 loved this video!

  • Your Nobody
    Your Nobody

    Could you imagine how sick the dude that hit the hazards would have been if he got hawked


    Dude shows up to a dragstrip with a HANS... Shit just got REAL.

  • Daniel Meza
    Daniel Meza

    🤣 lmao my 4 year old son loves going there with my wife and I I’m always racing so my wife and son are always on the stands and there’s never been a problem. Yello belly is a whole vibe! 🤣🔥

  • BtownGolfR

    I looked up drag strips on apple maps to see where the nearest 1/2 mile was, keep in mind I live in Indiana, and it instantly took me to this track that’s 800+ miles away. I watched this video over an hour ago and it still took me straight there.

  • CDeezy

    Guy: you can race ANYTHING here! Later on...... "Theres a golf cart and a guy running" 😭😭😭

  • Normal Everyday Regular Dude N.E.R.D.
    Normal Everyday Regular Dude N.E.R.D.

    Ryan Reynolds is the coolest! Taking his little cousin to the track, a truly down to Earth guy!

  • Bob Gnarly
    Bob Gnarly

    Hell ya I’d race there man looks like a good change to any traditional track

  • Josiah Sambrano
    Josiah Sambrano

    I love when people see yellow belly for the first time and just sit in confusion

  • tangled Line
    tangled Line

    Thanks for taking it to the track guys. LOL at the "John Force burnouts" passing the tree....6:55 but wtf happened to the fence behind you?

  • Sloh's Lane
    Sloh's Lane

    A race is a race.. No truer words were ever spoken!

  • Cyber Earth
    Cyber Earth

    A race I want to see would be a C7 vs that camaro

  • Michael Airheart
    Michael Airheart

    I've never heard this track called "the gut". Most people call it the hood track. It was built in 1955 and has had very few updates.

  • Shellshocker64

    Haven't watched the vid yet But 9/10 times, a 16 year old shouldn't have so much horsepower at their disposal

  • Clarence Falcon
    Clarence Falcon

    “You trying to hit anybody” “Hey, I ain’t no mustang” 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Frankie k
    Frankie k

    I wish I had a track like this near me 🤣

  • Adam Farmwald
    Adam Farmwald

    I'm a mustang man but that camaro is sick 🤟🔥