Abandoned Rockingham Speedway: FULL TOUR! (Hidden NASCAR History In Storage)
In 2004 the Subway 400 was the very last NASCAR Cup Series race at the North Carolina Speedway in Rockingham NC. The track was all but forgotten, used sparingly and pillaged for parts in coming years until being completely unattended. This is the first time ANYONE has had the opportunity to document the untouched history of the 260+ acre facility. Now as of 2021 The Rock is under new ownership and is slowly working back into hosting events again! This will be the video to serve future generations as to what a Winston Cup Series facility looked like in all facets back in the golden era early 2000's of NASCAR!
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  • Mark Martin
    Mark Martin

    This is cool 💯

    • Rick Bishop
      Rick Bishop


    • you know everything
      you know everything

      @Stapleton42 man you got the right connections and ppl and your way in to a NASCAR ride, get your butt in a pro or super latemodel and get racing, you have enough contacts to even get into a driver development latemodel ride. Who cares if you never raced before, go rent tracks out and just drive hundred or so laps then show up on a open practice night so your use to running with other cars then go racing, if 13 year olds and 12 year olds can run pro latemodels or Jr latemodels you can run a pro or super to, hardest part about a latemodel is not over driving it to save the tires for the end cuse some races only allow you to run the tires you qualified on. You got it man if you get into a ride I'll come help y'all with it

    • Robert E
      Robert E

      I think I could spend weeks here

    • Mark Tishman
      Mark Tishman

      Hey Mark, when I've heard first time of a nascar in the beginning of 90's , you were the first driver that I memorized his name . Guess why :)

    • Grayson Byass-Rascoe
      Grayson Byass-Rascoe

      MARK! I love you bud!

  • Stapleton42

    I remember watching the last race here in 2004 with my family. I was 7. Never did I ever think I’d be able to explore this place and find documents from that very race buried in boxes. I love history like this and I hope you guys do too. stapletonautoworks.com

    • AhPrevi

      I live 20 mins from there!!!

    • RageMonkey

      All that caulk was a bone us.

    • GoOfy Glizzy BeAns Productions
      GoOfy Glizzy BeAns Productions

      the last race was 2014 for trucks

    • paul lemke
      paul lemke

      Holy shit you're young

    • David weber
      David weber

      I miss watching the races there it really sucks they dont race there no more

  • Seven50ml

    Glad to hear that it's being restored. Too many tracks and dragways being torn down or left to rot. Great vid!

    • Mike S.
      Mike S.

      Expendable cash issues in America

  • rjs2005

    I'm so glad this track, along with North Wilkesboro are getting the love they so richly deserve. Even if neither track ever hosts another Cup series race, just having the tracks restored and brought back to life will preserve the rich history of racing in the state. As an adopted North Carolinian, I heartily approve and really look forward to attending racing events!

  • John Snow
    John Snow

    Your exploration videos are so much better then the illegal break and enter style exploration videos other IRglo people do where they break in illegally. Having a tour guide and open access makes your video 1000% more enjoyable to go in with permission and help from someone with pretty good knowledge. 🥰

    • Stapleton42


  • Life with the Lakes
    Life with the Lakes

    So jealous of all the history stuff you guys do. Stoked for this video! Best part of Sunday morning right here!

    • Stapleton42

      We are glad you’re here for it 🤟🏻

  • Tahoe's & Turbo's
    Tahoe's & Turbo's

    so sad such a legendary and historic track left to decay. so glad its being restored to its former glory and i cant wait to see it back to how we all remember it. Thank You Mitch for showing us this and i would gladly donate to help!! Edit: mustache gang!

    • Stapleton42

      Ayyy 🤟🏻

  • Evan Williams
    Evan Williams

    Hopefully they will bring more racing back to this speedway. I never minded Rockingham. The place was challenging and it had character. You could see drivers working it hard in the cars. You don't have tracks like that anymore.

  • Chris

    Glad to see these historic tracks are being brought back from the dead . The Rock, Atlanta, and hopefully North Wilkesboro

  • Zachary Rugar
    Zachary Rugar

    In my opinion, this would be a great place to reintroduce Indycar back to the Carolinas market. Especially since they are wanting to avoid the 1.5 milers, this would be another great oval addition to their schedule.

  • Meat Cutter J53
    Meat Cutter J53

    As a motorsports history buff, this type of content is awesome! Thanks for taking us along.

    • Stapleton42

      We’re glad you’re here!

  • English Muffin
    English Muffin

    Loved this vid, man holy shit. Lots of fond memories popped up immediately for me. Loved Kyle Petty during the Sabco years. I think he won 3 years in a row here and had several top 10s. Always loved Rockingham for giving me those great memories as a youngin. Huge thanks for making my day with this!

    • Stapleton42

      That’s man we appreciate you!

  • Joel Tolley
    Joel Tolley

    Can't say it enough Mitchell I absolutely love this content. And I can't wait too see the Escalade and your other vehicles back in action as well. Seeing the Rock was amazing last time I was there was 1986. Have to say some things still looked the same. Can't wait to see where you go next.

    • First Name Last Name
      First Name Last Name

      I can't wait to see what happens with this track.

  • Ernest Paul
    Ernest Paul

    I am so glad you got to meet Jamie and he hooked you up with an exclusive tour of the track. Not many people have had that opportunity. As a deputy answering the alarms back in the late 80's early 90's, Frank Wilson or Ronnie Chavez would come out and open it up so we could check out the place, (this was on night shift), so I saw the entire place. Of course it was an active track then. Too bad I didn't know you were going to be in town, it would have been nice to meet you guys. Shit happens.

  • harleyridernh

    I am so envy of you, to be able to see this history of Nascar in person. Absolutely loved this, to remember all the history of this track. Unbelievable, thank you so much for sharing the history of the Rock. From DW to this unbelievable

  • Austin Engle
    Austin Engle

    This was one of my favorite tracks on nascar thunder 2003. Glad to hear its being restored

    • Stapleton42

      Us too!

  • pat patterson
    pat patterson

    One of the coolest videos yet, love the history tours. My granddaddy took me there is the late 60’s I been hooked on racing ever since. And I can’t wait to see the race car you bought and please make a run on a track we can come watch! Cheers and keep up the good work

    • Stapleton42

      Thanks Pat!

  • Greg Simon
    Greg Simon

    Absolutely love your videos, I remember the first time I saw the Daytona 500 in 1982 and it was incredible when they threw the green flag and 43 cars came screaming by. I was at all the Ontario Motor speedway races as a teenager and at Riverside International Speedway when I was a youngster. Dale Earnhardt was always my favorite even when it wasn’t popular to be his biggest fan.

  • chandarn78

    This is so amazing to me. The Rock is where I fell in love with NASCAR! I am happy to see that they are giving it new life!

  • Danny N Grays Cards & Toys
    Danny N Grays Cards & Toys

    This is so freaking awesome loved every minute of this use to go here as a kid !!! Would love to be able to see places like this !!! And the fact that this took all day is just impressive!!!

  • jacob mcgee
    jacob mcgee

    I’m a fellow NC born and raised in NC and This was a awesome video!! I go to a lot of truck and car shows across the street from the racetrack at the drag strip and I’m always like man I wish I could tour the old rock!!! And I just did Man what a sweet video!!!

  • Greg Durkee
    Greg Durkee

    Totally awesome. Can't wait to see races being held there even if it's local people.

  • Clash with Sir Wolf
    Clash with Sir Wolf

    Great tour! I was in those suites in the mid 80's. The one I was in was called "The Carolina lounge." You could here the cars some, but there was catered food as well as full bar. Food was free as well as full bar. It came the price paid for the suite. I enjoyed going out and down to get the full sound and rumble of the cars. The races were always in March and October, so it was usually cold and uncomfortable. Just great racing there. The track was more commanding of respect than Darlington. Chewed up the tires faster.

  • Brian Foor
    Brian Foor

    This is so awesome, what a trip back in time. I loved going to Rockingham in 2002. I live about an hour from the track and if I could, I'd help with the cleanup, etc haha 👍

  • Van Slawson
    Van Slawson

    Love Rockingham. Awesome video. Like Dale Jr's lost speedways. But bringing back Rockingham and seeing everything that is still there from the past is really unreal. Thank you for sharing.

  • Stinger1982

    This is one of the coolest “urban exploring” videos ever, I think partly because it’s not really abandoned so it’s not typical urban exploring. Having the backstory to so many of your questions that are being asked just takes this video to a next level compared to typical UE videos. Super cool video. REALLY enjoyed it

  • Ben Barrs
    Ben Barrs

    In 2007 when Andy Hillenburg owned the track, we raced Bandoleros and Legends cars on an inside road course that also used the front straightaway and turns 3 and 4. We were able to use the pits and all. Great experience.

  • Reelax Outdoors
    Reelax Outdoors

    I remember driving by this track all the time and feeling sad it was sitting unused. Bring it back to life !

  • Chris Johnson
    Chris Johnson

    Amazingly, there was a Rockingham Speedway in the UK ( near Rockingham village) from 2001 until 2018. It got off to a bad start when the first race there came just after 9/11, and the planes were grounded. It was the fastest track in Europe, with a lap record of 210 MPH. Check it out: irglo.info/from/nbdkmJ2qfcibXpM/fy-lm-h-y.html

  • Speed Hunter
    Speed Hunter

    Thats cool man to see the rock being restored to something that can host races again I can't wait

    • Thunder Chaser
      Thunder Chaser

      The Rock deserves to be on the Cup Series schedule!

  • Scott Terrana Jr.
    Scott Terrana Jr.

    This is so fun to watch. Pretty sure some of the stuff is a little newer than '04 as they had a truck series race there in 2013. Awesome job!!

  • Rusty Forrest
    Rusty Forrest

    It's so cool to see this because I was there this past weekend running my car on the track at a NASA (National Auto Sport Association) event. Fun stuff. BTW - at 25:58 in the video, those are not negatives. They are slides for a projector, like a movie projector but not for movies. That was the way to do a photo presentation on a projection screen back before computers and PowerPoint and media projectors were born.

  • Rudy Hollis
    Rudy Hollis

    Dude, the content in NC is freaking awesome!!!! I live in eastern NC and racing is on a down swing right now, but it'll pick up again!!! Thanks for the videos!!!

    • Donald Barfield
      Donald Barfield

      Eric allen

    • TheMallen07

      @Vee Bee we need our good ole boy racers from small town NC.

    • Vee Bee
      Vee Bee

      We need more racers and racing facilities!

  • tom williams
    tom williams

    I use to go to" bike week" every winter in Dayton with my converted bus and some friends, usually for a month, and always stopped on the way from central Pa. at THE ROCK! I was at the last race and couldn't believe after all the upgrades made they would just close it up! But it was right after #3 had died and everything that was NASCAR would never be the same! I have so many stories about Rockingham great memories now @ 66 is really special! Thanx for doing this series! ps, It always would rain and be a Monday race! made it even better.

    • Lynn lindsay
      Lynn lindsay

      I know I'm sad about the old tracks and love them, and less excited about road course races and races out west. That is just not NASCAR. I won't watch those races and even in the 80's I hated Riverside. I despise Phoenix, and Las Vegas. I am pro southern races that go along tracks like Darlington, Atlanta, Bristol, Talladega, Daytona, and that one near Charlotte NC, Martinsville? Martinsdale?

    • Throttle Watch
      Throttle Watch

      Richard Petty was the king of nascar but Dale Earnhardt was the Father of NASCAR it all went downhill after Dale was gone

    • John Snow
      John Snow

      Nascar has made many many questionable choices. From the chase to the car of tomorrow to letting Camaro and mustang body into the top level sport. They are floundering grasping at straws to keep a dieing sport alive. They never understand it's about the drivers and engaging fans emotional support through the drivers personality. Fancy cars and weird track races are a temporary bandaid. The real issue is after Gordon, Earnhardt and the great personality on the 90s left the sport there is a big hole these rich kids buying a cup ride can't fill. Not to mention there is 0 set up now. Cars ride on the bump stops everywhere they race making shocks and springs meaningless. To go fast all u have to do is hit the gas and turn left. Back in the day ride height, sway bars, springs and shocks were a science to make a car go fast. Now they put Honda civic front springs in the car and the shocks do nothing the cars ride on rubber blocks up front where is the science in that.

  • Bowlbag

    The numbers on the dsl stuff probably correlates to a position on the patch panel in the server rack so it's easier to troubleshoot 🙏🏻. Great video man, keep it up, we're all living out part of our childhood dreams through you and logan and I for one am grateful 🙏🏻 #69 out 💪🏻

  • William Robinson
    William Robinson

    This is very very cool for us who appreciate the tracks and want to see them put back into service... I mentioned this in the last video but do you know if Rockingham has a non compete contract with nascar? I so hope that's not the case. As it would be awesome to see them come back...also hoping that your new car is a last gen cup car.. but really any old cup car would do...

    • Stapleton42


  • Ryan Claycomb
    Ryan Claycomb

    Wow!awesome stuff. Love what you guys are doing. Documenting history.

  • TheMallen07

    I went to a Winston Cup race at the Rock with my dad in the late 90s, somewhere around 96-98 I think. It would be great to see it in action again.

  • Ibby Lancaster
    Ibby Lancaster

    I went to my first Nascar race at The Rock , almost 40 years ago. I only live about 45 minutes from there now and I pass it occasionally for work trips. It would really be nice to see it make some kind of comeback. Such an awesome and Iconic place and one hell of a memory for me. 2 thumbs us.

    • Stapleton42

      Thanks man. I believe we will see it come back in some capacity but nascar comeback who knows. Hope so


    Also love that slot car track, it’s crazy to see a modern day NASCAR track inside an old NASCAR track. Pretty wild.

  • cool62 chev
    cool62 chev

    Great stuff Mitchell! Love to see racing return to Rockingham.

  • Mr. Rath
    Mr. Rath

    Cool enough I used to live in a town called “Rockfish” it was pretty close to rocking ham but I remember going to the drag strip next to the track with my dad and seeing the drag strip races, but knowing that I used to love live near a abandoned piece of history makes me happy

  • KHunt

    that was my FIRST race back in 1997! soo gorgeous of a track!

  • Michael Piecewicz
    Michael Piecewicz

    Thanks for bringing me back to the 80’s when racing was fun and enjoyable

  • Your Auto Paint Shop
    Your Auto Paint Shop

    That sound is incredible takes me back to the 70 when me and dad took out the old street stock fairlane

  • Gregg Jarvies
    Gregg Jarvies

    Great memories. I worked the turn 4 fire/rescue truck at the Rock for five years before working Race Control in the tower for the last two Cup races. Views from the tower were fantastic.

  • michael caraway
    michael caraway

    I first became a Nascar fan when i was in my early teens (about 55 years ago) and have watched a lot of the evolution of the series over the years. I saw Dale when his first at Bristol in person (also many Darrel Waltrip ones over the years of his dominance there). I saw the loss of North Wilksboro and Rockingham as well as one at Darlington. Seeing one or two being restored and possibly used once again feels very good.

    • The Breathe Ez Keselowski fan #6
      The Breathe Ez Keselowski fan #6

      Now both are being restored

    • Dave’s Diecast
      Dave’s Diecast

      I’m a relative of Wendell Scott.

    • Stapleton42

      This place will be a staple racetrack again even if nascar doesn’t come back here. They don’t need it

  • Chad Milburn
    Chad Milburn

    This is my new favorite IRglo channel. I went to all the races at The Rock back in the 90s up until they closed. Freaking awesome tour!

    • Stapleton42

      Thanks man we will make you proud!

  • Graeme Randall
    Graeme Randall

    Awesome loved watching and seeing all the old stuff be great to see the place come back to life 👌👍😎

  • Dragster Guy38
    Dragster Guy38

    What an amazing opportunity to be able to visit that place and see the history. So awesome!

  • KMaffittGAGT

    Driving on a nascar track is an experience for sure! Had my car on Atlanta! All the history is super cool!

  • Benny Helgeson
    Benny Helgeson

    I enjoy old signs. I could not have left that place without something finding its way into my car. Surprising mice and vandals had not destroyed most everything. Great video

    • Stapleton42

      It was abandoned but under watch for most of the time thankfully. It helps that it’s in the middle of nowhere too lol

  • Mark Miller
    Mark Miller

    Very cool video content! I always look forward to your videos in here, they are excellent in documentation of NASCAR history and extremely interesting! 🏎🚗👍 You & your lovely lady Logan keep up the great work, and know I'm there too. 😎 Rock it at the Rock!

    • Stapleton42

      Thanks mark 💪🏻

  • Phil Gee
    Phil Gee

    We have an abandoned Oval here in the UK called Rockingham too... i called the last ever motorcycle race there back in 2018 .. it was built to run Indy Races in europe, but the track had weepers that could never fix. Its now a huge car storage facility... loving this type of content.

  • Chris Fleming
    Chris Fleming

    Badass that you moved to north Carolina and get to explore and dig into some of the old nascar history. By far my favorite state to vacation because of the racing their!

  • Josh Jenkins
    Josh Jenkins

    This is incredible. Would love to buy up one of these old tracks and use it like the freedom factory 🦅

  • Badger Canyon Motorsports
    Badger Canyon Motorsports

    That dude has done a great job and it shows in the pride he takes in his work. I wish more tracks could be brought back to life.

  • Steve Boling
    Steve Boling

    Was driving near area several years back when I decided to go find the track. I thought I was lost, then suddenly the track shows up in the middle of nowhere. Is a fantastic racetrack.

  • Bill Deacon
    Bill Deacon

    This might just be the single best video ever!! Although I’ve enjoyed all your videos in this series…Thanks for taking us places we’d never be able to see

    • Stapleton42

      Thanks man that’s what we are here for 🤟🏻

  • Grayson Byass-Rascoe
    Grayson Byass-Rascoe

    Thank you for your contribution to the vintage nascar community. I loved the rock i went there just to take a pic of the outside. To see inside brings me tears of joy thank you.

    • Grayson Byass-Rascoe
      Grayson Byass-Rascoe

      @Stapleton42 Yooooo my dude i love you man thanks for responding, you're channel is awesome i hope to see it grow more. I laughed at the rcr video where you went on the red is orange rant about sr's cars lol. Keep it up! Stay safe!

    • Stapleton42

      That’s great to hear man we appreciate your support


    You gotta give Stapleton42 credit for helping to bring back such a legendary and iconic racetrack.

  • SLDSnakeX66

    This is like Dale Jr's Lost Speedways but amped up by 100. So jealous right now but glad you got to experience this.

  • Janeen Banta
    Janeen Banta

    So sad that Rockingham closed. That was a awesome track to see a race.

  • Good Natured River Tours LLC
    Good Natured River Tours LLC

    Just friggin incredible, you are so fortunate to be able to see and do this, keep up the great history

    • Stapleton42

      Agreed man. Extremely grateful for everything. We are glad you’re here for it

  • Ben Dover
    Ben Dover

    Real cool tour and a ton of history there !! Awesome stuff !! Thanks !!

  • Austin

    Man, your nascar content has become my favorite on IRglo so fast. Great video

  • Tami Lee
    Tami Lee

    That was awesome!! So glad racing is coming back to The Rock!!

  • Jarrod Freitas
    Jarrod Freitas

    Man, I can’t thank you enough for THIS video. The Rock is my favorite track of all time. This video really gets to me! 🥲 Keep ‘em coming, bro!! This was amazing. Thank you!!!

    • Stapleton42

      We will! Glad you’re here man

  • Bowtie_lvr

    Like a kid in a candy store...My dad took me to the first race at The Rock. I was hooked ever since. Btw you can never have too many cars. 😁

  • Da Truth
    Da Truth

    We love this place ! When do we go back to racing? THE ROCK ! WOW !

  • Vince Aardal
    Vince Aardal

    Man!!!! Brings back memories. Seen many, many races there. Including the last one!! Camped out on the Hamlet side off the backside!!! I hope this place makes a comeback!!!

  • KEI Fabrication
    KEI Fabrication

    That was unbelievably excellent! I raced at the drag strip across the road just after the Rock went dormant. It was just sitting there silent. Kind of sad and spooky. Glad to see it breathing life again! Thanks so much for allowing us access to something we would never be able to experience otherwise!

    • Stapleton42

      That’s what we’re here for!!

  • Rear Engine Shop
    Rear Engine Shop

    The place still looks usable. Damn awesome! I want to go tour old racetracks! Watching you take Elvis around the track reminded me of the NASCAR experience thing I did at Michigan International Speedway. The driving instructor took us around the track to show us the correct line in a big truck like that.

    • Rear Engine Shop
      Rear Engine Shop

      @Stapleton42 I heard they were. Cool to see how nice it still is.

    • Stapleton42

      It is usable and they’re using it again!

  • Craig Smith
    Craig Smith

    The Rock was the best track to see a race at. Went to every one from 96 and even went to the truck races they had there. In 2001 it was the next race after Dale was killed. On the third lap everyone stood holding up 3 fingers. It was Harvick first cup race and I still have my ticket that I had Harvick autograph. Love Rockingham and would love to see racing on that track again. Great video.

  • Spectre_0880

    I see this track like once or twice a month... I live in Rockingham, it sucks that Nascar moved the races from here. I loved it everytime the races came to town there was events all around the county and stock cars on display in different areas. I remember taking a trip with the school and racing CO2 cars against the other schools in the pit garage. Can't wait to see what's to come

  • Mario Damico
    Mario Damico

    This was an awesome view. Hopefully someday soon The Rock will be hosting racing again soon. Shoutout to your tour guide, he’s an MVP

  • Robert M. Trolinder
    Robert M. Trolinder

    Who else remembers when they raced here every year!❤🏁

  • Tim P.
    Tim P.

    That is awesome that you got to do that . I love going to places most people are not allowed to . I am a paranormal investigator and I am blessed to be able to go into historic places that most people are not allowed . I am not sure what I like more , getting to go in these places or hearing all the history . I loved following nascar back in the 90s into early 2000s . Loved earnhardt Sr and Mark Martin .

  • Jason LaVere
    Jason LaVere

    Spent so many Thanksgivings there racing go-karts. Glad to see someone is trying to breathe some life back into the place. Definitely one of my favorite tracks to race at.

  • Chris Wilds
    Chris Wilds

    I sat on the back stretch for the last race in 04. Also spent many weekends there as a kid from 91 all the way to 04. This is an amazing nostalgic video. Thank you