My Uncle Rob and Dad React To Driving 600HP Turbo Yukon! They Both Owned It..Can They Handle It Now?
This particular Yukon XL build is known as "Uncle Rob" on the channel because the former owner was my actual Uncle Rob! BUT...before that...The original owner was my dad! They both put 100,000 miles on this thing as a daily driver work vehicle. My dad hasn't driven it in 13 years! Now it is making 600 something hp at the CRANK (530ish at the wheels) with a Forced Performance 7275 Turbocharger!
Neither one of them has driven anything like this before or have any idea what to expect...I am so pumped to show you guys this video!!
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  • Stapleton42

    The day has finally come! Uncle Rob meets Uncle Rob 😂 Does my dad need a turbo on his new Escalade? Leave a comment and convince him to do it so we can make videos about his build 🤟🏻😂 Uncle Rob shirts:

    • Jake Castillo
      Jake Castillo

      Supercharge it

    • Dos Dahrk
      Dos Dahrk

      Think we found brother Mitch's spirit animal....bloody uncle Robs a savage....

    • Alex Dominguez Roberson
      Alex Dominguez Roberson

      Whatd you do to your gas tank lol I did it to ?

    • Branden Metcalf
      Branden Metcalf

      Yea turbo Dads stuff. Make uncle Rob great again

  • USMC913

    The first burn out definitely rates a solid 8 out of 10.

    • Noa Olvera
      Noa Olvera


    • MrTmosley72

      Hey. Uh. I maybe mistakingly made a reference to your brothers having IRglo channels. I was 1000% that Garrett and Parker were your brothers. You have to admit that's an easy sell ..or buy. Lol. Anyway. My take on this video wasn't a video blog with your dad and uncle. This was a memory with your dad and uncle. Kinda jealous. Made me smile.

  • Eric Brown
    Eric Brown

    Uncle Rob one handing full-throttle romp like a gangster.

    • MOE

      Yep me too. I was waiting for the over correction and a spin out.

    • Matt Evans
      Matt Evans

      Was thinking the same lol

  • Something Someone Said
    Something Someone Said

    Uncle Rob drove like he was home again.

    • Kyle Callick
      Kyle Callick

      Drifts it right at the getgo lol

    • Dj Keys
      Dj Keys

      Oh that dam burn out was EPIC

    • Dj Keys
      Dj Keys

      5.3 days are numbered mich it's so cool to enjoy with your dad and uncle..and I know you will snach it out like no body else can

    • Stapleton42

      Yes he did 😂

  • Ryan Mulligan
    Ryan Mulligan

    Hearing your dad say "everyone should do this" must've been very satisfying for you.

  • Only Slides
    Only Slides

    "When your goin like 100 or 120 miles an hour, you need to feel secure." Uncle Rob - "ehh"

    • PlAiN JaNe
      PlAiN JaNe


    • IsThatHuncho?

      Lmao that was funny

  • timothy drouin
    timothy drouin

    Oh man the way uncle robs face lit up when you said you’d take his Denali and turbo it.. way to make the man feel like a kid again

  • Pickle Fart
    Pickle Fart

    “When I put the new gas tank in I did something wrong”……my man owned up to his mistake like a g.

    • Bill Jates
      Bill Jates

      op sounds like an f

    • Don Pfeiffer
      Don Pfeiffer

      @Stapleton42 yeah, I can’t lie, I was kinda proud of ya when I heard you say that buddy!! We don’t see many guys that will admit fault anymore

    • Lucy Smith
      Lucy Smith

      @Stapleton42 Love the videos and the channel. Love the reality and yella belly

    • Stapleton42

      Hey man it’s the truth 😂

  • CMAC

    Uncle Rob was funny. He was like, I don’t care about handling, I just want to go fast. 🤣

  • Switz

    The permanent grin on both of their faces the whole time they were driving says it all👍

  • Rene R
    Rene R

    Watching Uncle Rob in Uncle Rob is so funny.Just to see how he blast with this thing down the road ,smiling and just totally sitting chilled while doing is totally worth watching it 😂👌🏽Really nice

  • RebelRacer99

    First off, this is an epic video. Your dad's burnout gets a 10\10 from me. Second that GT500 is beautiful! Third, there's 3 possible causes for the issue with the 2015 Yukon. One is torque converter shudder, which is a common issue on the 2014 and newer GM fullsize trucks. The second is the advanced traction control could be on the fritz. The third possible cause could be bad injectors. Sounds strange, but a customer told me and my boss about his 16 model Yukon shaking like that, and he assumed it was the torque converter issue. The dealer couldn't find anything wrong with the trans and after 3 trips to them he traded it in for something else. They called him later and told him that they replaced the injectors after looking over everything and that had solved the problem.

  • Charles Doe
    Charles Doe

    By the smile on your dad’s face you should have filled him in earlier in your hot rodding of his vehicle’s he probably would have had fun after he got over it! Uncle Rob ragging on Uncle Rob is priceless!,,It is great to see the family tree of Uncle Rob enjoying the reunion

  • Chris Rosado
    Chris Rosado

    Hands down one of the best videos yet!!!! Best part was when your dad says " I expected it to be really powerful because you built it/done it and I've seen all your videos" that's what proud father who supports his son sounds like! Now lets get your ole man setup right with some power and lets help Uncle Rob fix his transmission or whatever is going on there LOL #MurdaSquad

  • DeeKay617

    I rate dad's 1st burnout a 20 !!! 🤘 As I'm watching this , I'm hoping that my son does this same thing for me ! Looking at how proud your dad was driving that XL , thinking most likely how awesome his son is and how powerful that thing is now ! How rewarding a video for everyone. Great content man

    • DeeKay617

      @Stapleton42 Thank you brother ! Keep up the good work my man !

    • Stapleton42

      Thanks man

  • Sandy Choda
    Sandy Choda

    Dude, your Dad & Uncle Rob are cool as hell!! 😎 Comment of the video has to be Logan.. what’s been the most difficult part of the build? …‘the Headlight’ 🤣

    • Stapleton42

      Hahaha yes 😂

  • John Adams
    John Adams

    Uncle robs Denali needs a torque converter (that is most definitely shuttering). If it’s an 8 speed trans, it’s a common issue!!

    • Shanice Ervin
      Shanice Ervin

      Well I’m a world class ford tech so I can’t really help anyone here.

    • MuscleCarsDaily

      @Naught Meenaym no. mine shuddered. it was the torque converter needed replaced

    • Jake Castillo
      Jake Castillo

      @Dylan Zrim do it just get an aftermarket converter and they’re good.

    • CountryKindaGuy

      I have a L83 and original 6 speed trans, but I can say they will turn over eventually if you romp on it enough. Even stock Silverado’s were going in for rebuilds 2014+

    • Typical PC Tech
      Typical PC Tech

      @Naught Meenaym fluid change is worth a try for sure a cheaper route!

  • Rob Calow
    Rob Calow

    Your dad and uncle Rob are two very cool guys IMHO. And Logan saying the headlight was the hardest part of the turbo swap had me laughing out loud for real.

  • Ami B
    Ami B

    I love your dad’s and Uncle Rob’s burnouts! 10/10! And I can’t wait to watch Logan learn to drive the CORBRA like my kiddo calls it 😂 #ICTitties

  • Luke Deutscher
    Luke Deutscher

    uncle rob feelin like a boss driving uncle rob is the most wholesome content ever

  • Tk Boyd
    Tk Boyd

    Your dad pulls a solid 8.9 on the rookie burnout. Good control, solid distance, nice artsy-fartsy swervy-stuff........and your Uncle Rob’s got a delinquent streak about ten feet wide running right thru the middle of his soul....😂😂😂😂😂

  • Nh0 Jay
    Nh0 Jay

    Uncle rob’s face expressions while driving is immaculate!

  • Brad Ehman
    Brad Ehman

    Logan, you literally made me lol when he asked what the hardest part of turboing it was and u said without zero hesitation "the headlight"! Weve all been there with these GM's lol just be thankful they arent aftermarket lights

    • thenaaks

      @Tirbo Max me too! She struggled so hard with that stupid headlight, and remembers it. She's a champ!

    • Tirbo Max
      Tirbo Max

      @Stapleton42 i 100% laughed out loud at the headlight comment too!

    • Stapleton42


  • Wes W
    Wes W

    Your dad's burnout was a solid 8.5. Call it a 9 just for "beginner" status. Uncle Rob is so gangster just chillin' with one hand on the wheel and the arm on the console as if he did that every day. Love it! If they're really down, you should definitely turbo their rides too!

  • 413xxx86

    First burnout, 7.5. Epic content with your dad and uncle!!! Much respect Mitch!!!

  • ninja4187

    For a first time burnout, not recking it or messing up in anyway, for the way he handled when the rear end slid out and for those 30+FT black lines.. I have to give your dad a 10! :-)

  • Jarred Miller
    Jarred Miller

    Definitely a 8.5 for a first burnout I’ve never even had the balls to give it the sauce like that yet.. I love how you can just beat on this thing still realible as hell also a guy in my town has international travel all there cool rigs :) this video is great

  • matthew r
    matthew r

    we needed this uncle rob was a kid in the candy store and stapletons dad had that proud dad face on

  • Todd Blais
    Todd Blais

    Representing the channel everyday with my new saw hat! Thank you for the time you put in no matter where you are. We all appreciate the content no matter what it is or where. You guys are killin it!

    • Stapleton42

      Thanks man we are glad you’re on the team!

  • Dale Hobson
    Dale Hobson

    Defiantly a torque converter shutter. Might be under warranty depending on year

    • Devin Olson
      Devin Olson

      I agree with this 100% I know the 24v Cummins had a thing with alternator voltage fluctuating causes bad torque converter lockup. Maybe same thing here?

    • Ryze Of Rengar
      Ryze Of Rengar

      @Cosmo Baller I'm pretty sure it's an issue with the converters that come with 6l80. I'm not sure about 4l60/80. I haven't heard of those doing the same thing

    • Cosmo Baller
      Cosmo Baller

      @Ryze Of Rengar Can you describe what it does at different speeds? I have an 04 4x4 and have replaced basically everything on the truck except for the converter

    • Ryze Of Rengar
      Ryze Of Rengar

      That's what I was thinking. I have a 15 Silverado and went through the same thing.

  • David Kacs
    David Kacs

    Holy cow the bonus footage had my side split!! 😅 Good video, love what you're doing, was nice to meet the family, rock on🤘

  • kris jones
    kris jones

    Love how your dad is just so chill about doing a burnout haha

  • Johnny Pop
    Johnny Pop

    Love it. Really nice to see a younger man appreciate the memories,importance of family and making future memories in an unforgettable way.

  • Kody Woodward
    Kody Woodward

    Pop's first burnout rates a good 7-8 out of 10, the fact that he didn't just do a standing burnout is sikk! You can tell by tge smile on their faces it is genuine. Great family!

  • My Garage1975
    My Garage1975

    The smiles on both of your dad and uncle Rob. Says it all. Thats absolutely priceless.. love it.

  • Jasen Worrell
    Jasen Worrell

    You are a perfect mix of those two you can tell your uncle had alot of influence on your dont give a shit attitude I also think you had more fun than they did

    • Stapleton42

      It’s genetic lol

  • JB.

    Hell yeah just keep on doing what you're doing. I enjoy the content

  • Chris Larivee
    Chris Larivee

    Burnout rating 9/10. Your Dad and Uncle Rob seem like cool people. Your Dad's Escalade definitely needs a twin 1000hp setup, why, because we can.

  • Ron Tronnes Jr
    Ron Tronnes Jr

    Awesome reactions from both of them! Could that Denali have traction control that causes that shutter?

  • Chris Caliri
    Chris Caliri

    For a first burn out I definitely give that a 8.5 it would have been a 10 if he rolled it out straight

  • Clean Rinse
    Clean Rinse

    I love how they keep their cool calm dad demeanor, you know down deep they just wanted to let loose like teenagers lol.. 🤘

  • Mikeybear 716
    Mikeybear 716

    This was a awesome video seeing your dad and uncle get down on it. 🤣🤣 priceless!!

  • Lee Yoo
    Lee Yoo

    The grin he makes when it's picking up is just as genuine as the reaction gets lol

  • Mark Heine II
    Mark Heine II

    FN awesome video. Love the whole family driving and everyone's reaction. Priceless!!!!!!!!!

    • Stapleton42

      Thanks man!

  • Mickelson Racing Channel
    Mickelson Racing Channel

    I love how nonchalantly your dad rips that thing. Definitely worth the watch!

  • JamShot 7
    JamShot 7

    The fear he had while uncle rob was driving was real

  • Mark Miller
    Mark Miller

    This is definitely very cool to see your Uncle Rob's and your dad's reactions when they drove the Uncle Rob Suburban! Love that badass smoking burnout your dad did with it, even got it a bit sideways! Great that you & Logan could get together with your family also, that is just as important. Get that rig over to Yello Belly Peoples' Track ASAP so you can clean some house there!

  • Earron Roberts
    Earron Roberts

    This was great! You can’t help but smile and laugh when your Dad is doing a burn out! The 8 people who gave a thumbs down, you have daddy issues…… Just sayin

  • JD Haase
    JD Haase

    Words of wisdom from dad about stability at high speeds

  • Mister Bruh
    Mister Bruh

    That was a super impressive burnout I must say, I know what I'm doing to my sierra now 😈

  • kidnurse1970

    The look on uncle rob's face is priceless. Great to see how much he enjoyed it.. Great video! - chris

  • Erik Albertson
    Erik Albertson

    That was awesome that they both got to drive it and do burnouts. Looking forward to their twin turbo builds!

    • Stapleton42

      Dude me too!

  • Jesse Griffin
    Jesse Griffin

    I loved this video one of your best, the smiles on their faces was awesome 👏 👏it’s hilarious seeing people that aren’t really in to performance vehicles get the feeling of being pushed into the seat and finally think damn this is freaking awesome I kinda like this shit lol 😂 oh and your dad’s burnout solid 10 👍🏻💪🏼 🇺🇸🇺🇸

    • Jesse Griffin
      Jesse Griffin

      @Stapleton42 yes it looks to be set deep 😉😉

    • Stapleton42

      Yes absolutely 🤟🏻 the hook is set lol

  • Eddie Fason
    Eddie Fason

    Such a cool video. Not only to see but I would imagine it's pretty far up there for you to have made it. I give the burnout a 9. Now, get to yellow belly mannn...

  • OBJuan

    Uncle Rob is a true G riding all laid back with 1 hand. Not a care in the world besides hearing that turbo spool up lol

  • Fish Pony
    Fish Pony

    Dude FINALLY! Awesome video, its cool to see your dad and uncle drive this thing. They look so proud of what you have done!

  • Jason Lambert
    Jason Lambert

    Definitely one of my favorite videos. Your dad did an awesome burnout and Uncle Rob drives like a maniac lol.

    • Stapleton42


  • Jared Spear
    Jared Spear

    I’d give Uncle Dad a solid 9 on that burnout!! Lol

  • Team Brahma
    Team Brahma

    This is a video I was hoping we'd get. Cool to see their reactions. And, dad gets a 9 on his burnout.

  • Jared Oaks
    Jared Oaks

    That Escalade has either the 6l80 or the 8l90 transmission. It looks like a classic case of torque converter shudder under acceleration. Big time issue with those two trans. You can try a fluid change but most likely the front pump and converter are junk

    • Stapleton42

      I don’t think that’s what it is. It drives fine everywhere but first gear

  • Nate James
    Nate James

    That was an amazing first burnout, perfectly executed

  • Murdered SS
    Murdered SS

    Such a awesome video man! So authentic bringing your dad and the real uncle rob, both original owners into a video to let them drive that sleeper!

  • SK GT
    SK GT

    Been here since your first race week. Glad to see the channel growth. I was laughing my ass off when uncle rob started driving. "Well, I didn't die"

  • Robert Fattaruso
    Robert Fattaruso

    Uncle Rob is a boss driving uncle Rob. These family videos make me smile and laugh more than I have in a long time. I absolutely love their reactions and joy from something so simple as a turbo tank. Can't get over the 1 handed chill while the tires are breaking lose, lifting and back in it for a 2/3 chirp. Epic uncle Rob!

  • Graeme Bridge
    Graeme Bridge

    That was epic. Uncle robs driving style was almost horizontal 🤣 and your dads burnout game is strong. One of your best uploads man 🤘

    • Stapleton42

      Thanks man I think it is too 😂


    Uncle Rob was floored by Uncle Rob when he floored it🤘 Pretty cool watching you, your dad, and your uncle Rob all together grinning like little kids. I think it would be awesome if you could upgrade your uncle Rob‘s jacked up transmission 😵 give it some turbos without him knowing. Logan’s gonna be stomping on another snake?😜 looking forward to this one

  • Don Dagy
    Don Dagy

    Im glad both uncle Robs personalitys match perfectly. He needs more.

  • Wyatt Peinhardt
    Wyatt Peinhardt

    14:12 couldn’t have be funnier! Great video full of good memories for you and good content for us!

  • RedNek Tek
    RedNek Tek

    Gonna have to go with a 6.5 out of 10 on the SAW-Dad first burnout. Not too shabby.

  • Twinny Ate
    Twinny Ate

    3:39... Now, how he came around that corner and held it, and all with one hand and comfortable confidence?! THAT'S how u drive! IUr dad is the REAL John McClane!! \O>

  • MrHevyshevy

    Y’all are doing well. I really enjoyed this video. Hope my boy grows to love the cars like you did.

  • HammerBack0 /02
    HammerBack0 /02

    Alright dad.. 10 out of 10 on the smoke show. Great form and control, confidence, and the fact that you beat the piss out of it, with your boy in the passengers seat is fantastic. I wish my dad had your personality and willingness to act human once in a while

  • Jose Rodriguez
    Jose Rodriguez

    Uncle Robs reaction to the truck is priceless👌

  • golden wheeled Banshee
    golden wheeled Banshee

    U're dad's smile and ur uncle's grin said it all. 10/10, 4, u're dad's burnout. Logan's giggling made the video.

  • Roy Riser
    Roy Riser

    Well, we see where you got it from, lol. I give your dad a solid 8.5 on the burnout. Nice long roller, shouldn't hurt the trans too much; perfect burnout in someone else's (but was previously yours?) car.

  • Bob Mullen
    Bob Mullen

    Good morning Mitchell! It's been a while for me. I so enjoyed the look on uncle Rob's face when he lit it up! I would SO love to see him drive the Escalde. You can tell he respects it, but he ain't afraid of it. Wonderful video with your Dad and uncle Rob. Thank you for bringing us along for the ride. 😊


    The thin grin on both your faces while doing a burnout was priceless. Great moment!

  • Nicholas Grunden
    Nicholas Grunden

    10/10 on the burnout forsure 🙌🏼🙌🏼 great video I swear I’ve said it a couple times before but this is one of the best videos on the channel no doubt 🙌🏼

  • Austyn Velasco
    Austyn Velasco

    Honestly your uncles reaction was cooler and he enjoyed it more

  • Ronald Villaseñor
    Ronald Villaseñor

    The smile on your dads face when he first stepped on it says it all