Abandoned Rockingham Speedway Coming Back! Exploring The Facility & Days of Thunder Movie Car!
Thanks to Thomas Hensley for messaging me on instagram letting me know what was going on out here. Recently the Rockingham Speedway has been making a bit of a comeback through motorsports 4 the masses organized track day events. Most of the facility is still in its untouched abandoned condition including the victory lane with faded paint from the very last Nextel Cup race there in 2004 when Matt Kenseth won. Untouched history paired with classic nascar machines making all the right sounds and smells. I am excited to be a part of this. NASCAR history is just the coolest thing ever and I hope you think so to after watching stuff like this.
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  • Stapleton42

    I wish GoPro had the ability to record smell because that leaded race gas just hits different. Serious days of thunder sound vibes here 🤟🏻 Check out the NEW merch line on stapletonautoworks.com

    • Ma New
      Ma New

      @Rolland Saxton true orfalse?

    • Rolland Saxton
      Rolland Saxton

      @Will badger badger that's what she said.... 😂

    • SyLou and bros garage
      SyLou and bros garage

      Dude that cars amazing. Gotta love 90s stock cars. 🚗 🏁🏁🏁

    • TTV_freeshotgun

      Goosebumps central ❤️

    • Ernest Paul
      Ernest Paul

      Sent you a message on FaceBook and an email. Get back with me on the email, I have a phone number for a Point of Contact at The Rock. Later, Paul.

  • Mike Pazdyk
    Mike Pazdyk

    I was fortunate enough to announce the last few NASCAR races at this track...Loved the racing I "called" there!

    • Ma New
      Ma New

      @Mike Pazdyk Hey post those pics from those days.

    • Mike Pazdyk
      Mike Pazdyk

      ​@Kyle Schafer: 2019 was my final season (due to tighter NASCAR Covid restrictions)​. Apparently, the replacement was much younger and less expensive, as I live 90 minutes from the track, requiring them to pay for my lodging, gas and meals for the weekend...The final race(s) at Nazareth were obviously the last ones there, as was "The Rock"...

    • Kyle Schafer
      Kyle Schafer

      @Mike Pazdyk that's cool as hell. When did you announce at Nazareth and the Glenn? My dad used to be one of the emergency crew members back in the day

    • Mike Pazdyk
      Mike Pazdyk

      Sure WHAT???

    • Jim Tuna
      Jim Tuna

      Sure dude

  • Solo Renegade
    Solo Renegade

    it's almost like a new racing series needs to be started. Grass roots, take over all the abandoned NASCAR short tracks. old school rules.

    • C-02

      I prefer start with local racing series keep track operational first, then as track became famous them NASCAR might come back. Of course, if there is organization want to host the race here.

    • Steve Anderson
      Steve Anderson

      I would get behind this!

    • SJKLR 650
      SJKLR 650

      100% retro racing

    • 74SD455TA

      It sure does!

    • Brett Baratheon
      Brett Baratheon

      @johncarter44 and race out of the pits

  • dezldave961

    The 2001 combination of that Steve Park win, Harvick's win right after, and Dale Jr.'s 400 win in July were what helped us heal after losing Big E. 🏁 Holding up a 3 on the third lap was a way of life for a while.

    • piedpiper 8
      piedpiper 8

      @Devil Peak Motorsports I didn't make the race weekend in Vegas but was out there a couple weeks later. Did the Petty thing, the landscaped #3 was still there coming out of turn 4. Got pics of the 3 car covered up with notes. Now I'm gonna have to dig out the old video camera and pics of that trip!

    • michael hall
      michael hall

      @Jim jibroni Even if they didn't like him no one wanted him to die. You can still show respect and pay homage to people who pass away even if you personally never liked them.

    • SLDSnakeX66

      You hit the nail on the head man. I've been diehard Harvick since he took over, Dale was my hero and I never felt such a loss in my life that I fully understood. Those 3 wins helped make things feel better though.

    • Bruno8241

      Absolutely 👍

    • dezldave961

      @Jim jibroni that's because there's a difference between fans cheering for X driver/brand in a race that doesn't really matter, and real things like a death of one of the biggest names in the sport at the most hyped kick-off race... The entertainment aspect and the reality are on different levels.

  • Russell C
    Russell C

    When they quit coming here.... It was almost strangely symbolic of NASCAR's fall into oblivion. ☹️

  • Rolland Saxton
    Rolland Saxton

    That sound brings me back to when I was a kids watching these cars running, great content. Hope you both had an amazing Christmas

  • Dan Delly
    Dan Delly

    I drove all the way from Cleveland, Ohio to "THE ROCK" to see the fall cup race in 1990. Saw Alan Kulwicki take home the win that day after Kyle Petty, who dominated the race dropped a cylinder and fell off the pace......Wish this track was still on the circuit. This track should be saved....

  • Cole-Trickle

    This channel is rapidly becoming one of my favorites . I love old NASCAR and Dale Sr . I live in Texas and have been to Rockingham with my Dad several times before he passed away . I love that place

    • SLDSnakeX66

      I've been to Darlington, Loudon, Pocono, and TMS. Darlington just has that old school feel that I imagine Rockingham has compared to the rest.

  • mike o'neil
    mike o'neil

    back when racing was worth watching and rooting for. thank you for bringing us along i really wish racing was this way again i got into it big time in the late 80s but can’t bring myself to watch it anymore

  • deegan727

    When he said “they’re in people’s front yards”, that brought back memories. I worked for an ARCA team owner/driver that had a promotions company. We took race cars everywhere and while I was shuttling cars around I found myself in a situation that required dropping off a Stirling Marlin Coors Light car in front yard for a couple days so I could pick up a Gordon car. Good times😂 I love these NASCAR vids, takes me back to my twenties.

    • Eddie Mason
      Eddie Mason

      @Chase Angell_STi NASCAR is my favorite sport man, but I probably don't count because I grew up with the gen 5 and 6 cars.

    • Eddie Mason
      Eddie Mason

      @Chase Angell_STi Why do you think we have one race at Auto Club and Sonoma? Also, last time we've went to Auto Club, it was almost a sellout crowd there in 2019 and this year at Sonoma, it was a pretty standard crowd there as well. So I don't think no one cares about NASCAR in Cali.

    • Chase Angell_STi
      Chase Angell_STi

      @Jim jibroni also why comment then? Still using your energy on nascar I see 😂 sorry I had to clown you bro move on

    • Chase Angell_STi
      Chase Angell_STi

      @Jim jibroni try to watch like you once did to help the sport if not then don’t cry when it eventually dies like %50 of the gang who says they “hare” nascar

    • Rob Bolling
      Rob Bolling

      @deegan727 it is still a nice facility. Time has taken its toll on some of the structures but the bones are solid.

  • Mark Miller
    Mark Miller

    Remember watching NASCAR races at that facility many moons ago, glad to see you got hooked up with like-minded people who appreciate the long history and folklore of a place like that.🏎🚗🏁 I really appreciate your taking the time to find cool stuff like this to post in here! Nothing like the sound of a good ole American-made V8 engine burning some race fuel at around 9 grand.......hear that a lot on my lake here with haul-ass boats and such. It will raise the hair on your arms and neck, and definitely get your attention! Right there with you, as always! 👍Thank you for the coolest videos!

  • Johnny Lightning
    Johnny Lightning

    I was fortunate enough to spot a couple of ARCA races at that track before it was closed a few years ago. It's nice to see that it's coming back to life. If you ever drive that track just watch it coming out of turn two it can get hairy really quick.

  • Alfred Wendler
    Alfred Wendler

    I normally avoid long format videos but yours are totally worth the watch! Keep it up!

    • Stapleton42

      Thanks dude!

  • Jacob Pollan
    Jacob Pollan

    This is badass. That vintage stock car group sounds awesome.

    • dewey seymour
      dewey seymour

      So right

    • Randy Steele
      Randy Steele

      That Hensley car is cool i worked for them in 2001 and 2002 great local small town team in horsepasture va

    • Zack

      I totally agree. This just sounds amazing. Maybe it's time to relocate. 😆

    • Coors Bandit
      Coors Bandit

      It is awesome, I know first hand 😄

  • Greg Simon
    Greg Simon

    I just love the fact that Logan is so excited about the history as you are. You definitely made the right move to North Carolina. Living the dream my friend.

  • Justin Ulrich
    Justin Ulrich

    I love the cars from the 80's and early 90's, and the history in that garage is incredible.

  • ThePeoples Champ
    ThePeoples Champ

    It was a pleasure working with your guys . Looking forward to seeing y’all again

  • Scott G. Bills
    Scott G. Bills

    This is great stuff! Thanks Mike and special thanks to Tom Hensley for connecting the dots. You guys made my day!

  • Ed Smith
    Ed Smith

    That poor dog this just made me love u guys even more for trying to help the poor thing much respect guys

    • Stapleton42

      Thanks man. Bonus footage crew 💪🏻

  • Abba Construction
    Abba Construction

    I've always like this channel, but this content gets my blood pumping! I miss watching DW, Gordon, JR and Smoke. Watched Jeff win Vegas in 01 and Truex win Charlotte in 17. I've always wanted a flamed 24 car. How about someone sell me theirs!

  • Mark S
    Mark S

    I remember I loved watching the cup races there as a teenager in the nineties, always loved watching Dale bulldozing through the field on the shorter tracks like this :)

  • Miami Sunrise
    Miami Sunrise

    There is a ton to like in this video, I hope that dog is ok. I love seeing those older race cars out and about, especially in a place where they belong. Would be awesome to make it to Rockingham at some point.

  • Jeffrey Foster
    Jeffrey Foster

    There’s a cool picture of Dale Sr. and Richard Petty sitting next to each other in that wood paneled room. It’s a damn shame what happened to Rockingham, that track deserved better.

    • Stapleton42

      Different panel type I looked 😂

  • Michael Johnston
    Michael Johnston

    This is awesome. Cool to see some classic cars getting some love at a legendary track.

  • Story Racing 387
    Story Racing 387

    Awesome sounds! Nothing can replace it!! 👍🏁🏆🔥🔥🔥

  • GreaseMonkeyVIP

    You guys rock for trying to help the doggie!!! Keep up the awesome content and cant wait to see your builds actually get finished and used again!!!!

    • Stapleton42

      thanks man!!

  • MidnightMotorsports919

    Great video! It brought back memories of 1998 when I worked for the city of Raleigh and I went down there with a bunch of coworkers. We had a great weekend, and I saw some WILD stuff! I live that the track is still active and that they run vintage cars there. It is now a goal of mine to see another race there, and hopefully camp out on the old campground across the street. Thanks for the memories!

  • Douglas Plum
    Douglas Plum

    Would love to see more and more abandoned race tracks bought by people and fixed up.

  • W.H. Slater
    W.H. Slater

    That's awesome you guys are trying to help that puppy, I always try to help animals out and I stop and get turtles out of the road 😀

  • David Quesnel
    David Quesnel

    That story of him finding his family built Lumina is so awesome, it sounds so amazing, much better than today for sure. We have a track where I am from called Thunder Road, small ass track but some big names raced there and we would sit on the hill drinking beer, some great times and the sounds that Lumina makes, I am smiling my ass off right now!

    • Stapleton42

      That’s awesome man 🤟🏻

  • Eric d
    Eric d

    nice to see Rockingham making a comeback, that group is so cool. thanks for showing us the cars.

  • Rear Engine Shop
    Rear Engine Shop

    Damn man, this was awesome! You’re making me want to sell all my junk and get a old race car and start vintage racing. I grew up in the 80s and 90s with my dad taking me to nascar and Indycar races at Michigan International Speedway and Indianapolis Motor Speedway. Would be so damn cool to own one of these old cars. I do have room in my shop…🤔

    • Rear Engine Shop
      Rear Engine Shop

      @Stapleton42 if you find 2 let me know!

    • Stapleton42

      I’m gonna get one 😂

  • Busted Radial Garage
    Busted Radial Garage

    Found your channel last week while working in the shop, Great content. Keep blazing your own path, Kudos to you and Logan.. Purchased some of your Merch Friday to show support for your channel, May even see you at the tracks next spring/summer next year. Well done Sir!...BRG.

    • Stapleton42

      Thanks dude we appreciate your support! Hope you like the Merch 🤟🏻

  • John Carter
    John Carter

    I used to love going to Rockingham back in the day, it was one of my favorite tracks to watch a race in person at. I had connections that allowed me full access to the pits/garage area during the races which was awesome. I remember almost getting run over by Ted Musgrave in the 55 car when he came in hot to the hot pit area on the back stretch so the crew could work on the car during one of the races, so much fun! I remember Mark Martin blowing a tire going into the second turn and hitting the wall hard enough to tangle the gear shift lever in the steering wheel. I loved those days in NASCAR but it started going downhill in 1997 in my opinion when NASCAR tried to go Hollywood. I don't watch it anymore and only watch dirt track racing now.

  • Dave Froman
    Dave Froman

    Truck series needs to come back to this track.

    • Kevin Anderson
      Kevin Anderson

      Steward needs to get the SRX Series there

    • Richard Boggs
      Richard Boggs

      The cup series needs to come back and race here!!!

  • Clint

    Definitely one of your best videos yet! I love seeing all of this old nascar stuff you've been showing. DW's old truck is another cool video. Keep it up, you're killing it!

  • 4K Jay
    4K Jay

    It’s amazing how each video is better and better! With the race postponed for rain this is just what the dr ordered!

  • F-Bomb Garage
    F-Bomb Garage

    I dig the old tracks and the acoustic sounds that they produced. I so got goosebumps hearing the roar of the exhaust from the old cars against the front stretch walls😊😊😊

  • Michael David
    Michael David

    It would be a dream to get to hang out and talk 80's/90's nascar at former tracks like rockingham and north wilksboro 🙌🏼

  • error 404
    error 404

    there really isn't anything like the sound of those old cup cars they just had that growl in the engine that made it sound so good. great video man

  • Vincent B
    Vincent B

    Man, I wish someone had brought an old Thunderbird! A lot of my favorite drivers of all time drove a Thunderbird at least once (Bill Elliott, Rusty Wallace, Mark Martin, Alan Kulwicki come to mind) but I'm too young to have seen the NASCAR Thunderbirds back when they were running. I actually used to own a 1995 V8 Thunderbird too so I've got that extra attachment.

  • VanPelt408

    So glad you made the move! I really dig your passion for the history. It only happens once.

    • Stapleton42

      Thanks man you’re right

  • David Whitley
    David Whitley

    It is so much fun exploring that place!! Im so glad the new owners are doing stuff with that track again. It was so sad seeing it rot away.

  • Zach Neeson
    Zach Neeson

    Love the old school nascar sounds. Your videos kick ass and always the boom. Keep up the good work. Also hi to the doggo and Logan. Can wait to see uncle George series soon.

  • Dan Skinner
    Dan Skinner

    Super cool seeing these old tracks coming back.

  • Hwy 89
    Hwy 89

    I absolutely love Rockingham! My first Cup race was at Rockingham in 87 when I was 12. Great memories!!

  • Quinn Valentino
    Quinn Valentino

    Sounds that track ain't heard in years. You could call this poetic. That sound...Make short tracks great again! Also, I can't lie, the idea of them next gen cars bum me out. Long live the old cup cars!

  • Rob Bolling
    Rob Bolling

    Was great having you come by and do this video. Sorry I could not take the time to talk/interview on Sat but as always, on event day my hair was on fire and my brain too full to concentrate on anything but the wheel that was currently squeaking. Very nice job on this installment. Can't wait to sit down and talk with you guys!

    • Stapleton42

      I totally get how that goes lol we only got so much room in our heads to process things 😂

  • Alex Williams
    Alex Williams

    I got chills for sure. Love the passion for the classic stuff these guys have

  • Chardab88

    Just hope we can see the track back on the schedule again someday soon

  • Junior

    Thank you for another car vlog. Keep up the hard work ❤️ appreciate you

  • dont0hold9back

    incredible video, had no idea things like this went on and I live only an hour away. best memories with my pops is going to the rock 20 years ago... still remember the feeling of how cold is was waking up in a tent in february on the camp grounds across the highway

  • Team Brahma
    Team Brahma

    Dude. This stuff is so freaking cool to see, and I bet to experience it like you did is even better. Definitely enjoy this history type content - and I'm sure being in North Carolina you've got a lot to discover.

    • Team Brahma
      Team Brahma

      Awesome man, enjoy it.

    • Stapleton42

      That’s why we moved here! Every day is an adventure

  • Ernest Paul
    Ernest Paul

    The garage area and some of the infield was refurbished when Penske owned it. The plumbing for the entire place is still from 1965 when the track was built. It is said it'd take over a million bucks to renovate it. They just recently tore down the infield cafe where the drivers would eat before the driver's meeting. My wife used to work the chow line there in the early 80's in her late teens. Earnhardt Sr. said something out of the way as he was getting some food and she tossed a big stainless steel serving spoon full of mashed potatoes on him. She said it got real quiet until Earnhardt started laughing and the whole place busted up. I hope you met Jamie while you were there. I haven't gotten pasted the first few minutes of the video as I am typing this.

    • Rob Bolling
      Rob Bolling

      @Stapleton42 I wish I knew you wanted to go up. We had our race control up there all day. No ac replaced yet but he said it was not all that hot after all.

    • Stapleton42

      @Ernest Paul email me his info mdstapleton42@gmail.com

    • Ernest Paul
      Ernest Paul

      @Stapleton42 Jamie is the guy to talk to. He is in charge of ALL the grounds and maintenance at The Rock. I have his number, if you like I will try and get up with him after he is done with work tomorrow. I'll see what I can do to introduce the two of you. He is into "the old days of racing" also. You mentioned the Winston billboard in the video and that is one of the very first things we talked about when I meet him. Doing a nostalgia deal like Darlington.

    • Stapleton42

      Man that’s awesome. I need to meet some of the track management people and check out the press box and stuff

  • Dave Foster
    Dave Foster

    Just watching you drive up brought back a ton of memories. My old man and I were there in 2001 at the first race after Earnhardt died... definitely a somber weekend I'll never forget.

  • Cameron Webster
    Cameron Webster

    Man this is awesome! I met you and logan at SCT Charlotte earlier this year and now to see videos of places literally only a few hours away from me is amazing! I'd love to see if its possible to get the monte carlo to sound like a oldschool SBC! (even tho I'm a ford guy😁)

  • Copper713

    That's really cool! Were family friends with Thomas's dad. Glad to see he's doing well

  • Heatstroke!

    Lots of great memories at this track, last time I was there was 2002, thanks for sharing 👍

  • Will badger badger
    Will badger badger

    Oh man this is gonna be so awesome!!! I’m always excited to see what you are up to next!

  • The Causal Gamer
    The Causal Gamer

    They should definitely bring this track back I remember watching the race is here when I was a kid And remember Steve park winning the week after Dale Senior passed

  • Angus Phelps
    Angus Phelps

    This kind of content is right down my alley! You need to build one

  • Edward Bocan
    Edward Bocan

    I was the last fan to ever leave the track..After that 2004 race, I sat in my motorhome until dark when nothing but trashbags and me were there..The highway was opened, the state boys all gone..A track employee picking up trash called a security guard in a golf cart to get me to leave..I knew it was the last one, so I wanted to be the last person to ever leave the track. Always stayed at Snapper Patrick's house off of Chestnut Street there in Rockingham..Love me some Rockingham..Shout out to ole Mike Dipple of the NCSP..

    • I have fallen and i can't reach my keg
      I have fallen and i can't reach my keg

      I was asked/told to leave, too, many times. "Grandstands?" I thought it was "SansPantsstands", for years. We were Born, Naked........

    • jimmy young
      jimmy young

      I was @ that race. About froze,only race I ever attended when I only had two beers. ha ha

    • Stapleton42

      Man that’s wild

  • Ads Wilo
    Ads Wilo

    Man I love the history I grew up watching them in the 90's adn early 2000's here in Australia we only had the NASCAR for a limited time but never missed a race. Awesome content man keeping the history alive.

  • Joshua Twiggs
    Joshua Twiggs

    I'm glad you make this kinda content, cause its stuff I would never ever get to see being on a completely different continent, and yes that sound even gives me goosebumps, its so freaking iconic

  • jayski291

    I live a mile from a dirt circle track so I'm right at home hearing that car doing laps! The nascar content is adictive

  • Five Speed
    Five Speed

    absolutely love the video, bro... I went to my first NASCAR race in '86 definitely bringin back all the feels

  • Hugh Stephenson
    Hugh Stephenson

    Awesome to see the old stockers back on the track!! NASCAR needs to pay attention and give up on their BS!! Alot of people stopped watching them because of their rules!!

  • The Art Mann Channel
    The Art Mann Channel

    Enjoyed this a ton! Thank you for doing what you do, I've watched 4 of your vids already

  • Mind of Matter
    Mind of Matter

    Great video! Loved seeing the 80s and 90s cars. I would not change the engine on that Miller car, it sounds perfect. Please do the smallblock firing order experiment!

  • Bren

    Nostalgia... anything from late 80's-early 00's motorsports, be F1, Indy or NASCAR, such a golden era.

  • Mopar Matt
    Mopar Matt

    Born in 91 here in nc this kinda stuff just gets the blood pumpin! Love this content finally getting time to watch again so commenting to help the algorithm bud! Also I definitely would like to hear the custom grind cam and switching the coils around.

  • PDXGraham

    I was never a fan of NASCAR/stock car racing but all of your history videos and videos like this getting up close and personal with the cars themselves makes me into a big fan of this older nascar era. I k ie it’s not accurate at all but days of thunder is one of my all time faves. Excited to see more vids about these awesome cars

  • gweedo 357
    gweedo 357

    It’s pretty awesome that they are bringing that track back to life tho

  • Thomas Cooley
    Thomas Cooley

    I've always been an imsa guy I would say the old Daytona prototypes were the best looking and sounding out side on the old panoz gtrs But it's cool to see how stoked yall get

  • Christopher Smith
    Christopher Smith

    This video was so fuckin awesome, love seeing the cars of decades past! You deserve a big round of applause for bringing this content to us. 👏👏👏

    • Stapleton42

      Thanks man we appreciate you

  • Sean Schabeg
    Sean Schabeg

    Really loving the nascar content keep it coming

  • Jason Brand
    Jason Brand

    I can’t thank you enough for uploading this video. Like you, I want an old school Lumina Nascar. Getting those up close shots, and those details, man I can’t thank you enough. I’m going to look at your merch!

    • Stapleton42

      Thanks Jason!! We appreciate you!

  • Steven Heidenreich
    Steven Heidenreich

    So sick and I’m so glad people like this keeping this cars alive


    Definitely get the goose bumps seeing and hearing that! I remember those days well and I would be perfectly okay with time freezing at that point and staying the same from that point on. Ahh the good ole days!

  • Maddox Logging
    Maddox Logging

    Man oh man the feels I’ve got from this. Takes me back to my single digit days of age. Friggin awesome!!!!