We Went To Richard Childress Vineyards! (Monte Carlo Road Trip)
Childress Vineyards in Lexington NC is a pretty neat place! We did both the wine tasting and the winery tour. Great scenery and overall a great cruise destination for your hot rod just like we did with our 1972 Monte Carlo. Plus some bonus footage for you real G's out there. Take our topics of discussion and elaborate on them in the comments! We want to hear what you think!
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  • Stapleton42

    We have seen Childress wines at the store and knew he had a winery but had no idea what it would be like. Turns out it’s pretty cool! Did you know he had a winery?

    • Alain Schaffner
      Alain Schaffner

      yes i knew it. i was there 4 years ago after all the race shops. so we decided to go to his vineyard. its really nicely made. but i am not so close to all of this nascar stuff, i always come over from switzerland.

    • Michael McDonald
      Michael McDonald

      What kinda motor ya got in there?

    • Skeletal Cell
      Skeletal Cell

      I live in Winston-Salem and drive by it all the time I head to Salisbury for work. Planning to take my toddler son to the RCR museum soon. So glad I live close to all the NASCAR history.

    • sykwookiee

      @kevin auman I'll still stop to help, but I keep protection well at hand... when I was a teenager, a friend's father pulled over to help a young couple in a van...once he had his attention focused on the engine someone smacked his head with a blunt object...they stole his wallet and his truck, leaving him for dead along I-95...ever since, I maintain distance when I stop to help...

    • Dale Hall
      Dale Hall

      @Stapleton42 Try and get on his podcast..👍🏻

  • wiley coyote
    wiley coyote

    I agree. It's like living in the twilight zone. I miss what this country used to be. Watching your channel helps me remember what America used to be like. What people used to be like. Keep up the great work guys. You guys are freaking awesome. Cant wait to see what car you guys build so she can make cool noises.

    • wiley coyote
      wiley coyote

      @Stapleton42 I hear u brotha for sure

    • Stapleton42

      Thanks man. Sometimes spending so much time focusing on what things used to be like makes the present feel less than it should. I think it’s not always good for me 😂

  • Ryan Long
    Ryan Long

    Logan nailed it, it costs nothing to be nice to other people. Social media has taken away responsibilty from people. And its just a cycle. It sucks.

  • Charlie Rubendall
    Charlie Rubendall

    This was such a heavy video. I really felt the emotion that you had at Martha's house. People don't understand that is so much easier to actually not be a dick. It's sad that our country has fallen so far. People are all too selfish and only care about themselves. It would be great if more people would actually just be nice, and respect others.

    • jsfusion06

      I'm glad you didn't listen to your friend and you walked up to her house that day. You brought a ray of sunshine into her heart and home that day. She probably enjoyed it as much if not more so than you did. Keep up the great work!

    • Charlie Rubendall
      Charlie Rubendall

      @Stapleton42 Sometimes the spontaneous moves are the best moves. Not always having a plan is at times a better way to go. But I could really feel the emotion from both you and Logan.

    • Stapleton42

      I honestly didn't even want to say it but just felt like I had to. It also wasn't our original plan to go to her house after Childress. Just felt like it was the right move.

  • Craig Voll
    Craig Voll

    I litterly teared up listening to that story I really wish there were more people like you in this world

    • Joshua Waggoner
      Joshua Waggoner

      Me too man!

    • Stapleton42

      One person at a time Craig. We can all make a difference in our own worlds

  • David Kacs
    David Kacs

    Cool video guys! I'm 42, I remember the whole y2k scare people being on edge much like nowadays. It doesn't last, it's just a wave. Watching videos like yours helps take the edge off, so keep it up dude! 🇺🇸 You're keeping history alive for a new generation, respect.

    • Stapleton42

      Thanks man

  • Cole-Trickle

    Awesome story about Dale’s Mom . I am sure he would have loved knowing people cared enough to stop and make his Mom feel special which she was .

  • gac914

    I'm 69. I've seen a LOT. My advice to you both is, keep doing acts of kindness. The "Golden Rule." Most of this insane stuff will pass -- it has in the past, but it takes people like you two to help to make that happen. (and, glad to see Mitch that you ponied-up and took that girl somewhere nice for her birthday!! She's worth it!!!) 🤣💪🙏😍

    • Stapleton42

      Thanks man

  • Bubba Ray Lindy
    Bubba Ray Lindy

    When you were telling the story about Dale's mother I could feel the emotion. That's quite the experience. And I fully agree the world is too full of people who act like they're the only ones in the world. I hate it

  • Cory Klabunde
    Cory Klabunde

    Damn, the OG stayin til the end really hits different. The genuineness of you two is what I love ❤️ God bless you guys 🙏 stay real 🤜🤛

    • Stapleton42

      Thanks Cory

  • Mike Graczyk
    Mike Graczyk

    This is why I continue to follow and love what you guys do. . .because it's not just some IRglo content, it's REAL LIFE. The stories of time gone by and the look at changes throughout time. It's easy to become disheartened when we see the moral foundation that we were raised with fading away from the world around us. But don't lose hope, not everybody sucks. And you 2 are a testament to that through all that you share (knowledge, laughter, stories, and moments) in your interactions in person and online. Thanks for all that you do, it means a lot to those who take it to heart to be better every day.

    • Stapleton42

      Thank you Mike

  • Ben Dover
    Ben Dover

    When you hold the door for someone and get no Thank You's from them I ALWAYS say VERY LOUDLY YOUR WELCOME !!! and just grin !!! I'm 71 !!! I was raised well and I see you are as well ... Keep up the great work !!!

  • Elvis King
    Elvis King

    Another awesome video. You guys treat people like the way you want to be treated. Respect is hard to find these days.

    • Donald Halls
      Donald Halls

      @Elvis King ye some people think they deserve respect regardless as to how they treat others most times it's because they have money they think that others have to respect them 🤣😂😅 not this little .... duck

    • Elvis King
      Elvis King

      @Donald Halls I agree with you. I always try being positive by saying good day or have w wonderful day. Even being polite by saying please & thank you. Or opening the door for a person.

    • Donald Halls
      Donald Halls

      Respect is earned by the way you treat others can't treat people like their slaves or there for your convenience and payed to do it, a bit of consideration to others goes a long way, all the best to you all

  • T and J Performance South Florida
    T and J Performance South Florida

    Bro,,i feel the exact same wayand im 50..im building my car right now to do drag and drive events so i can see this world the way it was before its gone..your channel is one of the realist on youtube..you guys rock! keep it up!

  • Craig B.
    Craig B.

    I’m glad to know I’m not the only one who calls them “crotch goblins” 😂

  • Ian Norton
    Ian Norton

    Totally agree with you guys about the severe lack of respect shown in the world as a whole... it costs nothing to be nice ✌🇺🇸✌🇬🇧

  • Greg Hall
    Greg Hall

    You two do a great job of bringing back the good ole days. I'm so glad that I got to see Dale run his first cup race in Charlotte in 75 and was able to see him win many times. I actually got to meet him in Darlington in 1990 after he won the Southern 500. Yall keep up the great work that your doing and I'm very proud of ya.

    • Stapleton42

      That’s awesome man. We appreciate you

  • ryan brown
    ryan brown

    I dig how Ginuwine you guys are , and you hit the nail on the head man I'm 42 and this is a different world than it was 20 years ago. But you are keeping the memories alive and I can't get enough of it man . You guys rock

  • Mr GMC631
    Mr GMC631

    So cool to see Logan happy in this video she always seems so quiet and non enthusiastic in most videos this video she is chilling and having a good time !!

    • Stapleton42

      This trip was her idea too! It was fun for me to see her so happy too.

  • Chatter 70.3
    Chatter 70.3

    I’m glad I stayed for the whole video. The two of you have a lot of insight for being so young, keep up the good work! Oh, and tell Logan that she’s not weird for liking vegetables. I’m vegetarian.

    • Stapleton42

      Thanks man 💪🏻

  • Chris Nelson
    Chris Nelson

    I started watching for the content. I keep coming back because of the people and incredibly insightful moments like these. Keep up the great work!

  • Kelly's Cars
    Kelly's Cars

    Society is just so egocentric these days. Everyone has a touch of narcissism, but Logan nailed it. It's not that hard to be nice!

  • PR 23T
    PR 23T

    You are correct, the world has changed so much so quickly. It seems just being nice to one another no matter who they are has been thrown out the window. I'm in my late 50's and I agree we need to all do the best we can. Great video!

  • Arthur Fricchione
    Arthur Fricchione

    Mitchel/Logann it’s really nice how you mix up your videos. I enjoy the nostalgic ones along with all the build videos. You are both top notch and keep doing what you do. The Monte Carlo sounds great. Brings me back to the true hot rod days of my youth. 😊🇺🇸 my days changed when I returned from Vietnam. There know more American pride and all everyone sacrificed. I agree 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 Logann you nailed it

    • Logan Erwin
      Logan Erwin

      Thank you for your service Arthur! We appreciate your support!

  • BonnevilleTB7

    Well I am 60 years old later this month and I couldn’t agree more that so many people are just ‘so rude’ . I wish people would try a little harder to give and take, life would be much less confrontational especially regarding road rage. The story about Dales Mum was great, we can learn so much from just listening to the older generation once in a while. You both have very mature attitudes on life for such young people, I wish you all the luck in the World. Steve UK 🇬🇧

  • Matt Karrer
    Matt Karrer

    Bro towards the end of the video I couldn’t relate more. On the same piece of dirt but things are so different. The world is such a different place at 33 this is not the world I signed up for. So much so I feel the need to make huge life changes. Thanks for bringing joy to all us 80s and 90s kids with the dale history 🤘🏼but I’m like you winery I’m out of element 😂

    • Stapleton42

      Thanks man. We can bring that back. Everything changes one person at a time

  • Allen Lord
    Allen Lord

    This is Logan's intro into becoming a WINEO.🤣😂🤣 JK enjoy you definitely put inn the work.

  • Moto Flash
    Moto Flash

    That bonus story is awesome Dale made an impact on the racing community when he was alive and after he passed one hell of a person and a badass driver.

  • Jeremy Walsh
    Jeremy Walsh

    Mitchell you are experiencing “normal” feelings that come with age. I’m 47 and just the other day was watching DJ interview Ricky Craven and I felt it, everything changed while I wasn’t looking. Embrace the change and make it work for you!

    • Stapleton42

      Absolutely man!

  • Telecasteroil

    I would really like to get back to normal, it might take some time, I still have hope! Great video Mitchell and Logan ….. Keep being awesome!

  • Zackary Motes
    Zackary Motes

    Know it’s gotta be sweet to have Ralph rolling down the road! “I’ll have you know, I stubbed my toe last week and only cried for 20 minutes..”

    • Stapleton42

      Yes it is. Great quote 😂

  • Jeff VanHorn
    Jeff VanHorn

    I'm 52 and absolutely love seeing younger people like you still exist in this world. One of the reasons I choose to watch your channel is because you have morals and a common respect for your fellow human, like I do. Keep up the good work and don't ever allow the outside world change you. Oh, and don't ever think you're alone and/or somehow strange because "today's" world depresses you and makes you think, "man, yesterday's world was soooooo much better". We all feel it, not enough of us do anything about it. God bless! Stay true to yourself, just the way you are.

  • kidnurse1970

    Great video! I am 52 and still share your sentiment from the bonus footage. Just when I start to give up on the younger generations, your comments are like a breath of fresh air. Like you, my grandparents taught me so much about life. Your comments make me think there may be hope for us after all. By the way, the story about Martha was heartwarming. So glad you got the opportunity to visit her. 🙏 - Chris

    • eventide

      I can't imagine giving up on the younger generations. They have it harder than any living generation and in my experience, work harder too. I'm 39 and could not be more impressed with the gen-z people that report to me. They're scrappy, independent thinkers that get things done without a lot of handholding.

    • Stapleton42

      Thank you Chris. We are glad you’re on the team

  • irongoatrocky

    When Jr had Mamaw on the podcast I was smiling the whole time listening to it, for you to share the time you got to spend with her is a personal memory for you that is priceless!....... Keep the dream alive my friend!

    • Stapleton42

      Thanks man

  • Craig Proctor
    Craig Proctor

    I love how faithful you are to dale and was very nice of you to visit mom I'm sure you made her day !!

  • Mark Miller
    Mark Miller

    This video rocks! So glad to see you both take some time out from your work and go do a cool day trip like this. Couldn't ask for better country/scenery! You also let the Monte Carlo stretch its legs out, sounds great on the highway! Winery tours are interesting, for me not so much the product as I don't drink anymore(long story but clean & sober for almost 28 years now), but the process of making a fine wine and the history behind it are very cool. Loved the part about Dale Earnhardt's mom, so great that you got to see and meet her, and that you stopped back by to see her once again. Wonderful story all the way around! I remember watching Dale race over the years, from early beginnings to his tragic last race in 2001, and always loved his demeanor at the track. You & Logan keep rocking it, so grateful to you two for just being in here and producing the excellent video content you always do, and am there with you in all your journeys, whether it be mechanical work or just scoping out some history that is stock-car related, or you just sharing some profound thoughts you have for the day. Thank you so much, man! You both keep being you.

    • Stapleton42

      Thanks Mark. We will always be us!

  • Craig C
    Craig C

    Man so glad I follow u guys , you’re a 100% spot on . What ever happened to treat others the way you want to be treated ? Badass video start to finish. Keep doing cool shit and keep your values

    • Stapleton42

      Thank you Craig 💪🏻

  • Tech Sentinel
    Tech Sentinel

    Another video full of quality content and sage life advice. Remember though, putting the seat down if you lift it is just as important as wiping it!

  • Jeff Winne
    Jeff Winne

    I was on XM satellite with chocolate Myers for the 20 year that we lost Dale. So emotional after 20 years. I totally feel what you’re feeling keep up the great work Earnhardt forever

  • sarunit63

    Great video and yes the disrespectful and ungrateful ppl these days is ridiculous good thing there are the great ppl that still exist. Thanks for the Martha story very cool

  • TheAmishNinja

    dude. that's an awesome story about Mrs Martha ❤ Thanks for sharing that. I was your age when you were born and I feel the same way about the world. I'm honestly thankful that I have less days ahead of me than behind because I don't understand the world anymore. Thanks again for the videos. Y'all, Ryan Martin, 187, and Cooper are the only ones I look forward to anymore. everyone else is just so fake.

    • Stapleton42

      I feel that last sentence hard

  • Jason Deli
    Jason Deli

    I love these type of videos, I do like the car builds obviously but the more vlog style vids are a nice change every now and then. Thanks for the awesome vids. And the hard work you both do.

    • Stapleton42

      Thank you Jason! We will do this more often

  • Ryan LaBlue
    Ryan LaBlue

    I’m 48 and I’ve seen so much in my life. Just a fact that somebody your age is noticing the way the world is and does what they can do to try to make it better means a lot. I think that’s enough said.

    • Stapleton42

      That’s the underlying goal of everything we do. Value and growth oriented. If you watch almost anything we’ve done from that perspective it might be more apparent. I want to help change the world one person at a time.

  • Larry Sutton
    Larry Sutton

    When Logan commented that everything was beautiful it hit me that is why she fits right in.

  • bcg462

    You guys hit it out of the park again I love the personal aspect of your videos, I can relate to what your are talking about I'm going to be turning 60 next so I've been doing alot of reflecting on stuff lately. I'm sure Mrs. Earnhardt enjoyed every minute you were there. Thank you for all you do keep it up

    • Stapleton42

      Thanks man. We appreciate you

  • MOE

    Your attitude, being polite, and helpful to complete strangers is quintessential Midwest. Within minutes, people can guess where you are from. People on the coasts think it is corny or old fashioned and laugh about it. We just know it is as doing the right thing and treating others as we want to be treated regardless of nationality, race, creed, or religion.

  • Wayne Pearson
    Wayne Pearson

    I love your videos and your passion for keeping an eye on the past. Keep them coming. It's also so good to hear someone younger with the same opinions as me about the way society is going. It restores my faith in humanity to hear your views towards the end of the video. I thought it was just me getting old and bitter. Keep the faith (and rest assured, my bitch switch gets triggered on a regular basis😂)

    • Stapleton42

      Thanks Wayne. We are glad you found us 💪🏻

  • Brian Culbertson
    Brian Culbertson

    Still lots of good people at the race tracks and race shops. I feel blessed that my days and weekends are at those places. I am also lucky to live somewhere that isn’t ruined yet.

  • Richard Parker
    Richard Parker

    Sick ride bro! Those rumbles are intoxicating. Keep on keeping racing cool!

    • Stapleton42

      Thank you Richard!

  • Wesley Bateman
    Wesley Bateman

    I'll be 60 this month . Thanks for your road trips, wine tasting , and hobknobery . I enjoy the channel you two have made

  • Adam Eiklenborg
    Adam Eiklenborg

    Dude. To have met Dale's mom like that just had to be surreal. Have you ever tried to meet Jr.? Also touching on the end of the video topic. I grew up going to lunch with a buddy's dad every day during the summer at 1pm. Went to Wendy's because that's what Pa liked. To this day I can't walk into Wendy's between 1 and 2 without it just hitting me. And watching the way the world is going just sucks


      I agree with grease dog you really need to get ahold of Junior because you would probably end up getting some stories out of him that other people have never heard.

    • Grease Dog
      Grease Dog

      @Stapleton42 think of it this way, you've spent time with DW, Mark Martin, and Kenny Wallace documenting history. Jr is just as much a part of that history as any of them. That would be the most epic content ever.

    • Stapleton42

      It was pretty amazing. Both times. I haven’t tried to get ahold of Jr. He is a busy guy. I don’t want to be a bother anyone unless I have value to provide them.

  • Schnakenberg Lloyd & Sue
    Schnakenberg Lloyd & Sue

    We REALLY enjoyed watching both of you!! I am 78 yrs.old and my husband is 81. We totally agree with all you had to say about the world changing. As my husband, of 61 yrs. would say, "It isn't the world, it's the people in it". Thank you for sharing with us!!

    • Logan Erwin
      Logan Erwin

      I’m glad you guys enjoyed it and I’m glad you’re here! Spreading positivity to make a better future, we appreciate you Lloyd & Sue! ❤️

    • Stapleton42

      Wow thank you two for being here! That’s awesome

  • Piney Life
    Piney Life

    I'm 48 and I can say I have seen the world evolve and even though technology is cool and it has its benefits I really miss the simpler days. Keep doing what your doing with this content man Yall are killing me coming back for more.

    • Stapleton42

      Thanks man. We appreciate your perspective too!

  • BlackDeath

    What an amazing story - dude I'm certain you made that ladies day!

  • Chuck Thomson
    Chuck Thomson

    Love the channel. Great content !!!! Keep it up. I need to get down to the Childress museum like asap.

  • thenameforcorey

    Awesome Dale story man im not a Nascar guy but that story is pretty damn cool dude

  • Brookie Smalls
    Brookie Smalls

    Had to pause the video several times so I didn't cry. Thank you for sharing those stories. Love watching y'all's videos, they're real life in a snapshot. God bless y'all ❤️

    • Stapleton42

      Thank you so much

  • jsfusion06

    I just turned 46. What I can say about the feelings you're feeling as a 25 yr old, especially in the context of the social media era we are all living is this. Its extremely easy to become disheartened about society when all the loudest 1% of people are doing 99% of the yelling. Its so easy to lose sight of the fact the other 99% of us are just regular folks living life, opening that door for the person behind us, throwing a $1 at someone less fortunate, saying hi to a stranger and giving them a smile as you walk by. Most people are good, don't forget that. Don't allow the negativity from the 1% to creep into your mind and cause you to lose faith in our world. Keep living and smiling. And I'm stealing Logan's r line. It doesn't cost a dime to be nice!

    • Stapleton42

      Great point man

  • Pete D
    Pete D

    You guys are awesome. Another great video. Must have felt good to finally take the Monte out on a good ride.

    • Stapleton42

      It was! Thanks man

  • Derek Worrod
    Derek Worrod

    im a bit older then you but the same thought goes through my head everyday! keep fighting the good fight guys and yes for the love of good wipe your pee off the seat easy stuff folks!!

  • William Peters
    William Peters

    Just subscribed, I’m a 67 year old grandpa and am thankful for young people who care like y’all. I’m a Dale fan and miss the days he raced, i no longer watch nascar . Enjoy learning about the old shops and the history. Keep up the good work.

    • Stapleton42

      Thanks William

  • Victor Tavano
    Victor Tavano

    Mitchell I’m enjoying seeing you out of your element just go with it,see someone noticed your car! Irritate them you only live once! That salad got me hungry Logan.

  • Chandler Frazier
    Chandler Frazier

    I think about how different day to day life is anymore quite often. Things used to be so much simpler even back when we were kids. This rise of technology has hurt and helped our generation so much.

  • Rear Engine Shop
    Rear Engine Shop

    I’m simple. I see a Monte Carlo road trip video, I click! Awesome trip. The winery looked good. I normally get a burger or steak and my wife gets a salad when we go out. 🤣 I always feel out of place at fancy places.

  • cool62 chev
    cool62 chev

    I agree! The whole world has changed so much so quickly. I feel bad for my kids. You are wise beyond you years.

  • Jerrell Kull
    Jerrell Kull

    I feel y'all on the way the world is. A lesson that has been forgotten and not passed on is, Stupid hurts, if it hurts, you don't do it. Another trait that has been lost is credibility, cooth, and scruples. Thanks for all tgat y'all are doing to make a difference, and teach people how to do things right. Y'all take care.

    • Stapleton42

      Thank you jerrell

  • George Wallace
    George Wallace

    I'm 56 years old and I have enjoyed many years on this planet but I agree with you some of the stuff going on today is a real bad situation. I live in the country and do my best to stay in my own lane but I always thought it would be many years before some of this stuff would happen. Great videos y'all keep up the good work

  • Glenn Blue
    Glenn Blue

    One of your best Videos. I am 70. As soon as I was able to drive I witnessed Parnelli Jones beating down Mark Donahue at the 70 Transam at SIR (Kent WA) . I know your passion for the sport. SemiPro rallied for a few years. Still have some hope for the country, keep opening those doors for those ladies! Grandpa G

  • Ryan Martin
    Ryan Martin

    What a great story, Mitchell. Rest in peace, Martha.

  • willi j
    willi j

    TY for an awesome video and even more for showing your character in the bonus footage. This video needs more views than a flying tesla

    • Stapleton42

      Thanks man. We appreciate you

  • Thaddeus K McNamara
    Thaddeus K McNamara

    You DON’T sound stupid, you’re RIGHT!!! Kindness is easy to spread. Make it HAPPEN!!! 👍🏻

  • Bobby

    Earnhardt Jr needs to contact you and bless you for the love you have for his family, and give you a tour and stories he has. Someone reach out to him, like this comment, do it for Dale.

    • Stapleton42

      Maybe someday I will accumulate enough stories to be a worthy podcast guest

  • duckedup

    You two, (responding to the end of the video) don't stop being kind, things are shit atm and people are rude right now, but just keep being you and being kind, stay the course. The negativity and antiAmericanism will be short lived in our leadership. The pendulum is swinging in society and beliefs, you 2 are on the right side of it! Don't get discouraged and keep being positive😎

    • Stapleton42

      Thanks man

  • Jason Jackson
    Jason Jackson

    Got to love them grandma's, I was pretty close to mine, I love hearing stories from older people, these kids coming up now need to sit down and listen to a older person, they can learn alot from them for sure, for one is respect 👍

  • J. Walker
    J. Walker

    When you're such a legend, your family members become legends.

    • Stapleton42

      She raised a legend. That makes her one too

  • Ignorant Speed
    Ignorant Speed

    Man, im sitti g here in a haul truck in a mine in wyoming thinking about how crazy it is in different parts of the country, and I'm glad that there are like minded people that far away that see how angry people are, thought it was just me and my town. Glad you guys have good heads on your shoulders, keep up the good work bubba, see ya next time👉

    • Stapleton42

      Good people are out there man. We are glad you’re here

  • Warren Turnbull
    Warren Turnbull

    Wow 👌 👏 such a wicked video, you guys rock, spongebob fans and Dale ! My eyes leaked a bit watching this , much love from New Zealand 🇳🇿

  • Brandon Jakubowicz
    Brandon Jakubowicz

    glad to see the Monte trip was a success, loved the video

  • its stocky
    its stocky

    Completely agree the speed of change lately and its not great

  • ZingPow887

    You have no idea how many times I’ve gone to places and felt outta place when I daily drove my old ‘77 f150. I never went through a valet because I don’t think they’d be able to drive it. Also Pittsburgh is my hometown! If you were still in town I’d love to help out around the shop and learn stuff that I don’t know!