Classic NASCAR Stock Cars Take Back Rockingham Speedway! (They Let Us Drive One)
Motorsports 4 the Masses teamed up with the Stock Car Classics Facebook group to bring all these guys out on the same day! Everything from current Xfinity series cars to 1950s tribute racers and museum quality stuff! North Carolina Motor Speedway hosted its last Cup series race in 2004. After a half life with some events and a period of complete neglect it is finally coming back!
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  • Stapleton42

    BRING BACK ROCKINGHAM 🤟🏻 Would you go to a race here?

    • Robert M. Trolinder
      Robert M. Trolinder

      @FE NATIC They still race at Bristol.

    • FE NATIC
      FE NATIC

      @Robert M. Trolinder So many tracks are gone, Wilkes Barre, Rockingham, are they still racing at Bristol? That track reminds me of my old home track. If you went through the race with out ripping at least a fender, you would get fired for not gettin’ in there’

    • Prevost

      I was born and raised 2 miles from the track and watched all the greats of the late 70s - early 80s race there. NASCAR will NEVER return to the Rock. Trust me. I know this.

    • Clarence Oddbody
      Clarence Oddbody

      Make it a 3 mile super speedway with an infield road course option.

    • Robert Appling
      Robert Appling

      I used to go to qualifying twice a year when it was Nextel racing love to see it open back up

  • RebelRacer99

    That does it , I'm gonna hunt down an old stock car and drive it at the Rock, I may even drive it TO the Rock. Also, can we take a minute to appreciate the fact that the guy with the Marty Robbins car is towing it with the A-Team van?

    • jmccoy85

      @Picax8398 losses breed winners....

    • GoodOl'Roll

      I hear ya! I'd love to find an old '76 David Pearson Mercury and take it to The Rock!

    • RebelRacer99

      @Picax8398 get lost pal

    • Picax8398

      Loooooooser flag

    • FE NATIC
      FE NATIC

      @FearEnd 61, almost 62. Were you there? I hung out at Larry Phillips Shop when he was on Division St. They were still running these engines and platforms into the late 70s in Sportsman. That was a neat track. 3/8 to 1/2 mile wide oval with high banks. A fast track. I left Springfield in 1980 and as I understand they built a lot of houses out there and they had to shut the track down. It was sad to hear. As far as I know, the track is still there but they don’t race on it.

  • Team Brahma
    Team Brahma

    These videos on these old/brought back NASCAR cars are great. So many stories these things could tell, and it's great that the owners know so much about them and are willing to share some of that.

    • DeeKay617

      #nascar_porn !!! 😂🤣

    • Stapleton42

      Thanks man I’m glad you’re here

  • Jacob Pollan
    Jacob Pollan

    These are just the coolest things ever... can't wait to see a stapleton autoworks scheme running out there

    • Stapleton42

      It'll happen... we just gotta keep working lol. Thanks man

  • Suzuki Kawasaki
    Suzuki Kawasaki

    This gave me goose bumps. I was a , I repeat was a die hard fan from 80s. DW was my driver. The stuff they call Nascar now is a hot mess

  • Chris Dieringer
    Chris Dieringer

    Dick Trickle's car is freakin' gorgeous!!!💙💙🏁

  • David Peterson
    David Peterson

    RIP Trickle. Growing up in Wisconsin, that man is my hero. When the “xfinity” series came to the Milwaukee Mile, trickle signs could be seen forever and a mile.

  • Illiogical Philosophy
    Illiogical Philosophy

    God I love this stuff. I've been following yours and Camelots story for a minute now. Bringing back the spirit of stock car racing, with the understanding, and respect that the sport and those inside deserve. We need a great reset in NASCAR. I miss the good ole boys series.

  • Chris Noto
    Chris Noto

    Great to see some real old school stock cars, from back when a car was bought in a dealership, "built," and raced! I was at the 1967 FIRECRACKER 400 in Daytona, and still have a picture that I took through the driver's side window of Wendell Scott's '65 Ford, which was running a stock steering wheel, wrapped with electrical tape! ALSO... there's just nothing on this planet that sounds like a 427 C.I. American stock car V-8 engine! Many thanks! 🔥🔥🔥

    • Burt Benz
      Burt Benz

      Yea never drove fords cars just trucks. Kick ass thx


    Those cars. That was when Nascar was NASCAR! The era of when that actually used real cars in the track to promote their street counterparts! American muscle!

  • Fetus McCarlane
    Fetus McCarlane

    Guys, I just gotta say thanks so much for pushing out the quality and quantity uploads . Your channel has fast become 1 of my all time favourites. No B.S , no pandering to the camera and you show the real struggle that comes with trying to balance life, work, fun, family and Racing. Much love from Oz 🇦🇺👌🏼

    • David Lee Froth
      David Lee Froth

      Seconded! Also from Oz!

    • Stapleton42

      Thanks man I’m glad you resonate with that 💪🏻

  • Mark Miller
    Mark Miller

    Very cool! Just saw your video pop in here as we speak. Glad they got some action coming back at the "Rock", and more good NASCAR/stock car history to be found! That is very generous of that person to let you go take a lap in his car, good times! Big thanks to you & Logan for your continued quest of racing history, and I'm right there with you guys checking this stuff out! Hang in there man!

  • bbigjohnson069

    When he said that Torino was 427 tunnel port my jaw hit the floor. Sweeeeet!!!!

  • Jared Richardson
    Jared Richardson

    Absolutely amazing stuff here Stapleton. This is something I definitely need to see in person

  • mike malone
    mike malone

    Enjoyed it! Y'all got some cool content, esp for us that remember the old NASCAR! I remember sitting on my grannys porch in Bullocks Hollow, watching the car haulers (which was usually car trailers or make shift rollbacks) coming back after the Bristol race, headed back to N.C., usually beat all to pieces, and a lot of them was being driven by the drivers! Early 60's. Good old days...

    • Stapleton42

      Man that’s awesome

  • the other Brent
    the other Brent

    We understand what y'all are going thru. Moving is a pain but moving personal and a business just sucks. Be right here patiently waiting. Soon as you get your crap together there is going to be some killer content. Won't be long till that big blue boat makes a pass and i can't wait to see what happens with the Rolls.

  • Clocked Out Fab
    Clocked Out Fab

    You guys are doing some real neat stuff in the racing world you have dug into and have grown to love so much. I feel that there is something big coming for you 2. I can't put my finger on what it is but it's going to be awesome!

  • camaronut666

    Love the old race car vids they look like so much fun. I have an order pending and I'm not in any rush I understand take your time. Keep up the hard work. Everyone here loves it. Don't stress and you don't suck. Your taking care of business don't let haters stop you.

    • camaronut666

      @Stapleton42 good I don't want them too my favorite channel on the whole youtube

    • Stapleton42

      Thanks man. They’ll never stop us 🤟🏻

  • Josh Guertin
    Josh Guertin

    Growing up in Wisconsin its awesome to see the Dick Trickle car. Man was a legend on the short tracks. I got to see him a slinger speedway when I was younger.

  • don

    The sound they make going around the track, the noise of God's!

  • Alex Williams
    Alex Williams

    Love it. Only place that you can just walk up and say "lets hear the story" and you know youre about to have a 10min convo with a passionate car guy. Ive gotta get a car and head East for one of these

  • mrbill4499

    Man it was so awesome to hear those older to my faves are the Ford Torino Dick Trickle car, and the Marty Robbins Dodge Charger...would love to be able to drive them...I hope Rockingham can at least host a Nascar truck race...the track just has so much history.

  • Mike Bennett
    Mike Bennett

    One of your best videos! I do however miss the interaction with your better half that you had at Yellowbelly. Hope you make the effort to make her more a part of your videos. Love the job you guys are doing! Learning so much and enjoying every minute of it. Thanks for all your hard work ! Always looking forward to the next one.

  • AconesWorld

    Man, great vid you guys! It’s really great to see people who still have a heart for the old nascars that are out there. Those ol cars had so much love put in to them that they deserve to be remembered and preserved……and even better, DRIVEN!!! So amazing to hear that 4 twamp 7 kick to life. The whole pit stopped!!!! Man the days of painting racecars are long gone, almost hoped it was the super flow pink from days of thunder. Ok man, big smile here and congrats on driving a nascar.

  • Grifterfade Empire
    Grifterfade Empire

    All them beautiful race cars sound so amazing!!! Love the videos. I’m so ready for all the amazing builds to come:)

    • Stapleton42

      Thanks man I’m pumped too!

  • someThing likeaWelder
    someThing likeaWelder

    I'm so happy to see you making these historical stock car videos. My dad worked with Kenny Thompson at Hendrick motorsports #5 Levi Garrett car back in the late eighties. I would hang around the shop, wash cars and sweep floors. Kenny Thompson is one of the best fabricators I ever had the pleasure of meeting. He is perfect for his own video on this channel. Just to let you know how good this man was...he was a salary employee and Hendrick still paid him to build custom racing oil pans per oil pan.

  • KEI Fabrication
    KEI Fabrication

    That Trickle car is fantastic! Great video! The sounds were the best! When I saw you driving the 8 car onto the track I said to my self, "Oh boy, the hook is set!" Dick Trickle is one of my all time hero's. One of the last of the independents. I got to meet him at Loudon NH back in the late 90's. We were racing in the bush series and the Cup race was the same weekend. Dick came driving in an old borrowed tractor trailer with one of those orange Schneider shipping trailers hauling his race car. He jumped out of the cab with a tee shirt and a pack of smokes rolled up in the sleeve, and jeans and cowboy boots. He had everything he needed to race including his car loaded into that trailer. He used metal ramps and oak planks to get the car unloaded. He saw us watching and said, "Hey! can you give me a hand unloading?" He was all by himself. I don't even know if he had a crew coming later or not. I had always liked him, but that was when he became a hero to me.

    • Stapleton42

      Man that’s awesome

  • Old Mountain Marine and Metals
    Old Mountain Marine and Metals

    That's awesome Mitchell!! I wish there was a way that I could ID the one's that I built, when they change hands you don't know where they are

  • ViperBlue71

    Good to see you guys made the trip down again, (with thomas in the 63) was a great time and crowd this weekend.

  • Jay Shilling
    Jay Shilling

    u guys are amazing keep up the good sorry great content "every car has a story" no matter what and i am not was and are still a Earnhardt fan but over all im a nascar fan and hey i dont live to far from good ol Jimmy Spencer's home town in PA

  • 𝐉m•𝐊ɇ𝙽ƞɏ→🜲

    How cool was that dude to let you rip a few laps! Some good people at this event, for sure...

  • Jason McClure
    Jason McClure

    Great to see Rockingham back in action! I want an older nascar now and Logan looks like the Unabomber lol

  • Quartrmile MOPAR
    Quartrmile MOPAR

    Love hearing the history of the cars that show up! These videos are gold!

  • Jim H.
    Jim H.

    Years ago I was on an ARCA team, we got hired a few times by guys running retired stock cars in the HSCRA series to set their chassis up for road courses, and provide track support. A couple of the cars still had oval set ups underneath or were just so jacked up it’s amazing they didn’t wreck going down put road. Lol This video gave me a lot of flashbacks. Super fun days

  • Wade Preston
    Wade Preston

    The sound of that Torino was so sick those 427s were the shit!!!

  • Jim Maxson
    Jim Maxson

    I just love the old vintage cars brings back so many memories for me as a kid. I belong to a vintage Sprint car and midget club here in New Jersey.

  • Crispy 1
    Crispy 1

    I love information and knowledge and seeing all those old vintage stock cars and road cars and learning about their history is really cool. I like to learn things that I didn't know and I try to learn something everyday and that's why I love your Channel

  • Erik Albertson
    Erik Albertson

    That Torino is so nice ! The colors are perfect for that car. I remember a local dirt track racer that had a '55 Chevy painted that blue with white and red numbers. My favorite ! Good to see these cars back on the track and not rotting away somewhere !

    • Stapleton42

      thats awesome lol

  • Chief SlinginBeef
    Chief SlinginBeef

    How often do they do this? Would love to take my dad to this thing.

  • James Martin
    James Martin

    Another great video. I was never "really into NASCAR, but I always loved hearing it when my dad watched. Brought back some good memories. Thank you. Man, that 59 car (my favorite number) got really tore up. Unfortunately that's part of racing. Nobody likes it, but it's still always going to be there. No matter what kind of racing you do.

  • A Guy in NC
    A Guy in NC

    Would love to have been there. The two NASCAR races I went to were both at Rockingham in the mid 80's. I actually got to ride in one of Richard Petty's ride along cars at Daytona the year before we lost Dale Earnhardt. Glad to see these old cars are being cared for and driven!

  • T Dee
    T Dee

    The guy in the Ryan Newman 12 car looks like a real Nacar cup driver. Running 29 second laps I heard. 🤩

  • Jeremiah Johnson
    Jeremiah Johnson

    Wow my jaw was on the floor when i saw you driving around the track. Congratulations on driving a car around the track like you needed another reason to get a cup car of your own. Great video like always

  • One Day At A Time
    One Day At A Time

    You guys rock...and blasting around the track would have been great. Thanks for sharing.

  • Dennis Thurman
    Dennis Thurman

    I remember hearing Bobby Allison say that Marty Robbins bought a Plymouth he had back in the day. Don't know why he had a Plymouth but he said he painted it up for him to race

  • ryan7974

    That sounds so good going down the track best sound ever

  • Jordan Whinery
    Jordan Whinery

    Thanks for making my weekend better with some epic content!! Always a good time when you post.

    • Stapleton42

      thanks man!

    • Jordan Whinery
      Jordan Whinery

      Shop is looking so good!

  • Tahoe's & Turbo's
    Tahoe's & Turbo's

    your such an inspiration buddy! keep living your best life. I love the classic nascar stuff as it brings me back to my childhood

    • Stapleton42

      I appreciate that man. it brings mine back too

  • daryl

    Love these videos of the vintage cars running and back story.......👍👍

  • Shaun Latter
    Shaun Latter

    Love the video as always. 🙌 Can def see what kinda car you'll be hunting down next. Keep up the great work.

  • Kharn The Betrayer
    Kharn The Betrayer

    This would be cool as hell to go too !! Thanks for sharing. The different eras, the different sounds they all have , giving me a chubby!!

  • Allen Lord
    Allen Lord

    Doing great guys. Keep pushing on. Living your best life.👍👍

  • Ben Kline
    Ben Kline

    Great video! Saw that there were some regular cars there as well, does the track offer the opportunity for regular cars to make laps as well?

  • Brush it off
    Brush it off

    Fricken Awesome man getting to drive a Nazcar I bet that didn't suck! Shop progress is looking good too, looking forward to more updates on that too. Cheers

  • J J
    J J

    How awesome! I worked at The Rock back when Hillenburg owned it. Glad to see the track is alive again!

  • Not your Daddy
    Not your Daddy

    That would have been pretty cool to have been there and take a lap. Can't wait to see you back hitting the flashers on the competition. 😊

  • Zack

    These videos are great. They make me want a stock car. I may just settle for an old late model and go have some fun.

  • SLDSnakeX66

    You should get Mark Martin to come out one day, that would be so cool seeing him in one of those old cars.

  • David King
    David King

    I thought this was interesting to see these old stock cars ,they sure sound good.

  • Brandon Lee
    Brandon Lee

    So jealous of you in that stock car goin around the rock, I’ve been around so many times and always wanted to be in a race car doing! Thanks for sharing good luck with the shop

  • Todd Blais
    Todd Blais

    Making the move so soon again sucks but you guys are doing great. The new shop looks like it will be much better than the old one. Thank you for making the great content that you do in the midst of all of the bull$hit we call life. Keep on keepin on!!

  • paul madden
    paul madden

    What a frickin' cool thing to do man you guys are soooooooo damnd lucky to be able to get along to have a look at Yesteryear. Being fo Australia 🇦🇺 watching this is just making me want to come and have a look some more . Thanx Mitchell keep on killing it with this kinda awesomeness love it man . One can only imagine what it would be like to actually hear and see it .....Things Dreams Are Made Of .

  • Baroniskus Slavcenko
    Baroniskus Slavcenko

    Thanks for doing this! Keep the content coming!

  • Steve Nichols
    Steve Nichols

    This kind of stuff is what keeps me up and happy late at night 😄

  • Billie Brew
    Billie Brew

    Another great nascar video Mitchell. I really liked the Marty Robbins car. It would be cool to trace its heritage back to Petty. My father in law was a big fan of his music and driving. There are some good rule bending story’s that along with his racing career. The new shop looks like it coming along, keep up the good work!

  • staglione79

    The 99 car was bad ass. Great stuff!


    THANK YOU so much for showing content that for many are lost and forgotten that track was so awesome back then right after Daytona on our way back home to Ontario Canada You are so lucky to be in the center of stock car country KEEP UP THE GREAT CONTENT !!!

  • Angus Phelps
    Angus Phelps

    Great video as always!! Keep up the good work!

    • Stapleton42

      Thanks man!

  • Denny Brown
    Denny Brown

    Love it , love it , love it !!! Yes I would be there for throwback race ! This could bring Nascar back to relevance ! I think I would just dump NASCAR , they are the woke idiots that's ruined stock car racing ! Fingers are crossed !

  • Throttle Watch
    Throttle Watch

    Love the Torino that’s super cool. Loving the old school Nascar stuff

  • Sean Dearing
    Sean Dearing

    Man that stuff gets me fired up nobody else on IRglo does this stuff, love stock cars especially vintage!! ☝️👍

    • Stapleton42

      You and me both!

  • Robert M. Trolinder
    Robert M. Trolinder

    I loved your video, seeing all these older NASCAR cars brings back some good memories! Especially the Fords & the Marty Robin's car! Thank you for this.

  • Jay Brown
    Jay Brown

    Great video thanks for sharing. Ive been sporting your apparel at all the events I go to in and around the VA Beach area. Hopefully you both will make it up this way soon... We have many events and shows that would enjoy your companies' Love the videos keep up the hard work

    • Stapleton42

      heck yeah man we appreciate your support!

  • Two Black Labs
    Two Black Labs

    Damn, that Marty Robbins car is a beauty! As far as classics go, that should be a fairly easy Petty Enterprises chassis to track down…

  • Dylan White
    Dylan White

    i personally wonder how much it would cost to build a stock car and model it after some of the fastest sedans from the early 2000s

  • CAMELOT331

    Was great to meet you! Amazing video my man! Squeeze in my car sometime and take a few laps haha.

    • CAMELOT331

      @Chief SlinginBeef I do it about 8 times per year. Next year (2022) will be a full schedule so stay tuned.

    • Chief SlinginBeef
      Chief SlinginBeef

      @CAMELOT331 How often do y'all do this I'd love to take my dad up there for this.

    • CAMELOT331

      @Anthony Alfredo I sure will me man. I'll have a video up about it tomorrow!

    • Anthony Alfredo
      Anthony Alfredo

      Keep me posted on the next time you head down there!

    • Jeremy Lee
      Jeremy Lee

      I'm glad yall 2 got to meet, wished I could have been there. I'm ready to help camelott

  • Aychdee

    A day with a Stapleton video is always a great day!! Loving it bud!!

    • Aychdee

      @Stapleton42 always bud, keep up the down to earth badassery sir!

    • Stapleton42

      Glad you enjoy it!

  • Bob Paulino
    Bob Paulino

    LOVE the Torino and the sounds of the track.

  • Usa Strong
    Usa Strong

    Awesome video. Must have been cool to go around the track. Definitely wish the rock was still active. I did a ride along at NHMS. 12 yrs ago. What a experience.

  • Don Holmes
    Don Holmes

    My first NASCAR race was 1968 Riverside and those Fastback Mercury Cyclones and Torino’s are still my favorite Stock Cars 🏁