Dale Earnhardt's 1997 Newell Coach: I ALMOST Bought It! (Tour and Inspection)
I went on a 2,400 mile road trip to buy Dale Earnhardt's old 1997 Newell Coach. When I got there it was a DISASTER. Just wasting away neglected in the desert. It was amazing to inspect this piece of NASCAR history complete with original paperwork that has Earnhardt all over it. Dale is one of my personal heroes and has been as long as I can remember, however this coach just needs way too much work to be functional again.
I have been on the search for a Prevost or Newell coach to live in full time so I have been learning a ton about pre owned high line motor coach inspection. Buying a used Prevost or Newell is a big decision and a potential disaster without doing your homework first. I had several pages of inspection points I went over off camera as well as @RVing with Andrew Steele offering his input on the situation. I have been full time living in my living quarters gooseneck race trailer for a few months now and have grown to like the lifestyle so its time to step it up!
For the sake of general interest I left out the "nitty gritty" inspection of the coach. I spent 5-7 hours over the course of two days inspecting and testing every single system, every door, drawer, window, switches, hinges, water leaks, etc. I did a Skype interview with Andrew on his channel going over the inspection process and more detail about the major issues I found with this particular coach. We also discuss our observations on Newell vs Prevost coaches of this era. Check out his channel to see that video.
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  • stuck inGA
    stuck inGA

    I actually bought that coach from Dale. First, I was stunned to find this video. Wasn't looking for it, but was looking at a video on a 2022 model and this popped up. Second, it is so sad to see it in this condition. Dale's driver, Jimbo, was meticulous about maintaining the coach, and so were we. The folding chairs are still sitting in my attic.

    • Anthony Laudano
      Anthony Laudano


    • Anthony Laudano
      Anthony Laudano


    • Georgia Constitution Media
      Georgia Constitution Media

      @Anthony Laudano I sleep easier knowing he could’ve had 600 K but asked his wife she said WAIT DONT TAKE IT It will be worth millions one day! 😎

    • Wildest Cowboy
      Wildest Cowboy

      @Georgia Constitution Media You are correct, u got me! LoL

    • Georgia Constitution Media
      Georgia Constitution Media

      @Wildest Cowboy your not real SANTA CLAUS


    Great video. Classic seller who has paid some big money and never been able to afford or have the inclination to upkeep it. Valuable life lesson on going through everything before parting with the hard earned greenbacks! Glad that your head ruled your heart.

  • D C
    D C

    Best thing to do with that is buy it, and send it back to the factory for a complete restoration. Is it worth it? Hard to say. It's really Dale's coach, but that only goes so far.

  • David Graham
    David Graham

    I would buy that in a minute what a piece of history

  • Alex Szilagyi
    Alex Szilagyi

    I spoke with Dale Senior a few times at the track. And he actually took joy in not walking around the garage area in his driver suit. Yes he preferred an old T-shirt and jeans, along with dark sunglasses and a scruffy hat. Because he liked acting more like a fan. In a low-key kind of way. Drivers like himself who tried to be anonymous, would normally let the driver suit stay near the car. Not in their Motorcoach. I actually witnessed Dale Jarrett, removing his driver suit on pit Lane after a test session. And throw it inside the car. In an attempt to avoid attention from the fans.

  • Jeremiah Johnson
    Jeremiah Johnson

    Damn right. Buying a peice of history like that and keeping it racing blood pumping again......whoa my mind is blown. Good things happen to good people.

  • Mike Gerdeman
    Mike Gerdeman

    Great video………you did the right thing walking away from that one! The worse thing you can do with a high end coach is let it sit and not use it! Keep looking………

  • Noah Mielke
    Noah Mielke

    That’s a historical piece of transportation I would love to even be inside of that thing.

  • Joel Quidort
    Joel Quidort

    Just seeing this one from 2020. I appreciate your dreams. I know exactly how you feel man. I look at the history of the sport and all the little things about it probably with the same thoughts and feelings you did we are probably kindred spirits👍🏼

    • Stapleton42

      Thanks Joel💪🏻

  • CraigShipp.com

    Yep you can’t buy a rough coach cheap enough! A coach like that should always be garage kept when not in use.

  • Latada

    I’m so glad you walked. This elderly guy is a joke! You will know when it’s the right coach for you. Wishing you all the best in your search

    • Stapleton42

      We did get one and it’s much better. Check out the motorhome stuff playlist on the channel to see it!

  • Ron Hall
    Ron Hall

    Would be a valuable and well sought after coach, but sadly it fell into disrepair and the seller had too high a premium on a degraded unit. The seller is in over his head, and untrained mechanics and shade tree repairs will only further diminish the value. Sad.

  • Timaz

    Check out the older Monaco's. I have a 2000 Dynasty and I love it now...Yes I had to fix a lot of different things, but it is a sweet coach now...and the Banks kit makes it even nicer.

  • TEAM clipping
    TEAM clipping

    jeez , I had a 04 fleetwood excursion pusher appraised at 55K with 29k miles on it... I get that its a tag axle and previously owned by dale senior but STILL.. if anyone knows anything about these things, they get SHOOK apart on road trips. The stuff is gonna come apart and not be perfect. Now, I think you were being a little too picky. its a 97. It was USED. stuff is gonna be wrong with it. kinda shocked me that you were shocked how much was wrong.

  • thehutch357

    I love it when people are selling a pos and get irritated at you for finding the problems with there unit.

    • Chris's corner
      Chris's corner

      Its far from a pos

    • The Weaver
      The Weaver

      @Doug #voterfraudisreal. Let’s go Brandon.

  • Josh Wynn
    Josh Wynn

    Looks like he's got himself lawn art! That's crazy! You couldn't really live in that parked the way it is...you made a good choice on yours for sure!

  • kingdavidcoffee

    This reminds me of looking at used Toyota Avalon’s. One private sale and one dealer. Both were presented as excellent condition. A dog had torn the interior apart in one and the other was also a disaster. I hate it when sellers misrepresent to people who travel some distance to see the vehicles. I wouldn’t care if he was mad. You’re the one who drove all the way there to find it was not as he represented it to be.

    • Two Black Labs
      Two Black Labs

      kingdavidcoffee ...right? Me and my younger brother drove a box trailer from Central FL to Houston, TX a couple years ago, for him to pick up a 1970 Corvette that he had every intention that he’d buy and “restore.” Descriptions, photos and lots of details were sent before he agreed to make the long trip to get this thing and haul it back home. We got there after driving all night and after an hour of trying to find the clown’s address, we see in his backyard a parted-out shell of a ‘Vette, missing the t-tops, no interior at all but filled with slimey duck water with a duck still swimming around inside of it, missing the headlight doors and actuators, missing the wiper door and actuator, no engine, tranny, rear end, sitting partially crooked on blocks and 4 X 4’s. Even the gas filler door on the rear deck was missing...and he had no spare parts for anything! We found out that asshole sent us his old Polaroid photos of the car from 1986 - long before the destruction and deterioration had begun. My brother was PISSED. I threatened to call the cops right then and there if he didn’t give me $500 for wasting my time, gas and wear and tear on my truck and trailer. His wife came outside and she started crying and yelling at both of us and her old man, but I knew she was just as mad at him as we were! We showed her the Poloroids and wanted her to explain why he’d try to con us like that! She had no answer, but she slapped the back of his head twice... She went inside, got her checkbook, came back and promised to write us a check for $600 if we didn’t call the cops. No way were we going to accept a check, so we told her cash only. She pulled my brother aside and told him he was on Probation for Grand Larceny, and if he was arrested again, he’d never see daylight again. He stood firm and told her to go get $500 out of the ATM and we’d leave, no questions asked. It took her 5 minutes to get back and she paid us. But that skinny bastard crook got away with one... Call it a lesson learned. Photos can be doctored, or dated. Details can be considered “puffery.” People LIE all the time to get you to show up and buy something.

  • Stripe

    Very cool video dude. Some people just don't understand how time affects things!

  • D.j.

    Pretty awesome! As long as it is back on a racetrack!!! Makes me wonder about his family & how they would feel about seeing it? Many questions!!!! Pretty cool man!

    • Stapleton42

      Thanks man

  • Bryan Berryman
    Bryan Berryman

    My dad worked at Newell for 33 years, he would have helped build this one.

    • Adam Dub
      Adam Dub

      That's cool.

    • Bryan Berryman
      Bryan Berryman

      I live in Quapaw and the museum is in shambles. Kinda sad....

    • Gary Ross
      Gary Ross

      I am from picher.

    • Stapleton42

      that's bad ass

  • Mike Waddell
    Mike Waddell

    Man, you couldn't get out of there fast enough! Doing the right thing... You must do daily maintenance on one even when it is not in use.

  • Thomas Hawkins Hibbs
    Thomas Hawkins Hibbs

    You did the right thing.. If you bought that Dale might have come back from the dead just to kick your ass👌😁..It's worth it to someone but that will be someone with more money than travel plans 👍

  • Cody Crowe
    Cody Crowe

    I sent this video to Dale Junior's Twitter tagged him his sister's & brother in it to see what they think about the matter. Because Junior recently purchased one of his dads cars & went through everything you did to see if it's legit so I don't blame you.

  • s2k

    Patience of a saint bro lol...love how you see things...handled that perfectly and used it for your benefit...winning

  • marcus livermore
    marcus livermore

    Don’t tell Cletus he will be wanting that. Lol

    • Stapleton42

      marcus livermore He most likely knew about this while the situation was developing

    • Lawrence oliver
      Lawrence oliver

      waiting hell i messaged him about it hell yah brother

    • legleg

      i posted this on Cletus' facebook about 5 mins before looking at the comments here lol. oops

  • T H
    T H

    Loved it man, glad you put up the footage. Old guy was crazy and it was definitely disappointing to see it in that condition.

    • T H
      T H

      @Stapleton42 That's badass. I grew up an Earnhardt fan and I still am. Can't wait to see what you find.

    • Stapleton42

      Todd Holyoake Thanks man. This one may have been a bust but I’m gonna find one soon and it’ll get compounds!

  • Heath Parker
    Heath Parker

    That old dude thought if he acted that way you would buy it because you drove a long way to get that pos .. I’m glad you drove off

  • Random Player
    Random Player

    man i’d love a tour of that and just sit in it and imagine maybe watch a race

  • fordwindsor351

    Like with anything that Dale Earnhardt truly owned, people think its has such a high value, this doesn't.

  • andy bowyer
    andy bowyer

    That thing hadn't had a professional service in years, this scenario occurs Time an Time again, high end items require high end maintenance, a coach of that calibre (let lone the 1st owner being famous) should of had a big thick service/maintenance history to back it up!! That thing just about got proof Dale owned it!!!🤪👍 hey I'm loving the channel!! Big fan from LIVERPOOL UK!!!

    • Stapleton42

      glad you're here man!!

  • Mike Gerdeman
    Mike Gerdeman

    Another awesome video & a great find! Kenny seems like a fun character……..as compared to Rusty! Lmao 👍🏻

    • Stapleton42

      They’re both good dudes!

  • Caleb Byers
    Caleb Byers

    I am watching this after seeing the one you did end up buying on Andrew's channel, this one is just a few years newer but the interior finishes/cockpit etc. seem far newer. They must have done a dramatic design change in 1997 time frame.

    • Stapleton42

      It’s 1 year newer. They redid the cockpit in 97 that’s about it. Plus slides. The rest is about the same

  • marcus Ferrier
    marcus Ferrier

    You are the buyer. You are in your right to on your decision. He should of known that you would want to check it out.

  • WildcatCougar

    Dude, you are pretty star struck for someone who never even saw Dale race or saw NASCAR when it didn't suck.

    • TheGuitarGamer33

      That's a pretty bold assumption! I'm younger than he is and I saw Dale many times. I even saw him wreck Terry Labonte and win at Bristol as well as countless other Bristol races. And this guy has probably been to hundreds more races than I ever went to.

  • Lynette Carolina
    Lynette Carolina

    I used to work in NASCAR...was personal friends with Jr. ("Dooner")... and the Dirty Mo Posse...wow...Topher, Hovis, D-Neilly...Mike... some of my favorite times with this crew... I remember the times... thank you for sharing... NEVER FORGET Coddle Creek Rd! Amazing people!

  • Cecil French
    Cecil French

    The coach you got is so much nicer love the one you have

  • Gentry & Sons Trucking
    Gentry & Sons Trucking

    I could spend a week on that bus and it would look new again,new tires,air bags,hoses etc she would be good as new

  • Craig Monteforte
    Craig Monteforte

    well you kind of knew going into this possible Adventure that it is a well used Vehicle considering who,owned it and used it but i don’t think. it overall was abused or seriously neglected i imagine Dale would had maintained it with a open Checkbook by using Professionals as it was also a business expense for a pretty successful business as well as it being his home for himself and his Wife

  • Dont ask
    Dont ask

    The guy was hiding even more then you found. It took about 3 seconds and I would have been ready to drive away.


    This was very entertaining. The seller would have hated me. 15-20k would be the end of the rainbow in my opinion.

    • One Slave
      One Slave

      The engine is worth $10k. Newell's are top of the line. Coach needs normal things I would expect for something that old. I would not put a premium on it based on it being Dales but others would. Main issues I see are cosmetic.

    • Jerry Craig
      Jerry Craig

      Yep, that seller would really hate me too cuz I would have called out his BS and told him to be honest the VERY first thing, I don't care about your clocks DUDE!!!

  • Reinaldo Fernandez
    Reinaldo Fernandez

    Revealing experience -- thanks for sharing!

  • John Pavon
    John Pavon

    Great Video, I would suggest you insist on a pre visit video of the coach with specific item covered prior to making the drive that distance.

    • Bly thkd
      Bly thkd

      @Stapleton42 I know you had high hopes and were disappointed when you got there and saw the condition but it's mostly on you, bro. You're the one that knew nothing about it and jumped out on the road in 30 minutes. I've done it. You win some, you lose some. I've just never driven 1200 miles to see something. It pains me enough to drive 2 hours and come back home.

    • Stapleton42

      When I found this one it had just been listed and I didn’t want to risk someone buying it out from under me. So I wasted no time on getting out there. I hit the road 30 minutes after I talked to the guy on the phone

  • Crazy Canuck
    Crazy Canuck

    The previous owner should have taken the $600 thousand when it was offered to him, sure isn't even worth close to $20 thousand today if your lucky. Maybe Dale Jr would like to have it for his museum, it would take the kind of money he has to redo this old coach.

    • dchawk81

      @Brett Hobson You know I could throw that exact same statement right back at you, but I won't because I'm not that arrogant.

    • Sam Bell
      Sam Bell

      @dchawk81 It’s a bunch of BS ain’t that right Brother

    • dchawk81

      @michael s. clark Why would nascar want an old camper?

    • michael s. clark
      michael s. clark

      @dchawk81 well if it actually belonged to dale Earnhardt Sr and nascar wanted it he probably could have gotten what ever they offered 🤷‍♂️

    • dchawk81

      He was never offered $600,000. This is a random camper in a long line of random campers. It's not the first or the last. There's no nostalgia for Dale Jr and no business angle to profit from it.

  • frankyboy290

    Sitting that long air bags are linking and have to be replaced . I would want to get it lifted on a jack or over a pit and check under it and inspect the floor , pull off wheels replace wheel seals drums and linings . Its going to cost a lot to get it mechanically fit , depending on body work and paint . $72,000 more like $7200 , 23 years old and its worn out , Ive own semis and know the cost of repairing them . Those tires are junk , Detroit is a decent motor but youll have to get it checked , it has a ECM on it so you can plug into it . You can do what you want but im sure you already know its going to cost you thousands to get it up to par . I would hold off and keep shopping maybe for something a few years newer and a lot better shape . Thing was neglected , it was a nice coach once upon a time .

  • Jared Shoemaker
    Jared Shoemaker

    That was cool to see that. Thanks for sharing. Take care, be safe, and have fun regardless.

    • Stapleton42

      Thanks man!

  • Donovan Hanchon
    Donovan Hanchon

    A guy with 3k subs just said the realest thing I've ever heard on youtube. "the first thing to get cut in pursuit of forward progress is always my personally comfort" let that sink in

    • Stapleton42

      Thanks man. It’s the truth. If you wanna hear some more stories like that you should check out my newest video about how my Escalade became a racecar

  • the breadedcrab
    the breadedcrab

    Hotel silverado. 😂 I love that you remind me of myself when it comes to that kind of stuff. I had the money to afford a hotel when I went and picked up my C6 ZO6 I drove 1100 miles to South Dakota and slept in the back of my Ram. But that hundred dollars I saved can go towards much more important things than a comfortable night in a hotel👌

  • Andrew Panciotti
    Andrew Panciotti

    Wow this bus is CLAPPED out ! Sorry to see a deal couldn’t be made but I can 100% see why you had to walk away

  • Stacey Gandy
    Stacey Gandy

    $3,500-4,500 max to me and Dale was my favorite driver. But you never know what a fan might pay for it.

    • Chris's corner
      Chris's corner


  • Dr. Don
    Dr. Don

    If he wanted to really wanted to sell it , he should have gone through it. Or he doesn't have any money to invest in it. You did the right thing walking away. If it didn't have Dale Earnhardt's name on it it might be in the $20,'s. , maybe.

  • Liana Ilardi
    Liana Ilardi

    You’re really nice to that old man, I’m surprise he didn’t push them down the stairs

    • Stapleton42

      Liana Ilardi I understood why he was upset and didn’t take it personally even though he was taking it out on me. I tried to be as accommodating as I could but he just wasn’t having it. Drove 1200 miles to look at a shitbox I should have been the pissed one not him 😂

  • Grumpy ol' Man
    Grumpy ol' Man

    Your story reminds me of a time I went to look at a Grand Prix. Ad said "I great shape. Runs good." It was winter time so snow was piled up around the vehicle. I pop the hood and the engine, transaxle, cradle are sitting on the ground. Lady said "Yeah. That happened the last time I pulled into the driveway. A friend who is a mechanic said it just needs some welding." As if anyone would buy a car which the entire drivetrain litteraly had fallen out of. The asking price was about what one in decent condition was worth based on KBB. AMAZING!

  • Anthony Eddolls
    Anthony Eddolls

    Looking at a 2006 Newell. Any input on the reliability would be greatly appreciated.

  • Dale Reed
    Dale Reed

    I knew L.K Newell very well he was a friend of the family. The Newell coach is bad ass no two are alike .

    • Stapleton42

      Man he must have had some killer stories. I plan to visit the newell plant in the near future here.

  • MrGrunthunter's Adventures
    MrGrunthunter's Adventures

    I happened to see the Video Andrew posted then looked this one up to watch. You made a very wise decision. I commented on Andrew's video the it might take $20k - $30k but now that I see the paint I will double my WAD to $50k - $60k, but then I want EVERYTHING in excellent condition. I just don't understand people spending the amount of money they do on those high end coaches and then don't take care of them. Seeing where it was located my guess the guy could barely afford to put fuel in it. One thing to keep in mind when you're inspecting future coaches is that the Aquahot systems work in 3 different modes and you need to verify all 3 modes are working, and it may take you multiple days. Test the electrical mode first when it is cold. Let it cool down and then test the diesel mode, while it's cold also. If you drive the coach the engine has a loop built in that will heat your coach and water also. The reason why you need to do while the system has cooled down is if it's already hot the sensors won't trip the electrical elements on etc. You could get fooled into thinking it's working fine when it isn't. Repair work on Aquahot systems is very expensive. Doing your annual maintenance on them isn't bad but if they aren't maintained (should operate them monthly just like the generator) the go to crap.

    • MrGrunthunter's Adventures
      MrGrunthunter's Adventures

      @Stapleton42 If you want to message me or chat I can pass along what ever I've learned. You're making what I would consider a substantial investment on something that has no warranty, or lemon law, protection what-so-ever and it doesn't take much to get burned.

    • Stapleton42

      MrGrunthunter's Adventures Great info! I will definitely read up on the aqua hot systems and how to test each mode properly for the future. I had no idea

  • Andy

    I recognized you and your Escalade which I saw in a 1320 video. Glad you started a IRglo channel and I am looking forward to your content! Good move on walking away from that turd. Even if that turd has history.

    • Stapleton42

      Thanks man. You know the deal!

  • James Jenkins
    James Jenkins

    Plain and simple, you are not the right buyer for this. It needs to be in museum and because you did this video it just might be thank you

  • Talan

    I just want to thank you for showing things id never get to see. Awesome job

    • Talan

      @Stapleton42 youre waltrip video took me back. He was my guy since i was a kid.

    • Stapleton42

      Thanks man that’s the goal 🤟🏻 glad you’re here

  • Wisdom SP
    Wisdom SP

    That guy has no intention of selling that thing. His wife is probably still pissed that he bought it in the first place and sees all the money that she could have if it was gone, so she's making him sell it.

  • Hayden Powersports & Outdoors
    Hayden Powersports & Outdoors

    I think its Hilarious that you called this rig a disaster I guess I've been watching too much Bus grease Monkey LOL

    • Steve's Channel
      Steve's Channel

      And another thing, when you go and buy something nostalgic and with history to it, you are gonna pay more for it. This ain't just a typical motorhome. This is DALE EARNHARDT'S Motorhome!!!

    • Steve's Channel
      Steve's Channel

      My question is this. How does a 22 year old have this much money to spend on a Motorhome? I know when I was 22 I had a 19,000 truck and struggled to make that payment lol!!!

    • Pepsibottle1

      @Diane M. Bean so it's okay to completely misrepresent and mislead someone and then expect them not to be pissed off, big 10-4 Also I wouldn't trust you to drive a lawn mower if you are delusional to put 150,000 miles on tires

  • Nathan Hale
    Nathan Hale

    Yes that it is it was parked 2 slots down from us in Atlanta when his Uncle that looked just like him stayed in it in competitors west during that particular 🏁

  • Mike Armstrong
    Mike Armstrong

    What is awesome about the Dale place on the back is! I GOT 1 FROM HIS DEALERSHIP ON A 86 MONTY CARLO SS! NEVER TO BE SOLD!

  • 405 Ruben
    405 Ruben

    I got anxiety once he started getting mad lol can’t imagine being in that position you were in

    • Stapleton42

      😂 I’m just here for the ride brother. I was kinda upset too since I went all the way there and was let down. Didn’t show it though. By that point it was more less entertainment when he started to freak out 😂

  • Evan Williams
    Evan Williams

    Wow, the old man sure got over his limp pretty fast the next day he is walking just fine!

    • Evan Williams
      Evan Williams

      @David Firth I am already seeing it!

    • David Firth
      David Firth

      U will see when ur old

  • DatDSGB

    Man it runs drive and u have all the paperwork it’s priceless

    • Robert M
      Robert M

      I agree. I don't think he quite knew what he was looking at. That motor turned right over thats the main thing.

  • Dr. Don
    Dr. Don

    I'm not sure if my close friend ever drove this coach or not. That what he was doing when I moved back home after retiring from the Air Force. He would leave like on a Tuesday or a Wednesday before the race . Once he drove the coach to the track , he'd clean it up. Buy the groceries for the driver and then he'd move to a hotel until the race was over. Then drive it home . Clean it up and store the coach. And start over . Take care.

    • Stapleton42

      Jimbo diggs drove this one for dale

  • Jimmy Cline
    Jimmy Cline

    It’s cool but I wouldn’t buy it unless it was extreme cheap or in mint shape!

  • MalikDigger454

    That's classic motorhome has its flaws but was owned by NASCAR legend Dale Sr. I agree with those tires should been replace yes ago & then air ride leak but I'd still would offer seller $10grand


    So I got a stock 2008 RWD escalde and i was wondering what would be the best first mod on it ?

    • Stapleton42

      THE ONE AND ONLY . Headers and a tune

  • Joel Quidort
    Joel Quidort

    My friend was in his Carl Edwards business partner and she did all his contracts so she was pretty much allowed to sign for him so he may not see signatures on contracts from Dale Earnhardt or whomever

  • Mark Bond
    Mark Bond

    There was a same year out in Andrews neck of the woods on craigslist with only 80,000 miles. Looked in great condition and only $58,000. Be worth a look.

    • Stapleton42

      Mark Bond Single slide?

  • Jackie Light
    Jackie Light

    wow that's ruff looking you would think whom ever had Fals own personal motor home they would have taken better care of it no matter the age of something I've seen things 30yrs old look brand new with original parts it's a shame

  • barry donovan
    barry donovan

    nice year for a diesel. I was thinking old solenoids lack of diodes (LED too)..and sure enough spotted one up front. Other than that, if that body is square.. it did not have a bad life. Hope somebody buys it, dales or not.

    • Stapleton42

      The frame was likely twisted. I found that in the notes of a service record from 2008

  • Devonte Flowers
    Devonte Flowers

    I would have definitely would like to see you buy it and put in the work anyway and make us fans proud. But it’s up to you

    • Stapleton42

      Devonte Flowers Any of them at this age will need work. Even the nicest ones lol

    • Devonte Flowers
      Devonte Flowers

      @Stapleton42 it's always good to find a RV you can fix up

    • Stapleton42

      Devonte Flowers I’d do it if i could afford to. It’s not the best use of my time or resources at the moment. Wish I could.

  • Dave F
    Dave F

    You dodged a bullet on this one.

  • Randy Carston
    Randy Carston

    Any subscribers on here from that area or who pass that way, who know if it did get sold soon after this or where did it end up? It would be interesting to see it now if it has gone through some repairs and restoration.

    • PurpleGreenBeans

      That’s my grandpa

    • PurpleGreenBeans


  • Richard E
    Richard E

    I’m 15 min into your video and I don’t care who owned it before, this coach has way too many problems.

  • SteveAndStacie Poythress
    SteveAndStacie Poythress

    Doin it for Dale!

  • Rich Henretty
    Rich Henretty

    The way I see it is it wasn’t meant to be sold to you. Everything you didn’t want to happen happened. That’s a sign from the man in black that it should be put away in a museum after being restored. Him getting mad and taking it out on you was ridiculous. He should donate it to Dale jr or the RCR museum. I mean it’s legit and would be cool to take trips in knowing what it’s seen but his price was ridiculous knowing just for tires and s total maintenance check up tour two legs in the water.


    I believe if someone had offered me 600 K it would have rolled them down the road. Especially seeing they were gonna put it in a museum