JH Diesel Flipped His MegaTruck Into Cleetus' Pond...What Happened After That? (We Made It Worse)
At Cleetus McFarland's LeMullets pre party JH Diesel ran over a van that uncle Chet paid Cleetus for on the spot just to smash it... we all know what happened after that lol. But what condition is the truck in after it came out of the water? Today we find out!
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  • DCD Laser & CNC
    DCD Laser & CNC

    Flipping that monster truck into the water is something I would have expected from Whistlin Diesel. Glad everybody was okay.

    • Obsessed RC
      Obsessed RC

      Whistlin desil wouldn't flip his rig

    • DCD Laser & CNC
      DCD Laser & CNC

      @Drake Hamlin Ha! Yeah I saw that.

    • 300zxdriver

      That was dangerous.

    • mechanical king
      mechanical king

      @Coby Hartzler they are diesel mechanics

    • Drake Hamlin
      Drake Hamlin

      Nah he drives his into the ocean

  • Studio23 Media
    Studio23 Media

    Anybody else notice JH was instantly worried about his friends and making sure everybody was out? Solid guy.

    • R G
      R G

      @Isai Lopez What a wild comparison

    • Isai Lopez
      Isai Lopez

      Yess he is a noble person... But still.. look what happened to kevin hart, his friend crashed in his car, than he tried to sue kevin 😂

  • Hyde Whyte
    Hyde Whyte

    To those feeling bad for JH ... remember, if it ain't broke, you're not trying. He's not crying. He's living.

    • Rick Houston
      Rick Houston

      Hells yeah, play hard, clean up bigger messes

    • Kyle Beach
      Kyle Beach

      @Revised Candy trust me there are people that would cry about there trucks getting destroyed. But now if the trucks a pos then it doesnt mean nothing to no one.

    • Revised Candy
      Revised Candy

      bruh noone gonna cry if their truck gets broken like what?

    • Dominic

      If it ain't broke... fix it till it is!

  • The Lawn Care Nut
    The Lawn Care Nut

    "I should probably do something" puts a hand on the back side of the tire. ha ha!!! 😂. I think you did plenty just filming.

    • مروان ابراهيم ايوب
      مروان ابراهيم ايوب

      @Cj marcel بققث٣٢

    • Sgt Dubbs
      Sgt Dubbs


    • dax313xab

      He pushed the correct direction for the intended goal.

    • Cj marcel
      Cj marcel

      I see u every where

    • Stapleton42

      The small pushes while rolling actually did move the tire. That’s how we steered it down the driveway

  • Adrian E
    Adrian E

    I believe you earned your Florida man license after that flat tow

    • Stapleton42

      I think so too lmao

  • The NJM Way
    The NJM Way

    Everyone needs a JH in their circle of friends! I can imagine him saying “Hold my beer” a lot

    • AIRSOFT 907
      AIRSOFT 907

      I belive this was one of those cases 😂

  • Chadillac Inc
    Chadillac Inc

    I live how even the guys in the truck were asking " was it just us three in here" lol. Could of been bad. Glad it went well. Crazy guys

    • gullreefclub

      @stoker20 The gator pond is Gator free after Cleetus called the "Gator Police" and had him escorted off the property. He said he was worried that the dogs might of become gator bait, can't say I blame him but then again Florida Dogs should know not to play with alligators. 😁

    • stoker20

      @Sam klien Maybe try that when you can see what you're doing. He must have forgot how far back towards the gator pond he shoved the van.

    • Robert DeLong
      Robert DeLong

      @Stapleton42 helmet check, race suit check, nomex check, snorkel and life preserver, ahh hold my beer

    • Sam klien
      Sam klien

      We besides being alittle buzzed then put in that confusion definitely didn't help because imagine once you got out and all you heard was screaming was that just youand how many guys were in there when you thought all of you were sitting outside of it. Shit happens probably was a good thing it went into the water instead of going Into the ground because it was quite bthe smooth flip!

    • Meh Gusta
      Meh Gusta

      alcohol lol

  • DatOneRadDad

    JH seem like a cool dude, im so happy good things are happening for all the people around the freedom factory!

  • Urban Adventures
    Urban Adventures

    Jh is such a stellar guy. Sinks his truck and still smiling

    • gullreefclub

      JH appears to understand the concept of "Sh*t Happens!" Of course when you own a MegaTruck you better otherwise you are going to spend you life pissed off.

    • Stapleton42

      He’s the best lol. Great dude and knows how to have fun

  • Jason Sparshott
    Jason Sparshott

    It will run and be fine I've had tons of sunk boat mtrs both diesel and gas up and running in just a few hours even after they have set for sometime full of salt water . The key is to keep the mtr solid full of water up until the point you are ready to drain and clean it to get it running and once running it needs to continue to run with as much temperature as you can get in it with out hurting anything. 200-230 that will boil any left over moisture out . Then let mtr cool to a point where you can change the oil and filters again ! Then repeat until the oil stays clean . The trick is not letting any air into the mtr while it has water in it if not it will begging to rust in hours ... I once left a boat sunk for almost a week waiting for a mean low tide and to get everything I needed to make sure I could have it up and running in a couple hours . I took a creek cruise 3.5 hours after re floating . I even had it running on both of its own fuel tanks by simply pumping the bottom of tanks off with a electric fuel pump until I got a few gallons of straight fuel out . Trans/hydraulic clutch I do after it's running bu unhooking the cooler feed line and stick line in a 2 gallon container so it will pump the old fluid out while adding fresh fluid until it's water free ! Just my experience

  • Nate Smith
    Nate Smith

    Jh rolls his truck into a pond meanwhile WhistlinDiesel drives his into the ocean

    • Jeffery Epstein
      Jeffery Epstein

      @Qwazier3 I work for myself so I’m able to hate on people when I want

    • Qwazier3

      @Jeffery Epstein Why does that matter? What have YOU done with the time except hate on someone?

    • chase cahoon
      chase cahoon

      WD is obviously a stand up guy. Haters gonna hate. what ya gonna do?

    • chase cahoon
      chase cahoon

      Even if he did get a boost, Most ppl that get any kind of head start just piss it away

  • xXBL4KAl3YSSXx

    It’s like he’s slowly realizing all the shit he’s gotta fix... ouch. A very different JH than we usually see in Cleet’s videos

  • Asad Marji
    Asad Marji

    Everyone needs a JH in their circle of friends! I can imagine him saying “Hold my beer” a lot

  • CrazyPete

    JH needs to upload more videos! I would love to see the video of the recovery process! and updates on the damage

  • Meat Hawk Army
    Meat Hawk Army

    Keep up the great work, your behind the scenes vids are a great way to show all the work that goes into "sending it".

  • Sim Drifter 69
    Sim Drifter 69

    I just love how chilled out he is about it all... Like it's not a few hundred thousand dollars worth of truck! 🤣

    • Sim Drifter 69
      Sim Drifter 69

      @Joey Gartrell🤣🤣 I'm cool thanks... If I was ever going to get one I'd want to go the route of building it myself, it's half the fun

    • Joey Gartrell
      Joey Gartrell

      @Sim Drifter 69 I'll sell you mine 😂

    • Sim Drifter 69
      Sim Drifter 69

      @Cody Parker I haven't got a clue.. All I know is something like that can't be cheap 🤣

    • On The Tools Canada
      On The Tools Canada

      @tagmstr02 it’s a good thing tires and wheels are waterproof... the only thing that’s wrecked is the body. They can rebuild/refresh everything else without too much problem or cost. The body was a beater anyhow, those 250-350 bodies are a dime a dozen.

  • Ruben_526

    Seeing how he reacts and behaves even tho his truck is completely tore up JH seems like a very genuine and nice guy!

    • Stapleton42

      He’s the best. Real as it gets

  • Hunter Green
    Hunter Green

    "It's 2020. Everything should be waterproof by now right?" - JH WHO? Can't argue with that logic.

    • sofritodriver_


  • gullreefclub

    I say it's all Uncle Chet's fault because didn't he pay Cleetus (Garrett) the 2 Grand for the Mini-Van. Glad no one got hurt when JH unfortunately became a U-Boat Commander as opposed to the Captain of a Florida Mud-Yacht.

  • Tony Foxx Builds
    Tony Foxx Builds

    This truck is rad now. Imagine how hard he'll drive that thing from now on.

  • moyadapne

    Hopefully the convertor has a drain plug. Make sure you get all the fluid out of the trans, because the clutch plate lining 'glue' is water based.

  • Silver Srt
    Silver Srt

    Just glad the boys are safe. My heart stopped for a sec when it rolled in

  • White Glint (UncleWeirdBeard)
    White Glint (UncleWeirdBeard)

    Glad everybody was ok. Keep up the good work Florida Man

  • Miles Vernon
    Miles Vernon

    At the end of the day this is great advertisement for JH, flipped his monster truck into a pond and everything stayed sealed and will most likely run in the near future. It shows how good he builds trucks

  • TexRobNC

    JH is a bad ass for putting it all out there, fine like between crazy and brave, lol

  • Carl Hott
    Carl Hott

    Good stuff! JH... the man, the myth, the legend.

  • MO

    0:23 you can hear the beer bottles clanging off each other LOL

  • kiwidiesel

    I absolutely admire JHs humility and not only admitting you made a slight judgement of error but you also owned it 100% Stapleton you got Subscribed and liked by this human🙏

    • Stapleton42

      Thanks man. I’m glad you’re here

  • 95flareside1

    "its not gonna have a hood anymore" someones been hanging around cleetus too much lol

  • Andrew

    For that flat tow y’all should’ve put some monster truck shop tires basically standard size truck highway tires, with the bolt pattern of the axles makes it way easier to tow because it’ll be a lot lighter

  • Ashton Goldberg
    Ashton Goldberg

    Came to pay my respects for your truck for Cleetus 😂 hopefully this view will help pay it back haha

  • Dark Ninja
    Dark Ninja

    Bro, this is great content! Just discovered your channel. Looking forward to more!

  • Kenneth Torres
    Kenneth Torres

    Since you gotta do a new front end you might aswell make it a 16+ front end

  • Joshi Ksr
    Joshi Ksr

    The thing with the broken steering happend to me and my Boos when we tried to race our 1,4 Fiesta around a field in Germany. The third pair of full blood Fieldracers smacked it through a fence with barbed wire and the barbed wire was all around the brakes and both tie rods broke. As we were trying to pull it out of the danger zone, my bud smoked the hell out of his BMW X1 clutch.. not a great puller

  • xLooneyx

    dang ol' 2 videos today man. keep it up. sucks for JH but at least everyone got out safe and it can always be rebuilt.

  • welsh kraken
    welsh kraken

    JH is a nutter haha, bet hes fun to be around :D and as always another great vid man !

  • Ryan Wilkinson
    Ryan Wilkinson

    God I love jh!!! He’s the man!!!

  • iyan manzano
    iyan manzano

    Goddamn that roll was rapid. Glad all three was safe.

  • Andrew

    This makes me want to go to the junk yard less then a mile away and pick out a truck after I finish my project car

  • DaBurt420

    cant believe i never subscribed before!!! freaking love the yukon and would love to see what my 99 obs tahoe with the LSX twin turbo motor would do against it

  • Andrew Kelly
    Andrew Kelly

    You are cranking out the content good job.

  • D_car_king

    Thank god no one was hurt goes to show how fast things can go bad

  • Paul Wilson
    Paul Wilson

    Whistlin Diesel has some stickers for your truck... "This Truck Means Nothing To Me." 😏

  • stroke0187

    Should've took the other fitting off the ram then it would steer with the straps.

  • n01z3

    parts from everyone's stuff they got laying around...its most likely going to be the most fun out of the builds and not grenade its self till its pushed beyond its limits. its always like that.

  • Adventures Iwork
    Adventures Iwork

    Glad to see the truck has a cage and no one was hurt.

  • James Adams
    James Adams

    Man! I never knew how full hydro worked! thanks for the lesson lol

  • Blake Nic
    Blake Nic

    Gotta be the funniest thing I've seen in a bit. Thanks for the laughs jh

  • Mark S
    Mark S

    That could have ended pretty bad.. luckily it didnt end up upside down. And Garrets alligators were removed some time ago.

  • Thomas Paine
    Thomas Paine

    You guys should have grabbed some cheap furniture sliders from Walmart and put them under the wheels. You could turn it any way you wanted. We did that a couple times with a broken down tractor. We were able to move the huge Massey Ferguson easily with a riding mower.

  • Derek g
    Derek g

    Omg damn I didn't think ther would be so much damage from flipping into a lake the roof the hood looks like it rolled on grass or street

  • Wesley French
    Wesley French

    I love how Cleet never invites streetspeed717 to any of his events 😂

  • Not J
    Not J

    The refusal to get a tow truck and struggle all day instead was pretty funny.

    • Not J
      Not J

      @Joey Gartrell Put the travel wheels on it and get a regular towtruck. (like we do)

    • Not J
      Not J

      @stoker20 Yet, still a very long day.

    • JayrseyshoreGardner

      Its for better content

    • Joey Gartrell
      Joey Gartrell

      They would have had to get a flatbed semi with oversize permits, very pricey cheaper to just get some friends and have a day mate.

    • stoker20

      It was a very short trip.

  • NoNameNeeded

    You always post the stuff we are actually dying to know.

    • Stapleton42

      That’s what I’m here for 😂

  • Jsplit 97
    Jsplit 97

    A nice turbo is better then most of what the boosatedboiz build :D

  • Sean Bowers
    Sean Bowers

    Should have made a bridal from the get go and it would have pulled even across the front.

  • BryDuhBikeGuy

    If you don't get stuck...You're not driving hard enough.Well done !

  • Derz 1776farm
    Derz 1776farm

    Damn that van kicked that trucks ass!! 😂 😂

  • Wes W
    Wes W

    Flat towing a monster truck on public roads? You are now an honorary Florida man!

  • kris jones
    kris jones

    Finally this is what I wanted to see lol Edit: how did he get that thing out of there lol

    • Umm

      @Stapleton42 it's buried at the end of a 45 minute race recap video. People won't see it if you don't post it.

    • ziiofswe

      @Robert D It's not a crane but it is a little bit crane-y.

    • Robert D
      Robert D

      @Alex Elrod that... Is not a crane

    • Jeff Bell
      Jeff Bell

      They used an Excavator.

    • Stapleton42

      Yeah Jeremy has the pond removal on film so I didn’t use it here

  • Ottie Otter
    Ottie Otter

    The lights were still on after it went in the water so all of the electrical stuff should still work

  • PNW Car Mods & Maintenance
    PNW Car Mods & Maintenance

    Liquid courage won that night. I'm not bashing. Been guilty of it myself. ;) Glad everyone was ok. The real question is if the engine is still alive. Since he didn't shut it off it's questionable still.

  • Sneaky V
    Sneaky V

    The little van got the last laugh XD

  • Dale Jessop
    Dale Jessop

    Sucks that it happened, but now the truck is famous and hopefully makes up for some of it.

  • Ryan Hoffmann
    Ryan Hoffmann

    When I grow up I want to be like JH!

  • Greg from Mississippi
    Greg from Mississippi

    Damn and I felt like shit when I rolled my rzr 😬. I thought I messed some crap up.

  • Aldo Lizalde
    Aldo Lizalde

    6:11-6:18 most important part of the video, just a good doggo rolling around in the grass

  • Curtis Ramey
    Curtis Ramey

    Surprised all the beer cans didn’t keep it floating

  • Crazy Buttboarding Guy
    Crazy Buttboarding Guy

    im just glad no one was hurt, but dam shit was funny as all hell. glad your all safe :3

  • stoker20

    What'd he build it to look at. Those things get wet and banged up. Get your RC truck and put the wheels that close together and it'll flip in a heartbeat too. Every time we've seen it before he almost tipped it over.

  • G anthony
    G anthony

    A wise man is always willing to get somebody else’s opinion 👍👍

  • Doug Clapsaddle
    Doug Clapsaddle

    Feel like a trailer and transport tires would have gone a long way here

  • Bruce Schermerhorn
    Bruce Schermerhorn

    Poor JH I really feel bad for him

  • PiDsMedia

    Y'know, the Newell would have towed it easier :)

  • Steve Anthony
    Steve Anthony

    It will totally be fine. Those old fotds are bullet proof

  • Grumpy ol' Boot
    Grumpy ol' Boot

    After lying in the pond, the axles could be full of water too.

  • 413xxx86

    Glad no one got hurt. Great content though.

  • Mark G
    Mark G

    Watching the truck roll live on Kyle’s snapchat that night and not knowing what happened cost me a few fingernails.

  • DragRaceMase

    Hell yea bro this was the video you needed to get yourself out there more

  • Chris Dobbs
    Chris Dobbs

    Hope he gets the hint and builds an actual suspension under that thing. I've seen slammed road course racing cars that have more suspension travel than that truck. It needs to flex.