Morgan-McClure X Pipe Exhaust Sound Test: "Stock" LS Swap Longtube Headers (Science of Sound Pt1)
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To kick off the science of sound test series we hook up the real deal #4 Kodak 2001 Winston Cup car exhaust to our 6.2 LS powered 1972 Monte Carlo. The car has standard Speed Engineering LS swap longitude headers on it currently (which are not ideal for this exhaust setup). We hook it up and see how it sounds compared to the Dr Gas x pipe boom tube kit that has been on the car!
Following this video you will get to hear what this exhaust sounds like on the road with custom built equal length headers with properly configured 4-2-1 tri y collectors!
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  • Stapleton42 Extra
    Stapleton42 Extra

    To start comparing quotes and simplify insurance-buying, check out Policygenius: Thanks to Policygenius for sponsoring this video!

    • Stapleton42

      thanks dude!

    • SyLou and bros garage
      SyLou and bros garage

      The car sounded good

  • Speedway Steve Cronk
    Speedway Steve Cronk

    I think the old school term for same length header tubes are called Extractors. You seem to be on the right path for what your seeking and should sound So Sweet ! Being in Race City U.S.A. is helpful on your availability for knowledge and damn cool NASCAR parts . Keep up the Good work.

  • Worlds Sickest Media
    Worlds Sickest Media

    Man how cool would it be to get Gerald Rinehart on one of these exhaust comparison episodes? After 2000 he was definitely one of the key players that developed all these exhausts for Nascar and Indy. I don't know how in depth he would go into explaining the technology behind them but he's definitely the guy who would know the "how's" and "why's of how all of them works.

    • Wooley689

      Yes, that would be a great one to see.

  • Desert bear
    Desert bear

    Your not crazy it is interesting to hear and see the process you go through to get what you want! Good job Mitchell!

    • Stapleton42

      Thanks man! More to come!

  • Tom Furie
    Tom Furie

    Your new headers SHOULD make more power, or at least a smoother power delivery, because they will be closer to the “perfect” setup (i.e., GT40) with appropriate pulse scavenging. I can’t wait to hear the finished product and see if you feel any power difference.

  • Joe Goveia
    Joe Goveia

    I have dealt with quite a few SB2s, and they just sound different. They have a tone that no other engine has. I dont think youll achieve the exact late 90s nascar sound with an LS but it should sound great either way.

    • Heidarz

      @Stapleton42 isn’t the small block ford firing order you’re referring to the Cleveland & EFI Windsor firing order, not the traditional 289 & 302 firing order?

    • mini me
      mini me

      @Stapleton42 I remember back in the early 90's in the same race at talladega Dale's car was only turning around 6800 rpm and Davey's thunderbird was turning around 7100 rpm

    • Slopoke

      @Austin Wilson you can't copy people is the thing. You could say the same thing about the "tried and true" symmetrical port ford cylinder heads, that the ls uses right? They are all air pumps and I love em all.

    • Austin Wilson
      Austin Wilson

      ​@Slopoke true I'm just trying bring light to something some gear heads probably don't realize. that the heart beat for many great v8s is the tried and true 18436572 even despite how bizarre ford got with their numbering sequence the March to the same beat as a gm or Mopar. I do find it odd as to why ford would run counter clockwise on the distributor I guess maybe a holdover from the flathead days?

    • Slopoke

      @Austin Wilson we can get about as crazy as you want nowaday but I was just stating in general.

  • J Freddy
    J Freddy

    This is really fascinating content! I can't wait to hear it after you finish your headers. There's nothing like the quest to achieve the perfect exhaust notes you desire.🏁

    • Stapleton42

      Thanks man we can't wait!

  • Jeremiah Johnson
    Jeremiah Johnson

    The sounds that come from a car can make or break a build. I love the sounds you are going for they happen to be the same ones i grew up hearing and growing to love hot rods.

  • Ryu rc
    Ryu rc

    I am completely sold on the black steel wheels over the old torque thrusts, it looks so aggressive. I worked in an exaust shop for a few years, and it was always fun to experiment. I got to where I could tell what someone wanted by talking with them for 2 minutes. -25 year olds usually want it as loud as possible regardless of how it sounds. Most older guys wanted a good sound, but still able to talk. One day this 70 year old hippie looking dude wanted me to put true duals, no h or x, with straight pipes on a 2000 Chevy blazer. It sounded aweful but he loved it...... Some people like jass, some people like heavy metal. Keep going you will get the sound you want.

  • Rick Herrera
    Rick Herrera

    I think 180° headers with that x pipe would sound amazing. I'm a third generation dirt track racer and I've work at a few of the race tracks in my home town. Drag racing and sand drags, asphalt/dirt oval, grip racing and drifting. I've seen MANY different headers and home made headers. Good luck on your quest for that iconic sound.

  • John

    Definitely want to learn more about the affects of equal length exhaust vs not equal length!

    • Cory Klabunde
      Cory Klabunde

      I realize this channel doesn’t touch on imports but turbo Subarus have an unequal length manifold that merges before the up pipe going to the turbo which gives it the deep rumble sound which is why most Subaru owners love them. You typically only go equal length for performance for far better airflow but it really diminishes the rumble sound. Just my .02

    • Stapleton42

      You are in the right place!

  • Mitchell Hadanek
    Mitchell Hadanek

    You have my attention :) can't wait until the monte makes the sound we are all waiting for! Hopefully Logan's elbow heals quickly. i cringed when she hit the fender :(

  • Justin Ulrich
    Justin Ulrich

    To me that is absolutely worth the time and cutting up a set of headers to make it fit properly, and I love those Monte Carlo's.

  • Michael Rubio
    Michael Rubio

    I am really interested to see how different it’s going to sound once it’s all said and done.

  • The king scene
    The king scene

    I love these exhaust videos and exhaust testing. I could do stuff like this all day long

  • Zack

    I'm excited to see the side by side of the sound difference. Maybe it's time for equal length headers here also. 🤔

  • Jeremiah Johnson
    Jeremiah Johnson

    I am sure you can tell the sound of a healthy car with an exhaust and when it is hurt easier with an exhaust. MONTE sounds nasty. I love how logan backed up when you snapped it. Perfect noises. Sorry i missed the live stream it looked fun for interaction with you guys.

    • Stapleton42

      thanks man we will schedule the next one!

  • Clancy Allard
    Clancy Allard

    Id love to see you make a custom equal length 8 into one exhaust! That should give you a really nice whine like an indy car or flat plane crank, especially under boost, i bet itd sound insane, now to go even more balls to the wall insane, you could throw one of the smaller boomtubes at the end like maybe one of the new old stock tubes you got would work pretty awesome. I guarantee if you did that setup it'd be the most unique sounding car around especially under boost with that supercharger whine trickled in. That setup would make an AMAZING dyno pull video!

  • Bill Capps
    Bill Capps

    Sterling Marlin’s Kodak was a great car.

  • John Adams
    John Adams

    Firing order has a huge effect on sound too so it still may sound “off” I’m very Curious how this is going to turn out

    • Stapleton42

      The firing order of an LS is the same as a 351 Ford so in theory it would resemble the Ford cup cars of the era sound wise

  • Mark Miller
    Mark Miller

    Sounds great to me, has a healthy bark to it to begin with. Appreciate your determination to get this project to work, it will satisfy your inherent curiosity and make good noise! The Monte Carlo will be even more badass than it already is. Have done stuff like this before with my bikes and cars, my Chrysler 300C hemi has my R/T Challenger exhaust system on it, sounds great and works nicely! Right there with you & Logan, you both rock bigtime! Thank you for a cool video!

    • Stapleton42

      thanks mark!

  • Gary W
    Gary W

    Color me fascinated....enjoy the quest for the perfect sound....if duplicating the MMc #4 sound on a street vehicle is your it. What a sweet sound.

  • Scott Allpress
    Scott Allpress

    This is awesome ! I built a car ten years ago , wanted it to sound a certain way , did my research and brought all the stuff to do it how I wanted ….. gave up took the easy route and have regretted it ever since …… don’t give up it will sound killer !

    • Stapleton42

      Thank you Scott!

  • Cybernerd

    Man I’m totally excited to hear what this beast sounds like after it’s all said and done.

  • Goose Flat Waterfowlers
    Goose Flat Waterfowlers

    I think once the headers get done this thing will sound like it should. It’s pretty close right now. The more you see the science in exhaust technology that the teams in the 90’s thought of it’s amazing the detail they go into. I don’t know if you caught Dale Jr’s Podcast this week they actually talked about the Morgan McClure exhaust and how they were leaking air around the plate. I want to say I heard Dale Jr said it made like 10 HP from leaking the air. Also learned how other teams were leaking air on the intake plug fake plugs in the intake

  • Josh Kaminer
    Josh Kaminer

    You had me at the Escalade, but I have to say thought I was all in when you started going through the Nascar history and showing the classic stock car stuff, but now you 1000% have my attention. I have always had this same motivation for making cars and trucks sound cool and I am as curious as you are about the science and history of what made the classic Nascar sound and when you mentioned 180 degree headers I knew we were destined to be best friends lol. Keep up the awesome content and I am along for the ride!!!

    • Stapleton42

      Thank you josh!!

  • Jason High
    Jason High

    I love this. I believe it sounded different. But curious to hear with the new headers. Keep up the awesome work

  • Glen Edwards
    Glen Edwards

    So much dedication to show how they worked all of this out… awesome man😁👍

  • Greg Simon
    Greg Simon

    I love these BOOMTUBE videos, can't wait to hear the differences in them. Back in the day this was leading technology and these guys were geniuses and the history that you are sharing is fabulous. Love you guys, Logan, how's that funny bone, sorry I laughed out loud.😂

  • PNW Car Mods & Maintenance
    PNW Car Mods & Maintenance

    Dude, for a PD blower cam that thing sounds pretty damn rowdy to me at idle!

  • Derek Green
    Derek Green

    Absolutely love the sound of them.

  • Todd S
    Todd S

    I think this is great. Exhaust systems are cool. Love the science. I'm a Flowmaster guy. Have a Super 40 on my Silverado.

  • gearhead302fi

    Can’t wait for more! This stuff is so cool to me, and super interesting

    • Stapleton42

      Thanks man! More to come!

  • TanDawg58

    The Idle sounded the same. Hitting the pedal and revving it, however, created a warm and fuzzy feeling

  • Eric Muhlbeier
    Eric Muhlbeier

    Love learning about what it takes to make exact sounds! The equal length triy x pipe boom tube basically sounds like it needs to be put on every one if my vehicles!!! Dd included

  • Steven Bongiorno
    Steven Bongiorno

    What you’re doing is pretty cool! I’m curious to see how it goes. I’m running circle track headers on my G-body, because they’re actually the best fitting headers I’ve seen. I had to remove the AC box, but it was well worth it

    • Stapleton42

      How does it sound?

  • carl haag
    carl haag

    I remember being at Daytona with the #4 going around and sounding outrageous !!

  • Jeremy

    The primary tubes on the second set look bigger . What a project . I love the exhaust video .

  • ross wilson
    ross wilson

    I think this is a worthwhile experiment and am looking forward to seeing how it sounds when you're done

    • Stapleton42

      thank you ross

  • michael caraway
    michael caraway

    That Morgan McClure sound was so unique that it is well worth the trouble replicating .

  • GJ Ponsford
    GJ Ponsford

    You guys are the kings of Cool Noises! Great content, found only here!

  • Scott Mulrooney
    Scott Mulrooney

    Mitchell, FANTASTIC video! Think about naming this video series "Six Million Dollar Boom Tubes". Because you are making them, stronger, faster, better sounding! This is great because you are confirming that custom exhaust is both science and art. Please continue on as you are definitely on to something here! Can not wait to hear Ralph breathe freely!

  • John Fullmer
    John Fullmer

    The sounds is everything I’m sure you’re not alone

  • Thomas Campbell
    Thomas Campbell

    Love how passionate he is about this. I’m all in on this.

    • Stapleton42

      Thanks Thomas!

  • Travis Shephard
    Travis Shephard

    It sounded pretty darn good to me. the flow of the engine itself won't be the exact same as an sb2. having the same firing order and the tuned length headers with the extra tune of the 180 dg headers, I think it'll be close enough.

  • Mark Wiedebusch
    Mark Wiedebusch

    I love it that you’re going this distance to get what you want. I dig it too.

  • Yung Cash Register
    Yung Cash Register

    Absolutely stunning car. If I had a first gen Monte Carlo, that’s exactly what I’d want mine to look like.

  • Team Brahma
    Team Brahma

    Love the commitment to doing it the way it should be. Really looking forward to seeing how this all turns out. Sound matters just as much as power to me.

    • Stapleton42

      Same lol

  • Matthew Oden
    Matthew Oden

    it's starting to sound a bit better really interested to see what it will sound like in the end the psuedo 180 degree header part you mentioned as well is going to be neat i have saw some corvette videos on youtube with 180 degree headers but not with boom tubes

  • Rear Engine Shop
    Rear Engine Shop

    This escalated quickly! I can completely understand. Excited to see/hear the finished product. 🤘

  • John Thomas
    John Thomas

    Tube volume is as important as tube length. Also tube size to speed up/slow down exhaust flow (to a point and would need to be optimized by R&D). Everything is a compromise unless you are building pulling truck headers.

  • MOE

    I am with Logan on this one. It may not be the sound you are searching for but it is unique and very angry (aggressive?) sounding. Great idle warble. It would be so interesting to test which one of your vintage exhausts produces the most power for your setup.

  • John Snow
    John Snow

    Build your boom tubes with oval piping like ice T has for extra ground clearance but keeping the diameter for flow. U can gain over a inch of ground clearance with the oval 3" vs the round 3" pipes.

    • Stapleton42

      They will be oval. There’s a whole stack of oval bends from Boyce on that cart

  • 1987FX16

    I think the #3 boom tube will give it the high pitch scream you want. The smaller height makes the deep sound waves have to bounce around more than the shorter high pitch sound waves. The high pitch will be filtered less because it's physically narrower so it moves through way easier than the physically taller sound waves.

  • Rudy Hollis
    Rudy Hollis

    We ran a Dr. Gas X pipe on my oval track car with Dynamax 3.5" race bullet mufflers and it was the best sounding oval track car I ever heard. We ran a different (larger) track one Sunday and won the race and afterwards alot of the super late model guys came up to wanting to know how many rpm's we where turning and how'd my car have that turbo sound!!!!

  • Brian Beilmann
    Brian Beilmann

    Oh and congratulations on 200k. For me as a subscriber I think the most fun is you two working together on a car. That’s what made me start watching all the videos.


    Great challenge, nothing like be undaunted in your quest for incredible sound

  • send it c20
    send it c20

    Loving this content go full send buddy I wanna hear the headers

  • Rons Trains and More
    Rons Trains and More

    Sounds freakin awesome! Sounds exactly like a 90s era nascar stock car! Just like one of the old luminas! I think Dale Earnhardt would be proud for sure lol! Nice freaking ride Stapleton! Great video as always my friend!

    • Stapleton42

      @John Snow I guess you will just have to see when its done. It wont idle like a cup car (I don't expect it to) but it WILL have that melodic howl when the car is under load. That is the point of the experiment. Idle sound is irrelevant.

    • John Snow
      John Snow

      @Stapleton42 without a cup car camshaft with the proper lobe seperation and duration everything your doing with the headers is a waste of money, time, and energy. The cylinders won't fire properly when the cam is designed for a supercharged motor not a na motor.

    • Stapleton42

      thanks man!!

  • Brian Bartlett
    Brian Bartlett

    Just out of curiosity, it would interesting to hear what would sound like behind the 632. Depending what the compression ratio and cam specs are for it.

    • Stapleton42

      We will eventually test that too!

  • W

    Still sounded awesome. Especially when you stomped on it! I saw that one coming.

  • Steven Hacker
    Steven Hacker

    I believe you're doing everything exactly correct man... about to cut my headers up to make them equal length because I'm too poor to buy the correct ones LOL. Just because you don't have money don't mean you can't go have fun... Keep up the awesome work guys

    • Stapleton42

      Thanks man!!

  • jk K
    jk K

    I would be willing to bet that if you dyno test each attempt, the best sounding will also make the best peak hp.

  • duce1932 harl
    duce1932 harl

    keep at it dude it will be worth it on the monty, huge thumbs up to the both of you .. love your content i am a huge NASCAR fan.

    • Stapleton42

      Thanks man!

  • Chandler Frazier
    Chandler Frazier

    It may not be where you want it yet, but I know you'll get it there. Also was back watching the original x-pipe video and I kinda miss seeing the escalade get down. I know its a hastle to mess with but it'd be cool to see it back out.

  • Don Natalie Lucas Heimbigner
    Don Natalie Lucas Heimbigner

    Assuming that the "original" headers make more power, like they should, it only shows how horrid manifolds are. It will be incredible once you get your new headers put together. It may not make more power, although I bet you would see some on a chassis dyno, but it will run smoother, which will increase the lifespan of the engine.

  • Ron Miller
    Ron Miller

    This is the kind of stuff that gets my attention. I love seeing all the work that goes into an exhaust system. I know it's a lot of work. Lol. Great job.

    • Stapleton42

      Thank you Ron!

  • Roger Dodger
    Roger Dodger

    Love this adventure brother!! 🙌🏼

  • joshs199

    I'm vibbin with you on looking for that perfect exhaust sound. Carry on good Sir. 👍🥃😌🤘

  • Jonathan Fehr
    Jonathan Fehr

    The exhaust note your vehicle makes is very important. My 94 sierra is on exhaust setup #2 since the 5.3 swap. First setup sounded great at idle, but sounded like dog crap at part throttle and it drove me crazy. Made a muffler change and now its perfect

  • Crispy 1
    Crispy 1

    I smell where you're stepping in Mitchell and I'm here for it. As soon as this video started I had a feeling the boom tubes wouldn't sound any different without the headers having equal length. That car is going to sound so badass when you're done. I'm patiently waiting.

  • Dale Menke
    Dale Menke

    “For Science” I’m with you. It’s got to sound right to you. Can’t wait to see what you do.

  • Ross Roedel
    Ross Roedel

    Totally worth it, glad you're going through the effort of cutting up and reworking the swap headers!

    • Stapleton42

      You and me both! Thanks man

  • Bandit Griggs
    Bandit Griggs

    I never thought I would enjoy NASCAR adjacent material this much but I absolutely love this channel. The passion is so real. Keep up the great content.

    • Stapleton42

      Thanks man!!

  • Quartrmile MOPAR
    Quartrmile MOPAR

    Well this escalated quickly. Respect the effort! I know what you mean when it comes to the sound. Im wondering what my r5p7, Dodge cup engine for those who dont know, will sound like when i finally get it in the car. Have the tri-y's but you have me wondering if i need an x-pipe. Cant wait to see your results.

    • Stapleton42

      That is an awesome engine.

  • Ryan Mulligan
    Ryan Mulligan

    I've missed this. Love all the content, but wrenching is my favorite.

    • Stapleton42

      Thanks man! gonna be a lot more of it now

  • Dennis Walker
    Dennis Walker

    I wish I could make my street car like this I'm amazed how much you know about this !

  • Nicholas McDonald
    Nicholas McDonald

    Defs excited to see what she’ll sound like when you’re done. Nothings crazy if it’s how you want YOUR car to sound/perform. Been a follower for about a year and a half now and super excited to hear this done

  • TrashBandit 24
    TrashBandit 24

    Equal length headers in the future are definitely another comparison. Should sound perfect then. A full equal length exhaust with that x pipe should get you the sound you're looking for.

  • DaytonaFunTim

    Damn! That MMM exhaust sounded amazing!