My Mom and Sister React to 600HP Turbo Yukon XL: The SAME One We Rode Around In 15 Years Ago!
Next up on the Uncle Rob family reunion tour is my own mom and sister! For those of you who don't know...this Yukon xl was originally purchased by my dad in 2003 and served as his work truck and family hauler until 2008 when he sold it to my Uncle Rob...hence the name. My dad and the real Uncle Rob have already driven it in a video so go check that out if you haven't seen it.
In this video I show my mom how to do her own burnout, let her make some rips in Mexico and my sister too! My sister was only 10 years old last time the family had this vehicle. Followed by some bonus family vacation stories at the end!
Neither one of them has driven anything like this before or have any idea what to expect...I am so pumped to show you guys this video!!
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  • Stapleton42

    Do you think she beat my dads burnout? Did you even expect her to be able to do it at all? 😂 Grab a shirt and support the channel!

    • John C
      John C

      I need my rcsb to do this 😂 perfect recipe

    • WestCsT8813

      Ide have to say as a burnout rookie she killed it. Especially when those turbos kicked in lol can jar a few people but she got it like a champ!!

    • That kid in the ranger
      That kid in the ranger

      She beat him , she also beat the world coolest mother world record,lol we need more of her

    • Little G GGG
      Little G GGG

      Love it need it

    • Jeremiah Phillips
      Jeremiah Phillips

      @bama outlaw show now f

  • Rear Engine Shop
    Rear Engine Shop

    Your mom is awesome! She had so much fun. You need a “It’s like drugs, but not drugs” shirt. 🤘

    • JaKevinDerionCollins


    • Rear Engine Shop
      Rear Engine Shop

      @Charlie Mann classy…🙄

    • Landon Brown
      Landon Brown

      Or a “loosey goosey” shirt with the Escalade burning out

    • Sketchy Chris
      Sketchy Chris

      I second this

    • Cody Lawrence
      Cody Lawrence

      I love this comment! .... If this happens, I WANT ONE!

  • Thomas Kroll
    Thomas Kroll

    Mom: "Why don't they make more cars this fun?" -- Because the EPA doesn't want us to have fun.

  • Motown Mettz
    Motown Mettz

    So we all can agree, that your mom is the the best Mom on Automotive IRglo.

  • Bryan Sanges
    Bryan Sanges

    The look on your girlfriend's face during your mom's burnout was priceless. Your awesome sister needs to be on the channel more.

  • Greg Adams
    Greg Adams

    Your mom is nuts, we love her.

    • Bubba Kushington
      Bubba Kushington

      The channel ffor sure needs more of her man. She can't help but to smile while giving it hell.

  • Mike Davidson
    Mike Davidson

    I about died laughing at most of this video. Family day at the track has to happen, plus, if your dad has never been to a drag strip before, a top fuel reaction would be great.

  • Fairweather Hobbyist
    Fairweather Hobbyist

    I really dig these videos, the easiest way to get someone to understand the passion for cars it to give them the opportunity to try it. Thanks for the content!

  • Christopher Oliver
    Christopher Oliver

    This video deserves so many more views! Every second of it was hilarious, entertaining, and your mom and sister both have great reactions to the car! Please keep making more of these!

  • Justin Van Buren
    Justin Van Buren

    I love your family!!! There all great people!! You’re mom and sisters reactions are awesome!!! More videos like this please.

  • Ron Tronnes Jr
    Ron Tronnes Jr

    The reactions from your mom and sister must have been very satisfying. A tribute to the hard work you and Logan put into Uncle Rob!

  • _HOTROD_

    I second the “it’s like drugs but not drugs” shirt !!! Your mom is sooo awesome!! Hope all is well with y’all!! Love u guys !!! Your mom is the shit!!

  • TargaWheels

    I vote for Valerie being in more videos, and CC her 14 second car making passes at Yello Belly. I might just buy that CC t-shirt. 😄👍

  • Cody Crossley
    Cody Crossley

    We need more women that appreciate the turbo life. Definitely need to see more videos like this🤘

    • JD Batson (Marvel)
      JD Batson (Marvel)

      Let em know bro

  • Hammerbeach

    "This is a visual representation of the transmission right now" that had me burst out laughing😂 great video Mitchell ❤️

    • Stapleton42

      Hahahaha. Thanks man

  • Austin Terrill
    Austin Terrill

    That is so awesome of you to let your mom and sister have a great time with your vehicle, great job man.

  • Corey Strong
    Corey Strong

    I think the look in Logan's face was almost as good as yours when your sister drove. This is awesome content and shows the true result of good times and great fun

  • Tanner Cox
    Tanner Cox

    Your moms reaction is amazing🤘 true happiness while she’s driving

  • KB

    never seen a mom excited about boost😂, she's totally awesome🤘🏼

  • LTD

    Your sister needs more fast cars. She’s a natural.!!

  • Bob Bendt
    Bob Bendt

    Your mom's reaction is priceless. Loved your sisters reaction too. LMAO

  • bigwhiteslow

    I was solid smiling the whole time your mom was driving. She was having such a blast.

  • C.S. Allsman
    C.S. Allsman

    The look on Logan's face when your Mom is doing the burnout is priceless. This video had me to the point of my ribs hurting and not being able to catch my breath. And I must agree with that you need to do a video on your sister's car. And I am sure that you can come up with a good design for a shirt for her and one with your Mom and the burnouts/cookies. Classic content for sure. Keep it up, you're definitely one of my favorite channels.

    • C.S. Allsman
      C.S. Allsman

      @Itsfrickinmint The perfect shirt. Mom with a batch of cookies saying something along the lines of "If you let me lay a few patches I'll make you a few batches." LOL

    • Itsfrickinmint

      @Stapleton42 Lay a patch to get a batch!

    • Stapleton42

      We might have to do that 😂 we laughed a ton too this was all fun

  • David Kacs
    David Kacs

    Holy cow, funniest episode of your channel yet! Had me in tears dude, more like this definitely! 🤘🤘 Love what you're doing man, keep it up 🏁

  • AMD 65
    AMD 65

    The smile on your sisters face when you were talking about the Escalade motor and turbos. 👍🏼👍🏼

  • Obetz Transparency
    Obetz Transparency

    These are the moments we all live for! Forever cherish these moments!!! Awesome vid man🤞🙂

  • Tully Gould
    Tully Gould

    I’m in tears watching this. That’s exactly how I imagine my mom doing a burnout.

  • adrian cooper
    adrian cooper

    we need more mum and sister vids and would love to see sister race her car

  • Scott Wheeler
    Scott Wheeler

    Your sister rules. She absolutely needs a t-shirt for selfish reasons 😂 but she needs to earn it

  • Wes W
    Wes W

    Time for a Stapleton family race day and/or burnout contest? Would be interesting to see what they all drive now and who has all wheeling skills.

  • Matt Evans
    Matt Evans

    Mitch's face each time his mom got into it harder than the time before lol

  • Michael Clark
    Michael Clark

    Love your Moms reactions to all that power!! She’s great, and she’s a gorgeous woman 🔥🔥🔥

  • Anthony Harley
    Anthony Harley

    Watching the excitement on both of there faces build as they leaned into it is the reason car guys build cars! I couldn’t help but laugh at most of the video.

  • mckrackin5324

    Yes, we want to see more videos like this. Reaction videos are awesome. Your sister seems very confident behind the wheel. Would like to see her race. Your mom is hilarious. Fun family.

  • Tyler Wallen
    Tyler Wallen

    All I know, is Momma needs to do a drive in the Escalade when it’s back together. The raw amounts of joy you can see in her face when she plants it and doesn’t get scared. That’s the views/feelings right there.

  • Frank S
    Frank S

    Your mom is adorable, I love that she loved doing a burnout so much.

  • stern12

    Well it looks like the Stapleton gene pool is pretty darn good. Loved when you got scared by your sisters driving, and yes show her car!!!!!!!!

    • Stapleton42

      Yeah I’m quality stock 😂

  • Charley Betts
    Charley Betts

    I haven't smiled this much during a video in a LONG time! This was great!

  • BoostedCD5

    Great video. The smiles and laughs in it are contagious. Your mom and sister are awesome.

  • KC Dook
    KC Dook

    Man these ladies are pretty hard core. That was just excelent. Reminds me of my family.

  • bigsko55

    100% exactly what my moms reaction would be if she was driving and if I was doing skids with her in the passenger seat 😂

  • Adam Dunn
    Adam Dunn

    I don’t know how this, as a series, wouldn’t be better than keeping up with the kardashians. Real people, real fun! Thanks for putting this together.

  • Hoyt Welles
    Hoyt Welles

    THIS WAS ONE OF THE BEST VIDEOS I HAVE EVER SEEN, JUST BY STUMBLING ON IT!! Had me in tears laughing a bunch through it!!! DO MORE!! **Subscribed and liked....strating more

    • Stapleton42

      thanks man welcome to the team!!

  • Handstandman Stan
    Handstandman Stan

    You're mom is amazing, lol I love the Ruger shirt! The whole family needs their own racecars "Can you smell how hot it is?" 🤣

  • dtvtechrp

    Your Mom is cracking me up ...I love the genuine emotion 😍OMG I HAVEN'T LAUGHED THIS HARD IN A LONG TIME!

  • Dan Christian
    Dan Christian

    Your mom's reactions are great.. the sheer enjoyment of speed is one of the best things in life!

  • dzlfumz20

    This is soooo AWESOME!!! Great content sir!! I love your mom’s reaction over your dads. I feel like your dad was holding back for the camera. Your mom was like “ hold my beer and watch this “

    • Linda Zeigler
      Linda Zeigler

      Hold my beer! 😂👍🏻👍🏻

  • Jay Lynch
    Jay Lynch

    I just want to thank you for being a real shit guy that is honest and thanks for helping me in way you may never know

  • Mark Miller
    Mark Miller

    That is hilarious watching your mom's reaction driving Uncle Rob for the 1st time! Glad you got to visit with them as well. Uncle Rob honks it on! I'm also thinking that she really was digging on driving it. Your sister was having a blast driving it also. Love the bigass burnout & donut, your mom was a bit beside herself. Do more videos like this for sure, this one rocked! Safe travels to you & Logan going home!

  • Bran Done
    Bran Done

    This is your best video. Your mom's reaction is absolutely priceless

  • ColeShirk

    We need to see the family drive the Escalade on low boost. I think that'll be neat, but I think if it's any higher than low boost for someone who hasn't experienced that speed would be dangerous

  • jayski291

    Awesome vid, both reactions were sweet! Id like to see Logan burn the tires off

  • Clancy Allard
    Clancy Allard

    This is so damn cool and wholesome! Its amazing having your childhood vehicle and hearing the stories from your mom. My mom had either a 92 or 93 black Cadillac sts with the much better 4.9L pushrod engine with a cam, headers, milled heads, ported intake manifold/coldair intake, duel straight pipes into flowmaster mufflers, a shiftkit and a piggyback ecu and tune when i was a kid. Id give pretty much everything to have that car today, my dad built it for himself but got himself in trouble buying too many toys(the built sts, a 2 door s10 blazer with 6" lift and 37s, and a slightly lowered candyred color changing Silverado on nice 20" wheels with a great soundsystem/carpeted bed/tonneau cover and molded bodywork) so my mom "confiscated" the sts and gave him her sls and alot of my best memories are in that car. Like my dad calling us in sick to school then taking us up to the beach for the day, going to my moms family farm, apple picking, or my mom scaring the crap out of herself. She couldnt pull off of our street without roasting the tires and one night she went to pass this drunk driver who was swerving all over the highway and when she passed him he sped up and started tailgating us so she punched it to get away from him and before she knew it or looked down we were doing 138mph and left him in the dust. There really isnt a single car in the world id rather have than that black STS, not because it was a badass car(ridiculously so for its time in the 90s) but because of all the amazing memories, itd be like boxing up and selling pure uncut nostalgia, also id love to turbo it like this guy and then id be the happiest man in the world.

  • Duane Dinkel
    Duane Dinkel

    Great video! It was a blast watching your Mom and Sis taking the family transport on a tear. Loved the Shop Dog shirt concept and ready to order!

  • Crispy 1
    Crispy 1

    This I think is your best video so far. I absolutely love your mom's reaction when you were spinning it around and the way your mom was acting is exactly how my mom would have acted. Your sister's reaction was pretty good as well I think you should try to get her in more videos. This video is so worth the wait keep them coming.

  • Billie Brew
    Billie Brew

    Uncle Rob’s homecoming was great. I loved your mom’s and sisters reactions of doing burnouts.

  • Joe Cameron
    Joe Cameron

    Mom wins the rookie burnout. I think the whole family wants Uncle Rob back. I would envision several traffic tickets LOL

  • spedward860

    Your sisters face when she was getting on it says it all job well done Mitch lol

  • Zachary Kelley
    Zachary Kelley

    Yes more like this but more of a surprise would be so entertaining. Someone in the passenger seat who doesn’t know what it can do and then do donuts 🍩

  • Trenton Harris
    Trenton Harris

    Moms laugh was killing me. She was having a blast.

  • Matt Vardaman
    Matt Vardaman

    Your mom being so animated with the adrenaline dump was awesome! Best reaction video I’ve seen in a long time. Dude, you have to get a fan on that trans cooler asap(or move it), before you melt that 4l80E! The stall converter makes a shit ton of heat.

  • StuntBikeJourney

    You absolutely need to do a video with your sister and her car. She seems like a good personality for your channel and now I want to see her race too. Love the video as usual. You have a great family.

  • Life with Marley and Jon
    Life with Marley and Jon

    I love your mom's face when the boost kicks in! Classic boost grin.

  • Greg Simon
    Greg Simon

    That is awesome.😎 Best video ever 😂 Who knew your sister would be such a car girl and loves to go fast, yes you should make your shirt just for her, you are an awesome brother and it’s a great family you have, good job Mitchell, I love how you scared the hell out of your mother.😂 Everybody loves uncle Rob

  • Sterling Dalley
    Sterling Dalley

    Best video to date by far had me rolling the entire time.

  • Mark Miller
    Mark Miller

    A little behind but I think this my favorite video. The genuine joy from your family is contagious. You should definitely add more of these. Great stuff!

  • the other Brent
    the other Brent

    This is for sure the funniest video so far. I'm still smiling. I also read all the comments and not one disrespectful comment. That says so much for the quality of your channel and your viewers. Was that a hint of a Ruger shirt? Yeah i want one.

    • Stapleton42

      Thanks man! Yes a dog shirt is coming

  • TheSmokinGunn Thomas Estevanovich
    TheSmokinGunn Thomas Estevanovich

    Please please please more videos like this one Mitchell, your mom is a riot and your sisters car should be featured lets see what she’s racing. 🤙🏼

  • Greenthumb 69
    Greenthumb 69

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  • austin eubnks
    austin eubnks

    Your sister and mom are both super dope ! It was a lot better episode than your dad & uncle . Not that that was bad but your mom & sis brought good personality and energy to the episode !

  • McCoy BYZ
    McCoy BYZ

    Lmao, this is really funny watching a "Mom" experience boost but also to see that speed smile that everyone gets when your ripping it , especially if you're ripping it in a vehicle that's not known to be fast and you've driven before the mods. Her reaction is so satisfying to see someone in a split second "get it" she all of a sudden understood why we all love speed or fast cars or making cars faster, if you don't smile after doing rolling burnouts in a turbo Yukon your not alive!

  • AK

    Your mom had me laughing loudly at work, had to cover my face while everyone in my office looked at me, thanks for that.

  • Seth 11
    Seth 11

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  • Lewis Johnson
    Lewis Johnson

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    • Valerie

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    Dean Randall

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    the breadedcrab

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    Eric's fishing adventures

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    Todd Sheppard

    Would love to see a brother and sister day at the drag strip.