Rocky Mountain Race Week Day 3: Race Day in Pueblo! How Will Uncle Rob Handle The High Altitude Air?
Follow along our Rocky Mountain Race Week adventure this year as myself and Logan take the sleeper turbo Yukon XL "Uncle Rob" all over the Rocky Mountains and Great Plains! I will be uploading EVERY MORNING during the event so make sure you're subscribed with post notifications turned on!
Next video will be race day from Bandimere in Denver!
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  • Stapleton42

    Do you guys like when I go talk to other people about what they’re doing like we did in this video? I can do more of that. Or less. Speak up!

  • Brian Yazzie
    Brian Yazzie

    Dude, you should do a IRglo series traveling down old Route 66...

  • Low Key Idiots
    Low Key Idiots

    Yes Mitchell 1000000% go explore somewhere! Totally down to watch that!

  • Justice D
    Justice D

    I've always said that it's more fun to drive a slow car fast rather than drive a fast car slow

  • Ben Carreon
    Ben Carreon

    Loving all this Race Week content. Thanks for working so hard to get it posted everyday.

  • JordansRc

    Reconnect that EVAP line it is connected to the fuel tank as well and will mess with the internal tank pressure causing other systems to go into a default limp mode. Then disconnect both bat cables and touch them together for 30 sec. that is considered a GM global reset for all the modules👍

  • Phillip King
    Phillip King

    You should race the blazer that Cleetus just bought!

  • Andrew Ross
    Andrew Ross

    Brent is always down to help. What a great guy. Hope you get the tune sorted.

  • Micah Buchheit
    Micah Buchheit

    Mitch and Logan search for the Yello Belly tracks of America's Heartland!!

  • Sim Drifter 69
    Sim Drifter 69

    The altitude is killing everyone, I bet that's where your map went wrong

  • Mat Nut
    Mat Nut

    I love how he shows all of what goes on

  • Aces Reaper2211
    Aces Reaper2211

    Love the content brother and good job uncle rob holding together for the most part good thing it was only a speed sensor yesterday

  • Sim Drifter 69
    Sim Drifter 69

    Cleetus and jackstand adopted your ice on hot parts technique, you're already a trend setter 😂😂

  • Steven Hacker
    Steven Hacker

    It's awesome you're telling people about extreme automatics... one of the biggest hitters in the 4L80 game and some great dudes.. keep up the great work

  • Teggy 12
    Teggy 12

    My man punctual as usual best race week content period makes anyone know they can do raceweek and have fun and don't have to be "fast" the real man of the people 🤟

  • James OConnell
    James OConnell

    Get Project Prime to make some radar detector stickers to put on Kyle's box lol!

  • Matthew Sosnoski
    Matthew Sosnoski

    Man this looks so cool. I’m from Canada and never been out of it but love your videos and always watch them as soon as they come out, would love to do some road trips and races like this. Canada’s lockdown stuff got me bugged out.

  • Garth

    Loving the uploads keep it up and keep safe watching from Australia

  • chadillacshere

    I lost it when the announcer said zip tie garage! 😂

  • Jose Rincon
    Jose Rincon

    Pros: it goes fast- cons: something is fixed and another’s gotta be fixed and the cycle keeps going