Kenny Wallace Hometown History Tour! Rusty's First Race Shop & Lost Speedway (Valley Park MO)
We hop in @Kenny Wallace Toyota Tundra and hit the backroads of Arnold and Valley Park Missouri exploring all of the Wallace family significant locations! Hear stories from Kenny about "back in the day" while standing in the locations where they actually happened! Rusty Wallace's first and second race shop, Kennys first shop, the old Lake Hill Speedway, and even Ken Schraders first shop!
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  • Stapleton42

    2 things I didn’t mention in the video: We did have permission to hop the fence at Lake Hill Speedway. Also we just released a whole line of retro nascar themed Merch on the website!

    • Morgan Wood
      Morgan Wood

      @Mike Àndrews did. Kenny a commerical. That he get put by the police and he Going to go after aliens

    • Newton Firefly
      Newton Firefly

      @Jeff Barrister what is Your point Jeff ?

    • Jeff Barrister
      Jeff Barrister

      @Newton Firefly 3r

    • Timothy Thomas
      Timothy Thomas

      Take the hill out and you have lake speedway. Lol

    • Newton Firefly
      Newton Firefly

      @Mike Àndrews 🤪😝😒😖

  • M

    Kenny is the last man that needs a cup of coffee lol

    • Morgan Wood
      Morgan Wood

      @Stapleton42 which commerical did he do that he get pull by the police and said he Going after a ufo

    • john fortuna
      john fortuna

      That comment made my fucking day!!! 💯🙌🏻🤘🏼🤘🏼

    • Hamilton Mechanical
      Hamilton Mechanical

      Life with ADHD man. We're going 100 miles a minute, but we're usually a blast! ;)

    • Ross Ginn
      Ross Ginn

      🤣🤣no doubt 🤣🤣

    • Torpedomtb

      I was thinking he is on speed.. But man.. awesome interview..

  • Ron Drinnin
    Ron Drinnin

    Hi Guys, I lived in the Harmony Hills subdivision just left of where Kenny's home place driveway is. I graduated from Fox High 1967 and and went to Vietnam but I remember seeing Rusty and Mike riding dirt bikes down our street and hearing the Wallace race cars fire up and come and go. I learned to drive on those same roads. I knew Kenny Schrader as a young guy also been to the Valley park welding shop. My Dad raced at lake hill speedway in the beginning of the track in the early 50s. Great to see the old home place and all the many more memories this interview brings back. Thank you and tell Kenny hi for me

  • TheGeekyGamer

    Always love how humble Kenny is, never forgot who he is or where he came from.

    • J Lyston
      J Lyston

      He is brutally honest! I love his world view and how he remembers where he’s from.

    • wysetech2000

      TheGeekyGamer I like Herman the best. His two bros have fat heads like they were the best and everyone else was a nobody.

    • Benjamin Franklin
      Benjamin Franklin

      Not only did he never forget, seems the only changes he made in life were positive ones. It's super cool to see such a humble guy with a history like his, most folks would be super braggy, he's just telling stories.

  • Shawn Caldwell
    Shawn Caldwell

    Kenny is a down to earth guy who never let fame get to his head. He never forgot where he came from. He should be in the NASCAR hall of fame.

    • Newton Firefly
      Newton Firefly

      @Shawn Caldwell; Perhaps there are several aspects which are within Kenny, as his brothers and the others within their era which still remained from the prior. As Kenny stated explicitly, that they worked 'hard', actually built their race cars [see Mark Martin, Allison brothers-family, Petty family, Ernhart family (Kenny still said Dale, Jr. is slightly different - perhaps others of that generation too (Danica Patrick, etc.) - though their parents still required specific things, development, etc.). They always knew what they had, where they came from, were rooted, what it takes to grow, develop, pursue, and appreciate it and perhaps more importantly other people. Also, though there was much publicity with those of that generation, which developed, therre was not much 'fame and fortune' either. You see, what 'fortune' is there left ? Not wealth. Perhaps enough to live more comfortably than their life as children, and to choose to help others too. Also, Kenny and all of them have a good, proper, work ethic. this is clearly apparent with Mark Martin, Darrell Waltrip, The Pettys, Allisons, AJ Foyt, Mears', Andretti's and many others too. Do You know the 'famous' [perhaps not very well known and rarely mentioned] statements of Calvin Coolidge, especially that which is entitled: "Press On" [Persistence & Determination] What Kenny, Mark express along with the others within their lives, including the mechanics and others which Mitchel interviews, meets, exemplify these characteristics [also the Rockingham Raceway caretaker's description about Roger Penske, and other about Richard Childers, etc.] Sincerely

  • Clayton Barbour
    Clayton Barbour

    Kenny nailed it and that is the exact reason I haven't watched a NASCAR race in 15years.

    • Mike S.
      Mike S.

      @Ronald Underwood Yeah, NASCAR went woke and I said Bye!!! Undoubtedly, NASCAR is a government of its own.

    • The one thats Wild.
      The one thats Wild.

      Just now watched this and after he said all that I couldn’t agree more with him. Pretty much all the racers that made nascar what it is took the hard road and had to work for what they had and the fans had such a connection to that. Fans were, for the most part, blue collar and nascar drivers at the time had that same upbringing and so fans appreciated that. Now you have a bunch of rich kids that get rides just because parents have money or they are poster boys for companies and so they have sponsorship. No personality at all.

    • Husqy44

      Sport has so much history and potential but it's become a little rich boi parade.

    • Ronald Underwood
      Ronald Underwood

      I started not watching this year because I just got tired of the arguements, fights and everything else going on, I like the history of it.

    • SLDSnakeX66

      He hit the nail on the head with Nascar. So many guys getting rides for no reason or who haven't earned it.

  • David Fortner
    David Fortner

    Wow this was deep, I felt his pain as a poor kid who didn’t have shit but that did not stop me from building my own racecars from ground up with little to no money. I only won a few times at different tracks and with junkyard motors with 300000 miles on them. If I had any money left after paying the bills I would buy used parts but most of the time I would work on other peoples cars for used parts to build my cars. I would love to of had new tires there’s no telling how many more races I could have won if I had new tires or at least a rebuilt motor, I bought used tires from the rich drivers. I learned how to setup my cars so I could pass in corners because my engine would lose power and smoking. I enjoyed building all the racecars and winning in them because Other people would want to buy it because it was a winning car. I can’t remember how many racecars I have built for other people and myself probably around 30 cars. I finally hung it up in my late 20s. I am 40 now I have a 21yr son and 16yr son they both want to race but They’re going to have to work for what they want, I not going to make it easy for them but I will help anyway I can.

  • Dakota

    The part where he was saying “everything should be done with urgency” Kenny really has it figured out.

  • Dan NOT WALRUS Larkin
    Dan NOT WALRUS Larkin

    I don't see how anyone could be mad Herman trespassed. He's the funniest dude on the face of the planet. Ken Schrader next!


      Schrader, great suggestion. 👍 Yes Herman is the funniest dude ever.

    • Jared Farney
      Jared Farney

      Definitely Ken Schrader!

    • DM Bryant
      DM Bryant

      Yep, Michael Waltrip coming up AFTER Ken Schrader

    • DM Bryant
      DM Bryant

      I SECOND it Good ol Ken Schrader NEXT

    • Bruce Murphy
      Bruce Murphy

      And Michael Waltrip. Wish the racers of today were like the racers of the past.

  • Jim Haines
    Jim Haines

    I really like Kenny he is what he is and no phony deals what you see is what you get

  • iknklst

    They just don't make NASCAR drivers like Kenny anymore, I miss those days when there was actual racing done by real drivers.

  • Cody Capps
    Cody Capps

    Herman is such a good story teller. I could listen all day. Thanks for this !

    • Stapleton42

      Thanks for listening man. We will bring you some more videos like this!

  • 29North

    I bet if you could get in contact with Dale Jr he’d love to talk NASCAR history and do something like this.

    • scotthitman1

      Just like Kenny said, you won't get anywhere if you don't use you're mouth.

    • Wild Willy
      Wild Willy

      @Stapleton42 You are literally saving pieces of his fathers NASCAR history. Yes he will welcome you with open arms.

    • David Lee Froth
      David Lee Froth

      If Mark Martin did what he did, you can bet Dale Jnr is watching

    • Darrell Coy
      Darrell Coy

      @Stapleton42 like the old timers of NASCAR have been saying- "try until you cant anymore, that how i succeeded". You can get Dale. Keep doing these and hell, you may end up on his podcast/youtube lol.

    • Matt Leslie
      Matt Leslie

      @Stapleton42 you are definitely worthy of it. Can't succeed if you don't try.

  • Two Black Labs
    Two Black Labs

    Kenny Wallace is salt of the Earth. The success he’s had in every division and series is almost impossible to believe. Knowing the roads he travelled to get there and the ways he “made it” is the stuff they write Hollywood screenplays about. What a great video! And by the way, knowing how Kenny helped Dale Earnhardt get that last victory at Talladega SuperSpeedway with that amazing aerodrafting push is almost “the icing on the (career) cake…” Thanks again. That’s why I consistently watch your content.

  • Raycar

    Awesome interview! What a legend. He's absolutely right, generally, people today are weak. and spoiled rotten.

  • Rusty Jones
    Rusty Jones

    Did anyone else notice Kenny drove more with his leg than his hands!

    • nhmtrhd

      sure did

    • thefordmaniac

      Caution or pace lap speed

  • Mark Miller
    Mark Miller

    Very cool! Kenny Wallace is quite the character. Love these informal interview videos! Thanks man, with you all the way!

  • nunya binis
    nunya binis

    No one has ever said anything negative about Kenny Wallace. Such a good fella.

  • Benjamin Franklin
    Benjamin Franklin

    Kenny is such an interesting guy, pretty awesome to see how humble and chill he is.

  • Zachary Sutliff
    Zachary Sutliff

    Love this one. Such a profound look into life, hard knocks and success. Grateful to “herm” for being willing to share and you guys for documenting. Absolutely glued to my phone with this one and most of your content. Thanks.

  • Brian Tincher
    Brian Tincher

    Always love hearing from Kenny. I dont know him personally but have seen him many many times covering Nascar events over the past 20 years. And he never fails to have great racing stories and insight into life and the nascar life. Also I appreciate his wit and sense of humor

  • Morgan Pierini
    Morgan Pierini

    these are a awsome series of videos. getting these drivers to tell their stories before they are gone and forgotten is priceless.

    • Stapleton42

      Exactly why we do it. Now this information will live forever.

  • Pickle Fart
    Pickle Fart

    My man just gave us an hour of entertainment

    • brians48now

      @gilberto lebron I didn't look or have any idea it was that long.

    • gilberto lebron
      gilberto lebron

      Almost 69

  • Pickle Fart
    Pickle Fart

    Stapleton and Logan have a grind that is unprecedented and it's paying off. I wanna be like yall when I grow up.

    • Stapleton42

      Never too late to start!

  • John Z
    John Z

    One of the most profound AND TRUE comments Kenny made in this video is @50:31,, "Listen, there's a sense of misery that is required to be successful." Those words ring true for EVERY SUCCESSFUL BUSINESS PERSON,, PERIOD. You have to experience failure, you have to get the sh*t kicked out of you (mostly financially), learn, rebuild and come back. Those tough times are what make you stronger, more driven to achieve the things in life you set out to accomplish. How can a person appreciate what they've achieved unless they have to fight for them? Life Lesson's are not read in a book nor are they learned from watching IRglo, they're learned by being there, by losing and recovering. The loser lets that loss stop him or her, the WINNER stands up and fights for what they set out to accomplish otherwise it has no value.

  • Mark Stamper
    Mark Stamper

    It's profound listening and seeing Kenny recount important times in his life n recollection of a self made racer!!! In which in today's ways is beyond unique!!! Great documentation but Kenny is polarizing and never ever boring! He is so intresting! Thank you for this outstanding outlook!!!

  • wingerfan1

    I am betting that Kyle Petty or The King would love to talk. Such huge history there and a huge part of my youth as I grew up watching them race. My father raced local circle track in the 70's and I still have one of his trophies.

  • Greg Simon
    Greg Simon

    The world according to Herm 😂 Such an awesome guy, great stories, awesome video. Thanks Mitchell & Logan ❤️

  • Charlie boy
    Charlie boy

    I always liked Kenny Wallace but after this, I have found a whole new sense of respect for this man!

  • Goose Flat Waterfowlers
    Goose Flat Waterfowlers

    Listening to Herman was hilarious just being with him for that long was probably not a dull moment. Could y’all some how do this with Kenny Schrader?

  • Stewart Miller
    Stewart Miller

    What a great interview. He has always been one of my favorite personalities! Cool to see you being real Kenny Wallace.

    • Stapleton42

      Thank you Stewart. Have you seen our Mark Martin videos yet?

  • KEI Fabrication
    KEI Fabrication

    Oh Man! I have been waiting for this! That was WAY better than I expected! Thank you! The reason I enjoy these so much is that I am the same age as Kenny, and my perspective is the same and my story is some what similar. Especially the earlier years.

  • M. Jones
    M. Jones

    I'd like to see 1 of these on Carl Edwards, to know his start and why such a sudden stop at the peak of his career. I'd like to hear it from the horse's mouth.

  • Jack Cassidy
    Jack Cassidy

    I watched this entire video and I was in shock! Kenny is the real deal! What a life and upbringing he had. I never knew anything about the Wallace his personal life and this was a real pleasure watching this video. Kudos to you for filming it and thank you Kenny for telling us about your life! I was in the steel business all of my life and was successful at it, but if I were to meet Kenny 45 years ago, there is no doubt I would be in the racing business!

  • Tim Koryciak
    Tim Koryciak

    What a great video, very informative of what Kenny and his brothers / family went through in the early days, very determined to be successful and that did it. Great video !

    • Stapleton42

      Glad you enjoyed it!

  • Feltsboy21 ky
    Feltsboy21 ky

    Stapleton42 bringing the Nascar history back. Let's not forget about Logan either . Keep up the awesome work 👏

    • Mopar Volkswagen
      Mopar Volkswagen

      Yeah, what an awesome couple for sure.

    • Dakota Harbert
      Dakota Harbert

      Amen brother!!

  • Jared Farney
    Jared Farney

    Kenny Wallace is freakin awesome! Boy he really does tell it like it is. Just a great episode, thanks guys. 🤘🏻🇺🇸

  • Jake Clauson
    Jake Clauson

    So much respect for all those guys. I could listen to these stories for the rest of my life 👍

  • Christopher Hill
    Christopher Hill

    He is a character. Alot of truth and experience coming from him. This is very important info for the younger generations coming up. I'm 48 and have really started about death and time.

  • Graeme Randall
    Graeme Randall

    These interviews are so interesting and informative and it’s great to see you guys documenting the past because when the great’s are gone so are the stories and the past 🏁👌👍👏😎🇦🇺

  • Michael Scott
    Michael Scott

    I'm only 2-min into the video and already smashed the up button. Kenny is the best, great channel!

  • M. Jones
    M. Jones

    He's successful because he worked his ass off and was never too proud, he and most others in this game just wanted it more.

  • M J C
    M J C

    Great video as always man. Kenny's a good guy, met him a couple times and he always has time to talk to anyone. Thanks for taking time to do this. EDIT - He's right about putting things off until later because there's time. I worked 10+ hour days seven days a week for years stacking cash and buying projects. Never had time to spend money or work on my junk. I had big plans of retiring early and doing my thing. I got a warning 12yrs ago when I had a heart attack at 35. I didn't slow down, if anything I worked harder. I was gonna retire at 50. I had a stroke 2yrs ago at 45. Now I have all the time in the world but I'm disabled and can't do shit. I still work on the weekends but other than that I don't do anything anymore. Take time for yourself and don't put things off.

    • M J C
      M J C

      Mine was blood pressure, stress, and a bad diet. I only ate once a day and it was usually fast food. I was super active but everything together conspired to nearly kill me.

    • Stapleton42

      Dang man heart attack at 35? That makes me paranoid 😂 what should I avoid?

  • Crispy 1
    Crispy 1

    I absolutely love learning the history and the backstory of all these NASCAR greats that I grew up watching


    Between you and the Dale Jr Download, I get all the old Nascars stories I need 🤘🤘🤘 Another killer video dude!

  • Ron Sheehan
    Ron Sheehan

    I’d love to see a “hometown tour” of Bill Elliot

  • Jt Young
    Jt Young

    This NASCAR history stuff is the tits! I can watch this kind of shit all day. Kenny is as real as it gets and you can tell that from when he offered Logan his coat and she said no and he said put the damn coat on.

  • Justin Richards
    Justin Richards

    This was an awesome video!! He is such an awesome person with a great personality. You can feel his passion when he talks about his history and the way he lives. Keep these awesome videos up! Love the content and the history lessons here with these awesome and legendary people 👊🏻

  • Sam Mckinney
    Sam Mckinney

    Kenny is awesome, I could listen to him for hours. Great stories of time.

  • Jason Frank
    Jason Frank

    Kenny cracks me up in a good way, he is like a cat with a laser pointer, he's all over the place...met him a couple times and he always makes me laugh and i love to hear his laugh...good guy

  • kyle mccloud
    kyle mccloud

    I love that you help bring all of this to light. Like Kenny said, this new era is a bunch of pussies. The fact that you build your own stuff as well as go out and bring back the people that made racing is amazing. This is why you are where you are, keep it up young man.

  • John Kalb
    John Kalb

    "Live every day with urgency " we are not guaranteed our days nor time here ... Man Kenny this was Solid Gold.. THANK YOU 💗

  • SuperchargedSS1

    Kenny is great! Thank you for bringing everyone this.

    • Stapleton42

      We appreciate you man!

  • Cody Bell
    Cody Bell

    thanks for this amazing video i absolutely love Kenny he"s such a cool person. As a guy who works on his 6shooter racecar under the big oak tree in his yard i really resonate with Kennys story about starting from nothing thanks for inspiring me Kenny you an Mark Martin are my heros

  • CashK Enterprises
    CashK Enterprises

    I love these videos you’re doing. Keep it up. These are important to chronicle

  • Jacob Salomon
    Jacob Salomon

    dude. these are amazing. as a massive nascar historian myself...this is fantastic stuff. keep up the good work man

  • Mopar Volkswagen
    Mopar Volkswagen

    Another great one. Always fun with Kenny, a fricken legend, and a legendary story teller. Always.

  • Seth N.
    Seth N.

    This is really cool, who knew a simple bit of passion for a Newell and some race car guys would lead to all this history and that these guys would treat you just like good friends. I like how Kenny Knee steers lol and how he insisted Logan go get his jacket 😂

  • Brian Beilmann
    Brian Beilmann

    Great! A real man. He’s a nascar hero. Never seen the real guy. Thank you Mitchell and Logan.

  • Steve Blyskal
    Steve Blyskal

    Hear Kenny's story & now knowing how he came up in racing it give a new perspective on the early years of racing & how hard it was to get started in racing & he is right on how kids today think

  • J Brown
    J Brown

    Man he can talk! It’s amazing listening to him though. Super interesting to listen to his stories and outlook on life now.

  • Blake's Racing and off-road
    Blake's Racing and off-road

    I've always loved Kenny. Too young to know his story it was great to hear. I have him a follow too. Didn't even know he had a IRglo

  • Grey Market
    Grey Market

    yes the more of this the better. thank you and logan for doing all this

  • Mike Overby
    Mike Overby

    REALLY ENJOY THE HISTORY LESSON. It’s great to hear the stories from the old days. It’s neat to see all his emotions flowing thinking of all the things he’s been through with his family. I don’t think the younger generation will have neat stories like this. Life is so different now. Thanks for the great videos. Anyone with any class or character at all will enjoy this. The ones who don’t aren’t worth worrying about. Great job.

  • Tobey Sampson
    Tobey Sampson

    Kenny is the man! No sugar coating just tell it like it is.

  • Terry Vuylsteke
    Terry Vuylsteke

    Herman, I've met Kenny Shrader here in Canada and a true Gentleman. Took my son. Was a true treat. Love your videos ,and Stapelton, awesome as usual.And also Kenny at M.I.S. ,Sir Richard at Pocono, Dale at Dega... 40 Plus Nascar races, and ya, Canadian to boot!!!

  • pat patterson
    pat patterson

    Mitchell, I have been watching you since you were sleeping in the Escalade at race week. This is one of the best videos you have made. What a goldmine for young people. Kenny is informative entertaining and full of wisdom.I have enjoyed watching all your videos but this is a top 5 . Keep up the awesome work young man

    • Stapleton42

      Thanks man. There really are a ton of important life lessons in here for anyone. Even people who don’t race

  • Sean O
    Sean O

    Kenny is one of my favorite people. His personality is very electric and energetic.

  • Jayton Parish
    Jayton Parish

    Man I love Herm so much, such an amazing soul. He reminds me so much of me when it comes down to who he is, thanks to y'all for letting us ride along and learn.

  • James Engel
    James Engel

    Saw this notification pop up and knew it was gonna be good. You and Logan never fail to have amazing content. I only wish i could meet these legends like you have. I grew up watching them race. I stopped watching when all the greats moved away from the actual racing, just wasnt the same for me.

  • The Dirty Air Show
    The Dirty Air Show

    Herman is fun. NASCAR should have him as color commentator more often than Mikey. You know with as funny as Herman is, it would be fun to see him do a revival of Neil Bonnet’s Winners. It’d be fun to see him do it in a retro style.

  • bobfromjob

    Kenny is a friggin' national treasure. I'm thrilled that you recorded while he opened up about his racing history. And his message to other racers.

  • Jim Haines
    Jim Haines

    Really good stuff, starting out as a young race fan in the sixties and being involved in many different ways it’s always great to heard somebody else’s stories and history as we all have our own deal and the two you have done so far are fantastic

  • Story Racing 387
    Story Racing 387

    Kenny is definitely a unique character! It was fun listening to his commentary back in the old Busch Series. Great video!

  • Todd Stephenson
    Todd Stephenson

    49 minutes, that is exactly what happened to NASCAR! Herman summed it up perfectly.

  • Toewzers

    Thank you for this video! It's nice to hear the real talk and the stories! You guys are doing great with the videos and keep a lot of people going . I look forward to see your guys' videos every time ( almost like a kid on Christmas lol) and motivate me to try and do similar things! Hope you guys have a great weekend!

  • jd2181

    This is for Kenny. A saying I've had for over 20 years is, "No one is normal is everyone's eyes." And frankly I feel that more people need to understand and accept that.

  • Michael Scott
    Michael Scott

    Love his honesty. NOTHING BUT RESPECT For Kenny and family. Wow, its an EPIC story. #classic #Real #love

  • Chris Harrawood
    Chris Harrawood

    Loved the tour of Valley Park. Our family had some ball fields down there (Harrawood Park) grew up on River Road and watched the racing from those train tracks. It was a nice walk down memory lane.

  • Benny Helgeson
    Benny Helgeson

    Quite the video. Always great to hear back round stories on successful people. Kenny like many of us that grew up in 50's and 60's went without,worked hard, sacrificed. Kenny thinks just like many of us old hardened baby boomers. Thanks you very much for this video.