Morgan-McClure Motorsports Former NASCAR Race Shops History Tour! (With Owner Larry McClure)
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If you know anything about NASCAR in the late 80's up to the early 2000's you remember the yellow Kodak 4 car... That car is from the iconic Morgan McClure Motorsports race team, co owned by Larry McClure and Tim Morgan based in Abingdon Virginia. The team has not been active in some time now but the relics of the past remain. We ride around town with Larry as he reminisces about the wild ride and shows us every race shop the race team had occupied ever since their beginnings in 1983!
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  • Stapleton42

    If you’re classic NASCAR history nerds like us make sure you check out the other videos on the channel! Next video coming up will be Ernie Irvans 1991 Daytona 500 cylinder heads and intake manifold! Merch link:

    • Gary Barger
      Gary Barger

      AMEN TO THAT BROTHER! For me watching a NASCAR race has become painful. Way too much regulation by the governing body of NASCAR!

    • C. John Weir
      C. John Weir

      I just recently got a Dale Earnhardt Sr GM Goodwrench leather jacket and hat. And thanks to your sponsor I'm going to be using it on my jacket and hat both Dale Jr and Dale Sr. #8 #3

    • jcnpresser

      Can’t wait to see the next one, I’m about to nerd out when I see that stuff! 😂

    • randy arnold
      randy arnold

      @Bassingman99 AGREE BASS

    • David Garland
      David Garland

      I absolutely love these videos!!!

  • Randy Tingen
    Randy Tingen

    I swear, I’d rather watch this stuff more than watching today’s NASCAR race any day.

    • scooter

      Love watching this kind of stuff, thanks for what you're doing, I don't watch today's Nascar racing, to much has been taken away and changed to the point it doesn't even seem like a race anymore

    • George Jones
      George Jones

      It's not Nascar

    • Jake Dodson
      Jake Dodson


    • Charles Waynewright
      Charles Waynewright

      Today there is no nascar not Bill France style NASCAR

  • 29North

    It seemed like Larry loved doing this. He had a smile on his face the entire time.

    • William Thomas
      William Thomas

      I know Larry and I could tell you he loved that race shop and his team,

    • Stapleton42

      We hope that’s the case!

  • Doug Causey
    Doug Causey

    Thanks Mitchell, Miss Logan, Mr. McClure & everyone else involved in filming and editing this video. I really appreciate & enjoy these throwback videos

    • Stapleton42

      Thank you for being here with us Doug!

  • Howabouthetruth

    See my other comment as well. This was so awesome, I really enjoyed it. It makes me miss the last of THE GOOD DAYS of nascar all the more. ( I'm sure I'm speaking for hundreds of thousands of lifelong race fans when I say I am so disgusted with how they totally wrecked our once beloved motor sport. ) BIG THANKS ALSO TO LARRY McCLURE FOR BEING SO KIND & GRACIOUS TO SHARE HIS SLICE OF "THE GOOD OLE DAYS" WITH US. It means a lot to me. 2 THUMBS UP!!!


    I was mesmerized by this video. Loved the McClure family and there past history. Thank you so much for doing this. R.I.P. Eric

  • Speedway Steve Cronk
    Speedway Steve Cronk

    Another Great shop History video ! Somehow you still ask the good questions, damn cool to hear the story's of the struggles to get to Racing Team Success. I think you have found your niche on the world of IRglo , keep up the Great work .

    • Stapleton42

      Thank you Steve

  • Mike Church
    Mike Church

    Man you have hit a home run with this thank you for doing this I love what you do

  • Dave Fontana
    Dave Fontana

    Great video Mitchell and Logan. I was a big Nascar fan during this era and its wonderful to hear from the people themselves how things were during that time. And it's great to see another generation take such an interest to learn how things were then.

  • G Crauwels
    G Crauwels

    Thanks to Larry for graciously offering his time and stories, and to you for bringing them. 👍

  • Joe Lajoie
    Joe Lajoie

    We used to drive by their last shop off of 81 everytime we went to Bristol. They used to have a bodyshell of a car on a pole that you could see from the highway. Thanks again for the great videos.

  • Richard Parker
    Richard Parker

    This is the most epic racing history I've ever seen! (way better than Dale Jr. :)) Keep it up Mitch.. Cool overlay with the old videos!

  • JD Haase
    JD Haase

    I would’ve been intimidated interviewing all these people when I was your age. You have an impressive comfort, a genuine warmth and ask great questions. Great job. Keep these coming!

  • Steve Lowe
    Steve Lowe

    I love these videos, what history! Having been a NASCAR fan since the 80s, these videos bring up a lot of memories. It's super cool to see 'where are they now' for a lot of these people, and get to see the shops and facilities these teams used. Fascinating to me. Thanks Mitchell and Logan for doing these!

  • Mad Cow Mark
    Mad Cow Mark

    Growing up in Australia we didn't get much nascar racing on our TV stations, maybe the week after the race we got a minute or 2 minute highlight package. But out of that I got to know some of the drivers names, Darryl Earnhardt being my favourite, Richard Petty in the STP colours and other drivers, but we never heard anything on the teams, so I'm loving these video logs. We had one purpose built Nascar track in Australia and it was 20 minutes from my home but it never took off. Track is still there, I have a funny feeling Bill Elliott raced there, Must check that one day. Cheers and thank you to you both.. I kept dropping your IRglo name in lookout racing live chat at Yello Belly. When Lookout, Lookout (I can't remember his name) question me on putting your IRglo in his live stream, I told him you had over 200,000 subs, he died in the arse and told his live chat that if Stapleton42 can have that many subs they doing something right. I also dropped your IRglo Channel in MotorMania live chat, Blendline media live chat. Hope it brings your more subscribers. God Bless Maddy and Yourself It helps people like me with health problems to take their minds off things. Cheers Mark.

  • Chester Callahan
    Chester Callahan

    Keep up the amazing work, love your passion for keeping history alive! Thanks Mitchell, Logan, and all amazing guests.

  • Eddie

    Mitchell, thanks for doing these videos! You are keeping some history alive to those of us that were big fans of that era. I hope viewers realize just how much work it takes to do this. Thank you!

    • Stapleton42

      Thanks man. It is a lot of legwork to set these up

  • Scott Howard
    Scott Howard

    I love NASCAR history. Keep these stories coming. Sure wish you would interview Ernie Ervin. He is the man

  • Greg Hall
    Greg Hall

    Want to thank the two of you for bringing back the best years of Nascar. I just wish it was still like this. So very proud of you two.

  • Greg Lammers
    Greg Lammers

    Very cool. Neat to hear Larry’s take on when the engineers got involved and the super teams took over. I never missed a race back in the 80s and 90s if possible either being there live or watching on tv. Thanks for these video’s.

  • Jordan Pope
    Jordan Pope

    Gosh Larry is the man! Love Jerry too! Good family friends! My uncle actually drove a hauler for them when Jerry’s son, Eric, would run the 04 car all through the 2000’s

  • TonyTheFlatlander

    Mitch and Logan, these nascar history videos are absolutely fantastic. Thank you guy's for continuing to do these. It's awesome to document this stuff while these folks are still alive. Thank you again.

  • gilberto lebron
    gilberto lebron

    Good to see people want to talk about history that could have been lost to time.

  • Martin Harrelson
    Martin Harrelson

    That was an awesome interview with Mr. McClure. I was glued to the screen! I just can't get enough of hearing men like this recalling those glory years. It's amazing how quickly these organizations grew from humble beginnings. Thank you so much for the videos, and thanks to Mr. McClure for the memories!

    • Stapleton42

      Glad you enjoyed it man!

  • Zackery Woods
    Zackery Woods

    Larry sure loves the sport. I miss the MMM days. A lot of great guys.

  • David H3lton
    David H3lton

    So awesome ! I got my first start in racing 25 years ago with MMM in the 2nd shop. So cool to see the buildings again and hear the stories of the team before I was there. Im still racing, but man how its changed... thank you for doing these videos !

  • Bruce Gregory
    Bruce Gregory

    Another GREAT video. Well presented and very interesting as usual. You two do a fabulous job of not only visiting the shops but having them re-visit their 'heyday'. You two are doing a great service to NASCAR and the fans. Please keep it up.

  • Donald Halls
    Donald Halls

    Excellent history, you could see the pride in his face,and regret when remembering what opportunities not taken, and feel his disappointment of not changing, thank you very much for taking the time to interview him for us, all the best to yous and your loved ones

  • Partsman 1
    Partsman 1

    Visited this shop back in the 90s right after Ernie Irvan had won a road course race on the way to Bristol. Place was immaculate. Tony Glover (Irvans crew chief)came out and met us. Always look over there when traveling South on 81 on our trips to Tennesssee

    • Joel Reeves
      Joel Reeves

      I still look over, and think about what could have been


    He seems like a awesome guy bet it was fun working for that team back in the day

  • Jason Haga
    Jason Haga

    Growing up in Bristol, it was a blast seeing M&M growth from the 2nd shop to the 3rd. Got to meet a lot the crew. Lot a great history here with them, Henderson 75 food country and Ed Witker Skoal bandit #7 harry Gant drove in Busch series.

  • Arthur Fricchione
    Arthur Fricchione

    Another trip down memory lane. You guys are truly the best. It’s nice seeing your channel grow. Happy 4th of July stay well and safe Artie 🇺🇸😊

  • Rusty Wells
    Rusty Wells

    Watching these videos shows the history of the death of Nascar and I'm a super fan from the late 70s too about 2012 I either watched or went too or even listened on a radio in my tree stand every race between those years no matter what I was doing! But in the last 10 years I can count on my two hands how many I've watched and I have not been too a race in over ten years and it breaks my heat to say this!

  • Corey V
    Corey V

    Dude, this is great content. I love learning the history of the sport.

  • Scott Hurd
    Scott Hurd

    These are awesome stories and history! Thank you for saving and sharing so much great history!


    Dude (and dudette) i absolutely love your channel! I was never a huge NASCAR fan but my dad was! And you work has 100% sparked my interest in the history! There is JUST SOO MUCH! You cover it perfectly! Please dont stop what you're doing, i need to remember to get some deserve the support! Maybe some for my head and the garage 😉...keep it up, you 2 stay safe!

    • Stapleton42

      Thanks dude we appreciate you!!

  • Tim Koryciak
    Tim Koryciak

    Once again another great video on the history of NASCAR, Love your channel ! Keep up the great work !

  • TTocs Elbag
    TTocs Elbag

    I just love anything regarding Morgan-McClure history-probably my fave team ever. You and Logan do excellent, and much appreciated, work Mitchell. Keep on keepin’ on you fine yungins!!! 😊❤️

  • Terry brown
    Terry brown

    Neat story.They were a good race team.Some good drivers Martin and Tommy Ellis

  • stinkybeagle

    Really great content that HoF should really consider archiving. Seriously. A lot of work, effort and heart goes into this and the information that is communicated is unique. For future purposes of establishing history or researching events, teams, cars, etc, this can be really helpful. It is info from THE people and the oral history is priceless.

  • ATLKyle678

    These videos are timeless! Thank you for keeping the NASCAR community waiting for the next! Can you do awesome bill next?

    • Stapleton42

      Working on it!

  • Motorcoach Tech
    Motorcoach Tech

    Thanks Mitchell, Logan and Larry. Love hearing these history lessons and seeing the old shops. Keep them coming. Rick

  • Anthony Marshall
    Anthony Marshall

    Interesting video, thanks for making it! It's cool to see where these iconic teams start. Mr. McClure turned Kodak from a 5 race deal to what was previously longest running sponsor?? Wow!!

  • the stray dog
    the stray dog

    I’m local and my memory was driving by the first shop back in the day and seeing a race car sitting outside with people working on it. I hope you do a video on the Henderson Racing team next door.They have a great BGN history and still run a truck.

  • Brian Wilham
    Brian Wilham

    Man what great content Mitchell and Logan... you need to get in that #75 Food Country shop i bet there's some stories in that shop. have Larry set up

  • Nate

    Keep these coming Mitch and Logan, its so cool getting to see the drivers, crew, and owners that I grew up watching on tv and learning more about them and their personalities.

    • Stapleton42

      Thank you Nate we will!

  • Benny Helgeson
    Benny Helgeson

    The behind the scene stories of sponsors and drivers are great. How did all these different personalities exist without holding grudges after they switched teams and sponsors. Thanks

    • Stapleton42

      That’s a great question

  • Walter Cobb
    Walter Cobb

    I just like all the knowledge that you guys passed down and everything it's real cool to find out more stuff

  • tim rayburn
    tim rayburn

    You two do an outstanding job.Thank you

  • Van Slawson
    Van Slawson

    I really enjoy everything you do. Can't wait for the next and the next. The start of a race team is so interesting. We only see the success of the team not the birth. We don't see a successful race team starting with 5 people or less. Keep doing what your doing. Thank you

    • Stapleton42

      Thank you Van we appreciate you!

  • Hammer Schlaetel Garage
    Hammer Schlaetel Garage

    Another great video. Get as many of these interviews done as you can. Great content and a historical record.

  • PNW Car Mods & Maintenance
    PNW Car Mods & Maintenance

    I may be twice as old as you guys are but I am very grateful for these memories being brought back with these history lessons with legends of the sport from years past. During this era I was already a full fledged Earnhardt fan but watching the Morgan McClure era of super speedway racing was some of the best times in the history of the sport. That being said back in the day we were 100% against the Restrictor plate and caried that negativity for years. Thanks again guys. Keep up the good work!

  • Terry Vuylsteke
    Terry Vuylsteke

    My goodness you two... awesome video as always, thankyou!!! Just want to say that every now and then a channel comes along that really states what matters, is relevant to a persons likes and beliefs, and you Mitchell and Logan have done that and continue to do this. The stories you bring us is truly on the level of a National Geographic level as far as importance. It's like sitting on the porch with your Grandpa or retired uncle who was there, been there ,done that, Hell ya, Got that T-Shirt!!!. The look on Mr.McLures face as he spoke is priceless. I grew up watching this era, Ernie ,Sterlin, Mark, hell I had foldgers coffe and wrangler wallpaper in my bedroom.... wish I had that now eh? Ya, I'm Canadian, lol. Anyways, love your channels, your stories and interviews... you two are a shining example of the next generation. God bless, and as always, Cheers from Canada(we got your back!).

    • Stapleton42

      Thats awesome lol thank you Terry!

  • MH Law
    MH Law

    All these vids with Larry McClure are terrific. Great guy and storyteller

  • Brian Kirk
    Brian Kirk

    U guys are truly blessed and amazing people, I wish I could help u guys but I'm on disability and my wife has breast cancer, money just too tight, I truly appreciate u guys and all u do, wish I could be a part of it all, b a dream come true, thank u for everything u guys do, I love the content and history of the sport, when nascar was real racing, u guys stay safe, again thank u both, u guys are truly blessed to be able to do what you do

    • Stapleton42

      Thanks man no worries. Your viewership is the best kind of support we could ask for. We wish the best of luck to both of you

  • Brian Beilmann
    Brian Beilmann

    Thanks Mitchell for the retro look back. These guys are you interview are some great people. Like to see how the came up to racing from very little sometimes.

    • Stapleton42

      Thank you Brian 💪🏻

  • Steve Peryer
    Steve Peryer

    This was a wonderful interview with one of the greatest single car teams to dominate Daytona. Thank you so much for this

  • Mike Hardy
    Mike Hardy

    Great interview and great questions. The old footage was a great addition, love that stuff! Looking so professional. I like when Logan chimes in with great questions too. I like the fact that your not just this pretty face hanging around, your smart and you're always thinking, its very impressive. Once again everyone is so relaxed around you two, thats a great affect to have on people. So impressed with you guys. Nice job on the Leather Honey promo too Mitchell. Great sponsor. Again THANK YOU for all this hard work you both do. I enjoyed this video so much. I'm still here at the end and I like you guys too.

    • Logan Erwin
      Logan Erwin

      Thank you Mike! I really appreciate the kind words, made my day!

    • Stapleton42

      Thank you mike! She is always watching and thinking.

  • The king scene
    The king scene

    Great content. I would like to see a video series on the history of the engines Nascar has used

  • Mark Miller
    Mark Miller

    Very cool video/subject material! Just saw your post, so I'm there with you guys to hear some more great NASCAR history. Appreciate you & Logan's efforts in all this, and just a huge thank you for being here! 😎👍👍👍🚗

    • Stapleton42

      We appreciate you as always Mark!

  • Brian Daniszewski
    Brian Daniszewski

    I never leave comments but I need to say I love the Nascar history tour. I like the questions you ask your guests and I can tell you do your homework. I'm proud to wear my Stapleton t-shirts. Thank you for the videos. Keep them coming!

    • Stapleton42

      Thanks dude we are glad to have a guy like you on the team!

  • gldndomefan

    Me again! Ya'll Killed it again. I remember those last two shops very well. Seeing the second shop again triggered a memory. One of our visits Larry had just got a new motor coach and was showing it to us. He let us in. It was the fanciest thing i had ever seen at that time! I think it was right out front to the right of that gate you pulled in. Wonder if it was a Newel??

    • Stapleton42

      Prevost probably I think. He had a vantare rug in his garage lol

  • Gary Passmore
    Gary Passmore

    Another banger guys, keep 'em coming 🔥

  • NorValDawg

    Wow! This channel randomly showed up one day ... now I'm a full blown NASCAR fan because of it! I am from SWVA and drive past his dealership every single day, and drive by his second shop at least once a month. I had NO IDEA. That is INSANE!

    • Stapleton42

      That’s awesome 😂

  • Daniel Tremel
    Daniel Tremel

    Thanks for making videos like these. I get to re-live my childhood passion, except this time we get the rest of the story!

  • william elkins
    william elkins

    So grateful that you are getting this stuff on video before these guys are gone. This is history. Your purpose has been revealed my friend.

    • Stapleton42

      I think so too man

  • Michael Scott
    Michael Scott

    Stapleton42 is a living legend.

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    Derek Aniba

    This is really cool. Love seeing the videos. Love to meet you both

  • Tegan pilots a Chicken
    Tegan pilots a Chicken

    Always loved the MMM team! Thanks for this.

  • MH Law
    MH Law

    I was a big Davey Allison fan and was pretty shocked when Yates hired Irvan in mid season in '93. I never felt good about it then and now, hearing Mr McClure tell how it came about, I'm pretty disappointed in how Irvan left the 4 team. Pretty shabby way to treat the team that made him so successful. I bet that '94 Daytona 500 win with Irvan running 2nd was kinda sweet for the Morgan McClure boys

    • MH Law
      MH Law

      @Mark Cowley Me neither buddy

    • Mark Cowley
      Mark Cowley

      I was a huge Davey Allison fan because he was from near me. I just could never find a replacement after he left us. I left NASCAR.

    • Stapleton42

      You are probably right lol

  • Jason Turner
    Jason Turner

    So cool to hear his stories... thanks for doing these..

  • Douglas Masters
    Douglas Masters

    This is awesome! Great content Mitchell & Logan! Looking forward to sitting down and watching the entire episode.

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    Bob Mal

    Another great history video. I hope you can do one on Junie Donlavey some day. He’s always been a NASCAR unsung hero that gave so many young drivers a start and showed the world of big time racing how to be in the sport as an independent.

    • Stapleton42

      Working on it!

  • Jason Jackson
    Jason Jackson

    Mike skinner said that those were the nicest prepared race cars he ever drove and if the motors had been right at that time (I'm guessing around 2000-2001) they may could have done something

  • Mgcarr61 Camaro
    Mgcarr61 Camaro

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  • Dustin Plemmons
    Dustin Plemmons

    Always loved driving up that way and seeing the shop since i only live about 30 mins away. Use to take the whole week off from school both Bristol races every year with my dad to just look in the news papers for Show car appearances, then go to the Food City race nights for autographs.

  • Christopher Holman
    Christopher Holman

    Love your channel. Love your passion. Love watching and following you on your journey. Keep it up. Larry McClure is a treasure. Great stories. You can hear the regret in his voice. Larry, hindsight is 20/20. At least you reached heights that the rest of us can only imagine.

  • Baltimore Ravens52
    Baltimore Ravens52

    love the content and been a nascar fan my whole life i remember that car it was a great looking car

  • Tato Poste
    Tato Poste

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    • Stapleton42

      Thanks dude we appreciate you!

  • Jonathan Osborne
    Jonathan Osborne

    You and Logan have a blessed day it's so nice to see your generation appreciate the 90s NASCAR era when it was one of the best things when it started in the late mid 80s through the mid-90s I think it was NASCAR shining moment of its history or fans really could enjoy it