Former Million Dollar RV TRUE Cost of Ownership: My 1996 Newell Coach Experience! (10K Miles So Far)
I purchased this 1996 Newell Coach back in June. Since then I have put almost 10,000 miles on it while hauling the LSXcalade all over the country and also living in it full time. In this video I discuss all of the things I've worked on, had issues with, and things I've learned over the last several months of regular use. I made this video with the intent to answer a lot of questions I had myself during my own shopping process when I was considering an older Newell or Prevost motor coach. Hopefully if you are someone in the same boat as myself this video will serve as an accurate guide to real world use. The truth may surprise you!
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  • 308scoutrfl

    As far as your fast idle goes, you should be able to step on the throttle and hold it where you want it and then hit the fast idle switch. It should hold at the RPM that you hold the pedal down at

  • Tim Lindgren
    Tim Lindgren

    Nice update, very interesting and good overview on the ownership of the Newell to date. The most important factor of all (imho) is that this is your full-time home and not a secondary vacation travel home on wheels. Keeping it real Mitchell is why I watch! Really enjoy your steady focus when you are doing the solo videos!

  • Dave Froman
    Dave Froman

    The rule of thumb when buying one of these big coaches is, if you are worried about how much it will cost to maintain it? You cannot afford to buy it.

  • Timo Y
    Timo Y

    I love these videos you make Mitchell, first hand knowledge of real life situations is so helpful in making decisions. Sitting down and talking with your elders about life experiences is something that I've always done. They've delt with it already so I don't have to figure it out at the time. You have seen alot already, your already sharing and helping others. Thats cool man.

  • Cam McLean
    Cam McLean

    I totally agree with this video. I had been wanting to upgrade from my Barth and was looking a production motorhomes. Eventually a neighbour sold me his 2000 Bluebird Wanderlodge. Best deal ever. Brand new it was $750k. You can tell the quality just walking into it. Driving it is a dream. Highly recommend buying older quality motorcoaches.

  • Fade To Black LLC
    Fade To Black LLC

    I just went from a 16 gas to an 05 diesel and there are just little things you have to keep track of and prioritize what needs to be fixed and what can wait. I still enjoy using it and thankfully I can do a lot of it myself.

  • Roger Fleury
    Roger Fleury

    Mitch, I have completely changed my mind about buying a used Coach. But it was great to get rid of everything I didn’t need. So thank you for that! All the maintenance and the fixing things constantly turned me off. I wasn’t going to be driving a lot so the fuel issue wasn’t going to be a big problem. My plan was to go to a state that I had friends or family, park it somewhere convenient then drive my car or motorcycle everywhere I wanted to go. But the heck with all that. I will just stay in a Hotel and do the things I want to do. You get your room cleaned daily, breakfast and the option to go anywhere I wanted. And some Hotels reward you for staying at their places with free nights. Can’t beat that! So thanks again for all the information you have passed on to us perspective buyers so we can decide what is the right decision for our needs and wants! Roger in Pierre South Dakota

  • xLooneyx

    After seeing you do this successfully I have been considering getting one and a shop. Park up next to the shop and never have to worry about parking it and no home mortgage 😀

  • K Barton
    K Barton

    Definitely get the jake brake fixed, it will help with braking with a trailer and in general.

  • Ben DeWitt
    Ben DeWitt

    It’s cool that you made this video. Most people see a rig like that and say “oh that guy has money” they never think about all the stuff it takes to own a unit like that. All the nickel and dimming that happens. Keep it up

  • Music

    Great Video! Prioritize - Safety, Maintenance, Comfort - Then by Cost. Sometimes the cost is minimal and comes down to your time. Don't worry about what other peeps think or say. The only opinion that matters is YOURS since you are the one that has to live in it and own it. Keep on putting out the videos and most of all have some fun doing it.

  • ToughAncientSpark

    Btw, having worked in the RV industry for over twenty years, your mileage is about right. Those style motorhomes can be expected to get 6-8 m.p.g.

  • theRarePartsHunter

    A few things: Since the previous owner deferred maintenance, get a DD Tech to check your valve train & injectors. If the valve train is out of adjustment, no jake brake. You can buy good name brand tools used. Pawn Shops will sell hard to move items at a discount. Find your fuel leak, See if it can be patched with JB Weld. I have patched a number of fuel tanks with it over the years.

  • Jack Asmaryan
    Jack Asmaryan

    The Jake Brake is an awesome thing to have cause it saves your brakes allot & they sell rebuilt kits for them which you can tackle yourself. Plus without a muffler it sounds freaking good

  • the other Brent
    the other Brent

    After spending 20 years as a rv master tech i can tell you most of them are garbage.

  • Bob Ellis
    Bob Ellis

    For sure, if you are concerned about fuel mileage, find something else to spend your money on! Love the videos Mitchell, love your honesty about what you fix and why you don't fix certain other things. Keep on keeping on!

  • D2 WrenchWorks & DIY
    D2 WrenchWorks & DIY

    Love the RV updates man! You are taking me way back, funny enough I was actually talking to the wife today about your Newell! I'm sure you are already aware, but for the other RV homies out there..KOOL SEAL IS YO PAPI!! I was raised on fixing all types of RV's and 90% of the job was repairing a devastated ceiling that trickled down to walls and floors.

  • Russell Pottenger
    Russell Pottenger

    Enjoy the content.

  • Turbhoe Heflin
    Turbhoe Heflin

    My dad went from working on motor homes to selling them. He went to a “show” with the manufactures and decided to ask them about things he had to fix most often. They told him they are built to sell not to use.

  • Mark S
    Mark S

    fuel mileage differs greatly between good and cheap diesel fuel. and 1000 other factors matter too but your guess sounds pretty correct to me.