Mark Martin Shows Us His Personal Racing Museum! (Every Car Has an EPIC Story)
The man himself NASCAR Hall of Famer Mark Martin takes us through the museum of his 40+ year racing career located in his Batesville Arkansas Ford dealership! Everything from his very first car trailer until some of the last cars he raced are under this roof. The cars and trophies in the museum are just things to look at though...the real awesomeness of this is the incredible stories Mark has to share about the cars and the periods of time in his career relative to the items on display. He has one of the best comeback stories of probably anybody in motorsports!
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  • Mark Martin
    Mark Martin

    The other name David called me was little hemorrhoid.

    • Joshua Man
      Joshua Man


    • Singin Artist
      Singin Artist

      No way it's THE mark martin!

    • freedomlover

      @VG Mark the gentleman fully acknowledges that.

    • sstroh08

      Always was a fan of yours Mark. Thanks for doing this. When you were talking about wreaks, the one that really came to mind for me, like burned into my memory as a race fan, watching as a race fan where I was really scared for you hahaha, was I think Michigan maybe? It was when you were racing for MWR and somehow your car managed to spin just right down into pit road and hit a blunt piece of concrete on one of the pit entrances and went into your car like a spear. Scared the crap out of me for you! Whoever left that concrete set up that way should've been shot. Ridiculously dangerous. Thank God your guardiannangel wasbas good at being a guardian angel as you were at being a driver haha.

    • Brian Poole
      Brian Poole

      Mark Martin you sir have always been my favorite driver. Got your autograph on 2 different occasions and they are displayed in my media still today.

  • Phil Mattox
    Phil Mattox

    I'll tell you a story that represents the kind of man Mark Martin is. There was a young man from my hometown that went to North Carolina right out of high school and went to work for Hendrick Motorsports. He was one of Mark Martin's tire changers when he drove there. When he go married they put out the gift list at local stores like most people do when getting married. Mark Martin went to the store and bought every single thing on their list and gave it them as a wedding gift.

  • Cmemmer

    The term “ they don’t make them like they used to” totally defines this man! Really cool to see a true race car driver.

    • Sergeant Masson
      Sergeant Masson

      @Canatola Khoemini Last I knew, Kyle Busch is still suspended until he passes sensitivity training classes and gives an apology in public for things, he said in an interview at the end of the 2021 season.

    • Canatola Khoemini
      Canatola Khoemini

      @Brent Mead I'm not a Crusty fan. I'm a Gordon Earnhardt fan. I will never admit anything good on Wallace or Jarrett. Personal reasons with Jarrett , and Rusty was a little whiner. Lol. I'm just messin around. He was a spectacular driver.

    • Brent Mead
      Brent Mead

      @Canatola Khoemini lmao you listed Martin and Rudd but did list one of the greatest ever Rusty Wallace

    • Canatola Khoemini
      Canatola Khoemini

      @Patrick Hollis nope. My dad said it in the 90s, you'll never see another Earnhardt or another rivalry like Jeff and Dale, not to mention all the other drivers that were amazing like Rudd Martin, and so on. It's never going to be remotely as awesome as it was. They need to stop changing the rules by the God damn second and let them race. I mean that shit with Kyle Busch this week is a sick joke. Pathetic.

    • Patrick Hollis
      Patrick Hollis

      I know u rite and it’s sad because Nascar was a dying breed that has Nascar following there footsteps and I still believe Nascar will never come as strong as it was from the 80’s to the 2000’s Nascar as a whole is killing the sport

  • gn4life84

    Bought my Corvette from this Ford dealership & checked out the museum while I was there. Great staff and they treated me awesome. Can't say enough great things about them.

  • Billy Bob Bocephus
    Billy Bob Bocephus

    Mark Martin is one of my all time favourites. A true "Gentleman" on the track and off. He may have never won a championship (so very close a few times), but still a "Champion" in my books. Thanks for this video!

    • Blake Buchanan
      Blake Buchanan

      @Sergeant Masson not false he lost 25 points cause Nascar said his car was 1/8 inch to low he lost that championship by 15 points to Dale Sr and yes the restrictor plate deal got him fined points which also he lost by less than what he was fines so in my eyes he has 2

    • john fortuna
      john fortuna

      I could not have wrote that better ! He will always be a champion 💯🙌🏻🙏🤘🏼🤘🏼

    • Sergeant Masson
      Sergeant Masson

      @Ron Peterson FALSE.

    • Ron Peterson
      Ron Peterson

      I still say Mark Martin had a couple championships stole from him by NASSCAR!Carburetor plates and Richard Childers

    • Sergeant Masson
      Sergeant Masson

      Billy Bob Bocephus, I totally agree. I worked at DIS 1996-2006 as part of the security/safety teams. By far one of the nicest people that I've ever met.

  • Two Black Labs
    Two Black Labs

    2005 IROC Series finale @ Atlanta - Mark Martin finished 2nd to Martin Truex Jr., and Matt Kenseth finished behind him, doing A LOT of that rear bumper damage by pushing him… Although I’m a Dale Earnhardt fan for life, the greatest driver in the IROC series overall was Mark Martin, and there’s no doubt about it. Mark made EVERYONE better around him. He definitely challenged Earnhardt to be slightly better in the Winston Cup Series, that much is true.

  • Toms driveway
    Toms driveway

    Love how active mark martin is with the IRglo community.

    • Toms driveway
      Toms driveway

      @kain hall yeah but I’ve seen a few videos on him where he is chatting and answering all kinds of questions in the comments. And that’s awesome. I don’t see petty dale jr or Darrell Waltrip doing that.

    • kain hall
      kain hall

      his youtube channel has NOTHING on it however

    • Pensfan 5919
      Pensfan 5919

      Mainly because the NASCAR IRglo community gave Mark's career a new meaning in retrospect. *stares at S1apSh0es*

    • Andy Denial
      Andy Denial

      Preserving history.

  • Truth of 73
    Truth of 73

    When you think “a true racer” you think Mark Martin. The sport really misses hm. Thank you for posting this. I’m gonna checkout any podcasts I can on him after hearing him mention them.

  • Chester Swing Jr
    Chester Swing Jr

    Gentlemen driver of the century!!! Love hearing Mark tell stories of his career. I met him at several shows, and got his autograph. Always a pleasant experience. I can’t imagine Mark being a shit talker, but that’s cool to hear!!! Mark was “The Rock” in his early years!!! 😂

  • Stapleton42

    This was one of the coolest things we’ve ever been able to do because of IRglo…the next video where we drive around and Mark shows us his original race shop and stuff is basically the coolest thing ever. I can’t wait to get that posted for you guys. Check out for retro nascar styled merch 🤟🏻

    • Chris Dieringer
      Chris Dieringer

      That is because Mark is such a real humble man. He has even liked some of my comments on Instagram. This was a great video!!! It was good to hear him tell his story!!!🏁

    • william selzer
      william selzer

      You really asked some good questions, and to me, that brought out the Mark Martin that we all want to listen to. you got him to talk about really entertaining things. and you seemed to know when to let him just talk about things that he wanted to get off his chest. GREAT JOB !!

    • Mary Gysin
      Mary Gysin

      I still wonder if he remembers the Valvoline truck unloading his car in the back of the parking lot at Riverside? He had NO ramps.

    • Ray C
      Ray C

      Can't wait to see the next video.

  • Skipper

    One of the VERY best drivers to EVER get behind the wheel of a NASCAR car. not only was, (and Still is), a true Gentleman, he was competitive for more years than ANYBODY else.....if you add it all up, Mark made most of the rest of them look like also rans..... Mark, THANKYOU for all the memories man ! I watched you for many years, and was NEVER disappointed !.... OnWard....

  • Haslet Joe
    Haslet Joe

    Mark was my dad's favorite driver. I was an Elliot fan. Both Fords! I always thought Mark was a class act on/off the track. This confirms it. Thank you Mr. Martin!

  • Timothy Seng
    Timothy Seng

    I could listen to Mark Martin talk about his career and life for days, such an amazing man with amazing stories. Incredible memories he has

  • Paul Stclair
    Paul Stclair

    Mark Martin is the kindest person and probably the most liked Ford driver ive ever watched, always admired him !!

  • Allen Lord
    Allen Lord

    Honestly probably the coolest thing about IRglo is the way people with similar interests are able to find each other. You just never know who is watching the content you are producing. Congrats you 2, you're obviously doing something right hanging out with such a legend.

    • Rusty Shackelford
      Rusty Shackelford

      @Mark Benander ...a bastard of a thousand fathers!

    • doubleutubefan5

      @Mark Benander 🤣🤣

    • Mark Benander
      Mark Benander

      Ok there's always has to be someone crying about something, you was some cheese with that wine?

    • Rusty Shackelford
      Rusty Shackelford

      ...unless your interests are conservative. Then the channel is banned!

    • Kevin Kelly
      Kevin Kelly

      I was the only one of my friends growing up that wasn't an Earnhardt fan I was a loyal Mark Martin fan! I loved watching Mark drive!!!

  • Joe Cameron
    Joe Cameron

    Getting to hangout with a legend of nascar. Hearing Mark talk about the past. IROC racing was always some of the best racing there was back in the day. Thanks for a little stroll down memory lane.

  • sean peterson
    sean peterson

    Mark is a class act, always represented the sport in a positive way.

  • Pistons Rods & Dad Bods
    Pistons Rods & Dad Bods

    If only there could have been interviews like this with a retired Dale Earnhardt senior 😢

  • C C
    C C

    Mark must like you. This is a great in depth interview man. 👍 I'm a subscriber now. That Winn Dixie car was bad to the bone.

  • Bubba Kushington
    Bubba Kushington

    Bud you're getting some killer ass interviews and content lately. Keep diving into nascar's history some of the stuff they use to do to win is hilarious.

    • Peter Bellwood
      Peter Bellwood

      hilarious ? I'd say . diabolical !

  • timkis 64
    timkis 64

    this is great.been a fan of mark since the rousch stroh light sponsorship days.i dont believe there are any ex mark martin fans.he will have my respect for the rest of my life.such a humble down to earth guy with some big accomplishments.

  • taxidriver669

    Dale was my guy but Mark was always around in my top 5, props to him for being an awesome, down to earth guy too. Again, great content, thanks.

  • N. Lee Ball
    N. Lee Ball

    Mark Martin is a class act! Still one of my favorite drivers. He raced clean and was always a threat to win. I remember when he was running a limited schedule after leaving Roush and would be leading the points race when it was time for him to turn the car over to the up and coming driver. Great mentor to young drivers!

  • Sam DeLoach
    Sam DeLoach

    I watched this from start to finish. I grew up watching Mark run against Dale Sr, Jeff Gordon in the 90s. I pulled for Dale but from watching this and learning about Mark and what he had to do to make it has changed my perspective of this man. Mark is a Man's MAN. This museum is on the bucket list for 2022. I only hope to have the privilege to meet this Hell of MAN!!! Thank you Mr. Martin for this great episode!!! BTW, these kids today have NO IDEA what it is to work on your own race car. LETS GO BRANDON!!!

  • Stephen Lancaster
    Stephen Lancaster

    Mark is just a genuine down to earth dude. What you see is what you get. That's my type of people.

    • Moly Sgtpy
      Moly Sgtpy

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  • RedBud315

    Mark Martin. One of NASCAR's classiest and kindest drivers. I remember near the end of his career them talking about how he took physical fitness to another level for drivers. He's still in great shape.

  • Grass Master
    Grass Master

    Man this video gives me the chills. Mark has always been one of my favorite Drivers. He has a personality that you will not see again. I have been watching Nascar since 1990 I was 5. And I remember the first race I watched Mark Martin won. Also that win dixie number 60 wow what a driver and a class act. Great videos man.


    WOW. Mark looks like he can still get in a car and kick some ass. He will always be my favorite of all time.

  • Jonathan Larson
    Jonathan Larson

    This was super cool to watch. I always figured most older NASCAR drivers are super cocky and don’t care to talk like this. Mark Martin is very cool, someone you could learn a lot from

    • R.J.H.L

      Actually Jonathan, one of the things I've always loved about the OG drivers is how accessible they are and how willing they are to share their stories. That's one thing that attracted me to the sport in the 90's was that even though the sport was growing in popularity, accessibility to the drivers was awesome!

    • Stapleton42

      Yeah not the case with him. He’s the man

  • Eric

    Mark is one of the most humble and genuine person you could meet.

  • Jimbo

    I remember watching Mark race as a kid at Tri-state Speedway in Fort Smith, Arkansas. I believe he won his track championship in 1977 at Tri-State.The next year 1978 Rusty Wallace won the track championship. Very good memories as a kid growing up in Arkansas.

  • Mark Robbins
    Mark Robbins

    When Mark said “I can’t remember what I had for lunch, but I remember crazy things like that”. Same. Such a humble sweet man. #LEGEND

  • Russell Club
    Russell Club

    48:20 Throwback to my favorite Martin/Roush/Valvoline paint schemes. One of the most beautiful cars to ever hit the track in my opinion.

  • Unbroken American
    Unbroken American

    A REAL CHAMPION....rusty wallace and mark martin both real old school racers. they dont make um like that anymore.

  • Jardbig

    I’ve always been a jr fan, but mark was always someone I enjoyed. The 8 year old in me is loving all of this

  • Tom Brockwell
    Tom Brockwell

    Ya know, the last time I stopped in Batesville I went to see his museum, it was incredible to see as I had never seen a nascar drivers collection before. As being from Arkansas & somewhat a nascar fan I was proud to go see a fellow Arkies accomplishments. After watching your video I was really empressed with Marks attitude & personal information he gave. Thanks for your video & revisiting his great race cars again.

  • S/V Second Chance Sailing
    S/V Second Chance Sailing

    Mark is truly one of the big guys in Nascar. He was a truly great person. I never got a chance to meet him back when I was around and that is one thing I wish I did. My father and Bobby Allison where business partners in Bobby Allison wireless and that got me into the pits and garage area and i wish I could have meet him.

  • The Big Dawg Shane Lake
    The Big Dawg Shane Lake

    Mark is truly a legend and for him to peel the curtain back is huge

    • Sam Williams
      Sam Williams

      I highly recommend his podcast. Its unbelievable how much he remembers from his early years.

    • Aaron Z
      Aaron Z

      You can truly see how much of a humble down to earth guy he is by this.

  • Fortysix N2
    Fortysix N2

    The fact that Mark rebuilt his old trailer, tells me that he’s still the same humble, hard working, blue collar man that made him my favorite driver since my first race at Rockingham in ‘90.

  • Pensfan 5919
    Pensfan 5919

    Mark Martin has slowly become one of my favorite racers of all time. My childhood was during his Hendrick and MWR days, as his career was coming to a close. Now, I have a whole new respect for Martin than just the old gunslinger I saw in the late 2000s and early 2010s. Best driver to never win a Cup, bar none. Sadly, the personable driver curse also bit his successor in the face of Roush role, Carl Edwards.

  • Mike Irwin
    Mike Irwin

    Thank you for this video. I've been a Mark Martin fan since his ASA days, and it was great to get to spend a little time with him vicariously through this video.

  • James Phelps
    James Phelps

    Mark is a class act. I remember watching races with my dad and he always rooted for Mark because he was older as well. Great content man these videos are great to capture the NASCAR history.

  • Ed Hicks
    Ed Hicks

    I was a Dale fan back in Mark’s day. It wasn’t until later I came to look back and truly appreciate Mark’s career. His podcast is awesome.

    • Mind of Matter
      Mind of Matter

      Yup, wasn't even specifically a Martin fan 20 years ago but still had nothing but respect for him. Today? I'm a huge fan AND much respect

  • Augustus Shook
    Augustus Shook

    what This is what I remember most about Mark Marten was he was always humble. I loved to watch him race. He was one of my favorite drivers. I am so glad to see these videos of him. To see the video is like seeing one of my old friends. So happy to see him doing well.

  • Steve Wagner
    Steve Wagner

    I’ve never been interested in racing until I started watching your videos. You make it very interesting and I like the fact you make more than just watching high performance vehicles racing.

  • LotusEater67

    Mark and Junior were my favorite teams when they ran at Cayuga in the early 80's. To he two of them had style ... The rest looked like they were part of a parade.

  • Rockie Collins
    Rockie Collins

    Mark is a very humble man. The way he describes the old days is bang on. Went to the Riverside road course many times and raced against those guys. Help build a car that Dave Marcus drove. You could sit on the wall and chat with Richard Petty. How it has changed. Great video.

  • Jimmie Kleintop Jr
    Jimmie Kleintop Jr

    Probably the classiest Nascar driver of all time! A true driver for the fans. Miss guys like him in the sport!

  • Clive Leslie
    Clive Leslie

    Mark martin much appreciation for you as a racer and as a person I enjoy listening and watching the program about you thank you for all that you did for the sport.

  • charlie sirigiano
    charlie sirigiano

    Mark Martin was a winning driver and the proof was when he drove HMS cars he was winning. I think if he had went to an organization like HMS he would have had a Championship.

  • Charles Collins
    Charles Collins

    Mark was and is one of my favorite drivers. Him and dale Earnhardt were my drivers. I still have his diecast cars in my office. Love the video! Keep‘em coming

  • Sgt Scowl
    Sgt Scowl

    From the U.K. Mark Martin was always my driver of choice when I was younger, a real class act, even when he lost the Bristol win by being a little impatient :) Watched the Taledaga wreck race live with a fist in my mouth, looked really bad and was happy to see him come out OK. Love the Tour and so glad Mark is showing off his accomplishments and history, would love to visit one day.

  • M J C
    M J C

    Some of my favorite memories of Mark are when he drove the DEI car and ran so good even though he was looking to retire. His white nose eagle one Thunderbird and Taurus are still a couple of my all time favorites

  • Andy Bovee
    Andy Bovee

    Mark, you were one hell of a race car driver and so humble about it all. We love and miss you Mark!!!

  • Whistle Teets
    Whistle Teets

    It still kinda hurts my heart that he didn't win a championship in the Cup Series.

  • Team Brahma
    Team Brahma

    This is absolutely killer, and to be able to walk around this with the man himself is just awesome.

  • Mark Williams
    Mark Williams

    Mark martin is one of the most laid back and nicest guys I really wish he coulda won just one championship

  • Mark Peeler
    Mark Peeler

    I always pulled for Mark Martin, hated he never won a championship, heck of a driver, 1st class guy, would love to see this in person,, great video, thanks for sharing

  • MetalDetectingMichigan

    A man of immense integrity. Mark has always been my NASCAR hero

  • JJA1987

    Now that is epically badass - Getting a tour from one of the all time best

  • stevemoran2008

    Pure GOLD! Great interview, and what a classy guy!

  • Chris R Carraher
    Chris R Carraher

    I love how Mark lights up when talking about the ramp truck and car hauler trailer. I'm sure he has a lot of great and sometimes bad memories loading up his race cars at the end of the events.

  • K Dill
    K Dill

    I watched this, and the "field trip" video. Such an awesome moment. So cool to talk to Mark Martin about his history and memories. Awesome videos man, all the content you bring!

  • Cody Ogden
    Cody Ogden

    My all time favorite driver. My father grew up loving him. I was bred into a Martin fan. Back in the Winn Dixie era

  • Tony Hollingsworth
    Tony Hollingsworth

    I was a huge fan of Mark Martin, I really enjoyed this video and I'm glad to see him doing well. I hope to meet him some time and see his museum. Great video thank you!

  • AfterBurner119

    Mark….. what a class act all the way. I just recently found the channel and I have been binge watching since. Between the NASCAR history and the beautiful Logan, it is by far one of my new favorite channels.

    • Stapleton42

      Thanks man we are glad you’re here!!

  • SkunkBOSSRC

    Such an awesome moment. Gotta love Mark Martin, I could listen to stuff like this all day long. I just love how humble and down to earth he is.

  • jim293

    Mark Martin was one of my all time favorites. I used to work with the emergency crew at Riverside International Raceway. I was on the tow trucks. After the race we went to talk to Marks crew and they had given us Strohs hats from the truck. I wore that hat out. He is a class guy.

  • Phillip Langley
    Phillip Langley

    What a awesome interview, Mark was my favorite driver of all time, I have whole lot of his die cast cars including that #2 Camaro, he was a class act driver and definitely a class act human being. I'm looking forward to more of these videos with him. Great seeing you again Mark.👍

  • B9Bot 1
    B9Bot 1

    I was a real fan of Mark Martin and Bill Elliott. Lucky to see them at Sears Point back in the day live.

  • J T
    J T

    Love listening to Mark Martin! I’ve listened to his podcast already and it’s a 10/10! Great content. Thank you! 🙏

  • Jon Snow
    Jon Snow

    Martin seems like such a nice guy shame he never won Daytona or a cup championship especially when he ran for Hendrick Motorsports late in his career.

  • Larry Buck
    Larry Buck

    Thank you so much for sharing this first hand interview. I'm from Canada and remember watching Mark run ASA at Cayuga. Running second to JR Hanley was considered a win. Mark, thank you for your time, it brought tears to my eyes and I don't know how you were able to finish this video without breaking down when you talked about you dad. Thanks again

  • Tony Downs
    Tony Downs

    Love seeing Mark Martin is doing well and what a great interview/tour.

  • David Fleishman
    David Fleishman

    Great driver and person.One of my favorites.I remember one of the races Mark lost.I think it was the Busch series,years back.Mark took the white flag.went around the track and came in on pit road to go to the winner circle.He forgot to take the checkers.Came in last.In the TV interview Ernie Ervin came in and made a comment to Mark.Stapleton42 next time you see Mark pass this one by him.LOL

  • rattdog777

    Mark is an absolute Class Act ! Being able to talk about his personal good and bad and see how it all started. The new drivers can't hold a candle to the Mark Martin's of the Nascar Scene.

  • Mike Davidson
    Mike Davidson

    Man, this is too cool. Mark Martin is a legend.

  • Devin Aschenbrenner
    Devin Aschenbrenner

    When my dad first introduced me to NASCAR I was wide eyed and in awe. I saw this White, blue and red car going around the track. This would be 1997 I was about 5ish, that car scheme had me hooked instantly. It just looked like it was flying past everything. Asked my dad who that was and was fan ever since. As I grew older I came to appreciate the actual driver behind that wheel. It was a sad day for me when he changed teams and no longer drove the number 6, but I followed him until he retired.

  • CJ Postal
    CJ Postal

    Frigging amazing. I've learned a ton the last few years about Mark's career and wish I would have known those things when I was watching him win races while I was younger. Thank you Mark for everything you've done on and off the race track, you help me be a better person by remembering the perseverance and persistence you practiced and applying those principles into everyday life as much as possible. I may never get to meet you and shake your hand but you have impacted myself and many other lives in great ways. 👍👍

  • Rick Moyer Jr
    Rick Moyer Jr

    What an interview. Loved it! Thanks for showing off Mark Martin's museum! That was awesome!