Former Golden Era NASCAR Race Shop Time Capsule: INSIDE Tour From a Crew Member! (Stavola Brothers)
The Stavola Brothers Race team founded in the early 1980's by Billy and Mickey Stavola fielded cars in the NASCAR Winston Cup Series for drivers like Bobby Hillin Jr, Bobby Allison, Dick Trickle, Jeff Burton, Sterling Marlin, Hut Stricklin, and more! Greg Peterson got a job working here in 1988 (at age 18) one week after Bobby Allison won the Daytona 500! Greg worked here until 1998 and shortly after the race team closed its doors. Now Joey Britt operates his Arrow Composites company out of this facility with A TON of the original race shop equipment still in place from its heyday!
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  • Stapleton42

    That gold Miller High Life Allison/Trickle Buick is absolutely killer looking. I think the Stavola Bros team history should be more well known than it is. What do you think?

    • alan young
      alan young

      I play nascar 04 still on ps2 made a Bobby Allison miller car his #12 car

    • De-fault! De-fault!
      De-fault! De-fault!

      We only got a few years of Miller High Life liveries before Miller decided to focus on MGD with their racing sponsorships in 1990, but the gold High Life livery looked good on everything, whether it was a Porsche 962 or a Penske Indy car or a NASCAR Buick.

    • Ron Peterson
      Ron Peterson

      I think bud Moore

    • Ryan Sheehan
      Ryan Sheehan

      Some of my earliest memories involve being a little kid and loving the paint scheme on Hut Stricklin’s Circuit City car.

    • Wes Lungwitz
      Wes Lungwitz

      Trickle was my hero. That 84 car was the highlight of my racing childhood. Had a chance to buy an old chassis with the door, roof, front grille in it a few years back but couldn't make the trip. Still kicking myself. 😢

  • Landon Thompson
    Landon Thompson

    Dude the easter eggs you find are timeless!! Every old Cup series shop should be falling over themselves to have you visiting them.

    • Landon Thompson
      Landon Thompson

      @Stapleton42 i bet sometimes you have to pinch yourself to ensure that this is real! I for sure look forward to the next installment.

    • Stapleton42

      One video at a time more doors are opened! Thanks man 💪🏻

  • TanDawg58

    Cool that the new owner was nice enough to allow this. He could have been a total tool and said no. He seems to have an appreciation for the piece of history that he owns.

    • Steve Anderson
      Steve Anderson

      Exactly what I was going to comment. You can tell even though it’s his now, he has a lot of respect for what was there before him.

    • Stapleton42

      He absolutely does. Joey is a cool dude

  • dave fuge jr
    dave fuge jr

    I worked at Stavola Bros. in '94. It was great to see Greg doing the tour, I can't think of anyone better. What a great walk down memory lane. Thank you guys!

  • Jared Richardson
    Jared Richardson

    The stories these race shops hold are amazing. Thanks as always Stapleton

    • Stapleton42

      Thanks for watching Jared 💪🏻

  • Greg Peterson
    Greg Peterson

    Mitchell and Logan thanks again for letting me be a part of this awesome video. It brought back so many memories. It was almost hard to stay focused.😂. All the drivers we had there I became friends with. Keep up the great work guys. And your closing remarks were spot on!!

    • Stapleton42

      Thank you Greg! We’re very grateful for the opportunity to do this 💪🏻

  • J D Shanahan
    J D Shanahan

    These Nascar history tour type videos ate becoming my favorite. I like all kinds of racing but this nadcar history stuff is way interesting man. Thanks for the content.

    • J D Shanahan
      J D Shanahan

      @sykwookiee all good man. I laughed when i realized too.

    • sykwookiee

      And the boys that ran it had big ol' nads... sorry man, had to...

    • Stapleton42

      Thanks dude 💪🏻

  • Greg D
    Greg D

    Love the history. I Like the Trickle content. He had the 8 car sideways through an entire turn on one of the big tracks during a cup race. People just don't do that. In the interview he said "I wasn't getting passed, and wasn't catching anyone so I tried to pick up the pace. "

  • Alex C741
    Alex C741

    Thanks Mitchell and Logan just what I need with a couple of beers on a Saturday evening,I’m addicted to all this history I could sit for hours listening to all these stories absolutely love it!!! Keep up the excellent work can’t wait for the next one!! Keeps that history alive let’s not forget it 🤘🏻🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿

    • Stapleton42

      Thanks dude 💪🏻

  • Danny Rusch
    Danny Rusch

    This kinda took me back hearing about Dick Trickle cause when I was a small boy he was my favorite driver at Slinger , great times hanging out with my uncle Dave at the short track

    • Rick Roth
      Rick Roth

      Just scrolling through IRglo and seen the photo with Trickle in it and clicked and after the video I subscribed, great content man.

  • Jamie Hess
    Jamie Hess

    Omg that tour was awesome, to have an original employee to help decipher the past with the shop put it to a new level. You have put out some great videos but the old shop videos are so amazing. I've been a NASCAR fan since the mid 80s, specifically Mark Martin. You are part of the solution and the documentation of the old shops needs to happen before there is no more evidence of the past. Thank you for what you do and can't wait for the next shop tour.

    • Stapleton42

      Thanks Jamie that’s exactly what we are out to do 💪🏻 one spot at a time

  • DaytonaFunTim

    "Mitch and Logan: The Paul Harvey of NASCAR." Once they visit, you always know the rest of the story! Another classic video!! Have you considered posting the full visit video, then cutting it into smaller videos and posting those too (maybe in between shop visits?) I prefer the full videos myself, but just like Cup races, some folks have shorter attention spans. Thanks again!

  • Totally Hucked Garage
    Totally Hucked Garage

    This might be my favorite video of yours so far! I’m a huge vintage NASCAR nerd, it’s so cool to trace the history and even cooler that this building is still used for racing stuff. I don’t really watch NASCAR anymore but I did religiously as a kid with my dad. I’m 33 so I’m fascinated with the same eras y’all are. Keep up these videos, they’re awesome!

  • GG Buck
    GG Buck

    Keep pumping this history out Mitchell. Love this stuff.

  • Stinky Britches
    Stinky Britches

    Still heartbroken for Hut Stricklen’s loss at Darlington in 96. That was his race

  • Screamn03

    Love the history and that you’re doing it live in the places where it happened.

  • Joseph Gooch
    Joseph Gooch

    It just brings a smile to your face seeing someone remembering such cool experiences in life. such cool guys keep up the bad ass content. This is the reason that such cool history will not be forgotten.

    • Stapleton42

      Thanks Joseph. It was a really good feeling to watch Greg light up when he remembered something

  • Darrell Ferguson
    Darrell Ferguson

    Just recently found your channel...Being a teenager in the late 18's and early 90's i was a HUGE Dale Earnhardt fan...I stopped watching NASCAR Feb 19th 2001.... I was devastated....I LOVE the history you provide.. The REAL history and the REAL way NASCAR was in the heyday....Before it got all crazy corporate and the regular guy could get in...

  • Zacha246

    Continually impressed with your awesome documentation and exploration of these old places. This is history and it should be celebrated and treasured. I got goosebumps thinking about Bobby Allison’s Pocono car being up in the storage space. Sometimes I feel weird being so interested in nascar stories that happened before I was even born but I am glad to see there are people of my generation that still care about Nascar history. I love this stuff and am so thankful you do videos like this!! I would love to see the old DEI deer head shop explored someday. Bill and Elliott’s shop in Dawsonville and Junior Johnson’s old shop outside of Wilkesboro would also be cool to see.

  • Not your Daddy
    Not your Daddy

    Loved it Mitchell! Surprised there weren't commercials. His gears were turning and that's cool that you helped bring back part of his history as well. I need that smoker!

    • Stapleton42

      Thanks man!

  • Clay Nesbit
    Clay Nesbit

    These videos could literally be about anything and I’d watch it. It’s the passion for the subject matter that the people you have on and y’all have that I enjoy.

    • Stapleton42

      Thanks Clay I’m glad you see that 💪🏻

  • Tato Poste
    Tato Poste

    Thanks again for more history. You're all doing a great job for keeping it 💯. I'll never tired of thanking you for this opportunity. Nothing but best wishes for you and Logan.

    • Stapleton42

      Thank you Tato we appreciate you!

  • Robert Schoeffling
    Robert Schoeffling

    That was great! Stapleton , from Wisconsin,the Trickle stuff is awesome, I've met him several times at Slinger, Milwaukee, 9 years ago on the 16 the of may he took his life, people still can't get over it up here,I will be attending the Memorial in Rudolph Wi on May 22, thanks for the videos

    • Stapleton42

      You’re welcome Robert. Glad to have you on the team

  • mark croote
    mark croote

    What a great time, loved watching this and some of your other videos. Dude I live about five miles from this shop and I never knew what this place was til your other video that you had. Wow what a tour felt like I was there with you. Love your passion for the history and the sport . Watching stuff like this make me feel young again. Thanks for all your hard work. You got robbed on your go cart video. You should go slap the sh*t out of the guy who hit you and broke your chain. Also flipping the other guy too. Oh when he wakes up from you hitting him slap him again. Sorry just had to say it. Thanks again

    • Stapleton42

      😂 thanks man

  • Jonathan Phipps
    Jonathan Phipps

    I always did love the Circuit City cars that Hut Stricklin would drive for the Stavolas. So cool to see this shop! Greg mentioned 2000........I know Bobby Hillin's Busch series team worked out of this shop too. Was Greg a part of it?

    • James Hilliard
      James Hilliard

      I worked for Circuit City early 90's to 2000. We always joked that Stricklin's car should have Circuit City on the under sided of it. Seeing it seemed to always be crashed.

    • Stapleton42

      I don’t know actually

  • Rick Lopatic
    Rick Lopatic

    Absolutely awesome videos man. Love the history behind the teams.

  • Gent Jim
    Gent Jim

    I loved the part with the Dick Trickle memories. Watched him as a kid in Wisconsin before he went down south. Guys up here were way more than drivers, they had to build a lot of their own stuff, set it up, and win to pay bills. In his heyday he could race 5 nights a week and make more money than a cup driver. And the long winters left alot of time to build and learn everything about chassis setup and engines. He would even race snowmobiles too! A true legend.

  • Mike Honcho
    Mike Honcho

    I will forever watch these nascar history videos, alot of good stories have been told through all your videos so thank you for your time Mitchell and keep bringing us this content when you can

  • James Hilliard
    James Hilliard

    Amazing video. Keep these coming. History is what it's all about. Also like said before that new building owner is a top notch person for allowing you to show this to everyone.

  • Jim Lancaster
    Jim Lancaster

    Awesome video! Having Greg and the owner guiding the tour was great. Loved the Trickle stories! Keep up the good work!

  • bobby lowery
    bobby lowery

    Awesome content. I absolutely love being able to get a tour of these old race shops but really liked having a tour guide that worked there. I think it was Awesome to have Greg talk about working there and his stories. Keep it up guys, you are doing a great job a of helping preserve the history of Nascar.

  • Duke Nukem
    Duke Nukem

    Great video, I remember when these cars were on track. Such a great backstory, and it really takes me back to those days. They seem like yesterday, not thirty some years ago.

  • michael caraway
    michael caraway

    It's so much oral history that you are capturing that makes this important. The one off's like Morgan McClure in Abington, VA or Junior Johnson in Wilksboro NC that could be most interesting if any of it still exists.

    • Mark G
      Mark G

      When these guys are gone their memories and knowledge pass with them. Only way to keep it alive is to sit and listen. But life gets busy. I thank God for the folks immortalizing those convos on IRglo for us to absorb any time

    • SLDSnakeX66

      Glad I'm not the only one to mention Morgan McClure, just had a thought about maybe visiting DWs shop he had with the 17 car?

    • Stapleton42

      Working on both of those! Stay tuned

  • Anthony Planas
    Anthony Planas

    Amazing and super cool I love these videos that tell the stories behind the history. Keep up the good work. My railroad career started when i was young like you 30 years ago. and now I get to tell stories of my history. Keep up the good work .it's good to see someone of your generation interested in history. My hat's off too you can't wait to see the next one.

  • dave thomas
    dave thomas

    love what your doing, so wonderful to see a young man like yourself interested in this older nascar stuff, in my opinion these were the times that built nascar, the absolute best period for the sport, keep up the great work! Thank You

    • Stapleton42

      Couldn't agree more!

  • Cody Capps
    Cody Capps

    Thanks for all your hard work on these shop tours.

  • Chase Shepard
    Chase Shepard

    Seeing how happy Greg was is awesome. I got to meet him a few years back at a gas station. If I didn’t have to leave I’m pretty sure he woulda talked all day about racing

  • Travis Taylor
    Travis Taylor

    Keep it it up brother, I really enjoy watching all of your videos. I've been a gear head/ nascar fan since the early 90's and enjoy seeing all of the history! Thanks for sharing

  • Arthur Fricchione
    Arthur Fricchione

    The videos are great. It’s midnight and I’ve watched the whole video and will watch everyone. I grew up during the era of everything your showing. Todays racing will never compare to the past. Goodnight guys. 🇺🇸🏁

  • Kevin Honeycutt
    Kevin Honeycutt

    Thank You Both for making these. This is the nascar I care about, the modern version doesn't like the old fans.

  • gparrow

    The Stavola Brothers team was my favorite when I first started getting into NASCAR, one of my favorite memories was Bobby Hillin Jr in the Snickers Buick at the Pepsi 400 in 1990, he nearly won the race but spun on pit road from the lead. The team always seemed like they were just on the cusp of being a top tier team but just couldn't quite get there after Bobby Allison's crash.

  • Heath Blanchard
    Heath Blanchard

    Y’all do a great job with this page. I love watching these videos of the two of you finding all this Nascar history and to have someone that actually worked there walking you through it made it that much more cool. Keep up the good work.

  • Joe Biden Is Not My President
    Joe Biden Is Not My President

    I'm just hoping one day I see a notification that you got to tour Dale Jr's car graveyard. That will be probably one of your biggest videos to date if you can get that setup. Keep on digging! Your hitting vintage NASCAR gold right now.

  • Firemanfred

    Absolutely killing it with this series. Keep up the great content. Back when nascar is worth watching.

  • Jeffery Heagle jr
    Jeffery Heagle jr

    Absolutely amazing 🤗 I love the old school stuff. Really shows how it used to be can't wait for the next one. Loving it from fort Wayne Indiana.

  • MultiCharvel

    Thank you to the owner. I never met him but am a cousin of Trickle's and was hoping there'd be a story about him. I love the racing history, you are doing an excellent job with these. Keep it up.

  • Tyler Wise
    Tyler Wise

    This was one of my favorite videos yet. The exterior of the race shops peaked the intrigue, this took it over the top.Having Greg's insight of the way it was was awesome. Felt like I was on an official tour. Well done.

  • Motorcoach Tech
    Motorcoach Tech

    Thank you Mitchell for the history lesson, and keeping this history alive.

  • rebelracing88

    Awesome video man. Love seeing these old shops and the working history behind NASCAR’s glory days.

  • Keith Billiot
    Keith Billiot

    Another great video by you and Logan love these NASCAR history videos you have been doing. Keep up the good work Sir and Mam.

  • RoadKingRyder

    Very Cool. Love seeing these videos of the old Nascar when it was the greatest auto racing in the world,and hearing the stories from the people who were there making it happen. Keep up the great work!

    • Stapleton42

      Thanks dude!

  • TheZmt325

    I absolutely love these videos. Keep up the good work man!!

    • Stapleton42

      Thanks man we will!!

  • John Highfill
    John Highfill

    Man I love watching these videos. So much history. Great job. Love it.

  • bryan lippard
    bryan lippard

    I love going back in time to bring back so many great memories. I would love to go to some of these shops.

  • Sean Tyler
    Sean Tyler

    I appreciate the content. I started watching NASCAR back in the late 70s so it’s cool to see the history.

  • Thomas

    During those years, NASCAR was so much better to go to and watch on tv. I know others will say it went downhill after 2001.

  • Srb Man
    Srb Man

    Buddy & Budet, you give the best tour's, keep up the good work!!!

  • Quartrmile MOPAR
    Quartrmile MOPAR

    My favorite shop tour yet! Greg did a fantastic job giving the tour! Keep up the great work.

  • Gabe Nieto
    Gabe Nieto

    I loved this video as a 2000s kid I never got to live through 80s and 90s nascar but after watching yalls videos I feel like I lived it. Keep up the great work and I will buy some merch! eventually. I'm broke lol

  • Justy - FXLRST Charlotte
    Justy - FXLRST Charlotte

    Thanks for the virtual tour! Such a badass shop. I'll always wish I could go see stuff like this myself, but this is by far the next best thing.

  • Race Fan
    Race Fan

    This videos are something we never knew we needed! Thanks for your work and your true love for this incredible sport! These tours shows the real people and storys behind those cars and races.

  • Graeme Randall
    Graeme Randall

    Loving these old shop tour’s and stories awesome stuff can’t wait to see more. You are doing a valuable job saving the history of one of your countries biggest and oldest sports. 👏👌👍😎🇦🇺

  • ShawdowsAndDust

    Man, you are living a dream that I and I'm sure a lot of others wish they could live. Very thankful that you do these videos because I absolutely love the 80's era of Nascar. I find the people, the cars, the tracks- everything just fascinating. For me 80s NASCAR was as good as it gets. Thanks again for doing these videos.

  • pjlcc14

    Hey Petey!!!!!! Brings back good memories man!!!! You one of the best ever, on the set-up plate!!!

  • Jesse Potts
    Jesse Potts

    So fuggin cool to see how all of this is connected. Looking forward to see how it develops.

  • sledrelics

    These old shops are so cool. Its so crazy to even think you could win the Daytona 500 hundred out of a place like this.The bad lighting and maze like small rooms not like todays corporate sponsored mega shops. Awesome series.

    • Stapleton42

      Thanks dude. Great point. It’s wild to think about

  • thirdeyevision11

    Watching his face as the memories came back was great. He would say something as he remembered and then walk over and there's evidence of what he's saying. Freakin awesome.

    • Stapleton42

      Spot on man

  • Joe Miranda
    Joe Miranda

    Your channel is awesome man! Love these videos. So much interesting history and things I am learning through so many stories. Hope you can keep doing this for a long time. I turn off my ad blocker when I watch your vids to support your channel. Going to share your channel with some other Nascar nerds :P God Bless man!

    • Stapleton42

      Thank you Joe!! That means a lot

  • Brett Miller
    Brett Miller

    These are the best videos on IRglo, great trips down memory lane from the best era of Nascar.

    • Stapleton42

      Thanks Brett we appreciate you 💪🏻

  • Tahoe's & Turbo's
    Tahoe's & Turbo's

    Another awesome video buddy! Ya know I will admit, as much as I love your videos, its when you take that few mins outside the video and talk about life. Keep it coming man and I cant wait to see what you uncover next! 🤘❤🍻

  • Matt Shaffer
    Matt Shaffer

    Love your videos. Appreciate what you do! It’s really cool to see all of this awesome history. I was at the coke 600 when Jeff Gordon won his first race. I also remember going to see some of the shops. I was in 5th grade at the time. It’s really cool to see them how they are today with your videos

  • snowblindburd

    Another great video! I love seeing all those memories come back to whoever you have guiding you in the video. Even cooler when y'all find old artifacts in the nooks and crannies of the shops :D.

    • Stapleton42

      It’s so awesome! Thanks man

  • Kirk Wilson
    Kirk Wilson

    Mickey and Billy were the best guys anyone could work for. I have been in those buildings many times and use to have all the keys to all those buildings and to all their shops in NJ. Did you know both Mickey and Billy were Ice Boat racers themselves.

    • Stapleton42

      That’s awesome lol. I did know they raced boats too

  • Rebeldryver's Garage
    Rebeldryver's Garage

    Thanks for these tours of NASCAR history. Even though I cannot get into that racing today, I really like seeing the history back when I first started watching NASCAR. You guys are lucky that you can support yourselves with this channel. I am still doing the day job and trying to get videos out.

  • Haworth Lowell
    Haworth Lowell

    Another good one. Enjoying all of them, keep it up, looking foward to the next one.

  • Screamn03

    Love the history and that you’re doing it live in the places where it happened.

    • Stapleton42

      Thanks dude we appreciate you!!

  • J B
    J B

    I loved to hear him reminiscing about Dick Trickle. I was fortunate to be around him and his team in the ASA and Artgo days when I was growing up. He was truly a legend and I miss him. As a suggestion, I would like to see a segment on Alan Kulwicki's first shop that he rented from Dennis Frings. Thank you for all of your videos!

  • James Moore
    James Moore

    It was so cool to hear Greg talk about Dick Trickle. I was kid in the 70s and Trickle was racing supper stocks , his mustang was bad ass.

  • Ritch Todd
    Ritch Todd

    I’m on a run watching through your videos. Loving them! Thank you for doing these

    • Stapleton42

      Thanks Todd!!

  • Tom P
    Tom P

    Another great video. Lots of artifacts from it's Nascar history and great stories. You are definately part of the solution. Good history and nicely filmed.