Rusty Wallace Shows Us His Personal Office & Custom Motorcycle Shop! (Southern Country Customs)
Have you ever wondered what Rusty Wallace is doing these days? You will know after watching this video! Rusty and Steven Wallace are in here co running @Southern Country Customs building these insane custom Harley Davidson motorcycles. Steven even does all powder coating in house inside this super neat cargo trailer shop addition. We get to see some of Rusty's favorite trophies in his office and hear some about the golden era NASCAR days. In the next video we head down to the former Blue Max Racing building where he has not been since 1991! Big thanks to @Kenny Wallace for helping these videos come together!
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  • Earnit3

    Great to see Rusty and Steven's business thriving. It's obvious they love what they do. Rusty Wallace hasn't aged at all and still irons his jeans. After watching this maybe I can forgive him now for retiring before his time. #legend #bluedeuce

  • Cameron Lindner
    Cameron Lindner

    Dude I cannot get enough of this NASCAR content! Its nice to know that I'm not the only NASCAR history nerd! Thank you!

    • Stapleton42

      Thanks dude we’re glad you’re here!

  • gac914

    Another GREAT video! The Wallace brothers (and Rusty's sons,) all seem to have the same really friendly and overall nice attitude - all loving what they do and respectful of it! And again, you two do great interviews, with really interesting questions! Can't wait for the Blue Max episode!! 👍👍🙏🙏

    • E I
      E I

      Rusty is awesome. Miss seeing him racing in NASCAR

    • Jacob Cronan
      Jacob Cronan

      Except for that time Mike Wallace said Bubba Wallace should be dragged behind a truck?

  • John LaClair
    John LaClair

    Rusty helping Steven build bikes is easier on the budget than owning Steven’s race cars. Glad to see they are doing well.

  • StratoLesTele

    Man, Rusty is one helluva Dad. His love and support for his kids is easy to see. Rusty - making absolutely sure that his kids are set and taken care of. Of course, as is always the case, mom's the real reason for all.

  • Evan Williams
    Evan Williams

    Its good to see Rusty and Steven doing so well with their motorcycle business. Wasn't a fan of Rusty's back in the day but as he progressed through his later career, I respected his achievements and his business knowledge and his leadership in the sport, he knew more about the car setups more than most and he had a hand in a lot of that. Great to see Rusty doing something with his sons, I remember hearing him in an interview in the 2005 Daytona 500 pre-race, that he always wanted to enjoy what Dale Earnhardt didn't get to enjoy which was time with his family in his career after racing and this motorcycle business is their deal to for them to do that.

  • Ernest

    Great to see Rusty happy, enjoying life with his family and friends.

  • dewboy13

    As someone who lost their dad when I was 23, seeing a father and son have such a fantastic relationship, makes me miss my pops and the times we had. I'm so happy for them to be able to keep sharing those experiences together. Very heartwarming.

    • dewboy13

      @Stephen Bowden you too buddy. A good reason to take care of ourselves, so we can share life with our kiddos as long as possible. Sorry for your loss at such a young age

    • Stephen Bowden
      Stephen Bowden

      My dad an I were inseparable we had so much fun together. The crazy thing was him an my step dad were best friends not just in front of me but like back to back them against the world. He was taken from me when I was 12. I see dad's like rusty with his sons an think about how it could have been. So I know the pain is horrible. I still have my step dad an he is awesome it's just different because he works in the mill 7 days a week. Where my dad even took me to the shop or on the tow truck because it was his. Anyway sorry for rambling I'm sorry for your loss an God Bless..

  • julie langeberg
    julie langeberg

    Super video! Love seeing the passion people have and learning their story. Thank you for taking us along for the ride. Cant wait for part 2.

  • RebelRacer99

    Man, I've seen some sweet bikes b4 but DAMN, these are on a whole different level!! Thanks for showing this to the world, keep up the awesomeness guys.

  • T B
    T B

    I’ve always loved Rusty!! Great to see him and family are doing well.

  • Gerry Faught
    Gerry Faught

    Your getting great access to the older guys I would have never thought Rusty Wallace would do an interview. Those guys were Nascar at it's best miss them including the cars.

    • Stapleton42

      thanks man!

  • Dont ask
    Dont ask

    Another great job. Love these interviews. Keep em coming! 👍

  • jsaiv photography
    jsaiv photography

    All these videos/documentaries of the drives and teams really take your viewers down memory lane. Keep up the great work in bringing us these stories.

  • Bob Staats
    Bob Staats

    Again...Mitch and Logan thanks for this vid. Ill be looking for the vid where you visit the old Blue Max shop. I was there when Iron Horse Auctions held a sale. Picked up a variety of pieces but the most interesting thing was...I noticed two charts on a wall (one from 89 and other from 90 season)...had qual motor record, speed notes, etc...also race motor records fin8sh and comments. I figured they were Barry Dodson's charts. Iron Horse had not tagged them and when we got to that room I asked...auctioneer slapped stickers on them and started biddung. I bought them both ( I dont think others knew what they were, many there just hard core racers looking for parts...JD McDuffie was there, Buddy Baker, etc...). Anyway, a friend got me into a press conference before a Dirt ROC special noght at a local track...Rusty, Kenny, Geoff, Harry, etc there...I took them and showed them to Rusty ( he immediately exclained " These are Barry's notes !" ) and offered him them to keep ( thought maybe he would like to have them). He very graciously autographed them a told me to keep them. Ill try to send you pics of them...some great notes...especially from that 89 Cup Championship season. Thanks again !

    • Russell Holt
      Russell Holt

      Great story very cool, sure RWW got a kick out of that

    • Stapleton42

      That’s awesome! Would love to see that

  • LetFreedomRing🇺🇸

    This is awesome. The Wallace’s hold a special place in my ❤️ especially Rusty. So glad to see him happy!!

  • Rear Engine Shop
    Rear Engine Shop

    Back when I subscribed years ago because of the Escalade I never imagined you would be doing this. Totally amazing and I love every video. You guys need to go check out the hall of fame for sure! Thanks for the entertainment and education guys!


    Hey Mitch & Logan! Think I've told you before. Absolutely enjoy your channel and connecting with all the legends. Talk about doing something you enjoy! You're doing it and doing it well. Rusty! wowits cool to see what he's doing now. Looking forward to the next video.

  • Jeff Bergen
    Jeff Bergen

    Another excellent video Mitch! So glad to see Rusty and his sons doing well and enjoying life after racing. Rusty was my favorite back in the day and though I'm not a motorcycle guy, the stuff they build is incredible. Thanks for the tour!

    • Stapleton42

      Thanks Jeff!

  • Kerry Hickman
    Kerry Hickman

    Excellent video as always! I love hearing about the history of racing & where & what a lot of these guys are doing now. Thanks for all the hard work y'all do for us to be able to see these!

  • Randy Siler
    Randy Siler

    Back in the day Rusty was one of the drivers I pulled for. Awesome to see him and his family doing well. I would love to do what they are doing. I own three Harley’s and love to ride.

  • Jeremy Walsh
    Jeremy Walsh

    This is the shop tour I’ve been waiting for! I’ve followed RW since his ASA days. When Rusty retired it changed NASCAR forever. Great Video guys!

  • dwayne vanderwel
    dwayne vanderwel

    Awesome video! The bikes and trailer & operation are incredible. I own a construction business with my dad, so hearing how they run it as family and still separate as a business was cool.

  • Ramon Torres
    Ramon Torres

    That is so cool the work and craftsmanship you guys do .I love Harley-Davidson also I'm into modifying and custom work myself I really enjoy working on my toys .good luck in your new journey

  • Cory Klabunde
    Cory Klabunde

    Thanks Mitch and Logan for yet again another awesome video showing off some cool stuff with some cool people 😎 this content will never get old! 👏

  • Bus Nut Biker
    Bus Nut Biker

    As a life long biker... this is one of my favorite videos that you've done. good job you two.

    • Stapleton42

      Thanks dude!

  • Jeremiah Johnson
    Jeremiah Johnson

    I always wonder what anyone like him does after they get done driving. Very well rounded series you got going on here. I can tell how much more comfortable you guys are getting talkking to these anchors of american racing. I watch till the end every video.

  • Greg Lewellen
    Greg Lewellen

    It’s so great to see Steven grow as a person. Lost my father when I was 24 yrs old and I feel I missed out on a opportunity to have a great relationship with him as we both grew older.

  • txrankin5

    Glad to see Rusty and Steven doing something they love. Great video, keep 'em coming!!!

  • Graeme Randall
    Graeme Randall

    Definitely a behind the scenes at the hall of fame would be awesome. Another great video love seeing what all these legends of the sport are up to awesome. 👌👍👏🏁🇦🇺🏆Those bikes are just beautiful very talented great to see family working together 👏

  • Raymond Chapman
    Raymond Chapman

    Rusty has always been a perfectionist, that's why his office is so clean and the shop. That is one reason his race car was always one of the sharpest, cleanest cars at the track.

  • 𝐉m•𝐊ɇ𝙽ƞɏ→🜲

    Kenny is turning out to be one hell of a resource... You two are crushing it!

    • Stapleton42

      Kenny and Mark Martin are the dudes thats for sure

  • Kendall Kilgore
    Kendall Kilgore

    Very cool! Rusty was a regular here and a track champion back in the last 70's. Tri-State Speeday in Pocola OK. Cool to hear they will be at Bikes Blue and BBQ this year in Fayetteville.

  • Scott Mulrooney
    Scott Mulrooney

    Thanks so much for this series of videos. Rusty is one of the main reasons I was drawn to NASCAR at an early age. Watching him and his family come up in racing.

  • Linda Zeigler
    Linda Zeigler

    What a beautiful shop! Those bikes are insane!

  • KCadbyRacing

    Very cool, I didn't know Rusty is into bikes like this👍 I do understand people loving these bikes but I've always preferred going Stupid Quick/Fast (for WAY cheaper) so I have always bought, built, tuned and raced 'metric bikes'. With that said, I also got to run 7.40s at 176+mph 1/4 mile on a methanol, turbo HD that was only 104cid (25 years ago)...

  • 4113N 5
    4113N 5

    Boy, you sure set the hook and reeled me in with this particular upload. Sweet, thanks! That Pro Street at 13:25 lQQked like the bike that I put together. It was stretched and raked a total of 50 degrees with a 330mm rear and fully show polished 130ci El Bruto. Too much to list here.

  • Ervin Michalak
    Ervin Michalak

    Hey Rusty great to see these cool bikes . I worked for a custom paint shop for 14 years til close . So I do know all the hard work that goes in to all those bikes. From Wisconsin 🤘keep the rubber on the road . ✌️😁

  • robert stapleton
    robert stapleton

    Great video, I'm now a Rusty Wallace fan 🙂 never thought I would ever say that . The process or method of taking a stock bike and customizing IMHO is the way to go. Compare and contrast the Wallace's Southern Country Customs with the now (I believe) defunct Orange County Choppers. The key word in that comparison is Ridability. While SCC is not producing so called "choppers", they're doing again IMHO the better conversion/customization offering a bike you could take and ride anywhere. Could you imagine attempting to ride one of these "anywhere" and how far do you think you could go? -----> I have a 2002 Ultra Classic. The 1st thing I changed/added (besides chrome & Screamin Eagle Exhaust)) was a Road Zepplin seat (has adjustable air cushions). If you never rode a HD stock seat for say longer than an hour you know why the term "Iron Butt" was coined. Thanks Mitch. Logan, and to the Wallaces 🙂

    • robert stapleton
      robert stapleton

      @Stapleton42 Ya, not to mention the future value, the OCC profiled in the link above originally sold for $80K--it was bought for $8k--not a good investment on multiple fronts.

    • Stapleton42

      I agree completely. Their builds are practical and useable. The chopper stuff to me is just goofy looking lol

  • Preposterous Walrus
    Preposterous Walrus

    cool video, I now can appreciate custom bikes more. I seen a "speaker" bike the other day at the gas station and it was sick.

  • David Bogard
    David Bogard

    This is AWESOME! Love Rusty, best racer IMO .... and cool new gig he has. Thank you so much for getting this on video for us. And thank you Rusty for doing this for your fans :) Oh and the T-Shirt you sent me is super cool, getting lots of comments about it. If you do not have a Stapleton42 T-Shirt, Buy one! Very high quality and cool designs on the merch, buy you some ;)

    • Stapleton42

      Thank you David!!

  • Grizzly

    Awesome Good to see everyone is happy & life is thriving. You find a Grove in life & this is so cool That family is doing this. Strong bond. I own a big matco Rusty tool box I work as a Auto Technician at a dealership in South Florida. I'm so happy to see this video So glad Rusty & family is healthy & strong work ethic. There customer satisfaction is 100% loyalty. Keep up the good work & videos You are reaching out to so many Love this.

  • Ron Jon
    Ron Jon

    Great video/ interview ! I've been a Rusty Wallace fan since his ASA / Arca days . Good to see they are still having fun.

  • stinkybeagle

    ....and Rusty did not mention Blue Emu?! This is a fantastic piece. Thanks you to Rusty and his son for all of their time and thanks Mitch for doing this. Great Qs, great conversations by everyone.

  • Luke37

    never seen Rusty and Steven so happy makes a great video and these guys know what they're doing .🏁66🏁👍

  • Geno Salvati
    Geno Salvati

    Fun part at the end where Steven gets a chance to show off his trophies and dad just lets him shine. Thanks guys!

  • Kurt Foulke
    Kurt Foulke

    Two of my favorite things, Harley Davidson & the Wallace Family. I worked with Mike & after the races, Rusty was very generous with Miller Brewing Company's beer 🍺 This fall I'm getting some dirt time with Brother Kenny. Most people don't realize how good of a racer Rusty was - ASA to Cup. 55 Winston Cup point race wins - 9 from Bristol

  • Arthur Fricchione
    Arthur Fricchione

    That was one very very cool video. It’s something I would of never seen if not for you guys putting all of this together. It’s like watching Rusty and Stephen at the track all over again. Thanks for sharing and putting it all together 🇺🇸😊

    • Stapleton42

      Our pleasure!

  • John Snow
    John Snow

    Yes!!!! The hall of fame will be epic backstage tour!!! That's awesome he didn't trash his stuff. So many drivers like Darrell Waltrip just junked or gave away everything and it's lost to history 😩

  • Rusty Wells
    Rusty Wells

    I'm really proud of Rusty letting Steven take the lead and run with it because all the years that I've known Rusty he always was the guy driving the boat and the thing about Rusty was his way was 99 percent of the time the right way and I mean he would be working on the his car and doing the entire setup form the rear end gear to the engine that's something you don't see in Nascar now a days hell even when Rusty was racing there was just a handful of guys that did that back then!

  • Larry Johnson
    Larry Johnson

    I am so glad to see them doing something they love and making money at it. I could tell Rusty misses racing, but he loves working with his son. Doesn't' get any better than that.

  • Jason Frank
    Jason Frank

    great video, never was a Rusty fan but respected his racing, kind of like kyle video and glad to see they are doing well for themselves

  • Brush it off
    Brush it off

    Fricken awesome man, I enjoyed this! Thank you both & keen for the next one cheers

  • Donald Halls
    Donald Halls

    Excellent show great coverage, all the best to you and your loved ones

  • Jamie Hess
    Jamie Hess

    You always seem to know the perfect questions to ask I'm glad you did this because I always wondered what happened to Rusty and Steven that blue bike next to Stevens looks like something from Tron

  • Greg Simon
    Greg Simon

    Awesome tour guys, Steven was a very underrated driver trying so hard to live up to his dads reputation which we all know is pretty tough when Rusty was one of the best. Thanks Mitchell and Logan.

    • Greg Simon
      Greg Simon

      @Kurt Foulke Exactly right, he has tons of talent and he’s a really good person. I’m glad he and his dad are so damn happy and loving what they are doing.

    • Kurt Foulke
      Kurt Foulke

      Steven came through about the time that it just became too damn expensive to operate a team. He was always a contender to win and fun to watch but, also had a huge target on his back.

  • Will badger badger
    Will badger badger

    Oh hell yeah! Love all your content but the behind the scenes stuff especially and you are with my favourite driver ever today! Thanks so much for sharing your world with us. Just came from Herman’s IRglo channel haha!

  • Skull8Ranger

    Rusty was my favorite after the King retired & its great to see what he's up to these days. Just found your videos last summer & I've really enjoyed them a lot, keep up the great work!

    • Stapleton42

      Thanks man we are glad you're here!

  • Tom P
    Tom P

    Great video. Nice to see Rusty is doing well and working with family like that. The Wallace clan seem like nice people.

  • Brandon Berrier
    Brandon Berrier

    Rusty is awesome. I would love to see these guys come up to Thunder on the Strip in Geneva Ohio, like a mini Sturgis.

  • Telecasteroil

    Loving these Street Bikes 🏍 👌 Rusty and Southern Country Customs ,Rock Great Video Mitchell and Logan

  • rileycalvin69

    I never knew Rusty had a custom bike shop. Awesome story as always. Keep doing what you do. 👍👍

  • Quartrmile MOPAR
    Quartrmile MOPAR

    Not much of a bike guy. But i can definetly appreciate the passion Rusty and Steven have for this.

  • Rail Stalker Adventures
    Rail Stalker Adventures

    It is so awesome to see that Rusty and his guys are doing something that they are so passionate about. Awesome stuff, Mitch. Hope you and Logan have a great day and stay blessed, cochise!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Bill Gideon
    Bill Gideon

    Rusty Wallace is still a class act !! I’ve always have been a fan !!!

  • Vlad Impaler
    Vlad Impaler

    Someday I'm gonna have Rusty and Steve build me a bike, just waiting on that lucky lottery ticket 🤞

  • dtlusk24

    Holy crap!!! This is awesome, back in the day I couldn't stand Wallace after he bumper my boy waltrip out at the Winston All Star. But as I grew older he's a very good person for the sport even post behind the wheel. Great pull for this one bruhh

  • Doug Frederick
    Doug Frederick

    Great video as always. Cool to see some of the old nascar stuff that you guys show. I was up in Mooreville last week.

    • Stapleton42

      Thanks Doug!

  • Team Brahma
    Team Brahma

    Yoooo. This is cool. Rusty hasn't aged a bit it seems. They're building some sweet rides, glad to see the business thriving. To answer your question about "should the we ask the hall of fame let us see Rusty's collection" I say Hell yes.

  • ChrisTombstone

    This is awesome. Rusty Wallace was my favorite race car driver growing up and I believe he retired way too soon. But it was perfect as that season there was a rookie that I had noticed the previous season in the busch series named Kyle Busch and rather than jump on a bandwagon of an established driver since my favorite was retiring it was perfect and ever since then Kyle Busch has been my favorite.

  • Karl Schenk
    Karl Schenk

    It's good to see Rusty and Steven I allways liked them.One of my favorite nascar drivers.

  • John LaClair
    John LaClair

    I remember Steven when he was much younger and a little rough around the edges. He has really done well for himself.

  • Rusty

    Great to see Steve Wallace doing his thing at a high level!

  • Seabolt And sons automotive adventures
    Seabolt And sons automotive adventures

    Rusty and Steven are building some really awesome looking motorcycles plus thanks to watching rusty drive road courses I have a habit of popping my wrist between shifts

  • Stephen Breen
    Stephen Breen

    Rusty's son is the type of personality that Nascar is lacking today. Down to earth racer/fabricator.

    • Kurt Foulke
      Kurt Foulke

      Rusty is proud of both of his sons, both smart, talented and honest men.


    This is awesome. Rusty and sons into doing some serious customizing.

  • Mark Miller
    Mark Miller

    Very cool video content! So glad you were able to get together with Rusty Wallace and see what he's been up to since he retired from racing. You & Logan sure do get some great videos put together, there with you both and you know your efforts are appreciated! 🙂😎 That is one nice bike shop that Rusty has put together, some nice rides in there. Not a huge H-D fan myself but it's OK, ain't what brand you ride, it's because you ride.🏍🏍I remember being at Sturgis in 1987, we got to break in the brand new dragstrip there at that time, trashed my back tire but it was a blast doing smoky burnouts! Thank you both for a great video, always look forward to your posts, and saw the other one in the extra channel, great stuff!👍

  • Dave Wright
    Dave Wright

    It’s so cool to see you hanging out with these guys. I grew up watching them battling it out on the tracks and to see them now, it’s really cool. I lived in Jacksonville NC and Chapel Hill for a couple of years.

  • Frederick Kemman
    Frederick Kemman

    Yes, defiantly ask the Hall of Fame if they will let you look through that stuff, but don't stop there, see if you can get a behind the scenes tour.

  • Volksrodden

    Great video, it’s good to see Rusty still motoring after the Winston Cup days