Dale Earnhardt History Tour! Richard Childress Racing Museum & Abandoned/Former Race Shops!
We set out on a quest to see some places and things that Dale Earnhardt frequented and used back in the day. Primarily the Richard Childress Racing Museum (which is also the former RCR shop itself) that houses tons of race used cars of Dale's...many of which are in untouched race used condition! We also go to Spartanburg SC to check out the former Bud Moore Engineering shop where Dale raced out of in the early 80s. PLUS we even found the original Rod Osterlund race shop where Dale won his first championship in 1980 out of! What are these places looking like today? Lets find out!
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  • Stapleton42

    Sorry about the break in uploads guys! It’s been a series of unfortunate coincidences that made multiple attempts to film different videos turn out completely useless. BUT. Now I am back in Pennsylvania to film reaction videos with my dad and the real Uncle Rob driving the Turbo Yukon “Uncle Rob” build 🤟🏻 If you’ve ordered merch it will ship in the next week or two once we’re done traveling. We appreciate your patience! stapletonautoworks.com

    • Rickey Bullington
      Rickey Bullington

      Who cares if itsa mustang color

    • Christopher Pereira
      Christopher Pereira

      You’re in my hometown Spartanburg at the end. They were supposed to make the old mill the South Carolina racing museum at one point but nothing came of it. The old mill is by bud moore shop you were at

    • Shawn M
      Shawn M

      So, do they have the 3 set's of "18 degree cheater head's", that Dale Sr was busted usin, back in 91'? My dad is who did the work on them, for the GM company. I still have a set of them, in my garage, right now. There were only so many set's ever made(11 set's, if I remember correctly.). The bottom of the head's, are at the 18 degree's, while the top of the head's, are still at the old 23 degree setting's. I graduated, back in 96', so I wasn't able to work on those head's, when he first got them. After I graduated, I ended up as the head machinist of the shop, until his Agent Orange Poisoning caused him to go into respiratory arrest, the night before Thanksgiving, back in 02'. He survived, until just over 2 year's ago. But, due to the stress of the shop work, he had to sell the shop. And, I wasn't able to take over, due to the lack of ability to run the office. I needed 2 more year's, to learn that. But, he was told, that if he didn't sell it right away and remove the stress, he was going to die for sure, again. And, most likely not be able to be revived the next time...

    • Peter Hejny
      Peter Hejny

      There's a Bush car in Norman Oklahoma for 8000. Its in fb market adds.

    • NYTechReport 77
      NYTechReport 77

      New sub - great video - I work at Daytona International Speedway- 4 years now

  • John Parola
    John Parola

    From 1989 thru 1993 I ran the Ford training center in Winston Salem. I had to drive past RCR everyday. I would stop at the garage and look around. Richard was always very friendly. There was a giant bear in the lobby that must have been 12-13 feet tall.

  • TM Racing D-ABYT
    TM Racing D-ABYT

    My wife and I were lucky enough to have Danny "Chocolate" Myers show us around the shop and give us a verbal history of each car. The stories that he had were amazing and I left there with a different outlook on Dale Sr. . I wasn't a fan of him during his racing days, he wasn't my cup of tea as it were, but after watching a biography piece about him and what he did away from the track it changed how I felt about him. The one thing that effected me the most was the "Lucky Penny" car. Chocolate Myers told us the story we both had tears in our eyes then looking at him he had tears as well. Dale is missed RIP Dale.

    • Brian Pair
      Brian Pair

      From what I understand that lucky penny is still on the dash at the Daytona museum. Or do they just keep the car for a year? I've heard stories from many people who knew Dale and interacted with him, he was in my opinion the greatest driver in history but an even better man.

    • JC

      Tm racing "dale wasn't my cup of tea as it were" 😆 Sound like the kind of soft weenie head Dale Sr. Loved to run off the race track. RIP DALE Nascar isn't worth watching now, now we have Bubbah Wallace seeing nooses when he ties his shoes. Damn shame what the sports become. Need more We Earnhardt's and Petty's .

  • JR Sealey
    JR Sealey

    I had the privilege of interning for RCR Graphics in 2016 and I actually put together the 2 pieces of gray foam board with the info about Neil Bonnett. The info was already typed up but I actually formatted and produced the pieces. It was a small contribution but still a great honor to do that.

  • Mike Davidson
    Mike Davidson

    18:10 the original "To the moon!" What a guy Richard Childress is, leaving the place exactly as it was and making it a museum is a treasure to people like us.

  • Doc's Kustom Korner
    Doc's Kustom Korner

    Great history and great info!! Dale was the man! There will never be another driver like him!!

    • Stapleton42

      Couldn't agree more!

  • Gordon Cravens
    Gordon Cravens

    Dale use to have that tire mounted up above his office door as a Reminder how close he came to winning the Daytona 500 before he actually won it....👍🏁

  • Mark Miller
    Mark Miller

    Very cool to see you & Logan doing some exploring and checking out the Intimidator's past history! I always enjoyed watching him drive a race car, made it look so easy to do. At least he left this mortal earth doing what he loved so much, racing stock cars. He was a definite BAMF. It's my personal opinion that, had he not been killed in that horrible crash, that he would have won an 8th championship and then hung up his driving gloves and helmet to enjoy some semblance of "retirement" in 2001. I still have a VHS videotape of Dale's memorial service. He still is missed 20 years later. Keep up the quality videos you've been doing, they are great! Thanks man!

  • A.M. Outdoor Adventures
    A.M. Outdoor Adventures

    I remember going to DEI about 20 years ago and on one of the roads close to the area there was this private property with white fencing around the whole place and i looked though the fencing and seen a yard full of fiberglass Ferrari and Lotus bodies just sitting around i always wondered what else they had there it was pretty cool though

  • cool62 chev
    cool62 chev

    Fantastic video! I am an Earnhardt fan and it is great to see that some of his car are frozen in time. It takes me back to when it happened. You and Logan rock.

  • Bowtie Guy
    Bowtie Guy

    Thanks man! We share the same passion for Dale, Richard and the history of them both. I’ve been to the RCR museum and it was a very emotional experience that not a lot of people would understand but I could see that you totally get it. Thanks for showing the other shops Dale raced out of, I’d never thought of trying to find those.

  • AMD 65
    AMD 65

    Not into NASCAR at all but I love watching and seeing all of the history. Another awesome video!!! 👍🏼👍🏼

  • Rob Fultz
    Rob Fultz

    I love how original everything has been kept. Great attention to detail! Awesome!


    I have that 2001 Oreo diecast. I really like the colors so I ordered it before the accident. Unfortunately after everything happened, these things were on backorder for months, but luckily I still got it. Awesome tour

  • Casey Johnson
    Casey Johnson

    Dale was my icon my hero I looked up too. I cried 3 days after he hit that wall and even did a memorial poster for him. I was 9 years old I could not believe my hero was gone just like that in a blink of an eye. Thank you man for doing a video like this. Brought a tear to my eye.

    • Daniel Sutton
      Daniel Sutton

      *his passing

    • Daniel Sutton
      Daniel Sutton

      Same. I still cry just thinking about it. I was born an Earnhardt fan. Nascar, unfortunately, died along with him. I haven't watched a full race since. His passion g just destroyed it for me.

    • R.j. Brown
      R.j. Brown

      I can remember my step Dad cryed and he didn't shed a tear when his own father passed.

    • Bobby Albert
      Bobby Albert

      I cried until the following Sunday (I was in first grade and everyone was concerned about me). And this is coming from a Jeff Gordon fan. It shows how much it shook the sport.

  • RLRSwanson

    It's nice that RCR made the building an exhibit in and of itself, like you said. The Luminas were pretty much the last nascars that I cared for the looks of, but you go back 10 years and there's something really special in the 3rd gen Chevelles and 4th gen Cutlasses and such in stock car guise...Those and the early 80s nascar Regals and Monte Carlos. Also sad to see other important motor racing places become vape shops or fall into disrepair, especially considering what a badass Bud Moore was, not just in terms of success in NASCAR but being pretty much synonymous with Fords efforts and success in the original Trans Am with the Cougars and then Mustangs. I guess that's the inevitable wheel of time turning and dropping the chips were they lay.

    • Joey johnson
      Joey johnson

      I'm sure the person. Who owns the property is happy he has a rent payer... world goes on , can't preserve everything

  • J T
    J T

    Nascar never been the same after Dale passed. Love the tour and keeping it alive in your own way.

    • Ada 1812
      Ada 1812

      Dale was the man. Larger than life. Such badass

    • Scottie Johnson
      Scottie Johnson

      I think that's when I stopped watching Nascar races. I just felt like there were to many new faces coming in that I kinda fell away from it. I wasn't even a big Dale fan, but I respected the hell out of him.

    • Stapleton42

      It’s important to me to keep the lessons of his life path alive. So much inspiration for me

  • Jack Tearman
    Jack Tearman

    Mitchell, thank you so much for this! It was so cool to see all the history in this shop, and your knowledge of the cars and drivers made it that much better to watch

    • Stapleton42

      Glad you enjoyed it!

  • Mr.DopeGaming

    If this doesn't show the importance Dale had on Richards career, I don't know what will. Beyond impressive

  • krader rader
    krader rader

    You're knowledge regarding Dale and RCR has my respect. As a kid that grew up in the 90s watching this man race, I was a student since I could remember, and still am. Thanks for stating the facts sir, great video.

    • Stapleton42

      appreciate it man

  • Bill Ireland
    Bill Ireland

    I was at that Daytona race when Dale blew the tire going into turn 3 in the last lap. There used to be 1st come, 1st served seating in turn 3 that you'd stay up all night waiting in line to get tickets for. When his tire blew they were close enough to the wall that we couldn't tell who's tire it was (pieces of it flying up into the stands) until we saw him backing out of it and heading to the outside of the track going into 4 to slow down. The place erupted. Not sure if they were cheering for Derrick Cope at that point, or for Dale's situation. A memory I'll never forget for sure!!

  • James Smiley
    James Smiley

    Appreciate the work you put into this. Awesome job. Would love to visit that entire area one day. Thanks for the upload!! 3 gone but never forgotten.

    • Stapleton42

      Thanks man

  • Evloftis

    Dale Earnhardt was one hell of a driver loved watching him drive

    • Randy Kinison
      Randy Kinison

      I was one Of his biggest fans for years we lost a lot when he passed away

  • Greg Simon
    Greg Simon

    Dale was my guy even back in the day when he wasn’t the most beloved driver in NASCAR. The Man was larger than life. Great tour, glad you got to be there.

  • David Vanmeter
    David Vanmeter

    Living out in Oregon and a race fan makes it tough to visit and know all of the history like this. It is so great that people like you do this for content!!!

    • Stapleton42

      Thanks dude I’m so glad I can help you out!!

  • Pid!

    Planning to go back to Charlotte in 2022 after going few years ago. Thanks to your great video will be adding a trip to the RCR museum. Last time we visted Jnr's shop and then the Earnhardt shop/museum but never here. We have nothing like this in the UK!

  • Canadian Car Freak
    Canadian Car Freak

    What an amazing place! First time I was able to see and touch a real Nascar I was blown away at how thick and heavy the body's are! Makes you respect the true power of those engines and how flippin scary i'd be the get into an accident with!

  • ydoucare55

    Went there in 2003. Met Chocolate Myers (longtime 3 car gas man, retired in 2002) in the parking lot and talked to him for 10 or 15 minutes. Such a cool guy.

  • jcnpresser

    I liked all the 90’s and earlier cars, they had an identity to them, and everyone was racing, you know, all the GM’s, Pontiac, Buick, etc. The 2000’s had some cool hats and t-shirt designs though. That was a really cool shop. Sad about the run down shop, could be a great place for a drag team or fab shop.

    • Johnny Hanes
      Johnny Hanes

      I live about 2 mi from childress home in about 3 mi from his museum sometimes I can hear him testing motors from my house 🤪 and that's a nice motorhome keep on keeping on

  • brian sandve
    brian sandve

    Another great video full of history to learn, thanks again. First race I remember watching was when Petty won the Daytona back in I think 73, and Buddy Baker was favourite driver.

  • Leslie Davidson
    Leslie Davidson

    When I went to Earnhardt Chevrolet back in the mid-1990s, they just drove all the cars out in front of the dealership ! The 2nd small shop was still in use at that time !

  • Matthew D'Ercole
    Matthew D'Ercole

    The Talladega car from 2000 was used during Speedweeks testing at Daytona in 2001 and was the secondary (back-up) car for the 500.

  • James Martin
    James Martin

    Wow Mitchell. Cool episode. I was not and am not a huge NASCAR fan, but I think EVERYONE knows who Dale Earnhardt was. Kind of cool seeing all that history.

  • Adam Parker
    Adam Parker

    I’ve been lucky enough to work with a GT team during the late Grand-Am years and in recent years with a Trans-Am team and those trailer lounges are amazing.

  • Charles Doe
    Charles Doe

    Don’t matter when you upload the content is always worth the wait! The history is great and the way you notice the stuff that isn’t so obvious and bring it up is refreshing in today’s cookie cutter everything is done for you world ..Magic happened at those shops and people made it happen. Looking forward to more of the journey.

    • Stapleton42

      You’re exactly right. It’s fascinating just to stand in the same spot

  • volkerc

    It was good to see the 98 Daytona Win Monte again. I was there in 1998 when he finally won the 500. It was Nascars 50th Anniversary, the 40th Daytona Race Track Anniversary, Dales 20th attempt to win the Daytona 500 and my first visit of a race track. I will never forget that day being a long time Earnhardt fan. One of the best days in my life. Thankfully i did not go to Daytona in 2001. It was devastating enough to watch it on TV. Life is no longer the same. The joy is gone.

  • Richie Neal
    Richie Neal

    Great video ! I toured the shop back in 2013 and loved it . I said the extract same thing about that tire lol . I couldn’t believe they kept it and was blown away . You didn’t show the hand written contract between Richard and Dale by the office though . I thought that was cool .

  • TheJkc81

    I completely agree with you about the luminas! Best looking cup cars! Days of Thunder wouldn’t have been the same if it wasn’t for them lol. Awesome vid btw

  • Jason Clayman
    Jason Clayman

    My wife and I stopped there 3 years ago on our way home from our honeymoon. I’m not gunna lie, I got the shakes and choked up when I walked into that shop and seen all that history. He was my hero and always will be. For3ver The Man.

  • Swami Ward
    Swami Ward

    I've lived in Spartanburg my whole life and always heard people talk about Bud Moore. We also missed out on having our own track in a part of Spartanburg.

  • streetstomper

    This was pretty dang cool, I love this sort of thing especially seeing as we don't have anything like this here in Canada

    • Stapleton42

      Thanks man you’ll like the videos on our channel!

  • Arthur Imhof
    Arthur Imhof

    I was just at the museum yesterday.. It put a tear in my eyes for good and sad memories because I was such a fan of Dale Sr.

  • Kyle Meserole
    Kyle Meserole

    Amazing video! I absolutely love the history of racing, Dale and RCR. And yes, Richard is THE MAN!

    • Stapleton42

      Thanks man 🤟🏻 I’m glad you’re here

  • David M
    David M

    I would say I used to be a Dale Earnhardt fan, I can't say that when I will always be a Dale Earnhardt fan, I was devastated when he passed away on the last lap of the '01 Daytona 500, it's been 20 year's and to see this video brings back memories of the greatest driver in NASCAR, people loved him and people hated him, the Man in Black is in heaven racing around with his friend, Neil Bonnet, and as they say "rubbing is racing!"

  • anthony machado
    anthony machado

    Bro I'm such a history guru I feel the same way just standing there and taking it in, shit is a trip!

  • Matilda Wolfram
    Matilda Wolfram

    When visiting another city or country, every educated person must visit a museum. Visiting museums is very useful and fascinating. A love for the "eternal" and "beautiful" is awakened in a person, the beginnings of greatness and respect for history are inculcated. It is impossible to turn the excursion into something banal, ordinary and boring. The person should be a comprehensively developed person, cultured, educated, critically and analytically thinking, with knowledge of foreign languages. It is the knowledge of a foreign language that opens wide prospects for a person to realize his/her creative potential, career and financial growth. I would like to recommend the practical training course by Yuriy Ivantsiv "Polyglot Notes. Practical tips for learning foreign language", where you can find lots of useful information how to learn a foreign language quickly. Learn a foreign language and realize your creative potential on an international scale! The international community needs creative ideas! Thanks to the author of the channel for a very fascinating tour!

  • Burtram

    That museum is pretty cool, kind of reminds me of the Shelby shop/museum in Vegas. Also, on that abandoned shop wall (28:41), you can actually still read the bottom word "Motorsports", though the "motor" parts is real faint. That's pretty cool.

  • Bryan Elam
    Bryan Elam

    I didn't know the rainbow color car existed until now but I'm not surprised that he hated it and wouldn't wear the matching race suit!! The gesture of a true legend and hero!!

  • Billy McDaniel
    Billy McDaniel

    I also love going back and checking out the history of different places and people, especially Dale and also I'm a huge BOCEPHUS fan!

  • Barry Jowers
    Barry Jowers

    That Goodwrench carKevin Harvick drove from 2003 on is one of the best looking paint schemes of all time that black and silver 29 looks awesome

  • Timothy Moody
    Timothy Moody

    Great job dude good quality video,thanks so much for the tour.Dale, Darrell and Jeff were my favorite drivers. My dad and my uncle used to race at old smryna raceway in Tennessee.

  • Pat Watson
    Pat Watson

    Richard was a decent driver but he had a skill that no other driver ever had, And that's the ability to admit that another driver had more talent,that's what made RCR so great he had great business sence and a even better eye for talent, and fake had talent beyond any driver I've ever seen,but he didn't have the big money, and when Richard and dale teamed up it took Nascar by surprise

  • Dave Unbranded
    Dave Unbranded

    Amazing history. I remember that car too and thought it was pretty cool. Dale was all man. He would not have done well in this time in history.

  • JSRacing61

    haven't been to the RCR museum in years but cool to see how they've got it & added to it 32:30 - Metrolina was tore down during the first couple months of the pandemic lock down last year.

  • Arizona Trail Junky
    Arizona Trail Junky

    Awesome video man! Thanks for taking the time to go through museum and film it all! Did you know that Dale's car he died in is in the lake in the infield of Daytona..or...Richard had it destroyed. All theories I should say.

  • TheAmishNinja

    RHE was Ronnie Hopkins Engineering. I worked for the machine shop that made the suspension components before we branched out into our own line

  • Matt Evans
    Matt Evans

    I remember specifically hating the Peter Max car because it was so different than what he usually ran (even special cars)...and I thought it was odd that it resembled *sort of* of Jeff Gordon's rainbow paint scheme that Earnhardt fans made fun of so much. I also remember it took me forever to find a 1:64 scale version for my collection. Ended up finding 2, 1 Revell and 1 Action outside of Indy before one of the Brickyard races.

  • C. John Weir
    C. John Weir

    I just subscribed and I would love to see you go to other Race shops. Do a Hendrick Motorsports look around. I know there's one for DEI that's been abandoned. Besides Richard Petty's original race shop.

  • Something Rad
    Something Rad

    I grew up here! My house and high school are both on the Route between the two shops. The original RCR shop is a couple miles from the house I grew up in. The museum/shop is 2 miles from my High School I went to. Everyone in the community loved Dale. Too bad I didn't get to experience it because I was born in 94

    • Anne Freeman
      Anne Freeman

      Go to North Davidson?

    • Ecomm704

      Same! I still live about 5 mins away from where this video was shot 😂

  • travismarotti33

    For me local to Reno Auto museum for the last 12 years I’ve seen some damn cool cars come through there, like the Baja bronco that just sold for over millions at meecum 5 years ago to all and everything in between. To just have that building show the exact way the rooms were back then with pictures makes it 10xs more worth it for me to go!

  • Robert Laboda
    Robert Laboda

    In memory of Dale this week for Daytona today is the day 21 years ago on the last lap of the Daytona 500 I remember that moment very visible visibly visibly I know today is gonna be a really sad day for everybody but they’ll Dale Earnhardt fans

  • Harley Ryder
    Harley Ryder

    Just to back you up and "clear the air" about the interior and stripe colors on the Earnhardt cars, it is in fact, called Poppy Red, it also goes by the name Calypso Coral, Competition Orange, and Competition Red, the paint code is from the1965 Ford Mustang, color code.M1730. That same color/paint code was also used on 1966-67 Ford Trucks, 1968 Mercury Comet, and several other Ford cars up until 1979. In 1983, Chrysler used it as a Fleet color and called it "Red." Look it up and compare Red to Poppy Red. Side by side one does look red and the other one does look orange. Its even been compared to Chevrolet engine orange. Keep bringing us these interesting vlogs.

    • Grizzly_Gunner

      They used that shade of orange because of the fact the TVs at the time had a hard time showing the color red so race teams would use orange instead of red. Read into the history of the Marlboro F1 cars and their color schemes

    • RayRayces

      Not as big as an RCR or Dale Sr as you are, but this was enjoyable. When I moved to Jackson, MI in 2000, I felt I couldn't live in a NASCAR town and not have a driver, so when 2002 rolled around, and my son was about to be born, I picked this rookie named Jimmie Johnson. Maybe you've heard of him.

    • Lacquer thinner Larry
      Lacquer thinner Larry

      My dad had a competition orange foxbody

    • Tyler Buckley
      Tyler Buckley

      Cool to know my dad 1978 Econoline 150 van was the Colypso coral color

    • Studio23 Media
      Studio23 Media

      My dad has a 1969 Mercury Cyclone GT painted in Competition Orange. It's a beautiful color.

  • Scottie Johnson
    Scottie Johnson

    I think it was during the 90's that Nascar had limits on how many tires everyone could have. You'd often see when someone would wreck other teams would be down at their pit trying to buy their tires they wouldn't be needing.

    • Brian Booher
      Brian Booher

      The only Tire rule ever remember in the cup series was it 1985 when you can only change two tires under caution flag . You can change 4 under green flag. They allowed 4 tire stops at talladega an Daytona under caution for Daytona .There wasn't really a tire rule I can remember except in 85. Goodyear was only required to bring like 1280 tires or something like that and the way that it equals would be so many sets of tires to each team. a lot of times Goodyear had more than the required number that away that didn't run out but in certain situations they only showed up with the 1280 tires or whatever. The one I remember is the 88 southern 500 Darlington. they would be shortages of tires and when somebody would fall out they would all go run to that team to bye their tires that didn't happen a whole lot but it did happen several times

  • Andy Page
    Andy Page

    Awesome video. Thanks for sharing the old race shops with us. Can I ask, How were you able to find the addresses for them? I'm trying to find some of the older ones and I'm not having much luck.

    • Stapleton42

      internet skills

  • Justin

    I went there last year after they opened back up. I really enjoyed seeing all the cars.

  • Jeremy Fowler
    Jeremy Fowler

    RHE stands for Ronnie Hopkins Engineering. Most cup teams bought their cars from Ronnie and he was here in Greenville SC.

  • chequita Taylor
    chequita Taylor

    Thanks for Sharing!!! Dale was one helluva of a driver!!!

  • Mark Williams
    Mark Williams

    Man that Petercar is mint still has a lot of life left, I like how they left the tools and everything like they got done work one day and left everything

  • 5150 Eddie
    5150 Eddie

    The tire within a tire is still cool. They used those at Daytona Atlanta and Talladega . Way back in the 80s and 90s. I was fortunate to be friends with Steve Grissoms nephew Alan. Getting to see the race from Steves pit was amazing. Those tires. With the safety bladder inside. If the pressure equalized inside and they both had the same pressure. That caused a really terrible vibration. I remember one time the lug nuts were huge. After the tire changes on Steve's car. A crew member swept all the lug nuts up. My younger brother got them. That fool got back home and sold them all. They were all blue. He sold them as Dale Earnhardt lug nuts. Somewhere im sure there's a Grissom lug nut posing as a blue Dale lug nut. Great video by the way. What would this world be without racing? Don't answer that. I don't even want to know. I've always loved racing. Its just sad that never again another Dale and Jeff will ever be. Its funny those two were rivals. But secretly they were hunting buddies and friends. Your either s Dale fan or Jeff fan. Remember those days. There wasn't a fan of both. If upu loved one you freaking had hate in your heart for the other. Dale and Jeff. That's what racing is for me.

    • Stapleton42

      your brother was a real trickster lmao

  • 64maxpower

    The coolest thing ever is to have a girl like yours that shares your passion for racing

    • Stapleton42

      it really is man...watch this video! irglo.info/from/hZSmrXeHp82eenk/fy-lm-h-y.html

  • reddog543211

    Awesome video bud !!!!...... I'm impressed with the amount of knowledge you already know and the amount you've brought to the surface.....hats off and thank you !!!

    • reddog543211

      @Stapleton42 👍🤘

    • Stapleton42

      Thanks man!

  • Joe Drummer
    Joe Drummer

    YES! I went there years ago. Huge Dale and Harvick fan since I was young. Spot on with the orange. Makes me mad as hell when people try to say it's red!

    • Stapleton42

      glad you feel the same haha

  • Brenden Dahms
    Brenden Dahms

    I got to meet Richard Childress. I went hunting with him 2 years ago. It was pretty badass

  • Tip Wip
    Tip Wip

    Amazing the history this man made

  • Jimmy

    I went to the RCR museum back in March and that car you can sit in was shut down because of covid and you had to wear a mask in there. But beyond that the museum was exactly the same it was amazing lol

  • patricia pelaez
    patricia pelaez

    What a great video! Huge Dale fan! Thanks for taking me down memory lane! #3

    • Stapleton42

      Thank you for being here!

  • Benny Helgeson
    Benny Helgeson

    A.K.A hatchet man. Your appreciation and knowledge of history is astounding. This video was just as good as some documentaries I have seen. Thanks for tour. Chances are I will never make it there.

  • Robert La Fond
    Robert La Fond

    As a huge Dale Earnhardt fan I absolutely love this vlog , I also subscribed to you're channel.

    • Stapleton42

      Thanks dude you’re in the right spot! Glad you’re on the team 🤟🏻

  • Brett Baratheon
    Brett Baratheon

    I have to agree with you about the Lumina era of race cars. Also my favorite. Days of Thunder had Luminas immortalized.

  • s2k

    Yo! Got my Dale pit crew shirt in the other day! Fit and feel is very good and the screen printing is done VERY well! Absolutely love it and its already given me two opportunities to send people your way...Awesome tour man! Good to see you 3 safe!

    • Stapleton42

      Heck yeah thanks man