Holman Moody's Fireball Roberts 1963 Ford Galaxie NASCAR Race Car & Lee Holman's History Lesson!
Lee Holman has this real deal 1963 Ford Galaxie built by Holman Moody and raced by Fireball Roberts, Junior Johnson, Fred Lorenzen, and others! This car has been run hard at Goodwood in England and served time in numerous museums over the years. Lee brought us into his conference room where they have many insane artifacts from the company's rich racing history...along with one specifically eerie artifact from another Fireball Roberts race car.
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  • Mark Martin
    Mark Martin

    This is gold 💯

  • Gary Lynch
    Gary Lynch

    Another awesome one! Not enough people know the impact that Holman Moody had on the vehicle industry as a whole. Thanks again! Looking forward to the next one already


      It is absolutely amazing how many small business self employed people built NASCAR.

    • brad PNW
      brad PNW

      Holman Moody was THE team back then if not one of the best truly much respect for you bringing this up to the forefront

    • Stapleton42

      Thanks Gary 💪🏻

  • AndyGee’s Garage
    AndyGee’s Garage

    Mr. Holman is a walking encyclopedia. 20 plus years ago I bought a 65 Mustang coupe that had a dry sump 289 with a HM tag on it. I called to ask if this tag was legit or if someone had just got a tag and stuck it on the engine for the cool factor. Well a few minutes into the call I discovered I was speaking to Mr. Holman himself and he gave me the scoop on the engine and that yes indeed it appeared to be one they had built and if I could hold the line for a few minutes he would look it up for me. He dug up the paper work which included their dyno sheet and all the other info including engine block number, cam numbers, parts list, machining work done and specs etc. then he asked me if I’d like him to make a copy and send it to me. Which he did with a nice little note attached to it. Oh and his comment on the small blocks making power at 8500 rpm was accurate. The car had been sold many years before but I kept the copy with the letter from Mr. Holman. Unfortunately I lost those records when my house burnt down 6 years ago.

    • Ray Blaszczak
      Ray Blaszczak

      Very cool

    • arkhsm ford
      arkhsm ford

      @David Sparks How, weird, I've just finished a comment to another American who loved that movie so much, that it made him take up motorcycling. Best of all, it was based on the real Deal... Burt Munro !!

    • David Sparks
      David Sparks


    • David Sparks
      David Sparks


    • arkhsm ford
      arkhsm ford

      SO SAD that your house went up in smoke, as a lot of family history would be gone forever !! Somewhere in my house is a reply to a letter I sent to Dearborn, from little ole New Zealand here. It was signed by John Coletti, head man of FORD SVO at the time !!

  • David Imrie
    David Imrie

    That is so cool to interview a legend like Holman. That is true automotive race history right there folks. When a man like that speaks, you listen.

  • Riffrebel

    Knocking them out of the park with these race shop tours! Stories and basically racing history that may have never been known or told had y’all not taking on these endeavors. Awesome Stuff!

  • Desert bear
    Desert bear

    The sad part is these men and their stories are being lost because there aren’t enough guys like you that want to document them. Keep recording as much as you can before they are gone! You are doing a good thing👍👍

    • Stapleton42

      Thank you! thats our goal.

  • Paul Stansfield
    Paul Stansfield

    Guys like Lee, when they pass, real history goes with them. He’s at the stage in his life we’re there’s no BS, what an awesome post Paul🇬🇧

  • Woody Holland
    Woody Holland

    "What did you find most fascinating?" Mr Holman's memory. That man is a sharp as a tack! I could listen to him for hours. Thanks for great videos


      "I could listen to him for hours." Yup. Me too. This interview was WAY too short. A man like him makes me want to know more. Just keep talking, I'm listening to every word. Tell me everything. That man needs to do a video biography. His memories need to be saved for the future. What a treasure trove of racing knowledge.

    • Stapleton42

      Same man!!

  • Team Brahma
    Team Brahma

    Hearing Lee tell some of these stories is absolutely fascinating. The Fireball Roberts seatbelt....man, I'd have been speechless too. That's some piece of history to see for sure. I love that you're capturing this history in video form.

    • weak signal
      weak signal

      Smokey Yunick tried the get the Nascar to adopt fire-safe fuel cell bladders, like aircraft, well before Fireball died. Thanks again France family values........

  • Brandon Terry
    Brandon Terry

    What a legend that dude is, so fortunate to be able to hear these stories.

  • Timmy Kennedy
    Timmy Kennedy

    Young man you have a very unique talent. Half the battle of a quality interview is knowing when to just listen; the other half is knowing your subject. I am truly amazed and envious of the people and places you have documented. Keep up the great work! Also, I had the same reaction as you for the Fireball Roberts seat belt. Knowing what happened to him just hit home for some reason - perhaps it was the way it was just sitting there without fanfare or as a trophy. This was perhaps your best video (or maybe my favorite) yet.

    • Jofus

      Great interview, you know the secret: "You can't hear with your mouth open!"


      Me too.😞

    • TNG Tactical Miata
      TNG Tactical Miata

      What he said....

    • Stapleton42

      Thanks Timmy that means a lot

  • Nathan Irrgang
    Nathan Irrgang

    This history is incredible! Im a car guy and also love history and to hear Lee talk about Leo Beebe converting the ford factory at willow run is just amazing. This is the history that will be lost over time and I'm glad you're keeping the story going. Love the content.

  • KEI Fabrication
    KEI Fabrication

    Those of you who watched this, I hope you all realize how fortunate we are to see and hear the story of some of the most significant events in motorsports history directly from one of the very few remaining survivors, providing actual first hand accounts. There is no way I would have ever had the opportunity to hear Lee Holman himself tell his story. Thank you both so much for taking the time to document all this history.

    • WilliamsF1

      You took the words out of my mouth. I've been a fan of Holman and Moody for a while as they build the original GT40 to this day unlike SPF and others. Seeing this video series was incredible...never thought I'd ever get so much insight into behind the scenes. Seeing the letter from Ford about the 1966 race and them having to hold back was heartbreaking as a petrolhead, but glad he shared that. Thank you team stapleton42 for putting this together and sharing with the rest of us. It was a very well done video series and it's very much appreciated!

    • Stapleton42

      you are welcome sir! we appreciate you being here with us for it

  • Craig Maverick
    Craig Maverick

    Love hearing the all the history, especially about Shelby. The fact that they are still in business after all these years is simply amazing!! Keep the great content coming 👍👍

  • Trevor Smith
    Trevor Smith

    You guys are great together, Logan seems just as interested in absorbing all the history and car knowledge as you do, keep up the great work 👌

  • David Amato
    David Amato

    Great video as always. His opinions about Shelby is the way he remembers it and of course like most things other people remember it differently. Times a funny thing I guess. Racers and builders are proud folks.

  • D H
    D H

    You guys are lucky to be able to interview and tour such a historic shop. This is fantastic content.

    • Stapleton42

      Thanks man!! We are glad you’re here

  • WeaselBurrito

    Loved Lee's commentary about modern drivers and agree wholeheartedly. Reminds me of the C&D article Brock Yates wrote when Dale passed away. "The last of the neanderthal wheelman"

  • w glassiter
    w glassiter

    The Fireball was my hero and even with his loss 58 years ago it still is an emotional trauma for me. Hearing the story and seeing his harness buckles created excessive humidity at eye level that has not stopped yet. I appreciate the history lesson. Thank you for the video of car, shop and personal stories with Mr. Holman.

  • young11984

    Mannn...ole Lee laid it down and speaks his mind and i love it. I would love to see how the cams are ground on the same machines they were in the 50s and 60s when others are all CNC stuff, i hope that man grinding trains somebody to continue that legacy too

    • Stapleton42

      Same man

  • Logan Brasher
    Logan Brasher

    Dude this is wild! These are stories and lore that would never been widely heard with out interviews like this! Ya killin it!

  • gary cook
    gary cook

    Lee really tells it like it was. At one time I owned a 66 Shelby Mustang and belonged to the Shelby owners club. I attended a celebration of Shelbys racing history which included a dinner that Carrol attended.As Lee said he acted like God. On another subject I saw a picture on the wall of the conference room of the assembly line for the extended wheel base 1965 Mustang drag cars. They had a Holman/Moody 427 in them. There could be a story there.

  • Bob Lewis
    Bob Lewis

    Listening to Lee Holman's stories are the most amazing thing I've every seen on IRglo. Incredible. Thank you and well done!!!

    • Stapleton42

      You’re welcome Bob!

  • TheCrewChief

    The interview with Lee was extremely interesting to me... I could definitely hear him speak on how they engineered and built and/or build different parts and pieces...

  • Chris Curry
    Chris Curry

    As the son of a huge Holman Moody fan and being a huge Holman Moody fan myself,thank you for sharing,got goose bumps seeing the actual seat belt latch that held fireball in the car and just hearing Lee tell all the stories, just a great history lesson for a Ford fan like me! Thanks 👍👍

    • Woody Holland
      Woody Holland

      Just think about what all he and his group did! Drag racing, NASCAR, LeMans, race car factory for Ford, one of 3 factories in the world that would make you a race car and then fix it when you did something stupid. Probably never happen again

    • Stapleton42

      Thanks Chris 💪🏻

  • driftdime89

    love your history stuff guys so cool to just listen to story's of the crazy things that went on back in the day and I always watch to the end 😎🤘

  • TanDawg58

    Interesting that they kept the buckle from Fireball's crash. Listening to Lee was really interesting, especially the Shelby/Duntov Story. Interesting that Holmans were involved with Duntov, since he was the Corvette guy.

    • gary cook
      gary cook

      you got to remember that Duntov's first big project was the Ardun head for the Flat-head Ford . That was way back in the 40's long before he hooked up with GM.

    • Steven Redman
      Steven Redman

      Arkus Duntov had Ford experience. Hence the Ardun heads used on some hot rod Ford flatheads.

  • Grease Dog
    Grease Dog

    Mitchell, Logan, you guys knocked it out of the park, again! I had to rewind the buckle, I wasn't sure I heard that correctly. I can relate to being speechless. That's a huge moment in nascar history, and an even more sad one than the story we've been told. Keep up the great work guys! Gotta go check out that other channel!

    • Stapleton42

      Thanks man!

  • Motorcoach Tech
    Motorcoach Tech

    Thank you again Mitchell and Logan for doing this, but a BIG Thank You to Lee Holman for this history lesson. I could sit and listen for hours to these stories. Keep them coming! Rick

  • David Quesnel
    David Quesnel

    The connections you've made to bring us this content is amazing, I thank you and Logan for bringing this to us! Happy Bday to Ruger the shop dog!

    • Logan Erwin
      Logan Erwin

      Thank you David!

  • Richard Parker
    Richard Parker

    Mitch, you are the 60 Minutes of racing history. Keep it up bro!

  • Send It
    Send It

    I wish we could go back to this era of racing. Drivers were there to win, didn't blame their race car when they didn't, and didn't run to twitter to complain when something didn't go their way.

  • Mike McClay
    Mike McClay

    I wish Lee Holman would write a book. These stories are fantastic.

  • Tom Thomson
    Tom Thomson

    Thank you for this episode! Holman Moody is an iconic team. It was great to hear Lee share some of the history that many of us would probably not hear had it not been for you. You do a great job and and I look forward to each episode. I love the history of NASCAR and enjoy these. I’ve been following the sport since the mid 70’s as a kid. Right up through the 80’s are my favorite time in NASCAR Like you, when you showed the buckle from Fireball’s car, I was speechless.

  • RebelRacer99

    I could listen to you taking to Lee all day, all the history is just so interesting. I want that Galaxie, and the red Mustang and Dodge Caliber in the background lol. Happy birthday Ruger, nice to see you're still doing well.

  • XmasGoose

    Great, great video! Nice to see Mr Holman get some much deserved appreciation and to hear those stories from someone who was there. Keep up the good work!

  • DBabb2

    I stopped caring about current NASCAR a few years ago but I could watch and listen to stories about its history all day long. Awesome video

    • Dave Bryant
      Dave Bryant

      Same here. When they abandoned their roots for cookie cutter tracks in the midwest and west they lost me. I couldn't even name 3 drivers now.

  • Wooley689

    Man, that was so awesome hearing those stories from Lee. I'd love to be able for him to talk to myself and my son. So glad to know he is still around, I had just begun speaking with Ronnie Sox, not knowing his cancer battle, and he passed before I could meet him in person. His old family gas station building is still on church street although not a working station, but it is still there.

  • Battlestar777

    Wow - I’ve heard of Holman Moody for years and knew they had big ties with many racing teams, but didn’t know they were that big of a company(?). Thanks for sharing your experience- a great interview and personal account of the good ol’ days . Really good content.

  • mapandcallsheet

    Dude that was just a amazing interview .you guys did a great job. Man I learned so much . I have read so many stories about carol . And man that guys life never stop impressing me, when it came to all the crazy things that went on in that historical racing era. Sounds like these guys were nothing short of the wrench men that made it happen for Carol. With Moody they would have never won the championship. And with out Carol they may not have ever been as prosperous as they were. Great 👍 Story great Video.

  • Jeremy Diamond
    Jeremy Diamond

    Wow what a great to see the Holman Moody shop and crew wow I remember my dad talking about those guys also the history is amazing your guys videos are soo good thank you soo much cause what you see and hear is a glimpse into history and you get it from he horses mouth ! Just with Holman and Moody got an opportunity to be in the movie 🎥 🍿 I wonder why Matt Damon didn’t Speak to them about the cars?? Hmm I guess 🤔 will never know !

  • Rusty Wells
    Rusty Wells

    I don't think Mitchell understands the bombs that Lee dropped in that interview this is going to make the Nascar news and I bet Kenny will be on this like a tick on a junebug! Oh hell I just watched more of the video to the Shelby story this will be bigger then nascar news this will be on the nightly news this is wild!!!!

  • Brush it off
    Brush it off

    That was fantastic man & a great look into their history & all the stories! Thank you both for bringing us another great walk through time. Cheers

  • Alan Haines
    Alan Haines

    I loved listening to Lee Holman-Legend in the industry

  • Grimson's Tuning
    Grimson's Tuning

    Wow I love how the real story comes out about ken and shelby. I watched that movie just a few days ago and really loved it but to hear the truth from the man who was there is priceless. Mitchell, Logan you both are amazing with these trips to iconic places and bringing back the history for us to relive. Thank you both for this.

    • Logan Erwin
      Logan Erwin

      It was really cool to hear things from Lee’s perspective, I had always been a big fan of Carrol Shelby and had heard some things about him being a crook but not like concrete proof lol

    • Stapleton42

      Thanks dude we appreciate you!

  • Charlie Rubendall
    Charlie Rubendall

    All of these shop tours are really interesting. They really shed some light on the history of Nascar. Thanks for doing something different and being unique.

  • tedium37

    This man leaks race history. His memory is gold. Every word should be documented. What a great interview. Can't thank you enough for this.

  • Brady Booher
    Brady Booher

    Love all this content about racing history you bring to IRglo! Keep up the great work 👍

  • Malcolm Shaw
    Malcolm Shaw

    Great videos, I’m a massive fan of industrial archeology and you have taken it in a new direction. We can learn so much from history 👍

  • Dean Dee
    Dean Dee

    I wish Lee would have talked about Ralph, sure he has some good stories there .. some serious history in that building and so many drive by totally clueless

  • SundayBacon72210

    Absolutely love the history you guys uncover! Can't wait for more 👍👍

  • Vince Parker
    Vince Parker

    About 10 years ago I stopped by Holman Moody to buy a part for my Mustang. I was shocked when Lee Holman himself sold me the part and gave me a tour of the shop. It was a very cool and unexpected experience that I will never forget. Lee is a great guy with lots of cool stories!

  • Steven Isenhower
    Steven Isenhower

    The door panels and block off plates are from travel trailer skins made out of aluminum from the old pop up trailers and igloo coolers from the era.

    • draftwood

      Wow, Steve I just responded 12 days later with the exact same examples of that aluminum as you did without ever seeing your response. We must remember the same details of things from our past. LOL

    • Tom P
      Tom P

      I think in the 60's you could buy that by the sheet. The "Camera case" stuff must have been available in steel and aluminum. There was also a quilted pattern i've seen mostly in stainless.

  • dave mckee
    dave mckee

    What an interesting interview!When I was a kid I loved stock car racing and Fireball was always my favorite.

  • Zackary Motes
    Zackary Motes

    The Holman-Moody vids have been some of my favorites! Their place in motor sports history in huge! Thanks for digging into these things and a shout out to them for allowing y’all the access. 👍🏻 “How they 🐬 are ya..”

  • EJ Grant
    EJ Grant

    That's some PURE GOLD! from Lee Holman! Thanks for giving us the straight talk from a Piece of American EXCELLENCE!

  • Steve Poythress
    Steve Poythress

    BRAVO - this may be one of the most significant episodes on your channel, thanks for capturing and sharing this. That seatbelt = gutwrenching

  • Gregory Golden
    Gregory Golden

    GOD BLESS John Holman and Ralph Moody. And Lee too!!!

  • Simon Jeffery
    Simon Jeffery

    Thanks mate for one of the best interview with a true champion 🏆, the information is mind blowing and some truly awesome history, cheers 👍 love the channel and keep it up mate 👍

  • the other Brent
    the other Brent

    Y'all are doing some awesome interviews . I'm enjoying the history lessons as much as the car stuff. Happy Birthday Ruger

  • GratefulOT

    Thank you for this video. A strong part of my memories as a teenager of watching USAC stock cars race from 1964 to 1966 was seeing Holman Moody's HM "Competition Proven" on the side of the hood of some of my favorite drivers.

  • David Barnsley
    David Barnsley

    You could listen to lee tell stories for weeks He would have forgotten more than most know What an incredible man and organisation 👍👍👍

  • That One Hoosier
    That One Hoosier

    I absolutely love this video. I remember talking to my grandpa Fred about stuff related to sports or stuff he did and he did a lot, he was in the navy, he raced car's I don't know if it was dirt track or street, I wish I did. I wish I spent more time with him before he passed several years ago. My mom tells me all the time "My dad did that" or " you're just like your grandpa" as a kid I loved hearing his stories. So whenever an older person tells me stories like this of stuff that actually happened and even things that I cant tell if they are true or not I just enjoy them it's like going into the past, it's really fun.

  • Magnum

    Amazing work you guys are doing with sheding light on history. Thank y'all for bringing us along w/y'all.

  • LoveToDrive

    Yinz are Preserving Racing History with these uploads! Keep up the great work 👍🏼👍🏼

  • Tim Koryciak
    Tim Koryciak

    As always another great video of the history of racing, Very informative, Great job !

  • Mark Miller
    Mark Miller

    Excellent video on Holman/Moody! You & Logan sure do find some cool stuff back there. Following these videos intently right there with you & it's always a pleasure to watch! Thank you both for such great content, sure do appreciate it!

  • Andrew Becker
    Andrew Becker

    Ever since I was a wee lad, I'd fantasize about how it would've been to be a young man living in the days you could pull your car into the service bay out back, walk through the dealership to the showroom and sales lot, to jump into another brand spankn new 650hp 427cid galaxie 500 and peel away!

  • Dr Dixon BhD
    Dr Dixon BhD

    God Bless You Lee Holman, You Are Truly A National Treasure!!!♥️🏁🙏🏿

  • Mercmad

    H&M also built circuit racing Galaxies in the 60's which were raced in England,Australia and New Zealand. Same cars are still raced today in historic race events. It was Great to see Lee Holman himself talking about how things were playing out back then .

  • David Parker
    David Parker

    I'm so glad I found your channel today, and of course subscribed. So appreciative you provide this content. AMAZING stuff. Thanks.

  • Alan Bundy
    Alan Bundy

    Lee Holman is a wealth of information, I already knew about some of what he talked about but learned a whole lot more. It's interesting all of the different race series Holman Moody was involved in, It's interesting that the people that you have talked to know about other race shops to see and race car drivers to talk too

  • EvilScientistMoose

    26:14- Oddly enough, going silent is occasionally more powerful than attempting to think of something intelligent or witty to say. In conclusion: I would love to go over both this video and the shop tour, select key bits and pieces, and do a series of videos over things that were either glossed over or missed entirely. I focused entirely upon Ford history during this era, so there are gold nuggets throughout, but even then, there was still enough eye-opening commentary from Lee to fill a video or three without you having to ask a single question. Another note: I also just discovered...for at least the 500th time...that I live entirely on the wrong coast of America.

    • Stapleton42

      I agree with all of this

  • carguy53

    I love hearing Lee's stories. I've spoken with him a few times at the Carlisle Ford Nats. He an I are also alumni of Northwood University.

  • Adam Reynolds
    Adam Reynolds

    It's awesome how much you both care about the history and how your finding it and letting other people hear it ...awesome!!

  • danawalker55

    Great video! Mr. Holman is the real deal, an awesome guy any body would like to talk race cars and racing with. Thanks for sharing!

  • BiG JOHN
    BiG JOHN

    Thanks for what you are doing and sharing it’s truly amazing how it all was back then and the history. Loving it

  • John Kit Jr
    John Kit Jr

    Your videos are always above the top guys, I love the behind the scenes history kind of stuff you get into... thanks for sharing

    • Stapleton42

      Thanks John we try!

  • 𝐉m•𝐊ɇ𝙽ƞɏ→🜲

    You two are CRUSHING IT with this content!

  • Pat Slovokia
    Pat Slovokia

    This is the history that has to be saved at all cost.. The golden era of motorsports, where the greats came to fame..