The Coolest "Hidden" Z71 Tahoe/Suburban Feature You Never Knew About!
I definitely never knew about this and have never heard anyone talk about it before. I think it would be a big help to more constriction guys if they knew about this! The GMT800 Tahoe and Suburban definitely had some cool things going on back in the day.
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  • Sweet68Camaro

    I always new the Z71 had a beefier rack than the standard one. I never knew about the roller. My dads old 73 Ford super duty had a lumber rack that had oblivious rollers in it, but nothing as sneaky as the Z71’s. Pretty sweet.

  • Daniel Blazier
    Daniel Blazier

    Have known about this since I got my tahoe z71 3 years ago, the roller was for loading/offloading kayaks and such

    • John Turk
      John Turk

      Same with me, i used to use it with ladders, rip my Tahoe

  • MattTrakker350

    The Z71s had a few oddities like this. GM planned on featuring auxiliary lamps on the back of these racks, but the DOT said no and the option was canceled. GM left the two round punch outs in place, which you can cut out with a hole saw and add lights. They also have different rear coils than the other SUVs, they're taller, and on the Tahoes, there were two different Z71 rate coils, there was a different rear spring dependent upon whether the third row seat was optioned. Some Z71s didn't have them.

    • MattTrakker350

      @Johnny Jones I've only seen the quadrasteer on some 2500 Suburbans, and it is fairly rare too

    • Johnny Jones
      Johnny Jones

      Didn't some Z71s also have quadrasteer?

    • mytriton54

      I actually saw one once with the aux lamps in the cutouts. Looked cool and I thought it was a great idea.

    • KBow (IRL & Digital Car Content)
      KBow (IRL & Digital Car Content)


    • Stapleton42

      Interesting. All of that

  • Hunter Huskins
    Hunter Huskins

    That was the best roof racks on any vehicle I ever had! They had one year that was just the same as the Z71 but it was 2006 they offered a LTZ and it was just like the Z71 but with chrome and a 6.0 motor hard to find but a great car! #suburbanlife

  • Bryan Bello
    Bryan Bello

    Just when this Gen of GM trucks couldn’t get any cooler...

    • Hd Tv
      Hd Tv

      That would be epicccccc

    • Hudson Gothard
      Hudson Gothard

      @Hd Tv if only the 4l60 could be bulletproofes

    • Hd Tv
      Hd Tv

      I know right! I don’t know why a lot of people hate them tho. They are reliable

  • Gasoline Images Inc.
    Gasoline Images Inc.

    I was a salesperson at a Chevy dealership from 2004-2009. I was at the GM sales training for the debut of the Z-71 Tahoe/burb. We were trained to point out that feature on our sales presentations, thats the only way I knew about that.

    • Gasoline Images Inc.
      Gasoline Images Inc.

      @Paul Mahon It was Standard on the Z-71 models only. It wasn't available on LS, LT, or PPV.

    • Paul Mahon
      Paul Mahon

      Then you should know they don't all have it. I own a Tahoe that is an ex-govt. vehicle and it does not have this.

    • Manny Salas
      Manny Salas

      I want my money back my dealer never told me. J/k. All good now I use a trailer but good to know I have this option.

    • Stapleton42

      Interesting lol

  • ChevyBM

    The Tahoe and Suburban are the best family cars ever made, they can do anything!

  • Virtual Vapes
    Virtual Vapes

    And the crazy thing is that Chevy never advertised this feature. Who would of thunk it?!?

  • Matt B
    Matt B

    Now take a closer look at the back of that roof rack on the sides... there should be two circular shapes that almost seem like they would be perfect for... some extra reverse lights? I don’t think Chevy ever actually put lights there from the factory but lots of guys on the forums would mod some lights in there. They looked slick and worked/fit well. Always wanted to do a z71 rack on my normal Tahoe back in the day when I had it but never got around to it.

  • Noah P
    Noah P

    I wish that was on our 2004 GMC Yukon XL SLT, we owned since 2014 and like to use kayaks and such for roadtrips.

  • Otherworldlytwo2nine

    I have an 04 and installed the roof rack from a Z71, I wondered what it was for. I almost left it at the junk yard. Glad I decided to keep it.

  • JaDeD dRaGoN
    JaDeD dRaGoN

    This reminds me of my 4 runner, It’s packed with hidden cool features

  • eric pigg
    eric pigg

    The whole reason I put a Z71 Tahoe roof rack on my 2003 SLT Yukon. Easy swap, looks way better, and the roller makes loading kayaks way easier!

  • WrathofPharaoh

    When I first bought my Suburban, I thought it was just a bar coming loose, but when I bought a kayak and tried to slide it onto the roof, I realized it was supposed to roll. It's a shame the newer Suburbans/Tahoes have that extension coming off the back that can get damaged if you try to slide something up onto the roof.

    • Stapleton42

      They’re more SUV and less truck with every passing model update. It’s sad

  • David Gold
    David Gold

    Yes, and the black circular areas on either end of the roller facing aft (and angled down slightly) are designed so you can fairly easily add a round emergency light or rear area work light flush-mounted in there.


      Yes I always noticed that ideally I would put a reflector decal.

  • Rodney Boyette
    Rodney Boyette

    Yep! Tahoe’s have it too! Found it by accident be glad you didn’t find it by standing on it😂

  • Sup_Im_Max

    "i wanna see a roller" walks outside to a street race

    • MrBochie Da2nd
      MrBochie Da2nd


    • Stapleton42


  • Daniel Thibault
    Daniel Thibault

    Definitely went out to the garage to check my wife's 2005 tahoe. Can't say I knew it was there, but I can say it'll never be used 🤣🤷🏻‍♂️

  • eric

    I bought my dads suburban z71 from him and didn’t find out about it until I helped my friend move a basketball hoop and had to slide it up there. It was a great feature wish gm came up with more useful and quirky features like that

  • Toby and Kelly Nephew
    Toby and Kelly Nephew

    I had one of those years ago, and noticed it when hauling a ladder for the first time. Nice feature

  • Brian Mccarthy
    Brian Mccarthy

    Always wondered about the circle indents on the back of the rack. It's like they were gonna have some sort of rear flood light option but decided not to include it for production

    • David Gold
      David Gold

      It was for aftermarket lighting upgrades - ambulances in Israel, work vehicles, fire chiefs, etc.

  • Brandon Mortenson
    Brandon Mortenson

    Owned one in ‘05. I now understand why my contractor friends all wanted to buy it. That is crazy.

  • Lisa

    I have a blacked out 05 Z71 Tahoe.... I already knew this. There's also a secret compartment if you lift up the cup holders by the front console. Great place to put a wallet and gun. 😊

  • Zach zollars
    Zach zollars

    Only the Z71 came with that opinion. My 05 Tahoe and my dads 05 suburban were both z71. Also the Z71 had a bigger luggage rack. They were taller and more bulky but so nice

  • waffle911

    Oh we made use of the roller regularly for the whole time we had ours (purchased new in 2004, scrapped in 2016, rust in pieces). Was fantastic for getting the Thule box on and off every summer, and getting the dinghy on and off.

  • MnCAlapati415

    I have a 2005 Z71 Chevy Tahoe and I never knew what that piece was for. Thanks for the info 🤙🏼

  • Cody Crawford
    Cody Crawford

    I never knew that was like that, I always liked the look of the Z71 Roof Rack I didn’t know it was also functional

  • Relapse

    also good for canoes and kayaks the rollers are way more useful than you think

    • Ernest Paul
      Ernest Paul

      The canoe/kayak deal was what it was for. The lumber thing just happened out of need or accident. My 03' Tahoe Z71 rear roller crossbar is now stationary as I am using it to secure a CURT cargo basket with an extension.

  • joey0077d

    I could have gotten a z71 back in 03 . The dealer told me about that roller. I didn’t get the z71 for I already had a 4x4. It’s a cool feature for sure. Thanks for sharing!! 👍🏼👍🏼

  • Sparks24

    Damn i grew up with the exact one in the thumbnail. 2001 chevy suburban z71 in that sparkly green. That thing was with my family for 15 years. Now it's my grandpa's trailer hauler/winter beater. I love that truck

  • Cory Smith
    Cory Smith

    Interesting... I wonder if there's a way to retrofit it into my 2000 TROOPER

  • Adam Oldham
    Adam Oldham

    We installed back up light pods in the round indentions . Cut holes and glued them in. Lights up the whole back area

  • spaghetti

    I dont have a z71 but I bought a cheap yukon XL to flip and ended up keeping it as a daily driver because of how many useful unique features it has. Great trucks!

    • Stapleton42

      The best 🤟🏻

  • Jimmy's Garage
    Jimmy's Garage

    Doug DeMuro would squeal over this.

    • John Smith
      John Smith

      THIIIIS is a roller roof rack.

    • bigwo56

      @Stapleton42 ; )

    • DB Water
      DB Water

      but is it a quirk or feature

    • Stapleton42

      😂 totally

  • Nova Life Trucking
    Nova Life Trucking

    I found out on accident I was climbing on top of the suburban and my foot slipped because of that roller but for some reason I thought I had broken it myself.

  • Tyler Bennett
    Tyler Bennett

    Bought a 02 Z71 Burb brand new, definitely knew about the roller right away. Used it to load a canoe all the time

  • HilljackZack

    I want one of these Suburban suvs now after seeing this and a few other videos. I want to get my hands on the Vortec 8100 engine with it.

  • Aaron Weller
    Aaron Weller

    This feature was supposed to make it easier to load canoes on the roof.

  • Z71_kevin

    My 2004 Suburban Z71 has that as well, it was easy to load kayaks on the roof rack with that roller on the back!

  • mrboojay13

    Oh my word I never knew that that’s so cool! Seriously though, this gen of SUVs and trucks, fantastic.

  • Apocalyptic Bone-Daddy
    Apocalyptic Bone-Daddy

    I had one of these actually Excellent family truck, great off road

  • Bigjohnnywolf

    Thing I like about my 04' Z71.. It doesn't have a "Tahoe" badge anywhere on it.

  • Joel Hansma
    Joel Hansma

    Had a 2004 Z71 just like the one in your video, and knew it was there, it was marketed as a way to load a canoe on the roof.

  • bigwo56

    Very cool idea! Wonder if any aftermarket companies have stolen this idea yet?

  • Jay Medeiros
    Jay Medeiros

    I have it on my 2004 Tahoe Z71. It’s a killer feature.

  • papajon1000

    I have an 04 z71 and I use that for carrying the canoe. Works great!

  • Ken Johnson
    Ken Johnson

    I've had my Z71 for 7 Years and just now learning about this. Thanks

  • Jordan Cunanan
    Jordan Cunanan

    Page 146 of the Owners Manual talks about the “luggage carrier” and makes ZERO mention of the rear roller. Talk about hidden gadgets on the truck! 🤟😎🤟🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  • James Poteat
    James Poteat

    I bought a 2003 Z71 Tahoe as my first new car. The salesman told me the roller was for loading canoes.

  • Random Stuff Garage
    Random Stuff Garage

    Man I had a 2002 z71 Tahoe in black. Loved it. I went on deployment and my wife sold it and got a 2010 LT. I wasnt too mad, I bought a 240sx and we were even lol

  • Greg Payne
    Greg Payne

    All I learned at work today is that my coworkers Yukon is actually a Tahoe (and does have the roller) which makes more sense because z71 was a chevy thing I don't think they trimmed yukons with that code.

  • christopher woodson
    christopher woodson

    Found by washing the roof. It's an AWESOME feature

  • rezvordwg

    i have a 04 Z71 and a LTZ 16 . Never knew that about the 04. I gotta go get 2x12s tomorrow , perfect timing , unreal .

  • Chris Little
    Chris Little

    Use mine all the time!!! Works great for ladders too!

  • Darenator1

    I use the roller on my '05 Z71 Burb ask the time. You didn't mention the light fixture spots on either side! That is where I'm looking to find a perfect fit LED

  • Michael Costlow
    Michael Costlow

    Phft...I learned about this within a week of buying my tahoe ....I was loading stuff on the back and leaned an elbow on the back bar to brace myself.....not the best way to learn 😂😂

  • John Gutierrez
    John Gutierrez

    I see you didnt mention it but also the cargo bars are adjustable they slide forward and backwards along the rails with the button at the ends.

    • Maxwell Holley
      Maxwell Holley

      The Z71 actually has a set screw on each side for the bar adjustment so it’s infinitely adjustable unlike the LT and others where it has to clip into specific increments.

  • Kxng Earner
    Kxng Earner

    I still love this model GMC Yukon & Tahoe

  • Travis C
    Travis C

    I new about it my Z71 has it. I personally won't use my roof rack to carry anything but it's functional as long as the weight limit isn't maxed out. Y'all be safe!

  • Jeff Collette
    Jeff Collette

    Knew about this when they were new. My uncle had one. We used it all the time to load canoes

  • Zachariah Smith
    Zachariah Smith

    Yeah man I realized it by accident one day I grabbed it to tie down and lost my grip, great feature very handy foe large items

  • Donnelle Bivens
    Donnelle Bivens

    It’s a kayak roller. Those were meant for outdoor life.

  • Christopher

    More practical car knowledge from Stapleton42.

  • Loki Trickster
    Loki Trickster

    Yup knew about that, dad and I found them by accident, we added some trail lights to the back of his Suburban and that wouldn't stay directed. It took us longer then it should have to realize that what we thought was a solid bar was turning when we would hit a solid bump.

    • Stapleton42


  • TralfazConstruction

    How many people had this vehicle and never knew about the roller feature? Must be a multitude.

  • Rifleman

    Always liked those, my aunt had one of those. It was a good SUV until Michigan winter and salt chemicals rotted it out.

    • Stapleton42

      man I hate salt too lol

  • Gumball Watterson
    Gumball Watterson

    Some of the most reliable pickup trucks and SUV's ever made as well.

    • Hollow Aang
      Hollow Aang

      @Brandon Brown These were the last GM trucks without the dumb EPA regulations. That's why I'd still much rather have a 2007 Classic Silverado than a newer one. Right now I'm daily driving a 2001 Silverado 1500 with the 5.3l that has almost 310k and still runs good.

    • Brandon Brown
      Brandon Brown

      Still would be if not for EPA requirements. Sad to see great models slowly get neutered.

  • Austin Hansen
    Austin Hansen

    Chevy guy for 28 years and never knew... I need one for my Trailblazer

    • Isaiah Edwards
      Isaiah Edwards


  • Michael Hernann
    Michael Hernann

    We use them for kayaks.. makes loading by yourself so much easier

  • Andy Swavel
    Andy Swavel

    Works great for canoes too 👍

  • Jimmyjude Films
    Jimmyjude Films

    The 2000 to 2006 chevy Tahoe/suburban Z71 is my favorite truck ever made. i really want one at some point.

    • Jimmyjude Films
      Jimmyjude Films

      @Mario barrera nice!!

    • Mario barrera
      Mario barrera

      I have a 2004 tahoe z71, 248,000 miles and still running strong 💪

    • Jimmyjude Films
      Jimmyjude Films

      @Paul Mahon Honestly I'm ok if it doesn't have it I didn't even know it was an option lol. I've wanted this truck ever since my family sold our 2003 Z71 Tahoe in 2011, that truck was awesome!!!!!

    • Paul Mahon
      Paul Mahon

      Look first, because my 02 Z71 Tahoe does not have this.

  • ntvtexan

    Been driving my 2003 Z71 Suburban since I bought it in 2008...never knew about this. THANKS for the great video form Arlington !

  • Jason Goodwin
    Jason Goodwin

    I knew about it, one of reasons I bought a z71 over a regular 4x4

  • Turtledad1916

    I have an 05' Z71 Suburban that I've owned for 7 years now. I notice the roll bar 2 years after ti got he truck. That roll bar has helped me out so many times. I love this truck and I'm not afraid to say I own a Chevy Suburban Z71.

  • PiDsMedia

    Now I need one of those for my Grand Voyager, so I can easy slide a sheet of 5-ply up there to use as a camera platform. :)

  • Germanium18

    I knew about it. I found out when I loaded my kayak for the first time.

  • Pete Zahut
    Pete Zahut

    I found this out earlier this year on my Tahoe with a large ladder!

  • Derek Weese
    Derek Weese

    yeah that is really cool it's a shame they didn't make it known everybody that bought one, also this is a good bit off topic but a little bit on top of two the same time a lot of people don't realize that some suburbans have crab steering or four wheel steering....

    • Stapleton42

      Yep Quadrasteer 🤟🏻 I like the fat fender flares on those

  • duramax3388

    Had a 04 Tahoe Z71 and was great for loading kayak and stuff.

  • Chad Creech
    Chad Creech

    Damn I notice this on mine for the first time this weekend! Learn something new everyday

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