Mark Martin's Hometown History Tour! Original Buildings & Profound Life Lessons From a Legend
This video is easily the best thing I have ever filmed and the most impactful video on this channel. After Mark gave us the full tour of his museum...we hopped in his Yukon Denali for the firsthand tour of where the hall of fame career all started. Batesville Arkansas. The original spot where his father Julian founded his trucking company where Mark learned many life lessons. The stories and value with them just can't be described here... I hope if you are reading this that you'll listen to everything this man says because its pure gold.
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  • Stapleton42

    I hope you guys pay attention to these stories and lessons from Mark. I think there’s something to be learned for anyone reading this right now. I sure learned a lot and gained new perspective on my own situations from it. The coolest part about doing this stuff for me is the ability to see cool things and also meet amazing people at the same time gaining wisdom to improve my own life. I’m glad you guys are here for it.

    • Steve Williams
      Steve Williams

      Mark Martin has always had a humble attitude in the press etc, he respects all who respect him but if you don't show respect to him he seems to stay away from those people, love Mark Martin even if he drive a ford!! That's a first 4 me lol.

    • D.M. Murray
      D.M. Murray

      @jonnyspa27 Jonny, i Took a lil’ Sunday drive wit the gf from ATL -> Talladega in May ‘87! VERY HOT 🥵 500 miles of AFTR_noon Racin’ - Even Hotter night w/sunburns on us! HeHe 😉

    • D.M. Murray
      D.M. Murray

      @Doc Holiday - Doc, whether you’re in Batesville, Searcy ( to get there you have to go thru “Bald KNOB” LoL 😝 ) , Ft. Smith or .... I grew thru 14yo about 50 miles from there [ a farm on the Spring river]. I did most of a career in automotive industry. Met Mark Martin - in mpit area at MIS. Read somewhere a LOONG time ago, Mark was said to be from Walnut Ridge.... 🤷🏼‍♂️ Them ARK Names DUUDE: Ash Flat, Raccoon Springs, Mammoth Spring, Piggott, Marmaduke, Hot Springs, Marked Tree, Pine Bluff.... Colorful, them Hillbillies. 👍🏼 👌🏽

    • Josh Daniels
      Josh Daniels

      One of the highlights of my life is running into Mark Martin at New Smyrna speedway and hanging out at his hauler. His son was racing trucks we ran a superstock.

    • Steve Wagner
      Steve Wagner

      My thoughts exactly

  • Stephen Lancaster
    Stephen Lancaster

    Imagine riding down the road with Mark Martin driving and giving you a history lesson on his life. You are living the dream man. Keep it up.

    • Samsonian

      Have to start calling these “Stapleton Sessions” or something. Hell Mitchell, if Mark thought it was going to be that cathartic he might’ve paid you good money for it! 🤣🤣🤣 Cheers! 🖖😎👍

    • Kurt Sumthinorother
      Kurt Sumthinorother

      No doubt man!

    • zlinedavid

      Not just a lesson on his life….a lesson on life.

    • Bubba Kushington
      Bubba Kushington

      No shit man what a dream.

    • Stephen Lancaster
      Stephen Lancaster

      @Matt 1968 that's what I was wondering. I think I would have had to see if there was a easy way in just to get a few pics and check everything out.

  • Kevin Lawrence
    Kevin Lawrence

    Mark Martin is awesome. I’d love to listen to him like this too. His knowledge, humbleness, and skill. I was hoping he would finally get that championship when Hendrick talked him into driving full time. This is awesome.

  • Andrew Dvorsky
    Andrew Dvorsky

    Mark Martin just so you know this 53 year old guy rooted for you from 1989 until the day you stopped racing and I was your fan because I could see how humble of a guy and such a fair racer you were and I think even more about you as a person after watching this video of you showing off where you started! My GOAL in life is to drive to Mark Martin Ford and buy a new Roush Stage III Mustang from your dealership.

    • kain hall
      kain hall

      im mid to late 20s...... and ya, Mark is my favorite ALL time driver . exactly as you said..... fair, humble AF.... and did a lot of "rule making" and CRAZY setups that worked a PERFECTLY engineered car is un-drive-able because you have to drive it EXACTLY the same every lap . some thing that should not work...... but just works because it just works with THAT driver.... perfection

  • Gary Snyder
    Gary Snyder

    This is awesome content a look behind behind the scenes only the real of the real. Definitely a glimpse of living racing history. You Definitely have a gift for interviewing, and side note you should put a ring on Logan or a turbo shes a keeper

  • Muddy Creek Critters
    Muddy Creek Critters

    Thanks for capturing some of Marks thoughts. It was a great treat to listen to him. Mark and Ricky Ruud were my two favorite Nascar drivers !

  • Eric q
    Eric q

    The way he feels about his dad is how I feel about both my Grandfathers. One taught me to hunt and fish and fend for myself. The other gave me a love of cars and racing. Too many people these days don't appreciate the lessons they are taught.

  • Greg Simon
    Greg Simon

    Again you have managed to bring an awesome video with one of the absolute most awesome man in nascar, it was like a therapy lesson for Mark. A scrawny kid from Pennsylvania scores one of the greatest interviews of all time. Congratulations Mitchell it was fascinating.

    • Jonathan Sparks
      Jonathan Sparks

      @Stapleton42 ROFLMAO 😂

    • Stapleton42

      Thanks. Wanna arm wrestle?

  • dewboy13

    I love how more often than not, when he refers to his success, he says "we". That says a lot about Mark.

    • dewboy13

      @James Clark absolutely incredible.

    • James Clark
      James Clark

      @dewboy13 He won 5 races in 09 when everyone thought he was washed up. Incredible!

    • dewboy13

      @David Signor agreed, after Jarret retired, I started rooting for him too. I wish he wouldve been able to get more wins in his later racing years. He definitely had the talent, and put in the work, for years!

    • David Signor
      David Signor

      I always liked Martin when he raced he was always a class act

    • Austin Meeks
      Austin Meeks

      Duely noted. I love how he always addresses his team and the guys who backed him to get him and the cars where they needed to be.

  • Paul Harris
    Paul Harris

    The stories from Mark is priceless, truthfulness. Not the over produced stories on a NASCAR broadcast. Ps: Mark thanking you, gave me chills. He’s humble as F, a true legend.

  • Indiana Joe Music
    Indiana Joe Music

    Mark is one of the best race car drivers ever! He should be proud of his accomplishments and his impact on racing. Awesome guy!

  • Jeremiah Johnson
    Jeremiah Johnson

    Its very rare that part 2 is better than the 1st. I was sucked in on the side of the 405 freeway in my work truck watching this one. You and mark knocked it out of the park. Mark martin is a genuine human who shared himself with all of us. That is rare these days. 10 out of 10.

    • John Snow
      John Snow

      Winning Nascar championship is not all that matters in auto racing. Some of the greatest influence in sports are not the stars doing all the winning. Jonny Benson was a genius at car building and racing. He even was a tutor to Danica Patrick and many others yet he was not a champion in Nascar.

    • Nelson Deese
      Nelson Deese

      Yes sir

  • Joel Tolley
    Joel Tolley

    The way Mark's father taught him life lessons was the most profound thing that meant something to me. My father is the same way and I still get to learn from him. I am nearly 50 years old and that man can always point out something I may not know. And I think that commen sense learning is one thing that is missing from alot of the youth today. He may have been afraid of his father's temper but the respect he has for his father is genuine.

  • Darren N
    Darren N

    24:54 mark literally just helped us all travel back in time with him with this story!

  • Phillip King
    Phillip King

    That’s one hell of a Complement when Mark Martin says I watch all your content!!!!

    • kain hall
      kain hall

      @Ryan Sheehan dude is just a good dude......... . if you are genuine..... he is also

    • Ryan Sheehan
      Ryan Sheehan

      And to think I was over the moon excited when he wrote back to me on Twitter once!

    • Roc sti
      Roc sti

      Damn can't believe how much higher my standards are then mark Martin lol what's wrong with me

    • SoulFly

      i would try to not to think about it. or i might get nervous lol

    • GAT

      I sure watched a lot of his content back in the day

  • kliphy10

    Mark talking about his dad, good as gold , & him looking off & remembering. That got me , good as gold .

  • moparedtn

    Mark Martin is genuine good people. The world would be better off with more like him. The fact he could drive the wheels off a race car is just icing on the cake.

  • Hella Drums
    Hella Drums

    These Mark Martin videos are the greatest! He has the greatest stories, you could sit and listen to them for hours! Thank you for putting together. Truly some of the best videos out there.

  • James Musselwhite
    James Musselwhite

    Thank you for sharing this! My uncle was the biggest Mark Martin fan! I remember him telling me multiple times. “Kid if you chose Mark as a role model you could definitely do a lot worse!” Of course he meant that Mark was a helluva role model both on and off the track! He would have loved to have seen this!

  • Jeff Bailey
    Jeff Bailey

    A great interview!! You could just see the smile on Mark's face as he strolls down memory lane! Like the way his father tought him life lessons.

  • Colby Martin
    Colby Martin

    The way he likes to tells these story’s and how he likes to share his memories you’d think this kinda thing is a common occurrence for him, but it’s not. Just a man of a dying breed & generation reminiscing on what he loves and has loved so much. Glad you took the time to do these videos man. Mark knows you have a love for the history of racing. It was a whole different world back then. What I would give to live in that day and time. Mad respect to you Staples. You and I are probably the same age and we share the same love, interest, and respect for the history and the men who loved it. Keep it up.

    • Stapleton42

      Thanks man we will

  • Two wheeling Nut
    Two wheeling Nut

    Mark Martin is a living legend to me. He raced during the best years of Nascar. Nascar just isn’t the same as it was when Mark Martin ran. What an honor that must of been to hang out with him. Awesome thanks for sharing.

    • Stapleton42

      Glad you’re here man

  • Peter Franzetti
    Peter Franzetti

    There's a badass video series he did with Mark Martin, I've never seen him open up to anybody like he has to you. I think him telling his story has opened his mind up as to how good he really was. Love it bro keep on doing it

  • Life with the Lakes
    Life with the Lakes

    Cruising around with mark martin has to be one of the coolest experiences ever! This channel is legit!

    • Stapleton42

      Thanks man. Always trying my best

  • Jordan Graff
    Jordan Graff

    I could listen to Mark talk about an ant walking across a dirt pile..... My most favourite racecar driver, and the reason I fell in love with NASCAR as a child

  • Bill Ayers
    Bill Ayers

    This was an incredible interview. What I would'nt give to be sitting in that passenger seat listening to his story and driving with Mark down memory lane. I sure would have loved to hear the story about Mark's mom making his dad put Marks seat in the center of that 55 chevy because she didn't want him getting hurt. Great interview and I'm happy to be a new subscriber!

  • Eric Reinoehl
    Eric Reinoehl

    Amazing share and experience bud, thank you !!! That was amazing.

  • spedward860

    Can't believe how lucky you are to be able to do this stuff man! Ridding shotgun with Mark f'in Martin listening to him tell stories from back in the day serious envy for you right now man.

  • David Rohwer
    David Rohwer

    Thank you for this interview of Mark. Your questions and comments showed depth and you gave Mark time to tell his story. As a long time NASCAR follower (70YO) I had wondered what his story was and where he is today. I was not disappointed.

  • Speedway Anywhere
    Speedway Anywhere

    I don't mean to double, Triple and overpost but I would've been jaw dropped and choked up if given the chance. When Mark started to thank you for the opportunity would've been one of the only times I ever got star struck and I've met many. Thanks again

  • John Young
    John Young

    Mark Martin was my idol for so many years. This is some of the best content I have seen on IRglo. He is a legend in my eyes. Now I realize his dad is also a legend.

    • rich077140

      Me too. He was such a clean driver. You didn't see him upset often, if you did it was serious. Mark was a racer that was a role model for his followers.

  • Cody legg
    Cody legg

    I'm with mark on how he feels about his dad some men are just so badass you want to be the better version of them

  • Jonathan Larson
    Jonathan Larson

    I can’t come up with the words to describe how interesting and motivating these videos with Mark Martin have been. Thanks for taking the time to do this

  • Mike Emerson
    Mike Emerson

    i have really enjoyed these last two videos, from 1989 to his retirement, i was a huge martin fan.... he helped form the person i am today, at a time in my life when i had piss and vinegar running threw my veins, mark showed me how no matter how crappy things are.... take it in stride, put a smile on your face, not let it get to you and push forward with everything you have, every interview i saw mark give, he always carried his self like professional.... he is what a true champion looks like!!!! i tried for 10 or more yrs to meet him just to say thank you, so im happy and jealous that you got to meet him!!! forever mr. august!

  • Charles Doe
    Charles Doe

    Wow isn’t amazing how many successful people share the same advice about paying attention. You have mentioned it in many of other interviews.My dad would take us by wrecker company to show us the bad wrecks gore and all to teach about driving mistakes and why it happened and why we could learn from it.the same for giving your word.

  • Todd Blais
    Todd Blais

    Mark Martin is a wealth of race car and life knowledge. I can still remember watching a race when I was younger where he lost his rear bumper and dominated the competition because of it. Nobody could touch him during that race, he was flyin!!

  • Stew Puddy
    Stew Puddy

    Why can't I ever just end up on a historical road trip with a nascar legend?! This is great! Thank you Mark!

  • v2_

    It's amazing how much Mark poured his heart out here. He's a hero to a lot of us and I'm glad we got a lot of insight into the man and not just the guy we've seen on TV. A genuine good guy of the sport and I can only hope to be half the man he is.

  • Clay Millican
    Clay Millican

    This was so good!!! Thank you Mark for sharing and thank you Stapleton42 for such a great job capturing this for everyone to see.

    • no comment
      no comment

      @Stapleton42 damn son, you got everybody popping in. Not bad, eh. Clay - what's up, man? Fan of yours.

    • Stapleton42

      Thanks man 💪🏻

  • Brian Harris
    Brian Harris

    Thanks for doing this! Mark Martin is a GOAT and obviously a wise man. Hard work pays off. Love his reverence for his dad. Would have love to see you guys walk in the door of that first truck shop to see the look on their faces when Mark walked in to tell them about the history of that first ‘55 they was built in there.

  • Ryu rc
    Ryu rc

    So cool man. The wisdom this man has is irreplaceable. And really I had no idea he grew up so close to where I live. This has been an interesting journey

  • Steve Karr
    Steve Karr

    I'm about the same age as Mark and was always a huge fan of his. This was super special, thanks Mitch!

  • Mike Ramsey
    Mike Ramsey

    Mark Martin wasn’t my favorite driver but I always respected him, but after watching this video I have learned so much. Not just about the history but about being a man. Thanks for the video, hope your able to do more, doesn’t have to be drivers but anyone that has racing history. So much can be learned before these people are gone and stories like Mr Martins would never be told.

  • James Martin
    James Martin

    Damn Mitchell, this has to be one of, if not THE BEST episode I have ever seen, on IRglo. Kind of late to jump on the bandwagon, but I'm a Mark Martin fan.I could tell how deeply it touched his heart when you guys got back to the museum and were just talking in his Denali talking about not forgetting who he was back in the day, before NASCAR.

  • S550 Mustang
    S550 Mustang

    If your a nascar fan I don’t think anyone can top your last 2 videos thanks for some outstanding content you must be pumped hanging with a true legend of nascar and simply a great person.

    • Jerry Muncey
      Jerry Muncey

      fuck YA keep this series going and take us back in time on a man to man level

    • S550 Mustang
      S550 Mustang

      @Rowdy Broomstick I would agree I’ve followed Mark since his ASA days into nascar back into ASA and then back to nascar. These last 2 videos pretty Fin awesome

    • Rowdy Broomstick
      Rowdy Broomstick

      Discovery Channel level content 💪👊🇺🇲

  • Tim Martin
    Tim Martin

    Mark was who I rooted for every race. I watched a little while after he retired but it wasn't the same without him. He's the genuine article. Thanking you for his trip down memory lane just proves he's a real class act.

  • 600joe

    Great two part series. Racing is about the people. When tracks go, you miss the people.

  • Brandon Emmons
    Brandon Emmons

    It is really cool to hear his story about his life in racing. Thank you Mark Martin.

  • Steve Mcafee
    Steve Mcafee

    This was awesome to hear Mark go down his past and see him remember it in the building the emotions he was feeling great interview Mitchell, I also loved Mark's dad stories sounded just like my step dad who was a truck driver when I was a kid and I got to ride with him during the summer when school was out

  • Joe Bakewell
    Joe Bakewell

    Mark Martin will always be my favorite race car driver. An Absolute Legend.

  • Metcalf Mafia Motorsports
    Metcalf Mafia Motorsports

    Being a life long Mark Martin fan, these two videos are just amazing to me. And to see someone I've always looked up to, whose autobiography that was out I read at like 12. Then the lessons and being able to see the spots I had read about then. Thank you for this. It's reminded me where my love of racing came from.

  • Corbin Leiby
    Corbin Leiby

    As a huge Mark Fan, just turning 30 years old. I can put myself in your shoes during this video. Mark was always a hero to me. Listed as such on my MySpace account as a kid. I raced his numbers for years on my own race cars. 02 - 5 - 6 - 16 - and others. Love that old man like a grandfather. This was a huge video for me personally, and mentally as Mark is so full of humble wisdom.

  • David Kingsbury
    David Kingsbury

    Love this! Being a small town racer shows we all started the same way and some pushed even harder to greatness 🏁🏁

  • Tirbo Max
    Tirbo Max

    so, at first i was thinking this video might be too "long winded" of nascar stuff that i'm not a big fan of, but listening to Mark talking about life lessons hit alot of bells of my growing up and doing things in life, he seems to be a very down to earth/interesting person. absolutely loved every f--n second of this video!!! thanks ~jeff

  • Adam Mealey
    Adam Mealey

    Oh man, wouldn't I love to spend a day with Mark!!!! He has been my favorite driver since I was old enough to love stock cars !! Great video sir !!

  • Jason Hovey
    Jason Hovey

    This was an incredible video. Mark is an a amazing guy an to see this just proves it. Thank you for bring this to us.

  • Dave S.
    Dave S.

    I could listen to Mark's stories all day, thank you for sharing! I got to meet him at New Hampshire in either 2000 or 2001 at the fall cup race in the Valvoline VIP tent. He was fairly quiet, and I could tell he was a pretty serious person, very confident in himself. But he was very nice and classy, thanked all of us for coming. I'm so glad I got to meet him. The most profound thing I took from this and also got from my own mother as a child, is to be a person of your word. Keep promises that you make. Carry yourself with dignity, kindness and truthfulness. Back up what you say with your actions. That will take you where you want to go in life.

  • James Welch
    James Welch

    O.M.G. This has to be one of the best videos I've ever seen. I felt Mark's emotion. Thank you.

  • HEY MAN Motorsports
    HEY MAN Motorsports

    Again, the fact that Mark freakin Martin is a fan of this channel, says it all. Keep up the good work.💪

  • Vigilant Guardian
    Vigilant Guardian

    44:55 #1 lesson learned.... the look in Mark's eyes says it all.... he misses and is proud of what his father gave to him all those years ago... excellent video .. hopefully more to come... like this..

  • Justin Walters
    Justin Walters

    I fet honored to have had Mark like a picture of my dually on the gram about 3 years ago. Look at this stuff! Soo cool.

  • Bill Lugaila
    Bill Lugaila

    I love the fact someone is recording history! I miss the old days and I miss the old racing. It brings back memories of watching races with my dad! I love seeing the old cars and hearing the stories.

  • David Sanders
    David Sanders

    Just a badass genuine dude!! I really regret not being a bigger Mark Martin fan.. lol love these videos man

  • N H
    N H

    we need more people like this in this currently fucked up world. thanks for the vid, hit me hard at some points. keep up the good work

  • Chris Kilbarger
    Chris Kilbarger

    Dude. I'm beyond jealous. Mark is one of my heroes. Riding around Batesville with him would be a dream. Mark is an exceptional man and someone to listen to for life stories. Unbelievable episode. Love you Mark.💖💖

  • Ed Hicks
    Ed Hicks

    These Mark Martin videos were great. It was so much fun to hear him recount those moments. There’s lots that you don’t get from the podcast… especially that heartfelt time at the end. Great stuff. Can’t wait to see you wrenching again. When you’re ready, it would be great to see the LSXcalade back out tearing it up. That’s where I first saw you… on the dyno at PFI Speed with it. You definitely need to go manual on the Monte Carlo. Looking forward to that too.

  • Copper Top
    Copper Top

    These two videos are super special... makes me miss my dad even more hearing Mr Martin speak about his. Thank you for the time all of you took to make this!

  • Jason Turner
    Jason Turner

    Thank you Mark Martin for doing this for everyone! Miss you on the track. Awesome to learn so much! Little emotional at the end!!!!!

  • brian ruyack
    brian ruyack

    I'm 3 years younger than Mark, but I can relate to wanting to reconnect to that part of your youth when you were filled with the values that last you a lifetime. Thanks so much for recording this and sharing his wisdom and eloquence.

  • Dean Randall
    Dean Randall

    What is important, never forget where you came from. The things you had to do to make it! Love that you have the chance to experience this awesome tour from the Great Mark Martin! 👍🇺🇲🦅🏁🤯 Mind blowing!

  • Thumper517

    Great job! You can see the excitement in Mark's face when he talks about something he hadn't thought about for quite a while.

  • Triple Nickel Motorsports
    Triple Nickel Motorsports

    I am here for the racing and building... but hot damn, great show. Lots of wisdom in that man. Thanks for sharing. Made me think about all I learned from my hard working sometimes angry Dad, lol and made me reflect on my relationships with my sons and how much of a hardass I can be when it comes to them wrenching on their rides.

  • Benny Helgeson
    Benny Helgeson

    Mark Martin's father was very much the same as my dad. They were not perfect but they worked hard, got things done, and taught us how to respect others .

  • Brian Sweebe
    Brian Sweebe

    Man that would be such an honor to get to ride around with one of the greatest nascar driver of all time

  • Snidely Whiplash
    Snidely Whiplash

    Great video! I've always been a Mark Martin fan because of not only his accomplishments on track, but also because of who he is off the track. He's won races and made millions and yet it never went to his head. He's a down to earth humble individual.

  • David Johnson
    David Johnson

    You can tell Mark MISSES his dad! Just like I miss my dad only being gone for a year

  • Mij Ebre
    Mij Ebre

    Mark was and is an inspiration for racing, and life.

  • Mike Irwin
    Mike Irwin

    I think it's really neat that Mark would open up his life like this for the public. So many people don't do this once they are "famous". I thoroughly enjoyed getting to see where Mark came from, and an idea of how he got where he is today. Thank you for your time involved in putting this together.

  • Gas_Hogg

    How freaking cool is Mark Martin. So much depth and feeling In the places and memories. Got in my feels.

  • Larry Lewis
    Larry Lewis

    Mark was a clean driver ,when he won everybody could be happy cause he earned it