Our Supercharged Monte Carlo Has Fuel Pressure Problems... We Upgrade the Pump AND Wires!
Last time out on the dyno Ralph decided to give us fuel pressure problems. The most likely culprit could be one of three things. The wiring going to the pump is too small/weak. The pump itself is too small...OR the pump sock is too close to the bottom of the tank! So we address all three in this video and confirm the results with a road test!
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  • Brad Ehman
    Brad Ehman

    If someone says they haven't ever messed up crimping wires, they are 100% lieing or have never done it lol

  • RedFTW89

    Happy Belated Birthday Logan! People shouldn’t talk trash about you! You consistently work hard on the channel! Most times I feel like you work and try harder than Mitchell 🤣🤣🤣

  • Ed Hicks
    Ed Hicks

    Happy Birthday Logan! It’s fun to watch a couple of kids just figure it out and get shit done.

    • Stapleton42

      Thanks man. That’ll never stop because we have no idea what we’re doing 😂

  • Elvis King
    Elvis King

    Happy birthday Logan, You guy’s are doing a awesome job on the Monte Carlo.

  • Helmersher

    Happy birthday Logan🎉 definitely had some great stories and throwbacks in this one! Excited to see all of the projects, and excited to see what race car build Logan is going for. Keep up the awesome work both of you!

  • jaymz fox
    jaymz fox

    I’ve watched every video up to the end, I love the genuine personality you two show. Stoked to see some progress on the Monte too!🤘🏼

  • Nicholas Swain
    Nicholas Swain

    The LEDs actually are flashing you can just see it through the camera because the frame rate slows down the frequency so that you can see the LED flashing. Constant LEDs have a steady light output while strobes emit bursts of it at regular intervals depending on the frequency they’re set at. Now back to the regularly scheduled programing.

  • jacob Guyer
    jacob Guyer

    You guys are by far my favorite channel to watch. Most involved with helping others and showing us the day to day. It's truly appreciated!!

  • Stapleton42

    This video is a a reset back to how we used to do things. Over time I’ve thinned out videos to be more and more about the work…and it’s become less and less fun. You know what? There’s nothing wrong with having fun at the same time. So we’re gonna get back to that 💪🏻 Merch link: stapletonautoworks.com

    • Joshua Waggoner
      Joshua Waggoner

      Watch at 1.5 times if time is really an issue.

    • Stapleton42

      @nathan olmstead great tip

    • nathan olmstead
      nathan olmstead

      When I do wire joints, in offset the connections by an inch or so. Zero chance of joints contacting, and taping or looming the wires there isn't a big bulge

    • Sean Dearing
      Sean Dearing

      Happy birthday Logan, Mitchell's lucky to have such a hard working, get in there an get it done type and such a pretty young althentic dedicated girl

    • Joe Cameron
      Joe Cameron

      I was wondering when you were going to relax and have fun again damn it.

  • Ryu rc
    Ryu rc

    Thumbs up for the"professional" wiring tip, I mean voltage drop over distance... . electric 101. But as far as fuel pump wiring, the crimp connectors are totally the way to go in the tank. They are on my daily right now

    • jeff

      Just ask the 4x4 guys with all the lights, they usually have awesome melting stories

    • Michael Thoma
      Michael Thoma

      Great point! Its often overlooked for electrical runs from front to back

    • Ryu rc
      Ryu rc

      I have a bad rc problem. I tig welded up an all metal axial Smt10 4 years ago. Castle 4500kv motor, mamba x esc, jconcepts tribute wheels, and renegade tires. Not the fastest, but I Also a traxxas slash 4x4 with a 1/8 scale setup for 6s. Its too fast. And a no prep drag rc nova. traxxas based but alot of aftermarket.....well everything. Spent way too much on rc hobby in the last 5 years. But being single father, me and my son gotta get out and have fun. And gets him started with mechanical objects. Get out that lmt and I would watch

  • Stuart Burden
    Stuart Burden

    Well, you two... you complement each other more than perfectly. I cant wait to see you get back on the Uncle George build... you're doing awesome work. My best to you both, and happy belated birthday, Logan. Regards Stuart from Exeter, Devon, England

  • Henry Zwart
    Henry Zwart

    Pro tip for those wanting to use heat shrink tubes in a fuel tank get the clear ptfe stuff. It's expensive, but it will hold up to being submerged in gas and ethanol.

  • Roger Dodger
    Roger Dodger

    I’ve been following y’all for a long while. Me and my girlfriend always watch y’all’s videos when we get home. The notifications are always a sign for a good day. Because of your videos, my girlfriend and I have spent a lot more time in the shop the last 2 years. We greatly appreciate the content!! Also, happy birthday Logan!!

  • J Tuck
    J Tuck

    Happy birthday, Logan! And also awesome to see the Monte running again with the fuel pump wiring upgrade. Hopefully that was the fix! Ready to see this rig get more reliable and used more 🎉🤘🏻

  • Tahoe's & Turbo's
    Tahoe's & Turbo's

    Happy Birthday Logan! Hope you guys have an amazing day 🤘 man I feel your pain about Mickey Mouse Clubhouse haha my youngest will be 3 in augest and is obsessed with it lmao PS, take your RC everywhere!!!! Also just became a full on member 🤘 can't believe I didn't see the join button sooner

  • Peter Ciesielski
    Peter Ciesielski

    Love watching you guys learn and teach from experience

  • Dale Ruse
    Dale Ruse

    Happy Birthday Logan. When Logan asked Mitchell "How's it hanging?" Was hoping Mitchell would have said can you check for me bit busy at the moment. Mitchell you can make as many trailer park jokes as you live in an RV. Hope Logan got her pancakes.🥞

  • Michael Iverson
    Michael Iverson

    Happy Birthday Logan!! Love the content guys, you just keep doin what you do. :)

  • Winston Wright
    Winston Wright

    I've been following you guys for a good long time. I love you both cuz you show what real work of this type looks like for the 90% of us who don't have million dollar shops with sponsored state of the art equipment everywhere and all that. I work just like you two do, and I take pride in it and do the absolute best possible like you do.

    • Stapleton42

      Thank you Winston

  • Charles Doe
    Charles Doe

    Of course I watched till the end I’m in for the whole journey not just the highlights. The lessons on buying is spot on be prepared to buy and prepared to walk away from junk..happy birthday Logan! I’ll leave you with a quote God dang my wife thinks I’m at Walmart you can’t be posting this shit

  • Corey Bair
    Corey Bair

    Don't worry Mitchell, I've had more brain farts working on stuff like that than I care to admit. Happy Birthday Logan! I hope you had a wonderful day and got your pancakes👍

  • Rear Engine Shop
    Rear Engine Shop

    The Monte Carlo looks and sounds so damn good! I had to do something similar to the fuel pump on my eagle talon back in the day. Good work guys! Happy birthday Logan! 🎉 Oh, I always watch all the way to the end. 🤘

    • Stapleton42

      Thanks man we are glad you’re here

  • Gage Davis
    Gage Davis

    I love the content and thank you for doing what you do and thank you for appreciating us 😁 p.s. can't wait to see when Logan gets a car

  • Jack Tearman
    Jack Tearman

    Honestly I’d love to see you take Ralph out to some road courses or go do some autocross, that stuff looks like so much fun

  • Dustin Coker
    Dustin Coker

    I always have a good laugh watching y’all. Enjoyed the ending also

  • Michael Thoma
    Michael Thoma

    Happy birthday Logan! Also appreciate the opening quote Mitch. Little advice while using a jack, mainly to save your back Logan, at least have one foot on the ground so your not killing your upper body. Leg weight really helps especially generally lacking mass lol jk

  • Kash Maghney
    Kash Maghney

    HAPPY B-DAY Logan!!! Can't wait to see y'all back at a drag track finally! Doesn't matter where, just wana see y'all have sum fun with all the hard work you been putting in these vehicles!💯

  • Devin Weitzel
    Devin Weitzel

    Happy Birthday Logan!!!! Tell all of the haters to suck a fart! You do you. It's awesome seeing how much more comfortable you are while the camera is rolling.

  • Three Rivers Wrench
    Three Rivers Wrench

    Thanks for doing what you guys do.You’re part of the reason why I started my own channel. You’ll always have a fan in Pittsburgh!

    • Stapleton42

      Thanks man 💪🏻

  • Donald Gavigan
    Donald Gavigan

    Keep it up. I enjoy watch you both just dive in and figure stuff out. Waiting for it to warm up. So I can drop my front suspension and engine. Cam, intake, headers, and fuel pump. Can't wait. But love your projects.

    • Stapleton42

      Thank you Donald we are glad you’re here!

  • Ben Brueggeman
    Ben Brueggeman

    Happy Birthday Hogan! Love watching you 2. Be goofy it's fun. Had to redo crimp ends more times than I care to admit. They did not have youtube when I was y'alls age

    • CHELLIE2408

      @Logan Erwin Hi Logan :) Thats the way we Mechanics learn, is from our Mistakes, I have made a lot of mistakes but i learned from them and i dont make them any more :) You are Such a Sweetheart , keep up the Great Videos, Chellie, Retired Fleet Equipment Mechanic

    • Logan Erwin
      Logan Erwin

      Thank you Ben! We have a lot of fun together. & always try to learn from past mistakes, you can’t be great without making the mistakes and learning from them :)

  • Brush it off
    Brush it off

    Mad video man & Happy Birthday to Logan, always watch all the way through & this was great with good laughs at things we've all done wrong or for lack of knowledge ha ha cheers

  • Dan Simpson
    Dan Simpson

    Happy Belated Birthday Logan. I was away rom the internet the last few days. Its always a great video when you guys show your passion for cars and having a good time.

    • Logan Erwin
      Logan Erwin

      Thank you Dan! We have a lot of fun together!

  • BonnevilleTB7

    I hope you had a great birthday Logan, the Monte Carlo sounded awesome on the road test. Keep up the great work . Steve UK 🇬🇧

  • philip Copley
    philip Copley

    Happy birthday Logan! Great job on the fuel pump and hoped yall enjoyed richard Childress vineyards. Place is pretty sweet. Keep up the great work!!! Look forward to yall proceeding!

  • Jordan Gryg
    Jordan Gryg

    im always doubting myself . been car guy since i was 3 , so i appreciate what you did under the car . you checked prior to putting the tank in. some guys would throw it in and then have to take it back out cuz they didnt check . you got it buddy

  • Theodor bakke
    Theodor bakke

    I enjoy your content a lot and always watch to the end😊 Ps. happy birthday Logan🥳 greetings from Norway 🇳🇴

  • D M
    D M

    She pumped that Jack about 50 times after it was all the way up lol, we've all done it. Respect for how hard she works🇺🇲

  • T and J Performance South Florida
    T and J Performance South Florida

    One of the best and realist channels on youtube..look foward to your videos...watch them all ..you and Logann work so well together and the witty banter makes the videos a little more personal..keep it up brother ..your killing it!

    • Stapleton42

      Thanks man 💪🏻

  • Sean Dearing
    Sean Dearing

    I watch til the end every video just the way I am once I'm watching I gotta watch all of it! Y'all are living the life that most of us wish we were doing! 🍷🍾

  • rileycalvin69

    Happy belated birthday Logan. You guys are badass. I love bringing new tech to old school muscle. Keep up the great work.

    • Logan Erwin
      Logan Erwin

      Thank you!!😄

  • 2ndvette

    If you have to drain tanks often, get an external electric fuel pump, wire it to cigarette lighter or battery clips. Add a hose on the inlet to feed in the tank, and another to pump on destination container. If you’re snazzy you can add a ball valve to turn off/on flow.

  • cuebz

    Damn brotha that car is sounding amazing :D keep up the good work and glad to see you two are doing good!

    • Stapleton42

      Thanks man!

  • nomuff2tuff17

    Happy birthday Logan, sorry it's a day late. Hope u had a great day!!! I watch every single video start to finish. I don't always comment but I do watch every single one. Stoked u got the Ralph figured out. Uncle George's frame looks awesome too. She is a trooper lol

  • Riffrebel

    Just watch the Video. Happy Belated Logan! I love All the innuendo’s, inside jokes, & the unedited content that y’all leave in that most channels wouldn’t because there afraid of not being Political Correct! The mistakes and learn as you go car/truck building is what gives the rest of us the confidence to go out and try it. If you have to modify it or redo it? That’s OK too. Keep the Great Content!

    • Stapleton42

      Thanks man. We are real

  • Grifterfade Empire
    Grifterfade Empire

    Love the video! Ralph sounds amazing! Happy birthday Logan!!! Keep up the amazing work!

  • LSX bird
    LSX bird

    Ah yes, the connector pull test! I need to redo my pump wiring in my tank. Whenever I first put the car together, it ran so I took it to get dyno tuned over an hour away. Wouldnt start when I got there. Get it home and it worked fine lol. Was losing connection somewhere after the connector on top of pump going inside but couldn't get it to replicate anymore. Hasn't done it since, so I haven't bothered 😂

  • Dennis van Buytene
    Dennis van Buytene

    Happy Birthday Logan! Hope you enjoyed the Pancakes 🍳 Have to admit I hid crushed butt connectors in my pocket as the wire fell out and tried again..😤

    • Stapleton42


  • Chris Stotler
    Chris Stotler

    Love the videos, and all the extra content at the end, iv watched all your videos multiple times keep it up 👍


    I have watched all your videos the very very last second. I love how you guys talk about what you're doing and how you're doing it and don't hide the fact that you are human and make mistakes.


      P.S. I almost forgot to wish her a happy birthday and I hope she gets her pancakes. 😁

  • MrHevyshevy

    They sure tie those tie downs in real good. Take a half hour to get em out.

  • Nathan Irrgang
    Nathan Irrgang

    Love every minute of your video's. Doesn't matter how long you work on cars there is always that seems routine that will go horribly wrong.

    • Stapleton42

      Absolutely 😂 thanks man

  • Arthur Fricchione
    Arthur Fricchione

    Power to the relay coil the other terminal goes to ground. The coil pulls in the load side of the relay sending current to the pump and using the larger AWG wires you should have no voltage drop at the pump. Just make sure your using the right size fuse on the power side of the relay. I believe it is ground side switched. Thanks for sharing catch you on the follow-up video 🇺🇸👍

  • Chris Larivee
    Chris Larivee

    Happy birthday Logan. I watch until the end of the videos. I enjoy the goofy nature of you two working together.

    • Stapleton42

      Thank you Chris we appreciate you!

  • Bruce Grundy
    Bruce Grundy

    That frame looks great! I used the Por15 on my Tacoma frame. I sprayed the inside when it was new to make sure it wouldn’t rust. Some of the paint is still on my tool box. We used it at work on a water feed tank for a high pressure boiler. I just scraped the loose rust and it stayed rock hard. After it cured I was banging on the paint with a big ball peened hammer and it didn’t even scratch it. I used the silver color. Happy Birthday! Logan

    • Stapleton42

      That’s awesome! Thanks Bruce 💪🏻

  • Corey Cantwell
    Corey Cantwell

    Great video, I watched to the end. People don’t usually show when they make a mistake. It happens to everyone

  • Chris Stoj
    Chris Stoj

    Happy Birthday Logan! Keep up the great work on the videos, Ralph sounds like a beast!, cant wait for some track videos!

    • Stapleton42

      Thank you Chris!!

  • Scott Whitney
    Scott Whitney

    Happy Birthday Logan, and good luck with the search. I always get excited about the Monte, sounds amazing and my parents had one when I was little.

  • gafrers

    Another great video. No matter that the project is more "basic" and common compared to all your others.

  • Mustanglover 06
    Mustanglover 06

    Love the goofiness of this channel. All of the history and racing stuff you guys do is really cool too.

    • Mustanglover 06
      Mustanglover 06

      @Stapleton42 of course, man. Appreciate the effort you put into it

    • Stapleton42

      Thanks man we appreciate you

  • Andrew Barnes
    Andrew Barnes

    All lights, especially street lamps, are actually flashing on and off extremely fast in order to save power.

  • Traitorhater, Get a rope
    Traitorhater, Get a rope

    the push pull pump moment was classic... 🇺🇸🤘🤘🇺🇸 ps. HAPPY BIRTHDAY LOGAN!!!!

  • chevyfan 82
    chevyfan 82

    Happy belated birthday Logan. I usually try to watch your videos the day they post but didn't get to this one until now, but as always I watch to the end.

  • BigDan

    Lower gauge wire = thicker wire = more amperage. Your volts are the same no matter the wire size.

  • Paul Taylor
    Paul Taylor

    Good luck on the car front for Logan, and happy birthday Logan keep up the good work guys

  • StratoLesTele

    Just realized that I found your channel because I was looking for a Monte Carlo build in a stock car style. Love the Mr. Goodwrench scheme. I too am planning black wheels, but want Goodyear Eagle lettering, if that's possible in a street legal tire. Gotta have the same side exhaust too. Crate na engine + Tremec, 5-point, 9 in rear and more. Great build and channel. You've got a an old soul like my oldest. My wife would approve - as would our grandkids 😯

  • Gary Passmore
    Gary Passmore

    Glad to see you working on the Monte again. Keep doing what you're doing, enjoy the content. It's great to see someone on IRglo building a first gen Monte. Thanks for being different! Keep it up. Oh yeah, suck it!

    • Stapleton42

      Thank you Gary we appreciate you!

    • Gary Passmore
      Gary Passmore

      Oh yeah, happy birthday Logan!

  • Chris Gibson
    Chris Gibson

    Found your channel when you had the escalade tuned at pfi. Watched every video till the end since. I don't always catch them on the first day but watch them all. Love what you guys are doing.

    • Stapleton42

      Thank you Chris 💪🏻

  • SmokinRooster15

    Y’all’s sense of humor is quite hilarious 😂 I watch these videos for all the jokes😂 the monte looking good as well! Happy birthday Logan. 🎂 best sponge bob quote ever right here “I don’t need it, I definitely don’t need it, I NEEEEEEEEEDDDDDD IIIIITTTTT!!!!!!💧

  • Team Brahma
    Team Brahma

    Happy birthday Logan! Hope it's been great. Your commentary about doing stupid stuff - yup, we've all been there. I was earlier tonight when trying to get some stuff done on my own projects. And yes, I watch to the end.

  • Fredrick Rake
    Fredrick Rake

    I am definately one of the ones who watch each video from beginning to end, no matter how long or short the video is. I also love that you have fun on the videos. That's what I love to see.

    • Stapleton42

      Thanks man we appreciate you!

  • brent beiler
    brent beiler

    Always fun to watch you 2! Just ordered some canna dip been looking for it! Happy B-Day Logann

  • scouse man
    scouse man

    Such a cool collection of cars man Especially the rolls 👌 can’t wait to see more of it , Monte Carlo is a beast too You and your wife are like the classic American couple from what I have seen when watching anything American 😂 love it 👌 Big love from Liverpool England 🇬🇧

    • Stapleton42

      Thanks man 💪🏻

  • Kurt B
    Kurt B

    Happy Birthday Logan !!! The reason the camera looks like it's flashing in the camera screen is due to the frequency (Hz) of the camera screen and the light are either very close, or very far apart. Or, like polarization is 90° off. Like polarized sunglasses and LCD screens. I believe it's one of those reasons. I could be wrong though.

  • Jason Jackson
    Jason Jackson

    Happy birthday Logan hope you have a wonderful day, love y'alls videos keep on keeping on, love the projects, 🤙👍

    • Stapleton42

      Thanks Jason!

  • Joshua Waggoner
    Joshua Waggoner

    I love the personality both of u have. It's so monotone it's entertaining especially when the 2 of u bust each other's chops. U must have the most lame laid back fights ever that just end in I Love You.

  • Jerrell Kull
    Jerrell Kull

    Happy Birthday Logan, and yes I'm one of those people who stick around for the whole show. Y'all take care.

    • Stapleton42

      Thanks man


    Good job folks and HAPPY BIRTHDAY LOGANN!! Hey just thinking- did that fuel pump spacer mod hinder bolting up the fuel tank against the trunk floor?

    • Stapleton42

      It’s against it a little bit but BARELY. lol. It’ll buff

  • Prairie Farmer
    Prairie Farmer

    With those side cutters look at it this way, you made them into a side cutter/wire stripper for that size wire!

  • Joe Houlihan
    Joe Houlihan

    Great electricianing Mitchel, I am an electrician and that explanation on the relay made sense! You guys got me with Yellow Belly! So excited Ed for a minute, I was one of the people that suggested Yellow Belly, but would rather watch you race in other places than leave. Thanks again for the content and my boom tube shirt should be here soon, really excited for that. Happiest of B-days Logan!! Please film if you can at Childress vineyards! Love old RC! He is going to love the classy tribute!

    • Stapleton42

      Thank you Joe! We would home RC would appreciate the subtle tribute