16 Year Old Grudge Races His 800HP ZL1 CAMARO at an Outlaw Drag Strip AGAIN! (May Be TOO Confident)
16 year old Baylor (aka "The Candyman") is BACK at Yello Belly drag strip "The Gut" for some more grass roots no rules no prep racing. Run what you brung and use traction compound if you brought it. Nobody cares what you do here... Cash bets on the starting line for thousands of dollars. This is not a place you'd typically find a 16 year old kid in a brand new 2019 Camaro ZL1 1LE grudge racing and talking trash at some people he should definitely not be messing with. I can't wait to bring the LSXcalade out here once I get it back together. Until then I will just have to enjoy hanging out watching Baylor cause some problems with his Triple Seven Performance built ZL1.
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  • sebastian

    I love how murda practically adopted them. Hes murdas track son 😂

    • Neeley Dev
      Neeley Dev

      Murdas is the twitch guy

    • James Honeycutt
      James Honeycutt

      Christian it is west of Dallas on ft.worth ave/ davis ave. across street from auto salvage yds..

    • James Honeycutt
      James Honeycutt

      my first time racing at yellow belly was in the 70's. we were from town north of Tulsa. my dads ranch property joined Tulsa speedway on 2 sides, dad was business partern's with the track mgt. we could use track anytime...... AND WE DID USE IT!!!!! WE had Friday midnight high school races (lasted til sat. mornings) we would get home. check my 68 Camaro and adjusted whatever needed slight adj. based on what weather was like in Dallas. I mostly ran Mickey Thompson tires on my 69 roadrunner, my Camaro had either Goodyear or pirela Torres. I used my 69 roadrunner to pull the Camaro. both cars had pig triple black pAint wth pearl white undercoat. I had a 1970 chevy 1/2 sub that had 67 SS 427 six pack vette engine/ Doug nash 5spd. my dad custom ordered that truck/(but it came wth rockcrusher 4spd.) he put Doug nashon it that night after super the day he brought it home. this truck was faster than speedy Gonzalez. he put a wiend tunnel ram intake wth dual quadrojets. (,dad knew the little things to do yu quadrajet carb, that made them in class wth Holley double pumped, hell they were way better than Holley carbs... WHEN A QUADRAJET IS WORKED OVER U COULDNT BEAT THEM. They pushed twice the fuel that 850 Holley did. gene Carter of carters corvettes in Tulsa taught me how to build a race tyranny, his favorites were turbo 400 wth short shafts, chevys rare turbo 360 wth oberdrive.these trannies gad valve bodies that were designed to literally tear your head off each time it shifted. that trannyb came from Chevrolet research dept. we bought all the 3 best chevy trannies (3rd was powerglide) I still have mopars trannies, Ford fix trannies, chevy trannies, and studebaker trannies. from 70 to 83 we bought everyone of those trannies we could find. we tore them down, cleaned and degreaser each one of them, gene had a big machine that pull all air out of thick plastic bags after we put trannies, new aftermarket rebuild stage III kits. sometimes we would go ahead and do the machine work gene was adamant about machine work design he came up wth. he even patented the designs we used on the trannies. to this day I still get old and new school racers contact me wanting me to show, sell or partner with them. occasionally I'd do granny modifications for few of racers that my dad raced wth for decades. gene and dick Moritz taught me how to machine intake manifolds /thru the heads and into the header tubes and header collectors. to this day it still awes me the very strong air stream that is generated from carbs to headers. whew I'm sori about the long comment. I'll stop here. thanks for yur time, Jim honeycutt .

    • Cristian Vazquez
      Cristian Vazquez

      Where is this track at

    • ThomasTRU Migneault
      ThomasTRU Migneault

      Every one should go follow him on twitch!!

  • Boosted 5.0
    Boosted 5.0

    “My wife think I’m at Walmart”

    • E I
      E I

      The pelican

    • Red Dye
      Red Dye

      What’s dudes channel? Guarantee he has shit ton of Yellow belly footage

    • Glenn Evitt
      Glenn Evitt

      @Bee O 😮💯💯💯💯

    • Bee O
      Bee O

      Man imagine you invested $1000 on dogecoin at that time 🤑

    • Glenn Evitt
      Glenn Evitt

      😅😅😅 Yes

  • Austin

    A "candyman" license plate coupled with that mustache would automatically require he stays atleast 200ft away from any school zone.

    • Bradley Gilmer
      Bradley Gilmer


    • Rubio Adrian
      Rubio Adrian

      @Charley Betts rhervwee

    • South Texas Street Tuners
      South Texas Street Tuners


    • Jason RumbleBee
      Jason RumbleBee

      @Stapleton42 you should take the Cadillac lol

    • Charley Betts
      Charley Betts

      Omg, amazing! Haha

  • James hyatt
    James hyatt

    I love this type of content because it's the realest

    • Raul C
      Raul C

      Needs to be uncensored imo

    • Sworinha Boriboun
      Sworinha Boriboun

      Besides street racing, this is the next best thing. Similar to grudge racing. No rules, run what you brung. Easy, simple & to the point. Classic street racing at the track (legal). There should be more of this at more tracks, especially the 1/4 (real track racing).

    • Snoop Carter
      Snoop Carter

      Big FACTS 💯

  • Unfinished Quest
    Unfinished Quest

    If only we had strips like this in almost every state, then we'd have less street races and every other benefit

  • Sebastian Montes
    Sebastian Montes

    “that don’t mean a penny can’t roll faster than a quarter”

    • x P x t c h
      x P x t c h

      First time I heard that💀😭💀💀

    • Cain

      My wife thinks I’m at Walmart

  • marc st laurent
    marc st laurent

    This track is hilarious, keep it coming. And extremely dangerous, I’d be scared to lose it in my big hp fat ass truck and scared of the sketchy drivers that are out of control

    • MotorsportsX

      if you in front what happens behind you dont matter

  • Mohamed Elouadghiri
    Mohamed Elouadghiri

    So no one will talk about how a Cleveland Browns wide receiver is drag racing and is actually chill.

    • Impulset0

      @Raul C he didn't race in this video but I know he owns a trackhawk and you can catch a brief glimpse of a red one earlier in the video so maybe that's his?

    • Raul C
      Raul C

      Which one was his race?

    • Joshua Renick
      Joshua Renick

      @Victor Rodriguez Rashard “Hollywood” Higgins

    • Victor Rodriguez
      Victor Rodriguez

      Who the receiver bro?

    • Stapleton42

      He is a cool dude no doubt. Cant wait for Triple Seven to make his trackhawk even faster

  • USO Steve
    USO Steve

    This is why you need to support this channel. He is always putting up good content and not getting stuck doing the same thing in every video. Support this channel, buy a shirt, help put fuel in his tank so he can continue to put out more videos. Ordered my shirt on a Friday, received it the following Friday. He also included a note, no Mitchell "YOU DA MAN"!!!! Appreciate you bro.

    • Stapleton42

      Thanks dude I really appreciate this

  • Fpswanuk

    Love these vids at yellobelly - keep em comin!

    • Isidro Sevier
      Isidro Sevier

      Once you've been your hooked

    • Stapleton42

      More to come!

  • Shelby Snake 500
    Shelby Snake 500

    I love the confidence he gained, i remember that he was scared the first time going there 😂😂😂

  • Mario Teston
    Mario Teston

    I have never laughed so hard during a grudge racing video!!! Absolutely the best content available!! Cleetus should take note...

  • the goats life
    the goats life

    I like how he doesn't get offended when someone calls him whity

    • Ballislifeali69

      @Stapleton42 facts bro well Said fr

    • Danny

      @Yayoooo5.6 that's weird but respectable.

    • Yayoooo5.6

      I call all my friends blackies, brownies even some yellowies


      @Stapleton42 👍🏼

    • Stapleton42

      Why would I be offended? I’m white. It’s the truth an not derogatory. If we could all adopt this mindset we’d be better off as people 😂

  • timothy fader
    timothy fader

    Great content, I thoroughly enjoyed it. Especially the banter back and forth try to set up the last race, awesome and funny group of guys for sure. Keep up the great work, and keep the awesome content coming.

    • Stapleton42

      Thanks man I’m glad you’re here

  • Johan Sifontes
    Johan Sifontes

    Just stumbled on this channel, Love the content you guys are chilll makes you feel like you’re there the realest

  • Chad Smith
    Chad Smith

    I’m so glad I found this channel. Nothing but absolute quality real life entertainment. I’m tired of watching the channels that all have sold out. The people’s track is amazing. So much fun to watch. Keep up the great vids guys

    • Stapleton42

      Thanks man I feel the same way. That’s why you get the real here. That’ll never change

  • Anthony Bonnelle
    Anthony Bonnelle

    Love the content Stapleton always looking forward to your videos

  • Juan M.
    Juan M.

    I am really getting into these races haha. Had fun just watching it, only imagine in person.


    Stapleton- “You get quiet when you’re mad” - Baylor “Yeah” 🤘 Rad to see everybody just being themselves having so much fun! Where you going Whitey🤣🍻 penny🥇 quarter🥈

    • Stapleton42

      It’s just a good time 😂

  • Steve Anderson
    Steve Anderson

    That was a great race awesome video brother!!! It was just very entertaining learning how everybody Acts and you guys are awesome!!

  • Faby Dejesus
    Faby Dejesus

    This has become one of my new favorite channels. This makes me miss my camaro. I’m currently on deployment and this helps pass by the time.

  • MlTCHB

    Best drag video I've seen. Funny, loud and good races. As an Aussie I couldn't believe how many people allowed on the track! That's insane!! Normally here in Melbourne you can have like 2 people and mostly just to guide you back after the burnout. Spectators that came with the car have to be behind concrete barriers and normal ticketed spectators behind another barrier with chain fence like 20 meters/yards behind that! Would be awesome being that close to some mental cars. Kudos!

  • Juan Vazquez
    Juan Vazquez

    Cant wait to see him get there with more mods bro he’s gonna be kicking some asss

  • 413xxx86

    I’m excited to see more about Baylor, that was a fun video to watch!! Thanks guys!!!

    • Stapleton42

      More to come!

  • Tj Drama
    Tj Drama

    I frigging LOVE this track! You have to keep going their! It’s like it’s own show! You literally don’t have to say a word, just record.

  • oni

    Baylor is actually a killer driver 🍻 can't wait to see what else this kid gets up to in the future

    • DMWI

      Unfortunately, I think the candy man handle is gonna stick. But years from now people will ask him where in the hell he picked that up-cuz it’s cool!

  • Bobby's Solar Homestead
    Bobby's Solar Homestead

    That last RACE ROCKED!! Good job guys. God Bless.

  • MrRay55

    That looks like so much fun. To just hang and watch. 🇺🇸🦅✌️

  • Bob Mullen
    Bob Mullen

    That don't mean a quarter rolls faster than a penny,,, LMAO!!!!!! That was worth the price of admission!!!! Baylor doesn't hide pissed well,, 🤣 More "bolt ons" for the Candyman!! 😊 Thank you again for another great video!!

  • spikesmth

    Sick. I'm a motorcycle guy, but I love the engineering and tuning that goes into these works of art. I wonder how my stock Suzi 650 would fare against these beasts.

  • jesse Chappelone
    jesse Chappelone

    Love some good Ol' Grudge races!! awesome video Mitchell

    • Stapleton42

      Thanks dude we do too 🤟🏻

  • DMWI

    “I wouldn’t necessarily race him, I’d just stay away from him. If he starts doing super hero shit....”. Damn I love this channel-everyone at this track has the best one liners!-Subscribed!

    • Stapleton42


  • Bob Gnarly
    Bob Gnarly

    I’m actually really starting to like this channel lmao. This is some good behind the scenes shit everyone going about their shit like there’s no camera around. Keep it up boys!

    • Blackheart 81
      Blackheart 81

      Truth! Final film is all good for some channels but for ones like this, real racing needs real behind the scenes, regular people, and just having fun.

    • Stapleton42

      Thanks man!

  • 240SXV8T

    Cant wait for the Escalade to show up! Whats the turn around time from back of the line to racing?

  • james mcgrady
    james mcgrady

    Wow love this track you guys are great keep yellow belly videos coming

  • cb4567

    "Shit that don't mean a penny can't be faster than a quarter!" LOL!! one of the best lines I've ever heard.

  • Michael Blanchard
    Michael Blanchard

    Hell yes, this is some real racing.

  • voided内側で死んだ

    I'm fully addicted. More cartubers should join y'all =^)

  • Snoop Carter
    Snoop Carter

    Just earned yourself another sub Sir Stapleton 👍 good stuff


    Love your channel man, just started watching it this morning, idk anything about drag racing, but this content is pure quality dude😂 im subbing already

    • Stapleton42

      Heck yeah I’m glad you’re here 🤟🏻

  • BS

    Love that ZL1! The best car out there. Stay focused and kick some ass!

  • Jorge Torres
    Jorge Torres

    “Don’t mean the penny can’t roll faster than the quarter” real shit😂

  • Keith Adelbai
    Keith Adelbai

    Yellow belly series!!! Awesome 👌 Can't wait to see the Candyman upgrades on Monday. Commentary is fire!!!

    • Stapleton42

      You already know!

  • Big Al Belseck
    Big Al Belseck

    That was awesome, just love watching that kind of racing, won’t find anything like that up here in Canada.......

  • Joshua Tyler
    Joshua Tyler

    I like how old dude at the end didn't want to bet anything on the kid 🤣🤣 What did he possibly have to be scared of. Easy money

  • MOTOHEAD 1021
    MOTOHEAD 1021

    This needs to be a regular thing first episode was baller. Keep going back bro.

    • Stapleton42

      Going back tonight 🤟🏻


    Please, we need more of this content!!!

    • Stapleton42

      You can count on it!

  • Sadat M
    Sadat M

    More of this! I literally feel like I’m their.

    • Stapleton42

      You got it 💪🏻

  • Peter Cole
    Peter Cole

    Give the people what they need Stapelton!!! WE need the LSX caddy at this track gapping everyone! The kid drove like a Fu%#$ng gangster tho!!! stayed in it every pass on a sketchy ass surface!! g


    The lsxescalade at yellabelly would be nuts their heads would explode

    • Sinistrd


    • Obezzy Johnson
      Obezzy Johnson

      @Stapleton42 oh yea be glab when u get her back on rd


      You bet I am buddy love the content and the Escalade 🤘🏼🤘🏼🤘🏼🤘🏼

    • Stapleton42

      Hope you’re subscribed because it’s happening

  • Patrick Baklava
    Patrick Baklava

    6:48 that was a clean launch

  • Keith Thomas
    Keith Thomas

    I am enjoying the hell outta these!!!!! Keepem comin next time don’t tell them whats done to the car

  • Proud Pennsylvania Man
    Proud Pennsylvania Man

    I loved your commentary

  • poppa Rock
    poppa Rock

    Those guys with the Buick are old school, you love to see it! Keeping them young!

  • Jimmie P
    Jimmie P

    Who else got there 1st video at this track recommended and came back for this one

    • Trippy Rl
      Trippy Rl


  • Bubba Kushington
    Bubba Kushington

    How in the hell did I miss this upload. Keep it up homie, love the channel.👍

  • Matt Henry
    Matt Henry

    That looks like a damn blast, I wish I could go run there. Turbo ls 96 4x4 5 speed silverado

  • Franklin Roosevelt
    Franklin Roosevelt

    "Doesn't mean a quarter rolls faster than a penny"

  • Jordan Scheurer
    Jordan Scheurer

    So iv seen the GM 3.6L run some crazy times. I wonder how much fun my 19 traverse redline would be procharged. Lol

  • Anthony Shrouder
    Anthony Shrouder

    My dude behind the camera is looking way more comfortable. 😂 😂 Good shit my dude.

  • sethmo38

    If Yellow Belly was close to me, I'd be there every Friday. Some god damned good entertainment right there!

  • jordy creemers
    jordy creemers

    "doesn't mean a pennie cant roll faster then a quarter tho" 🤣🤣that was a nice one!!

  • Mudmonkey77

    You need to get a gopro on it when yall run

    • Roc sti
      Roc sti

      And a dragy, facebook marketplace usually $100ish

    • All SPOOLED UP
      All SPOOLED UP

      Ya for sure, was thinking the same thing

  • TheDud3

    Didn't win one race this night and is already becoming a local legend... good shit kid... 👊

    • TheDud3

      @Stapleton42 cant wait to watch... the people there seem to have taken a liking to him and thats pretty cool.

    • tx_lt4

      The next video is even better. So get your popcorn ready! 🍿

    • Stapleton42

      Wait until the next video comes out tomorrow lol

  • Bob Mullen
    Bob Mullen

    Again,, Mitchell,, I would be very cautious bringing the Escalde there!!! Take one of the others. Super sketchy drivers!!!!! Just lookin out,, 😮

  • Chris Swanson
    Chris Swanson

    We used to have a twin supercharged lsx avalanche that looked stock other than the wheels.. I think it was a 4 digit power kind of truck.

  • Jerm_XD

    yall need to just make a show of this man

  • Cody Williams
    Cody Williams

    I love when u guys get out to yella belly.. When u catch a slur and a grin at the same time u are accepted 😂😂😂i cannot wait to see the escalade there

  • Billy Vance
    Billy Vance

    It’s nice to see Yellowbelly is somewhat safe to go and race and have a good time. The track song out there on Sunday’s was Brickhouse back in the day. Nice job on the videos.

  • michael hall
    michael hall

    Would love to see a built grand national race on here.

  • Todd Foxx
    Todd Foxx

    This is so fun to watch 😂😂😂

  • Franky C
    Franky C

    Great videos. Who did the tuning on the ZL1? Runs great 👍

  • TurbskiYata

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  • IAm Yondu
    IAm Yondu

    you should be getting more views! i thought this stuff is so damn entertaining like more entertaining then watching itsjusta6’s track vids

  • Wawawerks

    Haha Baylor is like a little young John candy 😂👌

  • 0911

    Bro. Mitchell....you cannot deny how dope the Caddy would look in that blue under the lights at Yello Belly. You should do like a low to mid (all of it) boost exhibition run...😎

    • Stapleton42

      I like it!


    More vids at this track lol. Some of my favorite stuff on your channel

    • All SPOOLED UP
      All SPOOLED UP

      @Stapleton42 good to hear brotha 👊🏼

    • Stapleton42

      More to come! We will definitely be here A LOT coming up soon

  • Handstandman Stan
    Handstandman Stan

    This the kind of drag racing I miss

    • Stapleton42

      We are bringing it back

  • Ez Harkonnus
    Ez Harkonnus

    "He was hopping all over the place." They call that the G body shuffle my man! love me some monte carlos and cutlass !

  • John Grundy
    John Grundy

    Thumbs up for the CandyMan license plate 😂😂