NASCAR Boom Tube Exhaust Types Explained: Different Setups = Different Sounds! (REAL Parts)
Boom Tube NASCAR Exhaust is a hot topic among those who have been exposed to them. In this video we explain some of the origins of the most popular boom tube, the variantions, internal designs, and evolution! There are different setups for different track types and we have almost every variation there is here to show you up close. They will be tested on our 1972 Monte Carlo in future video so make sure you are subscribed for that!
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  • Stapleton42

    Here is the first baseline test with the #4 X pipe setup!

    • Thomas Roth
      Thomas Roth

      Would like to see dyno with and without a slip stream applied boom tubes. At 190mph im sure its SUCKING the exhaust out

    • erik k
      erik k

      @Gregory Ballestero I love Engine Masters thanks, I'll check my recordings I haven't seen them all yet. I'm building an NA 5cylinder motor at the moment.

    • Gregory Ballestero
      Gregory Ballestero

      @erik k Engine masters on motortrend has a good episode where they test all different headers from tri-y to lake to gasser fender style dumps

    • erik k
      erik k

      Tri y headers definitely without a doubt sound different, someone described mine as fierce compared to normal headers and I think that's what I'm going with. Also timing the exhaust cam is critical with tri-ys I think you'll find you can advance them a couple degrees more than 4 into 1s for maximum power. You can hear the exhaust pulses bouncing around like ping pong balls with those headers you'll get the sound your looking for with tri-y it sucks that your running a blower because that is changing the depth of the tone.

    • OG Twister
      OG Twister

      I’m already Subscribed but I do know someone that has more exhausting you guys from early 90s NASCAR because he is to do destructive engine testing for NASCAR he actually has the number three piston from the Dale Earnhardt car

  • Dustin

    I remember hearing about this tip regarding where the X pipe should be when designing an exhaust system, supposedly passed down from one generation of gear-heads to another. You take a crayon and draw a line down the length of your exhaust, then start the engine and get it nice and hot. Then, look at your pipes and find the exact point where the crayon stopped burning off, that's where your X pipe needs to go for best performance. Exhaust gasses lose speed as they cool, so the idea is to find where exactly they start to lose that heat energy the most, then with the X pipe mounted in that spot the pulses from the opposing sides maintain that heat, giving you a nice hot stream of fast moving exhaust for maximum performance.

    • 44 Hawk
      44 Hawk

      That is an old school trick and it doesn't have to be right at the end of the burn Market needs to be within about 9 in of it. And some engines actually still prefer to have an H pipe, the Ford engines frequently lost horsepower with an x-pipe. The problem with these flattened out exhaust is that changing the aspect ratio of the pipes that much has the cost efficiency but it also has to get it out from under the car and still be aerodynamic to the car. So you are trading off a little bit of power. You can't help it because you can't change the aspect ratio to something that flat and not lose power.

    • Isaiah Irish
      Isaiah Irish

      @kain hall that backpressure can help keep just enough exhuast discharge in the cylinder helping the new gas combust so no not the end of the story get some real info then come back

    • kain hall
      kain hall

      @Isaiah Irish I think you are sorta correct... but are using the wrong term . The ONLY time back pressure matters is when checking for a plugged up cat converter THATS IT . . I think you mean resonate effect (like a 2 stroke dirt bike) . As that creates a pressure wave that "pushes back" on the fuel/air charge that "leaked out" during valve overlap . This "superchanges" the engine As by the time the pulse reflects back, the intake has closed.... but exhaust is still open (however, in the process of closing) . You want to tune the exhaust so that pulse pressure ends RIGHT as the valve closes . . . Again... that's a pressure PULSE It only lasts for 0.005 seconds . Back pressure would be their 100% of the time Back pressure IS A RESTRICTION End of the damn story

    • kain hall
      kain hall

      @Isaiah Irish just use a high stall converter or slip the clutch a bit more . More HP is faster to the 60 foot than more torque at 1800rpm (aka, now you gotta wait 2000 rpm for the HP to kick in.....may have a nice 60 foot.... but your 120 is gonna be slow as balls)

    • kain hall
      kain hall

      @Daniel Brealey you are absolutely correct good sir . I wish I could explain stuff like you can . . It's in my brain.... I just can't get it to my mouth

  • Totally Hucked Garage
    Totally Hucked Garage

    #4 is definitely my favorite, the super speedway cars were the most wicked sounding. I grew up helping my dad and his friend run Porsches in HSR/SVRA so I was always around the history stock cars and you could definitely tell a difference in which exhaust the car had, even just idling/wrapping through the paddock

    • Willie Vanhoesen
      Willie Vanhoesen

      @Stapleton42 I,like the ones on thems plastic body cars, they remind me of big macronis with ziti's shoved onto them,with fire coming outta them

    • Stapleton42

      That’s awesome man. They just make the hairs on my arms stand up every time

  • Wooley689

    The content you two put out on a regular basis is second to none.

    • kalm monke
      kalm monke

      @Stapleton42 lexus lfa also do this cross exhuast soudn thing? how to make harmonics. 2 cyilnder concept car in mind, u said 2 instances of sound mix paths to make harmonic, so a 4 cyilnder verion of my thing could sound like v8 or something dunno. lexus lc500 vs other v8s, wat u like?

    • Stapleton42

      Thanks man. We do our best

  • Josh Pijl
    Josh Pijl

    I know these were/are made for V-8s, but I wonder how these would work on a small displacement turbo 4. Would need a resonator to cut the rasp that 4 cyls have, but it might be possible to get a good sound out of them. Keep the good work up!

    • John Public
      John Public

      Made one for a 1800cc four at fontana it sounded like a nascar

  • Howabouthetruth

    As I'm sure many NASCAR fans already know: throughout a good part of the 90's, the Morgan/McClure team was a major force to be reckoned with on the super speedways.......without a doubt. Everyone knew they were coming to Daytona or Talladega with one of the very fastest cars.

  • PuckettAuto

    I’ve always been fascinated with exhaust systems and making things sound better too. I actually made a v6 camaro sound decent lol.

  • tAmEz ZoDiAc
    tAmEz ZoDiAc

    18:14 I feel like the air that goes through that is fast and it helps pull the air around the curve so it probably works in a way to create less drag in there since it’s not entirely trying to shove all the air around the curve. It being skinnier too could help compress the air some to give it more force out of the pile that also helps carry the air going around the curve. Im just like you with not being a science guy but to me that makes sense. Like you said it helps release the pressure so it doesn’t have as much force around the curve and helps the air get sucked out easily giving the car a kinda suction that would probably help the engine load to give more horsepower. They probably found a more efficient way to do it in the future or there was something they didn’t like about it that made them stop wanting to use it. Either way I don’t know, just a guess kinda like a siphon but instead it’s for air creating kinda a small vacuum to help the air escape more efficiently.

  • Jerome Wieland
    Jerome Wieland

    "Naca ducts" are those triangle/oval cuts in the chamber. Now imagine flow as suction. They were tried by a few teams and if you remember Jeff Gordon taking those ridiculous pit stops lol...he was playing the fuel game. They had it down to a science on how much they could tweak and tune the carb with help from exhaust scavenging on the cam grind and using the exhaust to maximize the performance. I've read comments about some cars sounding totally different...those were the teams who fine tuned the cam grind for that specific track and had tuned there exhaust for that extra few horsepower and torque. Smart fellas back in the day.

  • Approaching target.
    Approaching target.

    They are all designed to keep the exhaust gasses moving as fast as possible. And the shortness of them is because of the heat loss at that length. Any longer and the gasses slow down and cause the following impulses to build up. The angle at the exits try to uses passing wind to pull on those impulses. The "X" or "h" design is to balance each bank of the engine. The more equal each impulse is controlled, The more consistent the a/f ratio can be achieved. Iam building a boom tube now that represents a reverse flow tesla valve. The first one your going to test is what ford uses on factory mustangs. Your test will be most productive with the dual into a single flat design. It runs the hottest and creates the most dynamic flow.

  • Wooley689

    18:28 I would theorize that the little "brace" tubes helped performance at the lower RPM range and then essentially at higher rpm levels the exhaust passes them as volume and pressure goes up. Helps with scavenging and back pressure needed at the lower rpm levels.

    • Stephen Brown
      Stephen Brown

      Yeah i was thinking the "brace" could've helped with leaving the pit or when the flag is waved after a caution. Curious how it would effect the sound.

    • M J C
      M J C

      @mark scully that was my thought also because of the smaller diameter the pressure difference would pull the gases through at different velocities. More like a vacuum effect, I'd like to see a smoke test done on it. A computer model would be cool also.

    • mark scully
      mark scully

      @M J C I think maybe they create a little jet of high velocity gas at the far side of the X that helps pull the gasses through it?

    • M J C
      M J C

      That is exactly what I was thinking also. There is no reason to have hollow bracing unless it is helping performance in some way.

    • sirmonkey

      yeah i was thinking along the same lines then maybe nascar quietly outlawed it when they figured out it wasn't actually a "brace".

  • Steven Hacker
    Steven Hacker

    Super stoked to see the different sounds each one of these make.. keep up the awesome work

    • Stapleton42

      Thanks steven💪🏻

  • Jacob Salomon
    Jacob Salomon

    Dude. You are the MAN. ive never encountered someone obsessed with these as much as me. Good to know there's more of us out there!!

  • Justin Walters
    Justin Walters

    Hell yeah! The Aero's are a big damn win! Great video about an often misunderstood concept. Growing up in hillhack-ass Kansas in the 80's, I developed an extreme hatred for non crossed over, straight piped farm trucks. Still hate them to this day. In about 3 weeks I will be swapping in my new 468 with 3" duals, cat's, x-pipe and black widow 300 mufflers and handmade boom tube style tips in my squarebody crew dually. I can't wait.

  • David Beers
    David Beers

    I agree with #4 being the best design and sounding. The Tri-Y headers have a unique sound of their own like tuning an exhaust system, they have their own unique sound over standard headers.

  • Greg Korte
    Greg Korte

    I think the main reason for these pipes are to create a siphon on the exhaust pulses. the x pipe and the mixing the exhaust flow also creates a siphon.

  • Wylie Sittman
    Wylie Sittman

    On the number 4 pipe I think if the small “brace” tubes had a higher pressure coming though it may pull the air though the X. Like a carburetor venturi effect.

  • Brad James
    Brad James

    You have put a ton of thought into this for sure, I agree with the sounds that you like. When I was little at the mud drags I loved the sound of a big block with long tube open headers but hated when people would run the upsweep headers...Very nice work!!!

  • Laut Burns
    Laut Burns

    Love the great info, get as technical as you want, I’m listening.built one set for my boss 302 and it sounds awesome. The compression ratio makes a big difference in the sound.

  • Mostly Motorized
    Mostly Motorized

    With so much sarcasm, low-blows, and sex jokes its nice to see you two simply talking, listening and being respectful to each other. Its refreshing

    • Stapleton42

      Thanks man. We are real here

  • Dalton Young
    Dalton Young

    The small bleeder tubes you were talking about at 25:35 would create a venturi effect , a vacuum in the small tube .the same way a carburator works

  • tat2titan

    Awesome exhaust video! I've always loved the "Dr. Gas style" science behind the performance of differences in exhaust setups. So very interesting! Not sure which one my fav or which will sound the best but I'm def down to find out.

  • Crazy Casey’s Customs
    Crazy Casey’s Customs

    The new Super Speedway style (A&B) with the angled leading edge is an airfoil, and, assuming air under the car has a path over the top of the pipe, it would create downforce.

  • Keegan Howard
    Keegan Howard

    Gen 4 superspeedway cars definitely had the best sound. These new next gen cars aren’t bad though

    • Jack Stanford Motorsports
      Jack Stanford Motorsports

      New cars sound terrible. No H, no X. They sound like a pulp wood truck

  • James Copeland
    James Copeland

    I don't know who did Stirling Marlin's exhaust, back in the day... but they had that it down to a science. Stirling always had the most unique sounding car on the track.

    • Stinky Cheese Man
      Stinky Cheese Man

      Depends on the year. He drove for a bunch of different owners.

  • Tommy'sTenToneHammers

    Pretty interesting. Not a Nascar guy but am a racing fan. Never knew of such a technology. Thanks for making the vid!

    • Roxas Parks
      Roxas Parks

      Right same!

  • Charles Spears,II
    Charles Spears,II

    I’ve been watching your videos from day 1 and I’m definitely an exhaust enthusiast like you! I’ve been going back and forth about which exhaust to run on my 82 c10 sbc! I’m leaning towards the H pipe because of the low compression!! My favorite here is number 4!!

    • Stapleton42

      Thanks man!

  • Stephen Johnson
    Stephen Johnson

    #4 for sure but would be neat to see a combo of the H/X setup of 4 with different tube exit setups, specifically B. but would be neat to see a combo of different internal porting, triangles, circles, combo of the two etc.. Sweet vidya yet again.... Hope Uncle Geroge is going to get some BOOM TUBES with that new BP BB...

  • Matthew Hicks
    Matthew Hicks

    Sheldon “”Runt” Pittman!! He started it all! A legend and someone who was WAY AHEAD of his time! When he brought those out. Sterling Marlin and Morgan-McClure was unbeatable at Daytona and Talladega. I remember they called sterling Nigel Marlin!😂

  • Dillon Shepherd
    Dillon Shepherd

    I wish I knew about boom tubes when I built my C3 corvette . I wanted to lower it more but couldn’t without bottoming out the exhaust. These would be dope

  • ShoutingATclouds

    The X pipe is definitely gonna sound the best! The only problem is that the GM firing order 1-3-5 Doesn’t sound that great.

  • jeff starch
    jeff starch

    You two have content every die-hard NASCAR fan will enjoy, you got me to sub, and I am spreading the word, THANKS!!!

    • Stapleton42

      Thank you Jeff that means a lot to us!

  • W.H. Slater
    W.H. Slater

    Definitely love your content you guys are killing it, real OG here. The amount of effort you guys put into the quality and the information in your content is definitely appreciated.

  • justin shook
    justin shook

    Love the content you two put out. Keep up the good work!

  • Larry Johnson
    Larry Johnson

    Just by looking, I like the #2 pipes With that much length and the diameter, that should give it the low throaty sound car guys are looking for.

  • huck731

    Thanks for this video! I really want to build a 71 monte carlo based on the monte from opening scenes of tokyo drift. This will be a great resource for picking the exhaust.

  • T Holland
    T Holland

    I’m the same way with mufflers and pipes it’s amazing how all the different configurations sound different, I’d love to build my own mufflers

  • Patrick Fargie
    Patrick Fargie

    I usually watch Japanese drifting and motorsport videos, but I enjoy some of the classic Nascar history and it's pretty awesome that you have some of these parts!

  • Eric Danielson
    Eric Danielson

    My pick is number 4. I do know from building my own for local short track cars that the divider is 1 for strength and 2 that they don't crack from resonation 3 for tuning. The holes I would surmise are for weight as for the shape of the holes were probably for flow still allowing weight reduction.

  • ExEvolution

    Those "brace" pipes are most likely to cancel out specific frequencies of soundwaves, based on their length

  • john bales
    john bales

    Been planning on putting one of these on my rx-7 when i get the money to rebuild the rotary. Its really mice to have the visualization of how the air moves through the pipes, and what benefits and drawbacks there are to each style.

  • Graeme Randall
    Graeme Randall

    Yep have to say number 4. The amount of work that people put into just the exhaust is just amazing definitely some clever people out there. Awesome and very interesting 👍👌😎🇦🇺

  • Andy J Can’t
    Andy J Can’t

    I’m going to have to go with #4. Just because it’s symmetrical and equal length on each side.

  • Joey Munoz
    Joey Munoz

    The way you explained everything and how it works was perfect I understood and now know. Thanks and keep doing your thing man! Btw the Monte Carlo is absolutely sick bro

    • Stapleton42

      Thank you Joey!

  • TurboRanger208

    The X pipe is what makes my mother in law's 74 Chevy sound so good, even with just glass packs on it.

  • CaneAtvse

    Love learning stuff like this and glad there's guys like you out there that care enough about it to explain it to people like me thanks dude

    • Stapleton42

      Thanks man

  • BamthePatriot

    Defenitly looking forward to hearing all of them!! Loving all the new and different content, awesome job sincerely!!

  • DodgeDude_360

    I have the #3 boom tube on my Duster and I absolutely love how it sounds because of how unique it is.

  • EvilScientistMoose

    At 1:03, without actually hearing any of them yet, or knowing which setup is which, my absolute favorite is boom tube #4.

  • Daniel Tremel
    Daniel Tremel

    Freaking cool! Thanks for the lesson. Can’t wait to see more

  • nathan olmstead
    nathan olmstead

    Back in the day, I worked on a Busch North series car and they ran the 358ci and the engine builder swapped 6 and 4 in the firing order. Was supposed to even out the torque curve, but you could tell it was different when running wide open next to the other cars. Not sure how swapping 6 and 4 worked with the tri-y headers, didnt notice Amy difference on track

  • Ak Hill
    Ak Hill

    I was at the 1992 Daytona 500. I remember the #4 car sounding different than all the other cars , my wife pointed out that all the cars had the exhaust coming out the left side towards the infield and the 4 had its pipes blowing towards the people , now it could have been both sides. , and I think it was more like the pipe you kept calling old school

  • jeremy lavoie
    jeremy lavoie

    I bought a set of boom tubes from Dr. Gas last year and looking forward to hearing how they sound on a stock 302 foxbody mustang with an offroad x pipe. dumped out on both sides before the rear tire

    • Daniel James
      Daniel James

      Probably not going to sound very well. Will be louder but your low compression, small cubic inch, short stroke. Your stock cam is very efficient at low rpm, its very smooth at idle, its probably around 210/212ish on both intake & exhaust. Lift is probably not very much more than .425 smooth is not good for sound. You need compression and a large cam that runs like shit down low, u want it to be causing misfires cause its struggling for fuel and air cause the I&E lobed are timed and shaped where they work very well at high engine speed but it struggles to move much air down low and that's what makes the nice choppy boy sound that we all want and love. Good luck with your 5.0 man stick a cam and a rear gear in that sucker. ✌🏻

  • bootchop88

    loved finding out about these exhaust systems. Are you going to to run any of these exhaust so we can hear them?

  • Mikefromtexas

    Boom tubes me... the best sounding exhaust. I've put a few on my builds and there is nothing like the sound of a high compression, high lift cam with some big port heads going through 2in primary tube headers and then out the boom tubes. Also I do the same thing to weight my hanging banners..old wrenches, bent

    • Stapleton42

      You know the deal 💪🏻

  • Matt Townsend
    Matt Townsend

    Boom tubes are awesome! Thanks for a very informative video, I never realized that they were that diverse in design. Now I can sound not so dumb! Thanks guys!

    • Stapleton42

      You’re welcome Matt! We are glad you’re here with us 💪🏻

  • Joseph Hartman
    Joseph Hartman

    Great video and content! This is great stuff. That #4 car sounded so good along with most other teams using the xpipe in the late 90s to mid 00s. Id love to see what the Roush Yates Xfinity cars are using. They sound just like they might have an x pipe. That is my favorite sound of all time. To be honest, I'd watch races just for the sound.

    • Stapleton42

      Very good point I have no idea what they were doing but it sounded like the old school cars

  • Randy Tingen
    Randy Tingen

    Awesome content Mitch, Love your passion.

  • Shawn Secleter
    Shawn Secleter

    I'd use the fourth one just for the practicality of it you can run two straight pipe from the header and it makes it so much easier to work on also

  • Brent Clark
    Brent Clark

    Hey guys love the videos watch your cherry picker being stuck out so far with a big block hanging on it I had one flip like that before you guys rock

  • Adam Piratzky
    Adam Piratzky

    18:15 I'd imagine that the bypass tubes lower the pressure spike or turbulence in the main X and I'd also suggest that it's probably close to 1/5 the diameter of the main tubing...

  • J Freddy
    J Freddy

    Morgan McClure fer sure! #4 is the real deal. I still go back and listen to sound clips of Sterling Marlin qualifying that car.🏁

    • Stapleton42

      Same man I love that

  • Jason Fields
    Jason Fields

    Oh and I wanted too add that those "4 into 1 headers" are really popular with demolition derby drivers as they like having that type coming straight out upwards out of the hood or engine.. Holley Performance makes some nice looking chrome 4 into 1's

  • Trevor Smith
    Trevor Smith

    Definitely a great collection of exhausts and memorabilia you are gathering, and sharing great stories and knowledge from yesteryear 👌💯

  • Ed Smith
    Ed Smith

    I vote 4 cause it's dual and look like they would fit better on more cars idk I just like the way it looks

  • Alex Williams
    Alex Williams

    4 looks like it would sound the rowdiest. Would be cool to get an OG engine builder on for some tech talk

  • skyhawk

    Thanks for your video on boom tubes very interesting, rules and regulations I wonder may have evolved these exhaust systems, a big collector helps with torque,small runners like you said keep things moving fast,I'm guessing about the triangles inside the runners to keep dbs down,carnt wait to here some of your great collection make some noise. cheers.


    I feel the best way to make an exhaust is to connect opposing cylinder firing order. Two from one side two from to other and run them all the way back to the exit tip. Obviously you'll need two exit tips to complete the other 4 cylinders. It make more power, revs faster, and sounds almost like a flat plain crank. You have a nice shop, I respect your moves man!!!

    • Stapleton42

      Thanks man!

  • Jerrell Kull
    Jerrell Kull

    I prefer #4 with long primary, equal length, tri-y header, probably a 1 7/8" primary, a 3" secondary, and a 3 1/2" collector. It's all about the resonance, and scavenging. I also l ook e a 180° header too! Y'all take care.

  • Dennis Lamers
    Dennis Lamers

    Very "exhausting " video. I find it cool how the teams engineer things hoping to get an edge on their competition. Logan has to know "stuff" by know just by absorption. I mean walking around these shops and race tracks not to mention working on these cars your brain starts to think that way. Great videos guys.

  • Volksrodden

    Love the content on these videos, makes for great fuel for conversations with my nascar friends

  • Mike George
    Mike George

    I remember when Sterling Marlin and Morgan McClure Racing were a force to be reckoned with on Superspeedway's in 95 and 96. Great video Stapleton 😁🏁

    • Mike George
      Mike George

      @Stapleton42 your welcome

    • Stapleton42

      Thanks Mike!!

  • gac914

    You two continue to bring really interesting content on things that nobody would know about otherwise. Don't worry about the haters -- it takes a cowardly pea-brain to give out nasty comments, knowing that there's little you can do about it! Hang in there, both of you, BOTH of your channels are really great!!!! 🙏💪✌

    • Stapleton42

      Thanks man

  • RebelRacer99

    I personally prefer no.4 , partly because of the sound and partly because it looks better having one on each side as opposed to just 1 exit.

  • Mark Miller
    Mark Miller

    Very interesting video on the boom tubes! Thanks for posting this cool content, and it's appreciated!

  • Jimmy Cannady
    Jimmy Cannady

    Gotta go with #4 guys..... Every super speedway race you could here that demon coming. Also The professor himself always pointed out how different the MMR car sounded. I would like to hear #5 one time.

  • Clancy Allard
    Clancy Allard

    #4 Is by far the coolest but id actually like to see the truck tubes on your car, honestly id like to see all of them tested, maybe you could make a quick connect setup kinda like a V-band to make testing easier.

  • Maples01

    BTW dad had a friend who had an 80's Jag, he was friends with Dale Earnheart's engine builder, his Jag had an engine built buy him, it sounded like nothing I had heard before, it was really loud.

  • Jared Storr
    Jared Storr

    I’d be interested what this would do on a turbo 5cyl of mine. With a good exhaust/straight pipe my car sounds like a viper.

  • Alexander Curtis
    Alexander Curtis

    Man....I wish I had all of those. Epically the 2000s Gen 4 style