Twin Turbo 427 Escalade Going For 9 Second Pass On LOW BOOST! (LSXcalade Sick Week Days 4-5)
Sick Week 2022 continues after we leave Gainesville with a 10.1 second time slip and hit the road for Valdosta GA South Georgia Motorsports Park! We are going to see if we can run a 9 second pass in the LSXcalade WITHOUT turning the boost controller on! This new LS7 Brodix head on the LME port job seems to be WAY happier and more efficient than the old ls3 based setup so lets see what it can do!!
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  • Stapleton42

    I think the Escalade has proven itself in these types of events over the years... How would you feel if we ran a different vehicle for Rocky Mountain Race Week in June? ALSO: OG Escalade shirts are back for the last time ever!

    • jk K
      jk K

      What ever you feel inspired to run, every choice you’ve made so far has been fun

    • Matthew Serrao
      Matthew Serrao

      It would be cool to see the Escalade run some no prep/street events, make it a dedicated racer, start another build for Rocky Mountain. Would be fun to see some people get hurt by the ol blue boat too and some good content at no prep or back of track or street events.

    • Richard Harvey
      Richard Harvey

      Run what you want the real fans will be here.

    • 383 GARAGE
      383 GARAGE

      I think the monte should be a candidate for rmrw

    • LS3 ESV
      LS3 ESV

      You really have inspired me with everything I plan on doing to my Escalade, and I will continue to support you !


    Kenny Wallace is so right you guys are like a power couple keep going faster and love the videos Logan & Mitchell keep it up!!!

    • Brian Beilmann
      Brian Beilmann

      Carry the brick. Comment. He see the truth.

    • Logan Erwin
      Logan Erwin

      Thank you! He’s a good dude

  • Justin Van Buren
    Justin Van Buren

    It’s better to keep that Escalade safe the risk it. Nothing wrong with that, And awesome bonus footage!! You need to put a ring on her!

  • Crispy 1
    Crispy 1

    Perfect way to start out Wednesday. The LSXCALADE is so Regal and Majestic. It's crazy how much power it puts to the ground. Kenny Wallace is a cool dude

    • Stapleton42

      Thanks man we appreciate you!

  • James

    “A man loves you when he carries a damn brick for you.” Wise wise words

  • Wawawerks

    You're a gem Mitchell, that bonus footage was heartwarming, loved it 😁 and the relationship between you and Herm is great 👌

  • _HOTROD_

    HEYY shit happens man! Glad you and Logan were able to have a great time! You’ll be back at it again soon! Love you guys! Much love from central Massachusetts!!! Suck it!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Mark Heine II
    Mark Heine II

    Absolutely love this thing. Do whatever you like, I'll always be here baby. Keep on killing it.

  • Carlos Montalvo-Ghigliotty
    Carlos Montalvo-Ghigliotty

    Bro, congrats, I was watching the live feed all days! I saw your passes and when I saw the 9.8 I freaking jump saying words I can’t put here! Even my dogo look at me weirdly, 😂.

    • Stapleton42

      😂 thanks man

  • Skyler Short
    Skyler Short

    I love you guys…keep up the hard work! I too love fast boats. Super cool how interactive you are with everyone.

  • Devin Weitzel
    Devin Weitzel

    I seriously love this car. It inspired me to build my daily driver suv. So far it’s only gone a 12.90 but my goal for next year is 11.90 and keeping all amenities

    • Devin Weitzel
      Devin Weitzel

      @Stapleton42 absolutely! I love the content! I love how real and raw it is! Hopefully one of these times I will be able to join in on the drag and drive events!

    • Stapleton42

      That’s awesome man I hope you’re having fun and learning stuff!

  • Rear Engine Shop
    Rear Engine Shop

    Excited to see what it runs turned up! Good to see it back. I like how you got Kenny Wallace to sign a cinder block. 🤣

  • Aychdee

    Missed you guys bud!!! Congrats on the badass OG machine doing work!

  • Irving Infante
    Irving Infante

    That new motor set up you got is very impressive for the amount of boost it’s on in excited when you give that bad boy the beans

  • Brian Beilmann
    Brian Beilmann

    Dude. Kenny Wallace. He’s a friendly guy. NASCAR hero. Singed a brick for Logan. He knows some things in life.

  • jeremiah johnson
    jeremiah johnson

    Hell yah no I’m another vehicle as long as it is the suburban with the big block…super sick seeing you push the Escalade to its full potential. Logan and her bleeeding heart is so nice to see.


    Congrats on the 9's. And the cinder block... 😉

  • Richard Harvey
    Richard Harvey

    Great series glad to see ole blue back out kickin ass and marking its territory.

  • deano1943

    This truck is more than impressive 🔥

  • Matt Henry
    Matt Henry

    Can't wait to see this thing turned up to the moon. Good work yall.

  • Scooter Ford
    Scooter Ford

    I love how you've left the Escalade for most part funtional.Not ripped everything out and made a total racecar

    • Stapleton42

      The only things that aren’t functional are things that broke before it was built 😂 they can be fixed. Just haven’t yet

  • jefferino

    Kenny seems like such a good guy

    • Stapleton42

      He is!

  • Mark Miller
    Mark Miller

    Cool, been waiting for a followup video on the LSXcalade and its wicked fast passes, plus the trip too! With you guys as always. "drive it like ya stole it" is my motto! Thank you & Logan for yet another great video! Safe travels!

    • Stapleton42

      Much appreciated as always mark!

  • Jacob Strutner
    Jacob Strutner

    Keep having fun and you'll have the viewers. Full size builds you can take friends with can't be beat

  • Major Dudley III
    Major Dudley III

    New LSXCALADE Passes is always a good way to spend break time at work. Kenny Wallace always has a smile on his face

  • TyGotHeat

    Mitch keep Doing You Man, I Love The progression and consistency

    • Stapleton42

      Thanks man we appreciate you

  • BMash8049_WhiteDiamond

    Yea it was sweet seeing Kenny run that night too watching them run out the turn dirt flyin

  • Mopar Me
    Mopar Me

    Way to go great job enjoyed the coverage and by the way reason you never broke down is because you have a Boss Mechanical helper ,You and Logan make a great team great to see you all having fun love the channel!!!

    • Stapleton42

      Thanks William

  • Zowie Fenderblast
    Zowie Fenderblast

    I was off my seat when I saw y'all ran that 9 a few days back!!! AWESOMENESS!!! Was waiting for your video of the amazingly awesome run!!! Cheers you two

    • Zowie Fenderblast
      Zowie Fenderblast

      @Stapleton42 Keep her going brother Staple man!!!

    • Stapleton42

      Thanks man!

  • Brian Featherstone
    Brian Featherstone

    I love the Escalade is back running but I want to see that big block running lol! You guys are awesome keep up the great content!

    • Stapleton42

      Thank you brian!

  • jefferino

    Full interior, overdrive and AC class....would love to see you race the Why Not camaro...he has full interior and AC.

  • h.h.legacydiesel

    Love the Escalade! And you two are awesome. Thanks for the time with Kenny Wallace. Are any of the Wallace brothers still racing? I know Kenny and Rusty are retired, what about? Wasn't there more, raced the Kodiak car, was it Mike? 👌✌🏻🧡❄🇨🇦😎

    • Stapleton42

      Mike still races too

  • Zak

    Man I'm so glad the Escalade is back. Love that thing.

  • Mike Graczyk
    Mike Graczyk

    So much truth in this video and why so many people love what you guys do and the content you put out. Where else do you see a full interior, all the options working, full comfort & completely badass ripper like this beast?!? No one else is putting in that kind work. And then you just keep it real- no acting, no script, just REALITY (good, bad, or otherwise). Then you blow it out of the water with the extra footage of Kenny at Volusia! Keep doing what y'all do; it's GREAT stuff and you guys ROCK!

    • Stapleton42

      Thanks man that all means a lot. It is a lot of extra work and most of the time it’s unnoticed

  • Jason High
    Jason High

    Just want to say, it is so awesome to see this beautiful, LSXcalade, run again.... Love the videos short or long...

  • Garf2O

    Full interior with AC would be the "cars you would actually want to drive on a roadtrip" class or something

    • Stapleton42

      Yes exactly

  • J Tuck
    J Tuck

    Big girl is MOVING again!! 9.8 with essentially no boost is amazing!!!

  • James Eyman
    James Eyman

    Hey! Its the ESCALADE COUPLE!! Congrats to Logan and you, you two have been putting in a lot of effort in the truck and the channel in general!

    • Stapleton42

      Thank you James!

  • Thomas N.Z
    Thomas N.Z

    Good to see the trucks progress brother.

  • Christopher Cain
    Christopher Cain

    Legit the ending of this video made the whole week. F ing priceless! And run what you think would be funnest for y'all in RMRW monte an uncle whatever!!!

  • Jason Snodgrass
    Jason Snodgrass

    Super kool to see the Escalade back out doing its thing. How did you like the new tires ? And as far as something different on Rocky Mt Race week I would rather see the Escalades full Potential with boost.

    • Stapleton42

      New tires worked great!

  • Shaun Latter
    Shaun Latter

    Glad you two had a great week with no problems n fun with friends. Still waiting to see what that big girl will do when you trunk her all the way up. This new motor is amazing

  • Fish Pony
    Fish Pony

    Dude what a pass!!! Congrats on the 9’s. She has way more in her too! Now I miss both my escalades 😢

  • Camping with Homer
    Camping with Homer

    A compliment like that from Kenny Wallace and a signed brick to boot is the icing on the cake for a successful Sick Week. Well done you two!

    • Stapleton42

      Well said!

  • Desert bear
    Desert bear

    It was great to see the big ole boat flying down the track can’t wait to see you roll race her she will be FAST. We love Logan too❤️!

  • Ray Russell
    Ray Russell

    You know when a woman loves when she stares at you while your taking that is so true love you're all content. God bless you guys and as always be safe 👍

  • Crack Kills
    Crack Kills

    Absolutely love the truck and your work. Wishing you the best in your future endeavors. Great content and a pleasure to see when you post.

  • cuebz

    That ending was awesome! been waiting to see the rest of your sick week, glad it all went good for you and it was great to see that thing fly down the track. keep up the great work bud!

    • Stapleton42

      Thanks so much!!

  • Angus Phelps
    Angus Phelps

    Kenny seems like a really good fellow. Keep up the great content!

  • Steven Heidenreich
    Steven Heidenreich

    Awesome seeing the escalade running again

  • Sharky's Garage - RC and More
    Sharky's Garage - RC and More

    Great news on the fast pass, looking forward to what this can do when dialed ! Another great video, thankyou for all you do ! #SAWChequeredFlagSquad (C.F.S) watching every video to the very end !

  • Haworth Lowell
    Haworth Lowell

    Glad to see the box rolling strong. Great Sick Week Mitchel. Clear that block for prosperity.

  • TargaWheels

    When you launched on the 9.79 run, I expected to see some tire wrinkle. But when it started rolling with the rpm up there, first thing I thought was that trans/fluid is gonna be HOT.

  • Hollarmoto

    you built a absolute unit ... again... can't wait to see it more and honestly really can't wait to see the monte more and what its goin to be able to do y'all stay safe and keep it going

  • Rockie Collins
    Rockie Collins

    Good job. No major drama last week, quite the combination you have there.

    • Stapleton42

      Thank you rockie

  • Travis Hargiss
    Travis Hargiss

    Hey dude, don’t be so hard on yourself, like you said, that’s just how things go sometimes. It was fun following along.

  • Bubba Kushington
    Bubba Kushington

    You've got all season coming up. Can't wait for what's to come.

  • Craig B.
    Craig B.

    I love how it’s basically a stock Escalade on the inside, but is a (reliable) pavement ripping beast on the outside. Can’t wait to see it turned up.

    • Stapleton42

      Absolutely is! Thanks Craig

  • Hank Bardukis
    Hank Bardukis

    Am I really looking at a possible 8sec Escalade... 9.80 on baby boost is gnarly. Congrats you two!

    • Stapleton42

      You are 👀

  • gafrers

    Always great to see the LSXcalade in action

  • Anthony Estevez
    Anthony Estevez

    Your race helmet is the best! I just love the LSXcalade! Hope you enjoyed Sick Week. Thanks for sharing!

  • Matt Folkins
    Matt Folkins

    Looking forward to some more Rolls Royce content!

  • Dan NOT WALRUS Larkin
    Dan NOT WALRUS Larkin

    Yes! I was so hoping you'd go watch Herman race. Can't wait to see.

  • Glockerations

    Love your videos Mitchell! I started my gen4 project less than a year ago. You inspired me to push it further. much love.

    • Stapleton42

      Thanks man 💪🏻

  • BoostedLS_Lee

    Who else is ready for Uncle Rob (Yukon) to make a come back? I have the exact same setup except it’s 4l60e and 2wd

  • MrTmosley72

    So I watched this again just now, and keeping in mind I follow most all of the channels that were at your event and I came to the conclusion that YOUR CADILLAC IS VIOLENTLY FAST. I FEEL LIKE HEAVENS GATES MUST OPEN WHEN 7 OR 8 THOUSAND POUNDS GOES THAT FAST. I would assume that a civic or fox body would feel different doing 1320 that fast. I could be wrong.

    • Stapleton42

      No man you’re definitely right. People really don’t understand 😂

  • Clinton Dieter
    Clinton Dieter

    Don't apologize. You make the videos as you can. I love watching the LSXcalade run. Hope it's easy stuff that caused the trans and charging. You know, race car stuff. Nice job overall.

  • Dean Randall
    Dean Randall

    Great job guys! You have done an awesome job with the LSX! That thing rips!🏁👍🇺🇲🦅 Kenny W. is super cool!

    • Stapleton42

      Thanks Dean. We agree!

  • Tahoe's & Turbo's
    Tahoe's & Turbo's

    thought i was going to start my day all miserable by having to dig out from yesterdays snow storm until this popped up during my morning coffee, Way to save the day buddy!! watching your videos keeps inspiring me to not give up on my truck and tackle things outside my comfort zone. mine too will be full interior and the like, like yours is but its all about fun. hopefully i get the honor of lining up with you one day! until then, keep kicking ass buddy🤘 God Bless!!!!!

    • Stapleton42

      Thanks man that’s awesome! Keep at it 💪🏻

  • nick stuart
    nick stuart

    truck looks awesome,cant wait too see you do dragweek with the rolls!

    • Stapleton42

      You and me both!

  • Gary Snyder
    Gary Snyder

    Congrats on the pb can't wait to what the escalade does once the new setup is fully sorted

  • Toewzers

    Great job on the passes! Great video too!

  • Jon Hiller
    Jon Hiller

    I work from home, and I happened to walk in the room and see you at the starting line for that last run, so I got to watch it live on the stream. You two did good, as did the LSXcalade.

    • Stapleton42

      Thanks jon!

  • GJ Ponsford
    GJ Ponsford

    Love this stuff! Keep on Trucking!

  • Jason Jackson
    Jason Jackson

    Very nice to see that big girl go fast down the track, love yalls videos

  • Jasonups5

    Awesome run!! 😎🇺🇸

  • Cole Bertils
    Cole Bertils

    Proof that bricks really can fly! You built a solid rig there, well done 👏🏼

    • Stapleton42

      Thanks Cole

  • Three Rivers Wrench
    Three Rivers Wrench

    Great job guys! Way to start 2022!

  • PhoenixVanquish

    The Lsxcalade is such an impressive vehicle! Watching that big of a vehicle roll out so quickly is awesome. Great work!

    • Stapleton42

      Thanks a lot!

  • V4 YT
    V4 YT

    The Escalade in unique tho. The rolls would be great when it is ready