What Happens If You Turbo a 5.3L Yukon With No Other Mods? Lets Find Out! (Uncle Rob Hits the Dyno)
Well here it is! Uncle Rob turbo Yukon XL build is FNALLY on the dyno ready to make some power. We decided to make it an experiment though. We did not upgrade ANYTHING on the truck at all. Literally just bolted a turbo kit on. It is still on the stock untouched fuel system, stock MAP sensor, stock valve springs...EVERYTHING. This is absolutely not something you should try at home but luckily we have super tuner Tanner in house at Triple Seven Performance and he is willing to risk my engine and our dignity in the name of science!
Make sure you check out the "Uncle Rob Yukon XL" playlist for the full build progression!
Turbo: Forced Performance 72/75
Wastegate/BOV: TiAL Sport
Intercooler: @BoostedBoiz pre owned special
Charge piping: Woolf Aircraft
Crossover manifold: Ebay
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  • Stapleton42

    Make sure you’re subscribed so you don’t miss out on the next video! We’re gonna go race this thing at THE PEOPLES TRACK 🤟🏻 How close was your HP guess??

    • Angel Vargas
      Angel Vargas

      Is cleetus aware this man exist??

    • Captain Awesome
      Captain Awesome

      Where in Texas are you guys? I am in the Dallas area.

    • Jesus Carmona
      Jesus Carmona

      i say 340

    • Mister Win
      Mister Win

      I GUESSED 300

    • Allabout TheWoodrows
      Allabout TheWoodrows

      2points cool video minus 5 for not checking for Power lol 😆

  • marquise.howard

    I'm convinced this is Cleetus long lost brother 😂

    • Dub D
      Dub D

      Kinda sounds like him too

    • Devil 3134
      Devil 3134

      Brooo he sounds like him

    • dacountryone

      @Stapleton42 cool build Mitchell,I have thought about doing that to my 05 tahoe 4wd,205,000 miles on,jus afraid that I may end up spending more money than I wanna spend in it.

    • Phoenix Arizona
      Phoenix Arizona

      Dude he could pass as Cleetus Brother I thought that the first time I saw his channel

    • Cody Sawyers
      Cody Sawyers

      i was thinking that just now 😂

  • Darrin Sweeney
    Darrin Sweeney

    Love how everyone is around high HP cars all the time and a small HP turbo yukon gets everybody acting like kids. Thats whats its about, if you're not having fun doing it then whats the purpose

    • Aidan Tanny
      Aidan Tanny

      FOR REALLLL you dont need insane horsepower to have fun! Ive got a stock 02 Suburban that me and my friends still have fun in lmao. Rips donuts on dirt np and you can even drift it on wet surfaces if you flick it

    • CHACHI Luv
      CHACHI Luv


    • Javier Beltran
      Javier Beltran

      This is my retiring plans, just fucking tinker and do shit like this!!

    • Robert Keeton
      Robert Keeton

      Absolutely! That's what I say ALL the time. I have two turbo Hondas...a 709 whp fully built LSVTEC GT3582 Civic coupe and a 500 whp CG1 Accord with a JDM J32A and six speed manual swap with a GT3582R turbo. I turned every nut and bolt on them both. I also painted both of them in my backyard. It's all about what you love to do and having fun, or what's the point?

    • James Karayanis
      James Karayanis

      That's because they have no worries if it blows up and its more fun if it does!

  • Ian Behm
    Ian Behm

    Just genuine good fun, you can tell you guys just love what you’re doing

  • Mark Heine II
    Mark Heine II

    Awesome to see you all having a good time. Keep the content coming.

  • David Marcoux
    David Marcoux

    The hard cut from welding to filling a gas can gave me a heart attack 🤣

    • Stapleton42


  • 19Clutch69

    You're having fun because there's no pressure to make it go fast... That's what's so great about those builds

  • william elkins
    william elkins

    I love watching people go "I wonder what happens if I do this."

  • Kole Johnson
    Kole Johnson

    Glad to see this level of success on this level of stockness. Gives me hope. These are my favorite trucks besides my duramax and they are affordable to buy and pretty tough, now to see the progressive potential is exciting. Keep up the good work.

    • Stapleton42

      Thanks man! We’re working on it right now actually 💪🏻

  • Rear Engine Shop
    Rear Engine Shop

    My guess is 400hp. It sounds so good! Should rip with the new fuel system.

  • MrHevyshevy

    I’m curious how that turbo would work on 2010 Escalade. Injectors would be bigger etc.

  • Kenward

    I’m amazed the trans has survived this long 😂 this is amazing! I should do this to my Suburban eventually. I just need a frame...

  • Adam Moore
    Adam Moore

    2wd dyno runs followed by 4x4 runs would be pretty cool to see for the power difference.

  • The Auto Answer Man
    The Auto Answer Man

    I did something very similar on my 2010 gmc sierra flex fuel. We got further with the bigger flex injectors. I have since put ID 1050x and e85 and run it at 10 psi with fuel pressure dropping fast.

  • Timothy Mack
    Timothy Mack

    Subscribed some time ago. Love your videos. Especially this one. I'm in Texas with a stock 5.3 z71 and getting everything ready for a tune as it is. Then looking for any cam that'll daily and make good torque. But this video makes me consider other ideas. Thank you. Keep it up.

  • Stephen M
    Stephen M

    i think it would be interesting to put a 40-80hp propane carb on the intake to offset the extra air, might be enough to not even need injectors.

  • Bryan Drury
    Bryan Drury

    Been waiting for this one! Excited to see the dyno numbers and see how close we all got on the guesses!


    Would definitely watch more junkyard adventures.

  • Justin Nicholson
    Justin Nicholson

    Excellent progress! Can't wait to see the final results

  • SweetLou

    a couple Junkyard Videos with the crew, by yourself or with Logan would be rad. heck maybe she finds a sweet ride (or a Wally and just add NOS) that the two of you can build and go on Race Week stuff together this coming season.

  • Francisco Flores
    Francisco Flores

    Been thinking of buying one to do this exact thing with it. Glad to see what to expect from it.

  • PiDsMedia

    Looks like a combo that would make a real solid racecar hauler.

  • A Marksmans Perspective
    A Marksmans Perspective

    I can't wait to see the results of you upgrading the fuel system!

  • ∆v

    Thank you for plugging that ECM back in at the junkyard. You saved someone’s day.

  • King Panda
    King Panda

    I'm loving this....I want to do this and yet, your doing it now. So I can't wait to see what you accomplish in this setup. If you get it fully right and able to pull it off, I will base my truck off of your yukon but with the Denali drivetrain....let's go!!!!!💪💪💪💪 #yukongang

  • kris jones
    kris jones

    350 rwhp at 4000 on 11 degrees. Holy shit this is gonna be an animal when it's done.

  • Scott Connell
    Scott Connell

    "Sounds rowdy, doesn't go anywhere" Story of my life!

    • Can't Just Exist
      Can't Just Exist

      Loud as a jet, can't even break the tires loose when the pavements wet.

  • Rob B.
    Rob B.

    The junk yard is cool. Would like to see more hunts.

  • Kevin Huber
    Kevin Huber

    Wondering what it would do for a 6.0 L

  • Robert Montalvo
    Robert Montalvo

    I gotta show this to the wife. To convince her that I need turbo on my truck

    • Catherine Harris
      Catherine Harris

      @bishop So true!👍

    • bishop

      Damn, how do you have to ASK/CONVINCE your wife to do something like this? If your wife says no then by all means, please leave her. Because no man should be stopped from doing the #1 manly thing to do. Y'all have to man up and stop letting these women control the relationship. They only have control over y'all with the government's help. When you married her. Now your a slave to the government and your wife....smh...i hate to hear men say "I have to ask my wife"

    • Darin Schlabach
      Darin Schlabach

      @Pureblood Legend because of you I now own a supercharged 5.3 swapped 96 Chevy pickup because I told her that it was going to be more expensive to rebuild the 350! My hero

    • Pureblood Legend
      Pureblood Legend

      @Darin Schlabach I don't rock as much as people like you. ❤

    • Darin Schlabach
      Darin Schlabach

      @Pureblood Legend You are my new lying hero! You rock.

  • Ron Tronnes Jr
    Ron Tronnes Jr

    Yes, more junkyard treasure hunts. Reminds me when I was 16 and looking for Cragar rims for my '70 Olds Cutlass and for my buddies cars. WOW the fun times we had looking through rows and rows of cars.

  • Joshua Richards
    Joshua Richards

    Dude I do the crap like this on my own stuff, I admit if I had friends close that knew about engines transmissions and turbos I'd be having some fun more often.

    • Jay's Guyrage
      Jay's Guyrage

      same here

    • Guessohw

      Ain’t that the truth. Having people near me that know what they’re doing, I would have toys everywhere and have even less money lol

  • Michael Holmes
    Michael Holmes

    Depends on how much boost 400 at the tire

  • the other Brent
    the other Brent

    Wow Go Uncle Rob I am impressed. Once you install the fuel system it will make enough power to break stuff. Yes junkyards are full of dreams and possibilities.

  • Kyle Allen
    Kyle Allen

    I got a 2005 Yukon XL I've been wanting to put a turbo on. This is AWESOME!

  • Jacques Crusan
    Jacques Crusan

    In all seriousness, I would greatly appreciate an A/B test of 2wd vs 4x4. It'd be interesting to see how much more parasitic loss is incurred by moving the full drivetrain. Although I get the feeling that the 4L60 is going to hate life even more when that happens. I've always been interested in maximizing the capability of stock components, so something like that would be great data to mull over in my head. ON A SIDE NOTE: Does chevy's 4WD system engage the front half at the transfer case or at the front differential? My '95 Explorer XLT did this thing where the transfer case was always fully engaged with both output shafts spinning 24/7, and the only difference between the modes being whether the front differential was engaged on the front axle or not. I've been wondering if that's just a Ford thing or if it's a more universal design philosophy.

    • horsefly1020

      The front shaft spins freely when it's in 2wd. Pop in 4x4 and it engages the the front shaft at the transfer case. Then the actuator on the front end engages the front diff.

  • Cieges_garage

    I love seeing your yukon build. I have an 03 suburban, same color and everything. I also used to ride around in it when i was a little kid and ive been driving it now since 2016. Ive always wanted to throw a turbo on it along with a bunch of other stuff. Pretty cool seeing someone actually doing that type of thing. These trucks are fantastic.

    • Stapleton42

      Thanks man you should 🤟🏻

  • actionjksn

    I have an 08 Silverado with a 6.0 in it and I'm planning to stick a turbo on it stock. I'm trying to figure out which cheap one to get. I'd be okay with results like they got with this. It has no active fuel management and good oil pressure I'm guessing it will handle it if I don't thrash it.

  • B Man
    B Man

    Too much fun. Can't wait to do it myself at some stage

  • James Arrington
    James Arrington

    More junkyard videos would be awesome to see what's all out there

  • Tammy Fisk
    Tammy Fisk

    408hp and I’d totally love more junkyard trips!

    • Tammy Fisk
      Tammy Fisk

      Doing a junkyard build could be a fun project. That is a sweet junkyard they have there!

  • RDC_Autosports

    “this thing has a g-body shuffle” 😆 you guys crack me up! keep it up!😎✌🏻🇺🇸

  • Montevallo Mustang
    Montevallo Mustang

    "I picked the fuel system up at the doctor's office today" 🤣🤣🤣

    • Stapleton42


  • Kurupt-

    So cool, i have the exact yukon xl except mines green, looks like its actually getting up and going! i know how sluggish they are! cant wait to see it with some more fuel!

  • TurboDieselDan

    Digging the videos. My Aunt has a 2004 Denali and was thinking it would be interesting to see what a turbo can do to a AWD Denali using the Hooker Turbo Manifolds with SME turbo mount.

  • 8T4_Runner

    Shoot, I’m building a truck right now with a stock 5.3. I was looking to turbo it just to get around 450hp to go dune around in at Glamis

  • Jake Pysz
    Jake Pysz

    I want to see the 4wd vs 2wd difference if the 4l60e lives (not a snowballs chance in hell it does)

  • Reckless Goon
    Reckless Goon

    I personally would like to see more junk yard part hunting

  • Shel Mac
    Shel Mac

    Luv how tuner guys never let anyone see their Labtop unless they say “look at this “

  • Fish Pony
    Fish Pony

    I actually thought it would make around 500whp i was off but im sure with the fuel system you can push it harder!

  • Springfield 197
    Springfield 197

    Put a new back dif drive shaft and transmission (new but stock factory parts for that truck model ((if still around for that truck)) so you have more life and less lag for everything) to make it have a better chance to take off better. Then get better parts. (Later when possible) but take all the extra stuff out the back and put new suspension to help everything out too.

  • Hogiewan1

    Awesome video Mitchell! I can hear people saying you're the low budget Cleetus, and that's fine. Getting close to 100k subs, so go IRglo algorithm!

  • Todd Tague
    Todd Tague

    Absolutely do some boneyard searches. Those are both educational and entertaining, love it.

  • Andy Hoeft
    Andy Hoeft

    I’m thinking about turbocharging my 5.3 but I obviously want it to last what do you recommend

  • D A
    D A

    Maybe a 🌀 in front of the dyno would help plus keep the car cool. 😊

  • Big Sexy Muthashutyomouth
    Big Sexy Muthashutyomouth

    I'm going to guess 450-475 hp Edit: Didn't think about those things maxing out. If they wouldn't have you would have made at least 425 or 450!

  • Boosted Cutlass
    Boosted Cutlass

    Love that pup!! Thrown some 456 gears in that baby!!! You can see when that turbo kicks in Very cool project!

  • Kefinator Lord of Kevs
    Kefinator Lord of Kevs

    Hell yeah!! you should even make it a serie and invest like 2-3k max total in a car and parts you found out there and try to beat a set ''time'' on the 1/4 miles. Nos a small v4 lmao That would be fun

  • Jeremy Dray
    Jeremy Dray

    Love the content. But put the plugs back in the ecu next time so it's not ruined for the next guy, also loses the junk yard money because a bad part can't be sold.

  • C4k3 T0otz
    C4k3 T0otz

    How much do you guys have invested in this turbo kit? Crazy to see the stock fuel system can get you to 350+hp. I put a turbo on my 90's civic and it was so much fun, everything was stock besides I upgraded injectors from 190cc to 525cc, All said and done it cost me 3500$.

  • Jonah

    This channel is sweet! Definitely subbing and yes I want to see you hit that junk yard more!!

  • 413xxx86

    Mitch, you’re asking a lot of questions during the videos!! I love it but maybe do some polling? I’d love to see 2wd vs 4x4. Hp prediction 225.... Edit: I do the same when I start any vehicle. Just to make sure the fuel pump and fuel pressure is good. Edit 2: was that an obgyn office?! Mitch are you implying something?! First watch through Homie. Edit 3: love the junkyard run around! Final edit: throw the fuel system in!!! Thanks for this! It was great!

    • Stapleton42

      You answered all the questions! I like to know things 💪🏻

  • bcarpenter72

    This reminds me of my stock bottom 302 with twins.... everyone was trying to decide who had mop duty for when the block split. Made 580/670 😳🤣

    • bcarpenter72

      @Devin Still running when I sold it, had several 1/8 mile passes and lots of street time 1/4 was too far away but wanted to run it..... no cage....

    • Devin

      Holy lord. How long before it became a banana

  • Aj Reny
    Aj Reny

    Makes me hopeful on turboing my wifes 06 Tahoe. Its flex so e85 compatible, probably just do injectors skip the IC and limit it to 8 psi..... if she will let me.

  • A R
    A R

    I don’t know how I got here. I am so glad I did!!! Love the stock turbo theory!! I have been wanting a turbo in my daily driver Silverado!!! Subscribed for the journey!! Good luck!

  • MayhemYT

    That should be your new “stock” car 🤣 sweet sleeper

  • RebelRacer99

    YESS! This is awesome, I kinda wanna turbo my Durango now lol. Excited to see what this thing can do with the new fuel system.

  • Charlie Rubendall
    Charlie Rubendall

    Fun doesn't have to be crazy fast. As long as you can drive it and it puts a smile on your face, that's all that really matters.

    • Stapleton42


  • McBride Motorsports
    McBride Motorsports

    My 2000 Silverado 4x4 has a P01...I've been lucky so far. Had a couple scares though and thought I bricked it..lol And I can confirm the Break TRQ Management setting. EDIT: HAHAHA Love the 4L60 Comment. Driving my Cam, Heads Bolt On Silverado till the Trans Explodes. Then its time for a built 4L80E and Turbo or possibly SC

  • Chris Macphersom
    Chris Macphersom

    Hey, love ur guy's stuff. I got a 2000 yukon xl with the 5.3. Is my 5.3 the same as the one your toying with? Also if I take the 60 amp abs fuse out it does burnouts. But do not leave out for too long.

  • Gus Marrero
    Gus Marrero

    Yessss! Makes me wanna get my Silverado done! Hopefully soon 😅

  • Allan

    Commenting HP guess @ 400 RWHP. I think there's not going to be enough air flow or fuel past that point

  • overindulgent

    Triple 7 was a super chill spot for street car takeover last year. Hope to see y'all guys around.

  • Sean Brimhall
    Sean Brimhall

    Yes to more Junkyard Walks and B.S.'ing!

    • Bennett lock and key Matt and Jade
      Bennett lock and key Matt and Jade

      Junk yards are a lot fun if you have plenty of time.

    • Charley Betts
      Charley Betts


    • Larry Sutton
      Larry Sutton

      I have to agree junkyards can be awesome if you have an imagination to see the possibilities

  • Paul Andis
    Paul Andis

    For gen 2 and 3 LS pull the radio fuses before you tune so the ecu doesn't brick I use HP Tuners on my silverado and I pulled my radio fuses and had no issues. That's the trick

  • Quinboi

    The junkyard was cool to watch you walk around. Should do some more part hunting lol

  • Angel Garcia
    Angel Garcia

    Can you do a video on your fuel and suspension upgrades? This would help me with my build!

    • Stapleton42

      There will be videos on everything we do to this thing

  • Old school KC Audit’s
    Old school KC Audit’s

    I wanna see how much Hp my truck makes after you install a turbo off a diesel 6.0. I have a tuner installed already. I have a 2009 ram 5.7 hemi. The only upgrades are a cold air intake and the tuner. 6” skyjacker suspension lift, 35” x 12.5 all terrain tires, gloss black 20 x 10 wheels

  • NeedToKnow23

    Had the same truck at work. Thing ended up with 4 neutrals at 200K lol. Towed skyjacks, etc. (Probably too heavy honestly. Like 3,000#)

  • Chris

    Should decap the stock injectors lol

    • West Coast
      West Coast

      @Mad Mod no...is just that some people know and some don't🤷

    • Mad Mod
      Mad Mod

      @West Coast You must find yourself in a lot of bad conversations on IRglo

    • West Coast
      West Coast

      @Tyquan Summers if you're serious...they grind a cap on each injector for more unrestricted flow.

    • Tyquan Summers
      Tyquan Summers

      What’s that mean?

    • TheHologr4m

      That’s what I was thinking.