Locations of Classic NASCAR Race Shops: Ultimate History Tour! (What Do They Look Like Today?)
Ever since we moved to North Carolina we have been tracking down and documenting the locations of former NASCAR Winston Cup and Busch Series race team shops. We have found these places and share pictures from back in the day for almost all of them. There are TONS of ordinary buildings in the greater Charlotte area that you may pass every day not knowing what type of legendary racing cars have comer from within those walls. Mooresville Concord Harrisburg and Denver are all scattered with these places! Hall of fame careers built under a roof that now houses a business completely unaware of its legendary past. Vintage race cars are kept in museums...but everybody forgets the buildings in which they were born...until now!!
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  • Stapleton42

    Which shops do you want to see an inside in depth history tour on? (Also. We used an entire tank of diesel driving around to find these places 😂) stapletonautoworks.com

    • Charlene Stevens
      Charlene Stevens

      @eddie medlin I remember the car that set on top of the roof!😊

    • Charlene Stevens
      Charlene Stevens

      @Sean Stanley I remember going by that shop on my way to and from work everyday!👍💯

    • Brodie

      Wonder where they built the IROC cars at?

    • ben thomas
      ben thomas

      The RYR supershop. I remember that place when it was RYR. Such a beautiful shop. Did the Dale Jarrett daytona cars come out of there?

    • ICB?

      @FH99 no more Yates racing it’s all Roush Kazlausky Motorsports now

  • R8cer Ex
    R8cer Ex

    Dude! You are making an impact on old racing history. I’m 52 and have watched NASCAR from the 80’s until present day. The content you put out is a big deal to old fans like me and hopefully the newer generation. Keep it alive my brother and I will support your endeavors the whole way. Hopefully others will too. Crazy your stuff doesn’t get more views.

    • Stapleton42

      Thanks man. We think it should have more views too 😂

  • Steve hmiel
    Steve hmiel

    The shop next door to Penske in Lakeside Park that was Roush in the late '90s was originally Moroso Racing. We loved Liberty because it was near my home in nearby Pleasant Garden and our guys wouldn't talk to other teams. In addition we could race at Charlotte, Rockingham, Martinsville and North Wilkesboro without motel bills.

    • John Gilbert
      John Gilbert

      @TidyBananas My ex ended up working at Roush. Shop tours weren’t a problem.

    • TidyBananas

      Should contact Vaughn directly. I'm pretty sure he'd invite you inside the shop

    • John Gilbert
      John Gilbert

      I lucked out the day I visited the shop in Liberty. Mark and Jack were both there, and of course we saw you there, as well. It would have been in 94 some time, and the next time I saw you in person was when Karen (my ex) worked at the 97 shop right after Jack bought the team. NASCAR was a different world then.


    I'm a truck driver and I get to go all across the United States and I usually will just try to look for abandoned tracks or anything of that sort just because I want to go explore. Awesome video can't wait for the next thanks Logan & Mitchell.

    • steven saxon
      steven saxon

      @Stapleton42 what are they going to do with dw old box truck/road tractor/trailer?

    • Stapleton42

      Thanks man we are glad you’re here

  • Arthur Fricchione
    Arthur Fricchione

    Mitchel for me it brings me back to a time when only portions of a race were broadcast on Sunday afternoon on Wide World Of Sports. NASCAR was really coming into its own. Great memories. The last few years nascar is just not like it was. When guys would either tow or drive their cars to the track. When they would work on them in store parking lots. Man those were the days. Nascar will never be that way again and so glad to have been a fan when NASCAR was the sport 🇺🇸🏁

  • The Wilfords
    The Wilfords

    The 90’s for NASCAR was definitely its best time. My Father worked at Bristol Motor Speedway in the 90’s from 92-96 head of the cleanup crews. I got to meet a lot of old legendary drivers and also see the track then as a kid it was completely different than now races stayed sold out it was an awesome time. Totally miss the 90’s

    • B C
      B C

      Back in the 80’s our “gang” of drinking buddies would leave Asheville 3 hours before the race & drive to Bristol, park in the track parkinglot close to the track, buy a $13 ticket sit on the front row on the back stretch, get hit with chicken bones and empty beer cans all race long. Watch DW and Earnhardt race up front all night long. Best $13 I ever spent. We did it for at least 5 years in a row. The night race in August or September even back then was incredible. ESPN had to bring in rental construction lights that ran on generators all around the track. Bathrooms had 3 stalls and ankle deep in you know what. Primitive? Yes ! Redneck ? Yes But man what a blast.

    • God Is Good 🙏
      God Is Good 🙏

      Did you ever visit the Ed Whitaker shop in Bristol VA, or the Kodak shop in Abingdon? I lived in Bristol my whole life

    • Stapleton42

      That’s awesome

  • Zach Neeson
    Zach Neeson

    Dude I'd be loving every moment of being around all that history... I could talk about Nascar all day long. Keep the vidja coming and the great work

  • Jay Bonvouloir
    Jay Bonvouloir

    Great video! I try to get to Charlotte every year (from Colorado) and go to all the race shops and whatever other historical racing sites I find out about. For some reason I never really looked into finding the old race shops. But your video inspired me to research. In 1995, I did a roadtrip of the SE to visit NASCAR tracks. On the way, we just happened to come across Travis Carter's Smokin' Joe's race shop. It had the Smokin' Joe's #23 on top of a pole as well. From that time on, I never knew where it was, but with some deeper research, I finally located it last night! It's near Hwy 421 & I-77. Researching also led me to watching a bunch of episodes of Inside Winston Cup Racing on IRglo, which has great footage in and outside many of those race shops you went by. Really ties it all together!

  • Greg Simon
    Greg Simon

    Mitchell and Logan, I love these tour’s you take us on.

    • Stapleton42

      Thanks Greg we are glad you’re here for it

  • Volksrodden

    Love the History lessons you guys share, I remember watching these teams racing back in the day with my dad and brother, good times and I am still watching the races with friends almost weekly. Keep up the good work. 🤘🏼🏁

    • Stapleton42

      Thanks man!

  • eljackso

    I remember going to the Roush facility in Mooresville back in the late 90's (cruising all the race shops, as you are) and seeing a large scrap metal dumpster full of brand new factory Mustang exhaust systems that had been pulled off as the cars were getting converted to Stage I/II/III models - as a Mustang guy it was shocking to see that.

  • Derek Ranson
    Derek Ranson

    This brought back memories, back when I was racing go karts in the 90s and early 2000s I spent a ton of time down there. I may have some pics from Bahari somewhere

  • GJ Ponsford
    GJ Ponsford

    This is awesome info for a Canadian kid that grew up watching NASCAR in the 70’s when they would show the odd race on “Wide World of Sports “on a Saturday. A great historical tour, thanks!

  • Ben Coombs
    Ben Coombs

    Very cool video!! Camped for years in the infield of the 600 and had a good friend that lived just off Moorehead Rd. He pointed out a few of the buildings over the years but this video's next level!! Thanks for doing this!!

  • ROUSH054

    Loved the 6007 Victory Lane shop.. Was a huge Kulwicki Fan!! I went to 18 Cup Races in 92 and 19 in 93. Although I was heart broke after 4/1/93. After winning the Championship I made all the plans to attend 19 races in 93. After the plane crash I almost canceled all the remainder plans of the season. I'm glad I didn't!! I like your commitment to the history of the sport. Hopefully I can one day meet you in person.

  • Alex C741
    Alex C741

    I am addicted to this channel!! I love everything you do!! And the history of race shops where they were what happened in there what the walls saw!! The stories they could tell! Keep it up absolutely loving it!! Respect from England 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿🤘🏻

    • Dawna Jamison
      Dawna Jamison

      Me too

    • Stapleton42

      Thanks dude!!

  • young11984

    Man even most of their “starter” shops were massive imo, ive always been interested into behind the scenes of the operation of the nascar teams back when they wreck then get out and kick each others asses but lost interest in the racing when it became scripted more or less. Love the history man keep it coming but get that GRANNYLADE up and racing again lol

  • #programa LATE SHOW#
    #programa LATE SHOW#

    I have photos of a lot of those buildings in Mooresville when they were race shops. You’re correct on pretty much all of those you mention in that area. Just down from the Firehall Kenny Wallace had a shop on the corner , when he ran the “Stacker 2 “ sponsored car

    • DΔΠIΣL

      That’s correct sir, I used to work there, it was called PPC Racing. Greg Pollex was the owner, Greg is the father of Sherry Pollex. There was several other drivers that drove for us, Jason Keller, Jeff Green (championship #10 nesquik) car, Scott Riggs, Terry Cook in the trucks. When stacker 2 pulled out of their sponsorship deal, we had Michel Jourdain Jr come in for some Busch races along with Brent Sherman and John Andretti drove a cup car for us, those are the drivers who drove when I worked there. However, Greg is the original owner that gave Chad little his cup ride in the John Deere car but sold it later on and gave several other drivers the opportunity to drive for him. Greg is a great guy that deserved so much more than what he was recognized for.

  • JHans

    Great video of the history of racing shops from the Charlotte area. I’ve been a fan of stock car racing since the 1960s after attending Friday night events at the 1/4 mile track of Chicago’s O’Hare Stadium, where guys like Tony Venturini and Whitey Gerken were favorites. After O’Hare Stadium was torn down ~1969, in favor of a trucking depot, I moved my interests to Grundy County Speedway, about 10 miles west of Chicagoland Speedway. Grundy is where Bill Venturini grew his roots. Thanks for the great history lesson you and Logan are providing to us stock car racing fans.

  • B C
    B C

    “Back in the day” it was all about innovation. About tweaking the engine to find more horsepower. Making the body’s just a little more aerodynamic. Keeping secrets as long as possible. That’s when racing was truly racing. The more money you had the faster you went. Race shops back then were very creative. Now it’s just zero innovation taxi cabs.

    • jpoplin1

      That’s what the owners wanted! Quit bleeding money for A few 10ths.

  • i’M FiNe Productions
    i’M FiNe Productions

    Thanks for making this video, obviously took a lot of time and effort! Keep it up! Grew up watching NASCAR and always been into history in general, really cool to see shops that I had only heard about.

  • Dean Tait
    Dean Tait

    I’ve been to most of the pre-Mooreville shops and all of the early modern shops in Mooresville. I was working in racing from 86-94 directly and around Nascar through the 90’s. Teams early on were away from the other shops as they didn’t want employees going to lunch together. I’ve been to virtually all of these shops when they were active. Don Miller was/is a great guy

  • Ryan Sheehan
    Ryan Sheehan

    Sorry to leave so many comments on the same video, but I just want to say how wonderful I think it is that Spire is running the number 7 while racing out of Alan’s old shop

    • Stapleton42

      It’s awesome. I wish they used the same font though

  • Michael Khaos
    Michael Khaos

    I just want to say thanks for keeping classic racing alive through your videos. I was born and raised in Indiana , going to multiple short tracks from the 70s through the late 90s. The old days of stock car racing were so different than modern nascar, and I cherish those memories.

  • Clayton Wittmayer
    Clayton Wittmayer

    I’m a huge racing history nerd when it comes to teams, cars, shops, and tracks. I stumbled across your channel and I gotta say it’s my new favorite channel. Thank you for your hard work to put out the content people like us can enjoy!

    • Stapleton42

      Thanks Clayton!!

  • Matthew

    I watched the entire thing! Speaking of algorithms, and prior to me liking/subscribing, one of your videos was algorithmed into my suggesteds right between Yngwie Malmsteen and Nuno Bettencourt. I believe it was DW’s hauler. I love the history and yes, we could indeed be friends lol. 👍🏻☕️🏁

  • Joe Goveia
    Joe Goveia

    Memories. I remember going to all those shops back in their heyday with my dad and getting pictures in front of all the cars. So cool.

  • Craig Maverick
    Craig Maverick

    Very cool to see the old buildings and how they have changed over the years. Now for a tour of the current Nascar team shops.

  • Steve H
    Steve H

    Absolutely great video, thanks you for putting in the work. I'm 62, been a NASCAR fan since 1966 and I love the history of it. I held a NASCAR Winston Weekly Racing Series driver's license back in the 80's. Raced everything from limited sportsman down. I remember when Bobby Hamilton raced limited sportsman and late models in Nashville. I remember the original Fil-Mar Racing shop off of Foster Lane in Nashville.

  • Jennifer Houlihan
    Jennifer Houlihan

    Love what you guy’s do! THANK YOU! LOVE FROM OREGON!!!

  • Chuck G
    Chuck G

    Love these tour videos, as well as all of your others. Huge fan of the Escalade and the Monte both. The Escalade remains one of my favorites of all time. I've been watching forever and these tours are always cool. Keep up the great work and continue to be the best couple, and the channel with no "bill**it", on IRglo. Hoping to meet you guys at an event this year whether I have a car or not. Long story, there...

  • Mike Pate
    Mike Pate

    Thank you both for the passion and energy you two put in to share this history with us.

    • Stapleton42

      Thanks for being here with us Mike

  • Chris Bean
    Chris Bean

    love the history lesson! keep up the great work!

  • ben thomas
    ben thomas

    I remember seeing alot of these shops in '07 when I went thru. I remember the RWI building vividly. I remember saying damn, Rusty gonna be alright.. oops lol. The place I miss was the Memory Lane Museum. That's the place where Jr filmed Back in the Day. But, they had the Skoal Bandit 200mph speedo car with Co driver seat included.. since they closed I have no idea where that car went but it was so cool

  • Foxrinc

    First of all great video, love the old history videos and would love to see more videos like this one! The reason why I find this type of stuff interesting, is because my dad and uncle used to own one of the biggest Motocross teams in Denmark, from 2005-2018. We had a big semi with a huge trailer, that used to be owned by a race car driver, and I would always wonder what this semi used to look like and just everything about. We still own the trailer, but we haven't seen it in 4 years and It's just abandoned and rotting away outside. Fast forward I started getting into Drifting and, I geek out about small stuff and love to see there car haulers, race shops and old drift cars that's just collecting dust in a old garage. After I found your channel probably a month ago, I've been enjoying the history videos where you go into detail about certain stuff. I find it so interesting that you also want to know more about the the motorsport that your so passionate about. I'm sure Vaughn Gittin Jr. and Chelsea Denofa would let you make a video about the RTR Lab

  • Avg Joe
    Avg Joe

    I've had the pleasure of crewing a team Stefan Parsons was driving for and he is a class act stand up guy. Was really cool to see him respond to you with the pics!

  • Dale Ralls
    Dale Ralls

    This was interesting to me. I fell in love with racing in the mid 90s. When I graduated high school I immediately moved to Mooresville to go to school and chase my nascar dream. I ended up at 5 off 5 on for a short time before moving to dst another pit school in the area. I pited in several hooters pro cup races before moving back home to end up joining Tagsby racing and their NASCAR camping world truck team. I pitted my last racecar back in 2012 or 13 and have really missed my racing family. Thanks for the great video.

    • Stapleton42

      thanks man we are glad you are here with us!

  • Scotty Hitchcock
    Scotty Hitchcock

    This is so awesome, love it. I live in Australia, grew up around the dirt track seen, but love all Motorsport and love the history and exploring. I seriously can’t get enough of this stuff, you guys are so lucky to have all those places to explore. I can never get enough American racing, racing history and stories. I just love the passion your country has for racing. Thanks for the footage 👍

  • Rear Engine Shop
    Rear Engine Shop

    This was awesome. Cool to see so many of the old shops are still standing. Makes you wonder about the history of places we drive by every day.

  • Gaither Locksmithing
    Gaither Locksmithing

    I was first introduced to NASCAR in the late 90's when I was in my early 20's. I kind of got a bug for the sport, but wasn't fully drawn into it until I went to work for Safety-Kleen. Mesa Marin Raceway was one of my accounts and Marion (the track owner) was such a gracious man. One day I was servicing the SK trailer at Mesa Marin and Marion just happened to walk by, introduced himself, and asked if I would like a tour of the facility, of course I said yes. It was just a fun experience and it was cool to see the guys at Collins Motorsports (correct me on the name of the team please), which I serviced their shop too. In 2000, I brought my local branch's oil recycling truck to The Craftsman Truck series race at Mesa Marin, got some lip from a security guy over where I was to park the truck, Marion came right out and parked it right by the entrance. My then wife and I spent the whole race in the pit area and it was a blast to see the crowd and the race. From there, every race I watched on tv reminded me of the rumbled of the exhaust from the trucks and how it excited me.

  • Austin Hendrickson
    Austin Hendrickson

    Thank you for the history lesson! And I’m geeking out over this. Grew up in the fair grounds of eastern Oklahoma watching races. Now in Kansas, you find a lot of Clint bowyer history.

  • Schnakenberg Lloyd & Sue
    Schnakenberg Lloyd & Sue

    We are big fans of former Dale Earnhardt Sr.!! In fact, my husband has a whole room of his stuff that we have collected over the years. A lot are still in the original boxes. We have a enormous collection, that we both love. We were watching the race when he got killed. Very upset, as we never missed a race!!! We have lost interest in Nascar since then.

  • Jason G
    Jason G

    I remember riding by the shop that had the 98 car on the pedestal in Denver when I was a kid thinking that it was the coolest thing ever! Makes me wanna take a tour down memory lane as well!

  • Sports talk with Boomer
    Sports talk with Boomer

    I just finished watching this vid. I'm 53 , I started watching racing with my dad when I was about 8 or 9. He was my gateway to all things racing, he passed in 07 but my memories are wonderful. I see how emotional you get about the history, the shops, cars and people who forged ahead to create our memories. I love that you as a younger man appreciate it so much, you are giving history lessons to a couple generations that otherwise would have no idea. I loved the Mark Martin first race shop , his museum etc tour, he was mine and my dad's all time favorite driver. Please keep this type of content coming for guys like me who doesn't live near your area but we can live vicariously through you and your adventures, thank you so much . Chris in New York...

    • Stapleton42

      Thank you Chris. We will absolutely keep it up!

  • Richard Holland
    Richard Holland

    Thanks for keeping the history of these shops alive! Enjoy this info. These are from the good ol day's of racing!

  • Arthur Fricchione
    Arthur Fricchione

    Mitchel/Logann great tour. Back in the day when NASCAR was I feel at its peak. All the names of drivers you mentioned has brought back a flood of memories. Drivers I would watch. Every weekend. That was a great walk back in time. Thanks for sharing. You and Logann stay safe and well 🇺🇸

  • Eddie Jr
    Eddie Jr

    I am from Michigan. Marne Michigan is my local home track. I remember watching JBJ race there. My Dad was the primary sponsor for Mike Garvey, so I lived in the pits for a while. I knew all the drivers that came from up here back in the 80's! That was a fun time in racing history up here. Mike and his car chief (Tony Barclay) both worked at Port City Racing. They designed the modern late model rear chassis back then. Mike won 7 Features that year. Jonny Benson came from Marne Michigan, track is Berlin Raceway. Quite a few drivers from that era moved up into ASA, Busch Series, and Winston Cup. Back then every car had it's own personality. They were built and designed without computers. No two cars were exactly alike. After that, computers became the way to go, and cars lost that unique hand built love that went into building their car. Great times. I can understand why that era is so appealing to both of you. You should ask some Cup drivers about their favorite cars and the names some of those cars had. What made them so unique. Lots of content for sure. I'd like to hear some of those stories! Sorry for the long comment. But, somehow I think you will get it! Keep up he great work!

  • Tech Sentinel
    Tech Sentinel

    All the racing history you're willing to dig up, I'm happy to absorb. As far as age goes, I'm old enough to be your dad but I can't think of a video where I haven't learned or been reminded of something. With the addition of Uncle George, the content is even more inspirational/aspirational because it's relevant to my own OBS project. As far as my connection to the history, I was growing up in Florida and in the Army through most of the 80s. In Europe, the service TV showed a lot of NASCAR.NHRA racing and professional Wrestling. 6000 miles away from home, we all wanted to be Dale Earnhardt/Kyle Petty/Rusty Wallace/Bobby Allison and Rowdy Roddy Piper/Andre the Giant/Randy Savage/Jimmy Snuka (maybe not Jimmy, looking back) Thank you both, for all you give us.

    • Stapleton42

      Thanks man that’s awesome. We’re glad to have you on the team

  • Michael Myboy319
    Michael Myboy319

    Great video! I love seeing these old shops! Would be pretty cool to search out some old pro stock drag racing shops from the early 70's. Just a thought.

  • Josh ‘Detroit’ Leatherwood
    Josh ‘Detroit’ Leatherwood

    What an awesome video! Love Charlotte history, and especially love Winston Cup history!

  • BANDIT Grizzy
    BANDIT Grizzy

    Yep. Pretty much from my time and the history of the life , real life , takes me back. Plus it's intriguing. 😎👍

  • Joseph Isaacs
    Joseph Isaacs

    The Stavola shop wud be dope to see inside & Kenny Wallaces’ old shop wud b cool to see also 👍🏼🏁💯 thanks 🙏🏼

  • gac914

    It's so cool to see all those shops where they were cranking out all these race cars, almost one at a time. Unlike the "next gen" cars now, which is almost like ordering cars from a factory, (or even "mail order.") Takes a lot of the romance and grit out of the old days! Nice tour, Logan & Mitchell!!! Yeah, I'm VERY interested!!

  • Scootchy Scootch
    Scootchy Scootch

    I love how you guys share so much racing history. Thank you!

    • Stapleton42

      You’re welcome sir! Thanks for being here for it

  • Adam Hill
    Adam Hill

    I was born in 1987 and started going to my first races at Bristol in 1993. Was hooked from the beginning and remember the likes of Dale Sr., Jarrett, Gordon, the Wallace brothers, Bill Elliott, etc. I love seeing these history of these old shops because it reminds me of the best years of racing.

  • Nicholas Lashbrook
    Nicholas Lashbrook

    The history videos are some of my favorite videos. Started watching as a young kid in the early/mid 90s and I appreciate the history and the telling the stories of the history of the sport!

    • Stapleton42

      Thanks for being here with us for it man!!

  • Troy Skiles
    Troy Skiles

    Great stuff, you two! Love the NASCAR history content. Keep up the good work.

    • Stapleton42

      Thanks Troy

  • UnEditedd

    I watched it from beginning to end! I appreciate you and you spreading this information. Please keep it coming

  • Ronald Scott
    Ronald Scott

    Good video, great memories. I'm 63 years old. Been watching racing since the late 60's. Keep doing what you both are doing. Thanks for walking down memory lane. Looking forward to your next adventure and video.

    • Stapleton42

      Thanks Ronald we appreciate you

  • chevyfan 82
    chevyfan 82

    Lot of history thanks for sharing 👍. What got me interested in watching Nascar is a kid was the rush of watching the cars side by side the rumble of horsepower tires smoking and seeing them battle it out for the win. Always been a mechanical mind as far back as I can remember wanting to know how things worked, taking stuff apart to find out so naturally cars racing had my interest.

  • Marc Claus
    Marc Claus

    Thank you ive always wanted to boogie around and find racing history. It's kind of a logistical hell trying to do so from Northpole Alaska. The home of the farthest north dirt track in the world. Ask Kenny he's run on it. Again thank you for allowing me to travel with y'all

    • Stapleton42

      Dang man that’s wild 😂

  • Matt Pedigo
    Matt Pedigo

    Great Job Mitchell and Logan. I really enjoyed this video! I have always wanted to be a driver of some sort but never went beyond dreaming. I have ties to NASCAR past and present. First the past. My brother, Paul Pedigo and my cousin, Kevin Gabehart both worked in the late 70's and early 80's for a gentleman named Jack Brown who owned Jack Brown Engineering out of Louisville, KY. Jack Brown built, I believe aluminum driver seats and oil pans for racecars. He eventually was asked to put together a race team for a driver named Sandy Satullo. He raced in both ARCA and NASCAR. Now for the present. Kevin Gabehart's son, Chris has been successful as crew chief for a couple of racing teams. I haven't talked to my cousin Kevin in decades and I have never spoken with Chris but wish him well in all that he does. Your videos bring back some of that want and interest in racing and the beginnings and endings of some of the racing legends! Keep It Up!

    • Stapleton42

      Thanks man!!

  • Paul eurey
    Paul eurey

    Great video. I liked seeing the old Skoal Bandit shop on Hwy 16 in Denver. I remember driving by there with my parents as a kid. I also remember the cars being on the sign mount. My grandparents lived about 3 miles from there. I also remember when that shop first opened. Love seeing the history of NASCAR. Sadly I just can't get into it now. Keep up the great videos, and thanks for not calling every car a "unit" LOL.

  • Jason McKinney
    Jason McKinney

    Man I loved this video, thanks so much for finding this information. Back in the late 90's thru about 05 we would go to one of the Charlotte races my dad and I would venture out and look around at the shops that was close by, I remember in the fall of 01 we went to Dale's dealership it was a open house I think is what they called it but Dale Jr. Steve and Michael were all there was a great time and a sad time. Man I missed Dale Sr. The history is so awesome Mitchell thanks brother you and Logan make this so great. Look forward to more. Much love from Kentucky! Y'all be safe....

    • Stapleton42

      Thanks Jason we appreciate you

  • Brian Davidson
    Brian Davidson

    I definitely geek out over this stuff I grew up loving cars and my first race I ever watched was Talladega 1993 and been hooked ever since! Fore3er

  • Glen Edwards
    Glen Edwards

    I’d love seeing old shores of the old 33 shops from Harry Giant and was a fan of his the whole time he raced until his Retirment.

  • Michael Powers
    Michael Powers

    Took me back in time, grew up going to all the race shops multiple times a year. Thanks for the memories !

    • Stapleton42

      You’re welcome Michael. Thank you for being here 💪🏻

  • Daniel Ward
    Daniel Ward

    Really enjoyed this video. Cool to see the history in these old shops. Actually got visit see me shops a few years ago with my wife. Spent three days going to Charlotte and Mooresville

  • Bryce Crousore
    Bryce Crousore

    Incredible history lesson and one hell of a lot of work, both driving around to find, then video editing. Thank you so much. Took a tour from Minnesota here down to the Bristol race, then down 421 to North Wilkesboro. It was '98, two years after the final race. A guy named Paul said we could have a look around. After, we drove out to Ingle Hollow Drive and saw Junior Johnson's old house and shop. Still had the stripes on the driveway where DW practiced pit stops. Elderly lady came out of the house and gave us an incredible oral history of the place, including a couple whoppers she asked to keep to ourselves :) Anyway, now more than ever, history is needed ... and we're thankful for your rare lessons.

    • Stapleton42

      That’s awesome man

  • Next Week's Adventure
    Next Week's Adventure

    Starting back in the 80's we would always go to my grandparents on Sundays and watch Winston cup races. All these shops you've shown bring back a lot of those memories. Keep up the great work!! I really enjoy these history videos along with your other content.

  • Eddie

    Thanks man for keeping the history alive! I walked away from supporting nascar after Dale Earnhardt was killed and nascar's finger pointing at Bill Simpson. The late 80s and the 90s I was all in on nascar cup racing. In this video alone you reminded me of some Happy racing memories! Keep doing what you do, thanks!

  • Devon Bliss
    Devon Bliss

    Love these videos about the history of nascar. Can’t wait to see the inside of Robert Yates racing. Davey Allison is my favorite driver still today. Thank you for doing these videos.

    • Stapleton42

      You’re welcome man

  • chhite

    I've been told that my grandfather built engines for Wendell Scott but I have no confirmation of that. It would be a neat connection. My dad also mentioned that his dad built engines for moonshiners and the VA State Police found out. They asked him to rebuild their engines in their patrol cars. Again, no confirmation of those stories but it would be great to find out. Unfortunately, not many of those gents around anymore.

  • bropig

    I love this type of video with the whole history of racing, old race workshops and yes I think we could be friends too. I actually work on a New Zealand Stockcar here in New Zealand which is raced on dirt ovals. I respect all the old timers that have paved the way for us young timers to work where we can today.

  • Steven C
    Steven C

    Thanks for doing this type of stuff for the "1 percent" of us that love it. I'm also impressed by your knowledge of the history of the buildings. Especially impressive considering you're probably more than 10 years younger than me and growing up in the early-mid 90's makes alot of the lineage of those teams easy for me to remember. I'd never expect though that someone your age would know so much about that same era. I've searched probably endlessly for so many of these 1980's-90's era shops on Google search, Google maps, websites, etc. so to see these on video is awesome. I'm the type of person that would drag people around with me when I'd be in a college town or big city and search for the current and former sites of sports stadiums/arenas, so to say I love this type of stuff is an understatement. Thanks so much for doing these types of videos. By the way, I selfishly want you to get inside of the old DarWal shop. He is my all time favorite driver and the time frame of me being a fan goes back to when he started racing out of that shop. There is some type of history with that location too as I THINK Hendrick originally owned the shop and/or property from the beginnings of the #17 team and Darrell bought it from him after 1990. I got to visit the shop around 1996, but didn't get s true tour. Maybe even try to arrange with the current owners to get Darrell to give the tour. 😄 Again, thanks for these type of videos. It's really hard to get so much of the information you're passing along and preserving it in this form is invaluable!

    • Stapleton42

      Thanks man that’s awesome. I do the same google earth roaming too 😂 that’s how I knew where a lot of these were already

  • Finnick Rinzler
    Finnick Rinzler

    I love watching all these videos about the old HQs of the 90's and 00's race teams. Makes me wish I was back in that era again. Well done guy S42.👍👍👍

    • Stapleton42

      Thanks man

  • Shon Kale
    Shon Kale

    I'm an lifetime Nascar fan. I grew up in the Newton Area, also my family raced Late Models at Hickory and Tri-County, even ran in the old baby grand series for a while in the late seventies. If you would like to see some more old race shops and Nascar history around this area, contact me. Great Video , keep up the good work.

  • Dylan Shepard
    Dylan Shepard

    Started recently getting more into the old school nascar stuff, when I was younger I knew about it as my dad was Dale Earnhardt fan and collected toy cars (like 10-15 tote fulls). Been getting into it heavily as I’m older and more interested. Love the history videos a bit more than your drag racing but I really like your Monte Carlo and the way it sounds with the X pipe and boom tubes 👌🤘 one of my moms favorite cars is the 72 monte’s. Would love to see the tour of the skoal bandit shop!! It would be a dream to see a car like the Harry Gant areo coupe 👌love the videos keep it up and hope to see more!!

    • Stapleton42

      Thanks Dylan 💪🏻 we are glad you’re here

  • Jeff Turicik
    Jeff Turicik

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  • Bodie Tyler
    Bodie Tyler

    I've been in the auto business for 28 years. Many times I have drove by the Morgan- Mcclure Motorsports shop. One day I attended Abingdon Auto Auction just down the road from the old race shop and recognized Larry and Jerry Mcclure. I quickly became friends with both and have been doing business with them for the last 2 years. A little tidbit of info I never knew was if Tim Richmond had not been offered the job with Hendrick Motorssports, Larry was set to hire him to drive the 4 car. I often stop by the Mcclure Brothers used car dealership to check out there classic cars and to hear the stories Larry and Jerry can tell.