Richard Petty Museum Full Tour: Epic Racing Stories From Dale Inman! (Former Petty Race Shop)
In this video we walk around the Petty Museum in Randleman NC with stories about the artifacts from legendary crew chief Dale Inman and Richard's daughter Rebecca Petty Moffitt! There is some serious NASCAR history on this property including the property itself. The museum buildings are actually the former Petty Enterprises race shop facilities and the still active Pettys Garage! We have a separate video with Dale about the history of the buildings and another video with Richard himself showing us the house he grew up in next door! Make sure you are subscribed and check out the channel for more videos like this one!
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  • Stapleton42

    One funny thing we were told off camera is that in some kind of poll about celebrities with people in Japan they think all Americans look like Richard Petty 😂 with the hat and stuff. Mr All America history right here lol.

  • teamcarp1

    Dale deserve to say “we” any time he damn well wants too😂 He was a vital part of that team no matter what he thinks

  • BS004

    The Petty's are lucky to have a loyal person in their corner for all these years. I'm glad you are documenting this stuff before people and their stories pass away.

  • Stew Puddy
    Stew Puddy

    At the end of these, when you say stuff like "if you're still here, you're like us and you belong here." You're speaking to me bud! I absolutely LOVE this channel!!! Turned a few buddies onto it too!

  • Mike Hardy
    Mike Hardy

    Lot of people thought Adam was for real, he was such a great kid, with so much talent, just like his grandfather. These interviews are so frickin good you two. Your so good with the questions Mitchell like: "did you like the drag racing?" Dales answer "no" Great stuff. That complex is so huge! Dale Inman, what a bad ass: "I was busy winning my 8th championship" Such great stories!!! Appreciate all of your hard work you two. 2 dogs wow #$%^&* God Bless I'm going to go back and watch it again.

  • David Garland
    David Garland

    I love how Logan is into this as much as you. Thank you for showing all of this history so new generations can see all of this. My Dad was a Super 43 fan and took me to see The King get his first championship when I was one. I don't remember it but he said I was good for the whole race.

  • ElectricEye

    Dale is so humble. He's a legend of racing just like the King!

  • Tripp Rogers
    Tripp Rogers

    I was a fan of Adam Petty and it was so sad when he passed. I remember that they started talking about head and neck restraints.. and then Dale died pretty soon afterward. Who knows how many lives the HANS device has saved in the past 20 years.

  • cargasm383

    My dad has an old picture of Richard petty at a local race track that used to be at Riverside Park in Agawam Mass. Story goes one of the local modified Drivers Bob Polvalerie Dressed up as "the king" knowing Richard would be there. Richard got such a kick out of it he came up to him. Stole his hat. Then gave him his. That's when my dad took the picture of them dressed the same wearing each others hats. Mike Joy actually started his career announcing at Riverside park. Six flags bought the amusement park and tore out the track to build the superman roller coaster. I was there for the last race, never been back to the park since.

  • David McBrayer
    David McBrayer

    +1 for a Woods Brother’s tour! What an amazing part of NASCAR history.

  • M D Adams
    M D Adams

    I worked for a small underfunded Truck series team in the early 2000's Many times the Petty's "lent" us things from fuel cans(far too often) crewmen and an engine(once) They were and are a class family both on and off the track

  • Jon Corra
    Jon Corra

    I’ve also always wondered why Adam drove the Monte Carlo in his cup debut.

  • Ryan Nash
    Ryan Nash

    Richard Petty was the reason I started watching NASCAR as a kid. It’s not what he did on the track, it’s what he did for the fans off the track. A good man through and through.

  • Hayden Foddrill
    Hayden Foddrill

    Love this history bro keep it alive

  • Purplegt22

    Man these videos are better then any other videos on IRglo. My eyes are glued to every video. So you met the King himself? I love everything from the builds on your channel to these kind of videos. I remember the Rolls Royce lol. I am still here and I would love to see more Shelby videos. Much love to you both.


    40 minutes in and you still got me glued to the screen on this one. So much history, the stories are amazing. Thank you

  • Richard Parker
    Richard Parker

    Thank you Mitch & Logan for all you do. This video is beyond epic 🙏

  • Johnny Sechrist
    Johnny Sechrist

    I'm glad Dale taught ne how to port & polish heads and of Dales friends sold me my first Franklin Quick Change rear ends for my 57 Crown Victoria dirt track car. Joe Childress gave me the nickname, "Hickorynut"....Even had it tatooed on right shoulder while in the USN...At 'Buddys Tatoo, in Newport RI.

  • Christopher Sizelove
    Christopher Sizelove

    Dale seems like such a down to earth genuine guy. Must have been a hell of an experience having him as your guide.

  • Aaron Anderson
    Aaron Anderson

    You and your missus are doing a great job. Conversations that a California kid would not be privy to... keep it up.