This RWD Converted Turbo LS Swap Impala SS is a Super Sleeper! (He Explains How He Did It w/Pics!)
While walking around at Cleetus and Cars in Bradenton I spotted this machine right here with some big ole fattys on the back. I had to find the owner and talk to him about it! Colt Rist's 2004 Chevy Impala SS is packing a turbo LS 6.0 with a th400 transmission and a 10 bolt rear untouched from a 1980 Camaro!
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  • Dominic Bustamante
    Dominic Bustamante

    They should've built it that way from the GM factory.

    • Jason Bourne
      Jason Bourne

      You mean like they did till recent times? Imagine the outcry of a fwd corvette.

    • Sted Snellings
      Sted Snellings

      @frank b he thinks his vette is almighty when there's cars with way more power and heavier that'll make him park that vette in his yard and rot🤣

    • jeffreyrigged

      @Evo4b11 could have been the police ppv caprice as well

    • Rîch Zhoo
      Rîch Zhoo

      Hell yeah I strongly agree tf is front wheel drive.

    • BallOuTT

      Only if it was Awd 🔥🔥🔥

  • Kev Tom
    Kev Tom

    We need more young men like this. The worlds a better place with people this creative.

    • Jay O
      Jay O


    • The Coronet Shop
      The Coronet Shop

      Already building a sleeper build

    • Starscream


    • slab of meat
      slab of meat

      I want to turbo my moms 2019 kia soul, might end up my first car and i thought fuck it i wanna turbo it, ive got 2.5k rn to turbo it but ill save more

    • SBC KEV
      SBC KEV

      I'm on board with you on this!

  • USO Steve
    USO Steve

    That's pretty cool, I always liked that body style but the FWD always ruined it. Knowing that, it opens up much more possibilities for those cars.

    • trillrif axegrindor
      trillrif axegrindor

      as long as you can re engineer an entire rear suspension anything is easy.its called back halving and has been done millions of need to cut out the rear floor,make frame rails(everything needs to be perfectly parallel in two directions),make suspension points accurately,make shock mounts accurately,make a trans cross member,make a driveshaft,make the rear end work with ijt sure aint easy or a weekend project

  • pushed to the limits racing
    pushed to the limits racing

    I want to thank mitchell for this video it's awesome! I'm glad people enjoy it as much as I do. I wanted to build a car like this for a long time until one day I finally pulled the trigger and went for it. Thanks again!!

    • Huckaberry FpV
      Huckaberry FpV

      Bro you have mad skillz,time to get paid for using your ingenuity👌

    • Alex Miller
      Alex Miller

      I'm not a gm fan but you did a amazing job!!

    • Jonathan Nicholes
      Jonathan Nicholes

      @Mr Moss I definitely will! If you have an IG you can follow me! 1sick_12impala

    • Mr Moss
      Mr Moss

      @Jonathan Nicholes Go for it!. And please post your journey

    • Jonathan Nicholes
      Jonathan Nicholes

      @Mr Moss appreciate it man! Only ask because I have a 2012 impala that I’ve always wanted to convert to RWD and put a 6.2 in it!

  • Gw Builder
    Gw Builder

    The sound an Impala should have. I'm glad he didn't listen the people who said it was stupid. One of the most important things about doing a project is to have your own vision and just make it happen. Don't listen to the knock talkers because they can't see what you are doing. Let them see it when it's done.

  • Charles Doe
    Charles Doe

    Hell yes these strange eggs are what makes it all cool. Sleepers to front!

    • Mr. Safety
      Mr. Safety

      More like front sleepers to rear, I want this car so bad lmao

  • mlr06121974

    Nice job 👍. Kudos to everyone doing fwd to rwd conversion’s I have an 89 Dodge Daytona ES I’d love to rwd convert

  • Brodymoto

    I would love to see more unique builds. My favorite part of the car community is that everyone has their own style! Love the video

  • Hugh Janus
    Hugh Janus

    Impala's should never have been fwd to begin with

  • Matthew Valentine
    Matthew Valentine

    Definitely wanna see more of these type builds man. Thats so cool.

  • bosborn2012

    I love unconventional builds like these!!

  • supra driven
    supra driven

    We always appreciate showing peoples’ unique builds. I don’t think I’ve seen this car on any of the main car IRglo channels.

  • Mark S
    Mark S

    You keep surprising me with your content.. love the ingenuity that went into this thing! Keep bringing more of this kind of bat-shit crazy stuff, it is very inspiring! Im not 100% decided yet on what kind of crazy project I`m going to do, but a front to rearwheel drive conversion is probably going to be a big part of that. Seriously thinking about doing a aluminium 5.3L LS+turbo+powerglide+Ford 8.8 into a 88-95 model frontwheeldrive VW Passat stationcar or something equally sleeper-ish car like that. (Im working on finishing/selling some other projects to free up the necessary cash & workshop space right now while gathering bits&pieces for that build)

  • RahmannNoodles

    Always awesome to see people just goin for it and making it all work out! Need more people to take the jump and go for it

  • kurtis tharp
    kurtis tharp

    I always wanted to see somebody do a proper conversion like that on one of those Impalas. Thanks for putting that guy and his car on

  • Colton Peare
    Colton Peare

    Sick build. Great choice for a sleeper . I always wanna see more one off custom builds.

  • Stuffandjunk Andthings
    Stuffandjunk Andthings

    Yes! more weird and interesting builds. That car is awesome, and if it weren't for you, lots of us would have never known it existed.

  • Donovan Hendricks
    Donovan Hendricks

    I've always wanted to make my lumina like this guy now he gives me the ambition to make my lumina the ultimate rear wheel drive sleeper yes i love these videos keep them up you keep giving me great ideas!!!!

  • kevin auman
    kevin auman

    Bruh im scared to tear into my 6.2L LS to put a nice cam in it and this cat just does the impossible for fun lol

    • Icy Mikey
      Icy Mikey

      @Mr.President sir right, I have a ls3 and three weeks after having it I blew the entire engine. It showed 140,000 miles but Replaced the engine for $5,000 and now it has less than 60,000 miles.not too shabby

    • Mr.President sir
      Mr.President sir

      Basically playing with legos.

    • PureCountryof91

      Lucky for you, the LS is literally everywhere.

    • nephyril

      @Tyler Bauer "Just pay a shop" implies you can find a shop that knows how to do it without turning it into a time bomb

    • Tyler Bauer
      Tyler Bauer

      or u can pay a shop... its worth it 🤣

  • Luis G
    Luis G

    The man needs to invest in a shop, I know people who would pay some serious money to have their favorite FWD GM cars RWD V8 swapped. This week alone another guy did a 5.3 monte carlo and another guy with a 6.0 grand prix. Someone should try this on a pontiac G6 with a G8/GTO drivetrain

  • Driveway Built Foxbodies
    Driveway Built Foxbodies

    A lot of us started following you because of how unique your build is. So I think it's great that you find other's thinking out of the every other build.

  • Bill Gagnon
    Bill Gagnon

    Nice job with the impala he deserves credit for a cool sleeper .thanx big guy for showing us killer builds by simple people getting it done.

    • Stapleton42

      Thanks man. He earned it for sure

  • Alaskan Repairs
    Alaskan Repairs

    For real though you should be interviewing and showing the sleeper/unusual racecars in the world. I think we all want to see crazy and home built rides more often but not many channels are strictly doing that, and racing on the side of course haha.

  • Heavy hauling Idaho
    Heavy hauling Idaho

    This is what you need to specialize in!! Your escalade is unique like this car. We as viewers come to this channel for unique content.

  • Eric Y
    Eric Y

    Man I really can’t tell you how much of an inspiration you’ve been for me. And stuff like this just fuels that fire even more. Keep these kinds of things coming whenever you run across them.

    • Stapleton42

      Thanks man that’s awesome to hear

  • Fast351

    That is awesome! Not a Chevy guy, but Impalas were always one of my favorite cars from the mid 90s SS to the 60s boats. This is a sweet swap, and so simple! Ultimate sleeper.

  • Todd Foxx
    Todd Foxx

    Yes, definitely more videos like this !! What an awesome, fearless build !

  • Sim Drifter 69
    Sim Drifter 69

    The fact the dude built this by just winging it makes it even better

    • 6GEN DJ
      6GEN DJ

      @Stapleton42 i want my 06 monte ss done like this

    • X Mo
      X Mo

      When I find free time I'll be doing a rwd conversion on my 01 Deville. I'd like to keep the irs and all electronics. Maybe use cts parts in the back. I've got other 💩 taking up my time.

    • Stapleton42

      It’s a powerful lesson

  • J Rich
    J Rich

    That's so sick. I love the unsuspected builds. Good work helping him be recognized on his build.

  • Chopper1

    Great job. I love it. Nice to see young people have motivation nowadays. Please do more vids like this.


    Please keep doing these vids. So many great minds love to see people out engineer the engineers!!

  • lunkydog

    The more of this type stuff the better. The Newell fans will understand.

  • George Loyie
    George Loyie

    What a great car! It'll give him many years of reliable and fun times as a true daily driver.

  • Starscream

    This is AMAZING!! I love when he said, "The way it was SUPPOSED to be built." 👏👏👏 I remember when I found out the new model Impalas were front wheel drives. I wanted to cry. 😔

  • Grant Cuff
    Grant Cuff

    Loved the video. I've always wondered if that was possible with the impala ss. I love sleepers. Great work.

  • Dylan Schares
    Dylan Schares

    Would love to see a full on build of this car or one just like it I wanted to do this to a late 90s monte but totaled the car before I could

  • LucklessGun

    So much nostalgia for that impala gen. The SS was one of the best cars to drive. If they were RWD people would be fighting over them.

  • Jared Spear
    Jared Spear

    Pretty interesting. Damn sure don’t see things like this everyday. The ones who get the spotlight are the ones guys spent tons of money on and had someone else build for them. Part of the reason I love your channel! I’m Learning everyday and try to immerse myself in every bit of knowledge I can. Thanks, let’s see more of these

  • marc st laurent
    marc st laurent

    I love ingenious builds like this , thanks

  • hagerhog118

    Very cool build!!!! Love these kinda builds!!!!

  • bill osborne
    bill osborne

    I want to do this with a 2004 Malibu that i had... Love it way different video keep these coming. Find the funnies and bring them to the light... Strange and crazy builds are freakin awsome... Keep bringing this video type

  • Jason's Garage Productions
    Jason's Garage Productions

    those cars should of been done like that!! cheers to this guy!!

  • Greg Payne
    Greg Payne

    I still want to get my hands on another Grand Prix. I used to have a '99 and an '00 with supercharged 3.8's and I've always wanted to do the rwd thing with one, prolly stay 3800 powered though. I don't have one of those cars anymore but I kept a couple nice hoods that I had and I do want to build one some day. Right now I've got a '90 VW and and Rx8

  • hammers & wrenches
    hammers & wrenches

    Mitchell always hitting us with those inspirational outro's! Where there is a will, there is a way!

  • Motor & Grit
    Motor & Grit

    Good work on both parts. Keep showcasing regular folks who work hard and drive hard.

  • kevin kruegar
    kevin kruegar

    Love it that thing is so rad, would be sick to see it with all the stock wheels on it trolling the streets

  • Steve Bauer
    Steve Bauer

    I love weird projects like this I just wish he talked more about how he modified the steering like relocating the rack.

  • James Arrington
    James Arrington

    Very nice. It would be nice to see more vehicles that you find that people build.

  • Jules andersen
    Jules andersen

    Finally someone who doesn’t cut the cars into pieces to make it rwd and actually make it look like its oem 👏

  • Dan D
    Dan D

    There was a monte carlo rear wheel conversion that used to be at new England drag way all the time. Cool to see different stuff.

  • AohJay on Instagram
    AohJay on Instagram

    would love to see more builds like this

  • Niko Bella-Khouf
    Niko Bella-Khouf

    This is the first video of yours that I watched. I subscribed right after dude said he built the Impala SS the way it was meant to be built. That hit home for me being a huge Impala fan (I really hated that 2000 Impala). It was pretty inspiring to see that. I'd love to get a full size sedan and make it RWD and manual.

  • HWolfeIII

    As a 2004 Impala SS owner. big ups to this young man, great job!

  • l t
    l t

    Very inspirational video bro I can I dig it, alot of people always try to hold you down from your ideas/plans and those are the type of friends you have to let go.

  • Drag ForLife
    Drag ForLife

    Yes man keep doing videos like motivates me and kind of push me a lil to start doing what some people told me that i cant ....good example and great video 👍

  • Doug DiGiacomo
    Doug DiGiacomo

    Sick build no doubt!! Props to that kid for just getting after it... reminds me of when me and my brother and my dad swapped out my brothers iroc 305 for a 350. 1987 iroc had 1000 vac lines on that motor what a mess... question wanted to ask is when will we see the outcome of the turbo suburban unc rob build?!

    • Stapleton42

      Once I get back to Texas and finish it lol

  • Titan_363

    Nice, I have a 2006 LT in my drive now that I am intending on changing over to all wheel drive. Im still weighing options as to what route I want to go, I can go with the engine traverse mounted and use a transfer case to send power to a rear axle, that would eliminate a lot of refab work for steering and brakes and firewall. Or do I build with the engine mounted traditionally and convert a traditional 4 wheel drive system over, the main advantage there would be more after market available, like headers, and would be much more robust drive system. Handling and weight transfer would improve much also I think. As for rear drive unit I intend to mount a diff. as fixed and use cv joint axle shafts so I could go independent rear and have more ground clearance. I'm poor so I intend to keep engine around 350 - 450 horses and frankly I'm just clueless when it comes to turbo systems and EFI combined. lol

  • skinny

    Hell ya! I love stuff like this! Gives me more inspiration to rwd swap a LH body that I have always wanted to do

    • Stapleton42

      Do it!

  • D. Eby
    D. Eby

    I love it when someone builds something different!!!! It's awesome to drive something very few, or nobody else has!!! I built a Ford Aerostar with a 5.0HO and many other mods, years ago. It was a GREAT and dependable van. It's on my channel with the car I'm building now, if interested..... Keep up the great content!!! Love the LSXcalade, one of a kind!!!

  • Edwin Clark
    Edwin Clark

    Most definitely keep bringing these odd balls into the limelight. I love this stuff. Good eye man. Couple years ago there was a guy who built a diesel Nova with super singles.... Stacks for side pipes.... And glad hands on the rear bumper it was pretty cool

  • logan turner
    logan turner

    odd builds sounds like a great idea to me. crazy swaps and crazy fast sleepers is always a good video in my eyes.

  • GlockLoaded2x

    Dude, this thing is freakin wicked! Really love sleepers... absolutely love it!!💯

  • Juan Moran
    Juan Moran

    Yes sir for sure I love coming across builds like this man that kid is badass he really has it figured out nice!

  • Rubin James
    Rubin James

    Love the rwd Impala. Also love the message of the video. I know what it feels like to lose interest in a project (16 yrs 😬). 67 chevy 4x4 small window. Not for long though. Channels like this is what's keeping me inspired. Looking forward to more. 🤟 ✌ -4 corners New Mexico

  • Captnjoe

    Nice job featuring that build, keep this kind of content coming!

    • Stapleton42

      I will!

  • RTZ85

    This is awesome I’ve been thinking for years that the impala needs to be rear wheel drive like the original it’s cool somebody thought the same and did it

  • DatDamDilly

    More stuff like this. I think we're all here for a little something different.

  • Mint Mafia
    Mint Mafia

    I talked to my dad 4-5 ago when I was in college about doing something like this to our 04 impala I was dailying at the time. Way more badass than I thought. RIP the pimpala 👌

    • trillrif axegrindor
      trillrif axegrindor

      would be great,long as you remember you aint dailying it for a many,many years and 9 out of 10 people bail out and scrap these projects

  • Benjamin Seward
    Benjamin Seward

    Those builds (garage crazy ideas) are what life is all about

  • Adam

    This was awesome. Would love to see more like it.

  • Trevor Neal
    Trevor Neal

    Between this video and me learning you’re the same age as me, I have found bountiful motivation. To do exactly that; just go for it. I’m really enjoying these videos. I’ve loved your Escalade since I first saw it a few years ago but I’m a new subscriber. Lovin this content and everything else!

    • Trevor Neal
      Trevor Neal

      @Stapleton42 it’s noticed👌🏼 keep it up!

    • Stapleton42

      Thanks man! thats why I do things the way I do them. To inspire others!

  • Francisco Gutierrez
    Francisco Gutierrez

    Love this video I want to build my own car aswell just watching these videos gives me more of a reason to do so keep showing these videos

  • Downhill Daddy
    Downhill Daddy

    This is a good example of an ls swap! Awesome build

  • Steve Anderson
    Steve Anderson

    Of course that's exactly what I want to see why do I watch you're doing your own turbo on that Suburban. Also look at PFI speed Brent shows you how to do the control of the car on a dyno and he tries to explain it very very great keep up the great work man suck it Cole

  • devin mcalister
    devin mcalister

    Hell yea love to see more stuff like this. My project car is a 92 nissan 240sx hatch with 76 SBC bored to a 6.0 with a 5speed trans out a 93 c1500. 400hp n/a with eBay twins on a blow through carb to come!

  • Wade Preston
    Wade Preston

    I'll watch this kind of content, as a filler for time's when you're waiting on parts or what ever👌✌️🇺🇸 #blomemitchll

  • Eric Haley
    Eric Haley

    I must say that I'm highly impressed with this young guy.

  • Sted Snellings
    Sted Snellings

    Thank God I finally found someone with the same idea I want to do to my 03 because I can't find a good or decent mid 90's impala

  • Moneynvrsleeps

    Dang, i want to LS SWAP RWD my 2017 impala.

    • etb4u

      @Eduardo Arguello link?

    • Vilebros

      @Syemere Roberts I have an 08 impala SS and I don’t even try those new v6’s 😂 that trans is way better than a 4 speed too lol

    • KJ Mason
      KJ Mason

      @Eduardo Arguello PLEASE provide some video of that. I’ve been wanting to do something to my 2015 ltz for a year. I need the motivation lol

    • Syemere Roberts
      Syemere Roberts

      @laajayoo man seriously

  • J. Vol
    J. Vol

    We need more unique builds