UP CLOSE: Ernie Irvan's 1991 Daytona 500 Winning Intake Manifold & Cylinder Heads (Larry McClure)
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Ever wonder what type of top end engine technology was necessary to win a Daytona 500 back in the early 1990's? Here you go! This Edelbrock intake manifold and Brodix cylinder heads are THE pieces from Morgan McClure Motorsports winning car with Irvan in 1991! Restrictor plates changed Superspeedway racing only a couple years prior. Teams had now figured out ways to maximize the engine with said plate in place leading to some goofy looking manifold inserts which are shown and explained in this video!
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  • Stapleton42

    If you think this is cool…you’ll love the video with Sterling Marlins 1995 Daytona 500 winning car! (Side note if anyone has some Brodix 867 Pontiac heads they’d sell…email us 😂) Stapletonautoworks.com

    • robert j
      robert j

      Iroc heads right?

    • aspen yukon
      aspen yukon

      Holes Look like a hidden nitrous kit

    • Eddie Rebel
      Eddie Rebel

      These guys are the real deal , and we’re fortunate to still have them around, and just imagine having all this info inside your head waiting to get out then finally the time comes when you can give the ones who wished they knew a big F. U. 🤣! ( dumb assed rules

    • hendo337

      That's what those 18 degree heads were from was Pontiacs racing program they just put them on a small block type engine right?

    • Rodney

      Yes I watched all the way to the end I even saw your hat change color like instantly

  • Brand New
    Brand New

    More of this type of content is needed, men like these are not going to be around forever so their stories need to be heard. Keep up the good work.

    • John Adams
      John Adams


    • 1mccarson

      100% this is great

    • Elijah barber
      Elijah barber

      They need to go to DEI and find out what they found for them plate cars in 2000

    • Jason Hastings
      Jason Hastings

      The storys these guys could tell!!!!! Id sit for hours just to learn from them!!!!!

  • Steve Lowe
    Steve Lowe

    You two getting to sit with these legends and hearing their stories firsthand is absolutely priceless.

    • Matthew Hicks
      Matthew Hicks

      @ryan brown agreed. But it seems like back then. We didn’t see the inside of the shops that much. It was all a mystery. Unless u saw them on an episode of “Inside Winston Cup Racing” on a Sunday Morning on TNN. But it still showed very little. Maybe the cars sitting all lined up. So all this is New and Amazing. Finally getting some questions answered!!😂

    • ryan brown
      ryan brown

      I would love to sit around for some of their stories , the shop tour video really shows their progression in Nascar . The #4 Kodak car is such an Icon of the times when nascar was at its peak . I miss those days but I remember them like it was yesterday. You and Logan are the dynamic duo keeping the history alive , thanks guys.

    • Brian Beilmann
      Brian Beilmann

      Hell ya agree. Your comment about putting that in the trophy room just so you can see it all the time. Agree. And so the Logan’s car is blue…..

    • Matthew Hicks
      Matthew Hicks

      Makes me Jealous!😜😜

    • Stapleton42

      Thank you Steve!!

  • Kentucky Blugrass
    Kentucky Blugrass

    I don't know that we can fully appreciate the amount of knowledge these McClure videos have given us. The engineering, R/D and testing that these guys did/do is absolutely incredible. These videos are priceless 🙏🏻

  • silkysixx

    It looks like the center chamber is a plenum. If you'll notice, the outer diameter of the centre bore interferes with the four outer bores of the intake tracts. The carb would sit above the divider, allowing each runner to share the center bore as an additional volume to their runners. What you have, here, is a carb space below the carb flange! Now that is ingenius.

    • Nicolas T
      Nicolas T

      @pat36a Wow.

    • pat36a

      I think the space between the carb. and inside the intake was a restriction. He said the closer you could get the center plug to the Carburetor the better. That's why they came up w/ways to fill that void. Air flows faster in a solid tube then 1 w/a big void . A smoother path for air will flow more air .

    • Two Black Labs
      Two Black Labs

      Silky, EXACTLY. The center bore acts like a combination Venturi “collector” and funnels air downward, making the engine inhale and “breathe” deeply. It was genius…and so were the engineers who perfected it.

    • Justin Smith. PYRO
      Justin Smith. PYRO

      Awesome analysis 🤘🤘 I was thinking something like that too. It truly is genius. These guy's are legends, with their motor builds

  • Graeme Bridge
    Graeme Bridge

    That was an epic amount of work on those heads and intake. One of my buddies was crew chief for a touring car team in the 80’s. He told me they had a turbo heat shield that was designed so that you could remove the turbo without removing the heat shield as the scrutineers would put seals on the bolts before the race weekend. So once it was sealed they would then swap out the turbo for a larger one and race. Well one weekend they win and the car get pulled in for inspection. They are in the inspection building knowing that they have an illegal turbo but it’s getting late so the scrutineers tell them they will inspect first thing before they race again on Sunday. My buddy is stood at the back of the shop by a window which he casually yawns stretches out his arms and unhooks. The scrutineers usher everyone out and secure the building for the night. Once dark my buddy and another mechanic sneak back and climb in through the window and proceed to swap that turbo back to stock and leave. The next day the scrutineers are looking the engine over knowing something isn’t right but find nothing so the car gets released lol doesn’t matter what the firm of racing everyone is doing something to gain that advantage without getting caught lol

  • Danny Powers
    Danny Powers

    I was at Talladega in the 90s when Sterling got down a lap or 2. Gordon got down a lap . Gordon hooked up to Sterling's bumper and Sterling pulled Gordon a full lap back up to the leader's. The crowd was blown away with the speed the 4 car had Love this stuff.

    • Bob Bellow
      Bob Bellow

      I was there as well. That car was FAST.

  • shitbox82

    Back when nascar engines still sort of resembled a production SBC, I enjoy hearing about the R&D they put into the engine programs back then. 👍🏻

  • cool62 chev
    cool62 chev

    I certainly appreciate the amount of work the went into those heads and intake.

  • SOU7000

    The amount of welding that went into those heads and intake is just insane!

  • Johnathon Reyes
    Johnathon Reyes

    Loved Ernie Irvin as a kid. Shitty couple of years for me though. Was a period where either my driver's were either dying or retiring. Ernie Irvin, Davey Allison, Harry Gant, Allan Kulwucki, and Richard Petty. Finally caught a break with Dale Earnhardt. Guess you can figure out why i finally gave up on finding a new driver and quit watching NASCAR in 2001.

  • Timothy Lovern
    Timothy Lovern

    Good to see younger people enjoying the real history of NASCAR keep up the good work

  • jeff graham
    jeff graham

    I've seen every 4 car Daytona victory live. Really cool to see stories behind historical nascar races and wins. Those dudes had it figured out!

  • Mike Pate
    Mike Pate

    You don’t get the inside information without a lot of effort to get it and you deserve a lot of credit for the effort. We get to enjoy the history so thank you.

  • Joe R
    Joe R

    Heavily restricted racing really forces innovation. Every team is forced to try and make more power than everyone else while still running basically the same engine. Even though it is true I still wish there were more racing that had virtually no rules on what you can do to make your vehicle better.

  • golden wheeled Banshee
    golden wheeled Banshee

    Always love these videos. This was why Nascar was great in those years. Always a treat 2 see Logan 2. Keep up the great work.

  • Paul Meeks
    Paul Meeks

    Very cool stuff seems like yesterday when I was watching Ernie Irving win the Daytona 500 definitely fun times

  • Matthew Arnold
    Matthew Arnold

    Was in for the whole thing. Dad drove Cale Yarborough’s hauler a couple of times in the early 90’s. Richard Perry’s Busch team hauler as well once or twice. I believe Bob Johnson was the crew chief. Dad had a friend from our home town that invited him to help drive on the west coast trips.

    • Greg Nelson
      Greg Nelson

      J.E. Beard who they mention doing the intake was my fiancés brother. He could build some engines for sure!

  • paullutterloh51

    I’m still amazed how this history is just sitting out there. It’s great that you get to these guys before they’re gone. These stories are amazing

  • Rust Lovers Garage
    Rust Lovers Garage

    This time period was the beginning of the end for the racing I grew up doing and watching. Glad to see the McClures are doing well!


    I love what y’all do!! Please keep it up. This history that you are sharing with us is peak of NASCAR to me. It was the best time for drivers and also the very best for the self made engineers behind the scenes. Thanks again.

  • Jeff VanHorn
    Jeff VanHorn

    It's so hard to fathom, the endless hours of welding, grinding, and porting just in the top end. Wow! Thanks for bringing us all along on this journey, true car guys appreciate it. God Bless.

  • jeremiah johnson
    jeremiah johnson

    Now we are talking. All those secrets of speed that hopefully get done on the Monte Carlo. Those intakes are so interesting looking. This is the stuff I can dive into. I love the mechanical side of racing. You guys made my morning

    • jeremiah johnson
      jeremiah johnson

      Those Brodix heads are so awesome. My dad has them for his 69’ GTO and he said they are like gold to find and he loves them.

    • Stapleton42

      I want to find some of those Brodix Pontiac heads 👀

  • TheZmt325

    This is so cool. This was the peak of me being a nascar fan. I was 10. That win made me a swerving ervin fan. Seing that stuff up close is awesome!!

  • supersevenn

    fantastic seeing these pieces. i can imagine the money in hours they poured into engine development

  • Justin Shearer
    Justin Shearer

    i love the engine parts, and tech and i absolutely love the loose rule interpretations that they had to figure out to run in the front. please more engine/cylinder head stuff with the guys who worked on them

  • UFC Buffalo
    UFC Buffalo

    I made it to the end. Man, I just love this kind of stuff. My Godfather raced small time Street Stocks and Midgets in the 80s, 90s, & 00s, and I could just listen to stories from him and his crew chief forever.

  • Duke Nukem
    Duke Nukem

    It's sad the sport passed guys like this up. There's a certain blue collar vibe that's missing from NASCAR today. And the Kodak hat is sweet.

    • Donald Gminski
      Donald Gminski

      It's way beyond blue collar. NHRA makes me sick to my stomach. I never cared for Nascar because there were several forms of circle track in the area I grew up, and I could go watch in person.

  • Gary Pankratz
    Gary Pankratz

    Your videos are fascinating. I could listen to Larry’s stories all day. Keep ‘em coming.

  • Battlestar777

    Yep, I’m still an Earnhardt fan for life (Sr. & Jr.) , but I have always respected Morgen-McClure guys , because they really know their stuff- especially super speedway/ restrictor plate racing. I knew Earnhardt always had his hands full, when it came to the big tracks, when Morgen-McClure was there. I personally think they were Earnhardt’s (and R.Childress) biggest nemesis at a Daytona win.

  • Jeremy Gaddis
    Jeremy Gaddis

    I was born in 86 and I remember loving nascar as a kid and I stopped watching it after Earnhart passed away. Love watching the history I watched in person and in tv. Keep it going

  • Winston

    This could have been longer. Very fascinating to see the engineering involved with just the engines. I was very young when that car took Daytona. So cool to see some of the inner working. Thanks!!

  • Dennis Lamers
    Dennis Lamers

    I was an Ernie Irving fan. I love the back stories and the we never cheated stories. Thanks again for doing this. I hope this Interview opens other doors.

    • ryan brown
      ryan brown

      Ernie was always a favorite of mine , it kinda hurt the way he exited Morgan McClure . I understand about bettering yourself but don't ruin a team owners chance of winning a championship just to get out of team.

  • Mark Searcy
    Mark Searcy

    Amazing content, It is unreal what they did to make power from those engines.

  • hordboy

    I love seeing stuff like those heads and manifold. There’s a serious amount of time and effort in them! Beautiful craftsmanship.

  • Terry Poe
    Terry Poe

    It is so cool to go back and see the extremes that these very ingenious people could do and create and run on the ragged edge of the rule book. Awesome stuff keep up the good work.

  • John Highfill
    John Highfill

    Can't wait to see the new headrs for the Monte. Awesome look at the heads and intake off the #4 car. I had no idea they were Pontiac heads.

  • Chris Madaj
    Chris Madaj

    This was really cool learning about the older nascar ENGINES liked it a lot

  • Shawns Garage
    Shawns Garage

    I was huge Ernie Irvan fan and first race I got to go see he crashed minutes before arriving at Michigan … I remember all the merch trailers were shut down and everyone thought he was dead. This MMM series of videos is quite the treat ! Thanks for sharing 👍👊

  • Wesley Bateman
    Wesley Bateman

    Cool to see all that went into building the full intake on restrictor race engine

  • James Trater
    James Trater

    You guys do an amazing job of finding the most interesting people, stories, cars, and locations. And you ask the best questions. Well done!

  • Rudy Hollis
    Rudy Hollis

    Killer content, you two are bringing it, keep it up, you're not the only "Exhaust Nerd"!!! I have bought brand new mufflers and get them put on and change them immediately if it didn't have the sound I wanted!!!!

    • Stapleton42

      Thank you Rudy!!

  • DimMakTen

    The intake work is all about keeping the velocity up. If you went from the small restrictor bores into a big open intake plenum your velocity would drop a ton. same reason they raised the floors in those runners in the heads. Keep that velocity up all the way down to the valves into the chamber.

    • Joe Bushell
      Joe Bushell

      Floor build up also made for a much longer str

  • Harold Kellermier
    Harold Kellermier

    My wife and I were over there in 91 when Ernie won -- my wife was so impressed she actually fell asleep in the stands LOL!

    • Stapleton42


  • Aaron Rode
    Aaron Rode

    1991 was definitely a great year 🔥 Cool and interesting vid as always mate!

  • Scott Featherstone
    Scott Featherstone

    Your doing a great job of keeping the history of NASCAR, I really like the back stories and behind the scenes details.

  • Jimmy Sharpe
    Jimmy Sharpe

    He mentioned JE Beard who ported their intakes he was a personal friend of mine and taught me quite a bit about porting heads and intakes. He was a hero of many young engine builders and racers in the area where he grew up in Wilson NC. He passed away a few years ago sad time for many in the nascar engine building Community.

    • PHMadness

      The port work on those heads was done by Mike Chapman. I built drag racing heads at another shop, but I learned sooo much from him and his guys. It was a BIG deal when Irvan won that race.

  • david magruder
    david magruder

    Very cool video. I remember all the rumors and stories about this team, their cars and engines but it is so neat to get it from them. Thanks

  • Jaimeson Ritter
    Jaimeson Ritter

    hearing/seeing all the tricks and ins/outs of cheating or getting a competitive advantage on those old cars is insane. More content like this is needed!

  • Gilbert Lindsay
    Gilbert Lindsay

    Wow that was probably the most eye opening video I’ve seen on IRglo. Thank you both and the Morgan-McClure crew. DW was my Oprah, after he retired I latched on to Mark Martin. I ran Mobil super that was in the 80-90s because that was the only oil that didn’t turn colors in my sbc. When synthetic oil became more prevalent I ran Mobil 1. Now I run Brad-Penn in my hotrod and European oil in my VWs. Thanks again.

  • John1Brady

    Amazing. I remember following the car magazines talking about restrictor plates and feeling anger since it obviously seriously cut power and I was all about making MORE power! Thanks for the chance to hear from the guys fighting for power!

  • Karl Jacobson
    Karl Jacobson

    It would be great if you get Runt Pittman to do and interview with you, he was the true genius of all these innovations that were talked about.

    • Roland Tamaccio
      Roland Tamaccio

      I think it was RP that built those very high compression engines .

  • Julian Patsey
    Julian Patsey

    I'm blown away with what these guys did to that top end. I came to your channel for the drag racing, stayed for the Nascar history and knowledge.

  • wysetech2000

    I see the intake ports epoxied. That is partly the reason why Bill Elliot was so successful. The ports were too big as casted and Ernie Elliot epoxied them to make them smaller and better port shape. He called them soft heads. The air cheating got so bad with the restrictor plates that all of the inspectors sprayed ether around the intake and cylinder heads with the engine running to check for any change in RPM.

  • Landon Thompson
    Landon Thompson

    Made it to the end! Love the tours and firsthand interviews with the men who went through the process. The 90's are my absolute favorite era from nascar.

  • Approaching target.
    Approaching target.

    Lol. They used this "design " way back I the 60's already. The larger the plenum volume, the more A\R there was to draw from. It also helped with reversion. The entire port became a ram, not just the bowl area.

  • 22rockcrawler

    This is awesome. Thanks for posting stuff like this. A lot of this history is going to be lost soon if it isn't documented like this. I was born in 95 and grew up on the track/ building cars/ trucks as well. My grandfather has a set of those Pontiac heads and an engine that Keith Dorton built for a friend back in the day. It was an illegal engine in his super late model back in the day. We'll get it back together one day and it's going into a early 2000s monte carlo cup car.

  • Ross Muller
    Ross Muller

    Really interesting. A lot of work to develop these heads. I've raced a lot of Chevys in Oz and would have loved to use that combo. I also use Pennzoil in all my race engines.

  • Deano

    Thanks for the great content I love the nascar content I remember them winning in 91 I was a youngin lol 8yrs old my favorite driver was Dale #3 How cool would it be to go back into his closed museum where no one has been since he passed please get some other driver/team owners content thanks alot!!!!!

  • Ross Phillips
    Ross Phillips

    Loving this history stuff, and seeing how they pushed the gray areas of racing. Next up Roush Yates?

  • Skunkie Designs Electronics
    Skunkie Designs Electronics

    I was a huge Ernie fan, those plate races were insane! Thanks for the content!!

  • Chuck Howard
    Chuck Howard

    My understanding of it is when you change the length of intake runners to each cylinder you end up with lean and wet holes (cylinders); ideally you want to tune the the carburetor and all the holes run the same - so the engine would be in balance in all 8 cylinders. That is the perfect world and an engine tuners wet dream. Remember, the Holley carburetor we ran back then were not in balance between the front metering block (Primary) and rear bowl metering block (secondary) circuits. You play with the jets, air bleads, accelerator pumps, power valves, air horns and squirters to fine a balance with a Holley carb with any manifold. What these smart guys crafted here was a tuned tunnel ram out of a modified single plane Edelbrock manifold for a restrictor plate rule book world in NASCAR.

  • Martin Harrelson
    Martin Harrelson

    Thank ya'll for another great video. A very special Thank You to Mr. McClure for sharing these closely guarded secrets. This was innovation at its finest! These were the golden years of NASCAR. Now, NASCAR micro manages things to discourage innovation and I think it has really hurt the sport. Anyway, thanks for the memories!

  • V1-Vr-Rotate V2-VY_VX
    V1-Vr-Rotate V2-VY_VX

    Definitely been using the Pennzoil in my pick em up truck. Especially like those little drill holes in between the ports to hold the gasket in place genius, that would work really well in a boosted supercharged engine.

  • Tim Nester
    Tim Nester

    This is when the beginning of the best years started. The youngsters from this era put on a show. Davie, Ernie, Alan, Jeff. If they could’ve all stayed Gordon prob doesn’t dominate like he did. Amazing races. It took a helicopter because a car couldn’t kill Davie, he was one tough young man.

  • Michael Gideon
    Michael Gideon

    Thanks for sharing a restrictor manifold. I have always wanted to see the inside of one of those. The oddity of the design of the baffle is really interesting. The center tube is totally unexpected. I would have thought the holes would have a large entrance radius.

  • TheDrock0069

    I love these videos. I was in high school when they won the 1991 Daytona 500. I Am just curious on how you got in touch with these legends of nascar. Keep the content coming.

  • Vlad

    Thank you so much for sharing this and basically preserving history by picking all of these old school guys heads. Speed TV wishes they could have gotten an interview with all of these guys and the stories they tell. What you are covering is NASCAR when it was good. I was born in 85 so I did not get to catch much of it but up until it dropped Winston as the sponsor my dad took me all over the southeast to races and it is the most fond memories I have of my dad. It has become too technical and computer driven these days and the days of a stock car are gone sadly. I would have just loved to be in a shop, even just as a fly on the wall, on a wednesday evening drinking a few beers and working to get a car ready for the weekend and listening to all of these old school guys trying to get as close to illegal as they could without going over the line lol. They sure knew how to stretch that rule book or either hide the stuff so good if it was illegal that the officials never noticed. This was truly the good ol days

  • Kerry Hickman
    Kerry Hickman

    I love hearing the things they would do to gain any little edge that they could get over the rest of the teams. Y'all do an outstanding job with this channel & the history of racing! Thanks for all the hard work!

  • Ruffus Ford MD
    Ruffus Ford MD

    this is great for history . my first race was the 1962 daytona firecracker 250 . .. i love this , and this story needs to be preserved . thanks for the work

  • Craig Voll
    Craig Voll

    So crazy how extensively modified those setups were

  • Jeff Bergen
    Jeff Bergen

    We always watch your videos to the end Mitchell. Wouldn't have it any other way. Man, just imagine the amount of work that went into those cylinder heads and intake - as this was (more than likely) done completely by hand, without the benefit of CNC machining, computational fluid dynamics, and all the other modern technology available today.

  • Howabouthetruth

    2 THUMBS UP!!! You better believe I watched this till the end, lol. This was amazing and I learned a lot. I used to root for Ernie Irvin & the Morgan McClure team just behind Dale Earnhardt on all of the super speedways. I remember like yesterday just how dominant the 4 car was on the big tracks & restrictor plate tracks. ( Daytona, Talladega, Atlanta, Michigan, Charlotte, Pocono, etc. ) I continued rooting for the Morgan McClure team when Stirling Marlin took the ride as well. The last Daytona 500 I ever attended in person was back in '89. We were in the infield, camped out the night before the race. I couldn't afford to attend any more Daytona races after that, due to a bitter divorce & paying child support, among other tough deals for me at the time. Earnhardt, Irvin, and Mark Martin were usually my top 3 drivers.........but I really loved several others as well, such as Ken Schrader & Marlin.....to name a couple.

  • Jerodd Bock
    Jerodd Bock

    Thank you for this!! This is the history of nascar that needs to be shown!!! All the "mechanical innovations" that happened!

  • Steven Roberts
    Steven Roberts

    Can't say it enough, guys. Thank you so much for doing this. There is genuinely not enough of this content around. We are nearing the days where some really great history and stories could get lost forever. If it weren't for you two, there are definitely some significant things that may have never been known outside of a small inner circle. Thanks for bringing us along.

    • Stapleton42

      Thank you Steven! Glad you enjoyed it!

  • Jason Lanney
    Jason Lanney

    These are great videos, keep it up! Love the Harry Gant monte sound, those cars were bad to the bone, it’s hard to imagine the work that went into those engines with todays CNC tech, thanks for sharing, and thanks for your appreciation for the roots of the sport.

  • Joshua Jacobs
    Joshua Jacobs

    Was cool to see all the things they did just to be competitive! Keep up the great videos!

  • Mike Thompson
    Mike Thompson

    I love this stuff. I used to work with SRT to develop intake manifolds for the MOPAR prostock engines. I love engine history and all the small tips and tricks these guys did to make horsepower.

  • Vine Wood
    Vine Wood

    That 91 500 was most definitely one for the ages, I really wish it could have been run under normal pit rules because we have no idea how the race woulda finished had Earnhardt been on fresher rubber with both Davey & Kyle there as well. Teams doing things like this back then was the main reason they made Gary Nelson NASCAR's top cop in the garage area back in 92 or 93 whenever that was & for sure there was a lot that he missed as well. They had the horsepower deal at Daytona & Talladega figured BUT could never put together a championship challenging season. Irvan showed he WAS a really great driver though who was capable of winning in that car where-ever they went. Marlin was mainly just sitting in the seat allowing the car to drive itself with all the power it had. I bet if Irvan doesn't leave Morgan McLure & gets to drive the 95 supercar, he wins all the plate races in 1995, 1996 & 1997 and heck maybe even 98.

  • joseph pinto
    joseph pinto

    I have had my hands on heads just like them. We had them on a dirt modified 413 engine I rebuild in 1997. Good stuff 😊