BluePrint Engines Factory Full Tour & Behind The Scenes: How Does a Crate Engine Get Made?
I had seen the BluePrint Engines building from the road before and knew it looked like a pretty big place...but once you get inside you really see how huge the place actually is. They manufacture dyno tested crate engines all the way from a factory replacement small block to an 800+ hp tall deck 632ci big block chevy! This particular video is just the factory floor and engine building process itself. There will be several more videos to come from the time I spent here including one just on the Engineering / R&D department. The amount of technology and OEM quality testing conducted within this facility is far beyond anything I had anticipated before coming here. It really blew my mind just about everywhere we went inside the building!
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  • Stapleton42

    Hit that subscribe button and check out the unboxing video of this 632 when we got it back to Texas!! I am so pumped for this 🤟🏻

    • C_MAC

      I have a 09 Yukon Denali with a 6.2. There are no reman engines anywhere. The last mechanic was supposed to install a used motor with 18month warranty. That’s a whole story. Long story short, I’m looking for a new motor. Can you help me please?? I’m so tired of being taken advantage of. I do home improvements commercial and residential work. I can do a lot of things but not wrenching I guess. Do u have any options for me? And help or advise would be greatly appreciated 🇺🇸💪🏻👊🏻🤙🏼

    • DME EMD
      DME EMD

      This is awesome and he gave a GREAT TOUR of this place!! Really awesome!

    • Jmopinion

      I remember this day. Yeah man I would pallet all the drive train and send it this way. I'm working on my S10 now working on saving the metal. Them TBI engines are sure easy to work on .

    • Tim Broadwater
      Tim Broadwater


    • James Hatchel
      James Hatchel

      @Phillip The Third I

  • Studio23 Media
    Studio23 Media

    Shoutout to the guy giving you the tour. This is one of the most in-depth and complete factory tours I've ever seen. Awesome video!

    • Daffy Duck
      Daffy Duck

      @Tom Tucker most of those engines are a direct copy of the old days they are old engines.

    • Tim French
      Tim French

      I need a pair of the 632’s for my Cigarette!

    • Eddie Campbell
      Eddie Campbell

      I'd have to agree. It was pretty indept..

    • JC

      @Psiclone Psikotic no, a Dyno puts it under load, also. An engine test/run stand is where you can run an engine with no load on it. It's used to make sure the engine runs before installing it/shipping it. A dyno puts it under load as if it's in the car. You cant get a hp/tq reading otherwise.

    • JC

      @Scott Saunders it's not the 70s anymore. No need to be afraid. Have you never seen a shop Dyno an engine? It's dyno'ed once they finish it. They don't put it in a car and run it for 500 miles beforehand. It goes straight to the Dyno. They do a few warm up runs to get the engine to temp and then they lay on it. Been standard operating procedure for years at this point.

  • Big Mickey
    Big Mickey

    Really cool to see good jobs in rural America, rural Nebraska. I just want to give you a hearty handshake for keeping your plant in America and giving Americans good jobs. I think this sort of thing gets overlooked by minor AND major media. Small and mid-size businesses allowing Americans to thrive with dignity. For what it's worth, thank you.

    • Timothy Geiger
      Timothy Geiger

      @Chi Chu try using English, your comment makes no sense. Do you even know anything about this company? By the way, i live fairly close to them.

    • Levi Vaughan
      Levi Vaughan

      I live about an hour away from this factory, and now I'm curious if I might be able to get a tour of this place. Definitely cool to see domestically made engines, especially such good ones.

    • Frank Wilkinson
      Frank Wilkinson

      Wish we did this still in England like we used to do.

  • Rick Flores
    Rick Flores

    I started building engines in 1969... I subsequently earned 3 engineering degrees and recently retired from a career in research engineering. I am thoroughly impressed by the quality considerations of this company. It's great to see the United States still has wonderful engine builders! Wonderful video!

    • Stapleton42

      Thanks man!

  • Generically Speaking
    Generically Speaking

    This has got to be one of the BEST tours ever of a manufacturing plant. Knowledgeable guide, taking the time to explain every step and the equipment used, along with having such a personal repoire with his personnel really makes this a fascinating video to watch. Great production too! Thanks for sharing.

    • thereissomecoolstuff

      That really was. I saved the video to watch it again. Americans work hard and earn every penny. You just have to give them the chance.

    • Stapleton42

      Thanks man. I had so much fun filming this

  • Donald Livengood
    Donald Livengood

    I was always under the impression that any replacement engine that you purchased from most auto parts stores are rebuilt from cores. It's nice to know you can purchase new engines from factory builders.

  • jim richards
    jim richards

    Josh is a rare plant manager. Knowledgeable, extremely literate, and passionate. A good guy!

    • Gary Gallant
      Gary Gallant

      Yes he has the rare qualities of Americans. He can read and write.

    • gary schraa
      gary schraa

      He should be beyond plant manager with his caliber _____ you could hear that he's a company man when he'd describe each future expansion . But he clearly thrives on the plant atmosphere ...good for him ...he's got a tiger by the tail . So rare these days

    • Ron Wells
      Ron Wells

      Great insight to a really cool subject. Thanks for doing it.

    • silly goose
      silly goose

      It's called a build sheet every engine has one please call it as such

    • Wayne Boyd
      Wayne Boyd

      This is rare. I spent 40 years in machining/manufacturing and this shop is world class. The manager is super knowledgeable and the engineering group has made some impressive equipment. Surprising to see the custom machinery shown in detail on the video. They must be confident that their competitors will not copy it.

  • Jeff Curran
    Jeff Curran

    Very cool. The automation engineering team has done a great job. The piston ring installer and head bolt torquing robot are excellent. I'd buy an engine from these guys.

  • Chris Conley
    Chris Conley

    Knowledgeable, competent man who actually understands everything he's describing, refreshing and rare in a world that mostly operates with smoke and mirrors! Fantastic and thorough documentary.Thank you for caring about what your doing, a culture nearly lost in this country. The fact that it's taking place in "this" country is extraordinary. American creativity, engineering and hard work are what made us great in the past, and thankfully, as demonstrated here, still exists today. This company could easily lose sight of what's important, as most others have, supporting the American worker, producing a quality product, and simply set up out of country and pay a slave labor wage, but they haven't! Awsome passion and integrity. Keep up the good work.

    • Stapleton42

      Thanks man. You’re right all of this is extremely important 💪🏻

  • TL

    That is truly amazing. I love the engineering processes that were created in house. Great Job!

  • Ben Ruether
    Ben Ruether

    That piston ring station is amazing! I've never seen manufacturing like this outside of an OE factory.

  • Car Guy Ed
    Car Guy Ed

    Amazing company and it makes me smile seeing all this American made muscle being produced in large numbers for us gear heads.If I was to do another project car, this is the company I would go with. Great video, cool tour, and thanks for posting it.

    • Stapleton42

      Our pleasure!

  • Felix Cat
    Felix Cat

    The work carried out in this facility is clearly to a very high standard, which is even more impressive when considering the volume of production! They have invested a lot in ensuring that their work flow is consistent and completed to a very high standard. The high level of mechanisation allows for competitive pricing and consistency of production quality. Thank you for producing this excellent video. Subscribed.

  • Ray Somers
    Ray Somers

    I’ve been on tours of production plants for all kinds of products. It’s rare you come across a production manager or engineer that gets to enjoy his job as much as this dude.

    • Stapleton42

      He’s super cool. Off camera same as on camera. A genuine guy

  • BigChungus_68

    This is so cool to see, I love seeing how this American iron is still made.

  • Jamessmack

    A great plant manager (like this guy) should know how to do every job he controls

  • Jake Highland
    Jake Highland

    What I liked more than watching the engines be machined and assembled was seeing supervisor giving the tour. He knows each employee so well he even knows them on a personal level outside of work. Supervisors like that are few and far between. He seems as proud of the team he works with as he is what they make.

    • Stapleton42

      great point! he really does do a great job

  • Jim Ciancio
    Jim Ciancio

    Amazing processes! From a raw casting to the running product! VERY impressive work! And it's absolutely so much more precise than the factory assembly line if that's believable? Awesome video, thanks guys for making such a thing! Now people can appreciate the workmanship involved in building a blueprinted engine from start to finish!

    • Stapleton42

      Thank you very much!

  • Vanlife /The Travelin Frank Show
    Vanlife /The Travelin Frank Show

    Man, that was cool! Over 800 HP on a naturally aspirated engine. That's wicked!

  • Scott Bourdin
    Scott Bourdin

    As a machinist who spent 6 years in high volume production manufacturing I gotta say this company is next level. The thought that has gone into flow, process control and over all quality is impressive. I also like how they have a human touch where needed but also automate the processes that no one would want to do day in and day out because it would cause so much repetitive wear on our bodies. I had never heard of this company before but I will definitely be doing more research on them.

  • Johnnyloco

    All's I can say is WOW! I build large engines for a major manufacturing company but they aren't daily drivers. I could only dream about 800+hp. I did kinda want to see a little bit more time spent on valve lash and how technicians set their valve lash. Is it a manual process using a go-no-go on every head? Every engine?

  • Brian Shellnutt
    Brian Shellnutt

    Employers like this are amazing to work for! The only problem is that there aren't many of them out there. I'm lucky enough to have found one after years of bouncing around.

  • Charles Sutter
    Charles Sutter

    Great work Blue Print Engines. It’s Nice to see someone is still making things in America!

  • missyd0g2

    One smart hands on manager. How many guys want one of those engine blocks. The pride of their work and product is what makes America great.

    • Daffy Duck
      Daffy Duck

      @steff k 🇺🇲👊

    • Warren Puckett
      Warren Puckett

      If you got a 302 engine out of a Lincoln LSC. You got a engine that was in the middle of all the engineering specifications. It also was a mature engine. The MKVIII engine was not that good. The 302 also would run for over 200,000 miles. Not so sure about the MKIII. The only really good thing about the current CARB specs is that engines need closer quality control to pass emissions.

    • CJ Colvin
      CJ Colvin

      Exactly mate.

  • Howard Van Benthuysen
    Howard Van Benthuysen

    I enjoyed this video very much, I’ve been involved in your motive industry all of my life and have never seen a video like this in such depth before on engine builds and the customization of engines, It was a great pleasure to watch

    • Stapleton42

      Glad you enjoyed it!

  • etravix

    Very impressive factory but more so the workers and the attention to detail. Literally a blueprinted engine build and beyond. I'm calling them tomorrow. Thanks for sharing.

    • Stapleton42

      Glad you’re here dude! Make sure you’re subbed to see the 632 go in the suburban

  • Robert Heinkel
    Robert Heinkel

    Very interesting process. Love the ring installation process. I have done rings manually, and always are concerned about breakage.

  • HappyDave

    This video was very very well done and informative! I'm impressed and I really appreciate the engines being built right here in the U.S.! I love how it feels like a family operation but so incredibly professional and this guy seems pretty cool with his fellow employees and really seems to know his stuff! Very cool place!! I'd give just about anything to be able to work here! U guys have any plans on expanding to, say, Montucky any time soon lol! That'd be awesome 👍 I used to work in an engine machine shop a long time ago and loved it! I started out as the tear down and inspection guy and then worked my way up to the cylinder head machinist/rebuilding specialist. I was only about 19-20yrs old then but I still miss it ALOT. I went on years later to work at a large machine shop here in the beautiful Flathead valley in Montucky where we machined and produced AR10's, AR15's and other rifles for 'Falcor'. In the same shop I also machined various Areospace parts for defense companies which I took ALOT of pride in doing!!! I really do miss this kind of work and wish I could still do it but unfortunately after about 5 or 6yrs my back just couldn't take the strain any longer. Still breaks my heart that I couldn't stay on doing it but I toughed it out as long as I could. Well done all the way around guys!!

  • Lee Miller
    Lee Miller

    Great video! Makes me more confident in my recent order of a 331. Did a ton of research before ordering, glad I went with BP!

  • Yeah Right
    Yeah Right

    I wish I could have tolerances like that to work with everyday. Automotive machining is an absolute cake-walk.


    Now that was really really interesting! I've built a good few engines in my 67 years but they are something else! Thank you for showing us that manufacturing tour.

  • Eriberto Acedo
    Eriberto Acedo

    Really enjoyed the tour most knowledgeable people I have seen to date thank you for your knowledge and walking us around your facility you are a great source of information no doubt about it, thank you subscribed will continue to watch your channel your facility is unbelievable it's great to see the passion for High performance engines for us hot rodders and professional drag racers!

    • Stapleton42

      thanks man we are glad you're on the team now!

  • Graham Walker
    Graham Walker

    Hell, how things have changed. Many years ago back in the early seventies I used to blue print mini and Mini Cooper engines. My treasured tools were my torque wrench’s and micrometers, honing bits and bearing scrapers, feeler gauges and engineering blue. I used to fit them hepolite racing pistons and two duplex Timing chains, high lift 374 cam shafts skimmed cylinder heads fitted with inlet and exhaust valves from a 350 small block head. High pressure oil pumps and a crank shaft that was treated with liquid nitrogen after heating, and Webber carburettors. My, how things have changed over the news.

  • Brad

    Really good video, one of the best I've seen, great company, I hope they do well.

  • Lunchbox Productions
    Lunchbox Productions

    That's a smooth operation they have there and way more in depth than I thought it would be. The topic of increasing efficiency and operator comfort came up quite a few times, and a suggestion I have is a cordless collated deck screwgun rather than that traditional impact driver and loose screws.

  • Schyler Smith
    Schyler Smith

    You know a company is confident in their process and product when they give you a complete factory tour of how they build engines.

  • The Great Cornholio
    The Great Cornholio

    I work in a place that does heavy stamping and welding, I love seeing how so many different shops can look so much alike

  • John McCoy
    John McCoy

    Id love to personally watch my 427 being made...this is jam-packed with info and visual goodness!

    • John McCoy
      John McCoy

      Called today...wont be able to build a 427 until september. Looks like im scrapping my truck.

  • Calvin

    Not sure how I stumbled upon this but what an incredible vid! Thanks for showing us all the steps during production. Props to your Ninja team! :-)

  • George Loyie
    George Loyie

    What a well run shop, wow! One of the absolute best engine building docs I've seen yet. To be able to work there would be a God send.

    • Stapleton42

      For real! You can apply on their website lol

  • Fairweather Hobbyist
    Fairweather Hobbyist

    One of the coolest videos you've done so far. I know a lot of the motorsport shops are a little shy about sharing the secret sauce behind their products so it's really cool to see things going on the floor. I gained quite a bit of respect for Blueprint along the way too. Really interested in the direction you go with the ol' mule.


    Great video. I've seen Blueprint engines online while dreaming about crate engines and didn't know anything about them. Seeing how they operate and the detail and care that goes into their engines has made me a future customer. That 632 was payment for doubg an infomercial. Lol. Great video .

  • Amac 4691
    Amac 4691

    Best factory tour I’ve ever seen, a big up to the tour guide he made it very informative 👏👏👏

  • Calvin Evans
    Calvin Evans

    This was great. I've browsed the summit and jegs catalogs with these engines. It's cool to see them being built.

  • Dale Fill
    Dale Fill

    I built huge 2 story assembly lines for almost 20 years & people are always amazed at how things are actually made. Theres a LOT of work that goes into them!!!

  • Edward Byard
    Edward Byard

    This is fantastic - real engineering, attention to detail, so great to see. As the world moves to electric, classic cars are going to need to be kept running and this is a great service.

    • Lee Morgan
      Lee Morgan

      Electric Car SUCK ,after 6 months the battery charge much like your cell phone Dosen't have the longevity and power starts to fall , this is what happened to me when we bought a Tesla, just a warning to all out there thinking about getting a Electric car. Good luck !

  • Bryan Sloan
    Bryan Sloan

    I saw how long the video was and thought, no way I'm gonna last through it all the way. Boy was I wrong! Great job to all parties involved super informative, well curated and I enjoyed watching all of it. It also makes me regret my current engine dilemma that I'm in for my boat. Blueprint makes a 632ci marine engine that would work perfectly for my current application as I have two 540ci motors that are in the process of repowering from 650hp up to 820hp each and the process has been slow with the engine builder when I could have just put these motors to the side and purchased two brand new 632s to take the place. Definitely something I'm going to look at in the future! Great video, great production totally subscribing now thanks!

    • Stapleton42

      Thanks dude I’m glad it was helpful and I think you’re really gonna like it here!


    As a guy who worked as an engine machinist , I am impressed with there entire process.

  • J Time
    J Time

    WOW that was a great tour through that facility!! Thanks for doing that!

  • Mike Graczyk
    Mike Graczyk

    Wow, this was crazy to watch. I used to work for Marshall Engines ~20 years ago (before becoming Blue Print), even working along side the same piston installer (Jeff) and redhead Chris in this video. Way different process back then.

  • Simon GB
    Simon GB

    I've worked on build and remanufacturing lines for the last 25 years even set some up and trained employees in Europe and this is great stuff. I'd like to actually watch some of the build, pressing in the bearings and cam clearances etc.

  • Rick Ovsky
    Rick Ovsky

    This was excellent! I wish all companies were this transparent! It definitely shows they are 100% Pure Quality!

  • Pedro Talavera
    Pedro Talavera

    Excellent video about how they make V 8 engines. Thanks. It is great that there are companies like these that still make brand new V 8 engines.

  • Glen J. Taylor
    Glen J. Taylor

    Thank you very much for producing and sharing such an incredible video. I enjoyed every second of it.

    • Stapleton42

      Glad you enjoyed it!

  • gupp22

    Blue Print is a well thought out and flexible operation. Plant Manager Josh Salivar runs his plant very well. Great Video !

  • John Hershey
    John Hershey

    I give yell guys a Big RESPECT for building Engines Good job at it.

  • Juicebox Hero
    Juicebox Hero

    Got my 383 from Blueprint and still going strong. Great choice for a crate engine and a warranty that’s hard to beat.

  • F. Huff
    F. Huff

    I honestly really enjoyed this tour of BPE. I've been impressed with BPE in the past and even more so now that I see their operation. Thank you.

    • Stapleton42

      glad you're here man!

  • Jesse Duke
    Jesse Duke

    I really love the transparency of there shop. The likely hood of me buying from them has moved up a great deal over the others becouse of there willingness to show & explain. I see they have there own castings but do they also take old cores & rebuild oem blocks & heads?

  • Wayne Beaver
    Wayne Beaver

    Can we get a list of Jeff’s scheduled vacation time? I’d like my piston install to happen on a day he’s at work.

    • Stapleton42

      hahaha yes

    • John Braun
      John Braun

      Hands down I would purchase one of their motors! I have NEVER trusted a motor builder other then me. Their process and controls would rival the aerospace industry of which I spent a 35 year career at Raytheon Missile Systems as an Engineer. Great job!

  • G2skinny

    Great stuff guys I’ve been a mechanic for 30 yrs so I know exactly what’s going on great tour

  • tigerseye

    The technical setup and passion for its product makes Blueprint the only option I would choose for a crate engine. Great tour and video. Thanks so much.

  • Mike383HK

    Excellence in design. +.04 is a little much for me on a small-block. I never had to go past +.03.

  • George Bryan
    George Bryan

    That was awesome! Tons of info and great informative walk thru! Super cool, thank you for doing this!

    • Stapleton42

      Glad you enjoyed it!

  • Peter Parsons
    Peter Parsons

    Wow, that’s are great shop tour. shop foreman was excellent in presenting the process and procedures. He is rightfully very proud of the crew, operation, and equipment. That shop was just humming, and I’d bet you they are very successful at what they do. Terrific video lots of content, a real inside look. What really stands out is the foreman’s objective, to improve the operation through automation, utilizing the experts they have.. just wow. Some businesses really superior. This would be a company to buy stock in.

  • Joshua Gibson
    Joshua Gibson

    I'm hillfolk. I love my Tennessee. I'd go work for them but I don't know if I could be a flatlander. Lol. I've been machining, model making, and proto typing over 2 decades. I never tire of seeing how other people run their shops. There's always something to be learned even if it's not the same way you do it.

  • Patrick94GSR

    30:00 next upgrade: a machine with individual DC torque tools for each head bolt, to torque all the bolts simultaneously in one go. That’s how OE manufacturers do it. Zero chance of heads warping.

  • Richard Dear
    Richard Dear

    The red, yellow, green lights and automatic toques wrenches are used at Toyota. And tact time is huge at Toyota as well. I work in assembly at Toyota and thought it was neat to see similarities in their plant.

  • Jmopinion

    This guy really knows his stuff. Super motivated and ready to rock. Congrats.

  • unclecowboy2003

    Excellent to see American manufacturing and see these out in hot rods and other vehicles making some impressive power not braking the bank

  • pelon7 Cortez
    pelon7 Cortez

    Nice factory and great workers. Love to see the manufacturing process.

  • Jc Caldwell
    Jc Caldwell

    Awesome job and it looks like a great bunch of people who work together and know what they are doing and I would definitely buy a moter from there, wonder if they would give me a discount for the s-10 small block 400🤠👍

  • ALIEN 4X4
    ALIEN 4X4

    Excellent company. Everyone is a gearhead!! Josh seems like a really down to earth nice and Knowledgable guy. Like he'd jump on the line if he was short handed. Everyone is super happy though so I doubt anyone is "calling in sick".

  • M

    This is cool. I work at wiseco, making forged pistons and connecting rods, so it's always neat to see how other shops work. Feel free to come to Cleveland Ohio and I can get you a walk thru on our shop.

  • Bill Hayward
    Bill Hayward

    Very impressed! Good to see efi,roller cams and such! Does BluePrint offer a 355 Chevy with a bell housing,clutch assembly with a 5 speed manual transmission ready to go into the car? Again,great video!

  • Mark Fryer
    Mark Fryer

    This video popped up in my recommendations, so I got curious. This is one heck of a manufacturing business, a real eye opener. I am in no way a petrol head, but this place is impressive in the way that they are sensibly integrating the best technologies to improve the production process for quality assurance while at the same time making things as simple and easy as possible for their people. They have an enthusiastic knowledgeable staff and that is very important for management and workers work satisfaction. Mark from Melbourne Australia

    • Stapleton42

      Thanks man!!

  • Dave Barron
    Dave Barron

    Wow! This was a hoot, and impressive. Glad I stumbled upon your video. And congrats on the monster bow-tie, what a takeaway. Thanks.

    • Stapleton42

      Glad you enjoyed it!

  • bob bobby
    bob bobby

    Thank you Blueprint for letting us have a tour of the "crate engine".

  • Mike Edmonston
    Mike Edmonston

    I am highly impressed! My next motor will absolutely be a blueprint!

  • Ron Miller
    Ron Miller

    This has to be one of the best videos I've watched. I would love to work there. That guy sounds a big book of knowledge and would be great to work for. Thank you for sharing this with us.