We Found a REAL Dale Earnhardt Goodwrench Trailer FOR SALE! Can We Get It Home?
Sometimes some crazy awesome things pop up for sale and this time we were lucky enough to have one of you guys send it to me! A random old trailer with extremely weathered Dale Earnhardt Goodwrench graphics on it... Turns out to be a legit Richard Childress Racing show car hauler from back in the day. We installed a gooseneck hitch on Elvis and hit the road to a small town in the middle of Missouri to find out what the deal is with this big old thing! Being from 1989 it had some issues on the way but luckily @Kenny Wallace comes in clutch to save the day!
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  • Stapleton42

    Do you think we should find a period correct dually to match the trailer 🤔 Retro Merch! Stapletonautoworks.com

    • Bryans little Garage
      Bryans little Garage

      Yes and an old nascar fix it up

    • Logan Bachman
      Logan Bachman


    • Anthony Dortono
      Anthony Dortono

      Yes you should

    • Branden Dietrich
      Branden Dietrich

      Are you silly?

    • Peter B
      Peter B

      How cool would it be to find the original black dually to restore and reunite it with the trailer. 😎

  • Cutlass 87
    Cutlass 87

    you need to bring it to the freedom factory. Imagine how cool the pictures would be with the dale truck inside it

    • Jdubb Whitelightning
      Jdubb Whitelightning

      It's not MDF ITS OSB. LOL

    • Todd S
      Todd S

      I was thinking the same thing. Great idea!

    • fin screenname
      fin screenname

      @Stapleton42 Thinking it was a Dale owned truck but anyway a colab at the FF may grow your channel some.

    • Travis Guyer
      Travis Guyer

      @Stapleton42 thank god someone isn’t obsessed with the “dale” Mike skinner truck !!

    • Stapleton42

      @Whistle Teets Show cars were retired real cars so they probably do

  • Robert Gaines
    Robert Gaines

    Mitch, glad to see you like the trailer! We had done some research before we sold it. I'm just glad to see someone that knew it's value and appreciated it. Had alot of people that wanted to cut it up and make side by side haulers. Looks like she's in good hands. Goodluck sir!

  • ShadowWarrior_69

    A period correct dually with a modern drivetrain in it would make a great hauler combo.

    • No Nk
      No Nk

      Nah the old 454 is better

    • Laura

      No if it gong to time period correct needs to to be 100% time period not with modern driveline

    • Jerodd Bock
      Jerodd Bock

      @Liam Maupin I agree fully

    • dewboy13

      Needs to find the dually that used to be hooked up to it, and bring it back to life,

    • Emmitt_ Curtis31c
      Emmitt_ Curtis31c

      Couldn't agree more

  • Adam

    I'm a huge fan of dale Earnhardt, so glad you got this and will take care of it. Love the channel keep up the good work

    • marvin alan cornell
      marvin alan cornell

      @Stapleton42 A-MEN to that....my friend.....

    • TheDistractedCanadian

      @Stapleton42 that’s what I’m doing he had a what ever it takes attitude and once my Chevy is on the road I’m getting a job then I’m going to start in the low racing bracket because I live somewhat by a race track Delaware motor speedway if you look it up it’s in Canada it’s apart of the Canadian nascar series and that’s the dream for me man!

    • Stapleton42

      Thanks man. Dales life journey is extremely inspiring and that’s the message we want to promote here. Beyond the surface level pop culture persona. Use his life as a guide to inspire your own 💪🏻

  • dzlfumz20

    Kenny seems like such a genuinely good guy.

    • Bartman360

      I love his laugh. Seems genuinely happy.

    • Rusty Wells
      Rusty Wells

      He's the best!

    • gac914

      @Stapleton42 Yeah, hopefully he'll get to finish off that story of his brother Rusty and his girlfriend flipping over. . .!! 🙃

    • Stapleton42

      He really is. You’ll love the next video with him

  • Mark Creighton
    Mark Creighton

    Please don't ever stop doing what you do . I have seen this trailer in person. When I was 13. I'm 45 now.

  • Todd S
    Todd S

    Be gentle cleaning the outside. A pressure washer would probably damage the vintage decals and paint.

  • Studio23 Media
    Studio23 Media

    I agree that you definitely need a period-correct tow rig. Such a cool find! And it's really cool that a few of the Nascar legends are showing you respect and appreciation for keeping the history alive.

  • Mark Miller
    Mark Miller

    That is one badass cool find! Saw your video posted in here after returning from the tire shop, what a time capsule for sure! So glad you & Logan care enough about NASCAR memorabilia to find/rescue stuff like this. You all know I'm with you here, excellent video, thanks man!

    • Stapleton42

      Glad you’re here man. We love history around here and always will 💪🏻

  • Andrew Lang
    Andrew Lang

    This is one of the coolest pieces of memorabilia I have ever seen become available, and I’m so happy you got it. Of all the people that will cherish and put this back out on the road again where it should be, it’s you guys. The Monte is gonna be puuuuurfect in the back of this. Well done

    • Stapleton42

      Thanks man we appreciate you

  • Rhombus Beakmaster
    Rhombus Beakmaster

    A period correct squarebody dually would be SICK to go with this!

  • Dan NOT WALRUS Larkin
    Dan NOT WALRUS Larkin

    Day in Stapleton life: Go shopping with Herman. The funniest happiest story teller on the planet. I wish everyone was as awesome as Kenny.

    • Stapleton42


  • Majiksmoke

    Holy fit shuck! That's a badass hauler for Ralph. It'll be some sweat-time for sure, but once you get all the leaks sealed, the electric/hydro sorted, and the inside spruced up it's going to be one hell of a nice hauler. First things first, pull and repack the bearings with fresh grease, and if there's any doubt, swap 'em out. Axles are hard to get right now and for a few bucks and a couple of hours it's cheap insurance. While you're in there put in a 'bearing buddy' and call it good forever. Running light ckt is probably one of the 50 marker lights corroded and shorted to ground....that'll be fun to chase.

  • Kameron Duty
    Kameron Duty

    This is awesome. I’ve throughly enjoyed your videos. I love the dedication to preserving the history of NASCAR, Earnhardt, and all things Motorsport. Definitely got a fan here!

  • Victor Tavano
    Victor Tavano

    Great find you two! Your videos are never boring looking forward to the content you make with this trailer. Thanks for the great content both of you

  • Connor O
    Connor O

    Hauling the Monte Carlo in that rig would be the dream

    • Jerodd Bock
      Jerodd Bock


  • Buff’s Garage
    Buff’s Garage

    What an awesome historical find! Can't wait to see what develops on this

  • Tyler Pecevich
    Tyler Pecevich

    Y’all’s enthusiasm and appreciation for all the memorabilia you guys come across is honestly cool as hell. Makes the videos enjoyable and I can appreciate the knowledge you share that you’ve learned or did the homework on. Congrats on the trailer #jealous . It’s in good hands

    • Stapleton42

      Thanks man we appreciate you

  • Zeke ‘n’ Streak
    Zeke ‘n’ Streak

    Helluva find bud!! Personally, I’d just wash & polish it up plus replace the missing decals like was suggested. Then get it mechanically sound and get the wiring straightened out. I wouldn’t try to make it look brand new. The chipped paint that shows the Chattanooga Chew yellow adds to the history. IMO Cheers

  • PokeDadTyler

    Man this is so sweet. I absolutely love learning about nascar history and seeing you guys preserve it so well. Absolutely my favorite channel on the tubes. Keep up the awesome work man. You and Logan take care, stay warm and safe.

    • PokeDadTyler

      @Stapleton42 you are welcome. Proud to support you guys. The content keeps getting better and better and I learn so much. This trailer is so freaking badass. I hope sometime I can get down to NC and meet you guys and have you help me with a couple small things on my Burb that are a PITA and I can't figure them out. It's only my second GMT800, my first being my 01 Yukon XL gas truck, and this suburban is an 04 flex and it keeps giving me P0178 and P0443 codes and you have to floor the pedal for it to start after it's been sitting. I had ran some fuel system cleaner in it and then replaced the busted ass coolant temp sensor harness and sensor, and the codes went away and it started perfectly until the other day it started acting up again. Also when you unplug the MAF while it's running, it doesn't change the idle or anything. It runs fine with it unplugged.

    • Stapleton42

      Thanks man we appreciate you!

  • phonypony 5.0
    phonypony 5.0

    She 100 % right you need a period-correct dually

  • Scott Whitney
    Scott Whitney

    Damn, you all were close. That trailer has been at that spot for a while. Glad to see it in your hands. And oh man Kenny is awsome, funny as he'll and a good dude. This should be interesting with you "interviewing" him. You really are great at that.

  • Loner2012AT

    Sweet find! Amazed it hasn't been painted over and lost to history. Thanks for saving this and looking forward to seeing what you do with it.

  • Fire Walker
    Fire Walker

    These videos are so damn cool, the history on this stuff is interesting. Especially the videos on the camper…. Definitely need a matching Dually to pull this trailer. And I agree with Wallace when it comes to harbor freight 😂. Man it’d be cool to hang around Kenny Wallace, this guy seems so damn cool and down to earth. And he says “if ya need anything text me”.

  • Mitchell Holroyd
    Mitchell Holroyd

    Man!, you two always bring the most interesting content. Thanks for the hard work!

  • Mike Bas
    Mike Bas

    That's one kick ass piece of history right there. Would be cool to see old pictures of it from back in it's days, even cooler to find a period correct dually for it. Other than a few mods and making sure it's ready for long trips this will be a real head turner with it's original looks.

  • RebelRacer99

    That's freaking AWESOME! Definitely need a period correct dually to tow it with Ralph inside. Kenny Wallace seems like quite the character, bet he's got some great stories.

  • Jason McKinney
    Jason McKinney

    Man that is an awesome find! So glad y'all was able to get it and thankful you got back home safe. Keep the videos coming, much love from your Kentucky fans! Y'all be safe!

    • Stapleton42

      We will!!


    A great find guys I love that your both into finding parts of Nascar history leave the bed alone lol

  • Eric Danielson
    Eric Danielson

    This was a awesome adventure. (Again from me) Love the mix Keep doing what you 2 are doing . Cant wait for the history of the trailer in depth. We all want to see the DW truck and as well All the other cool projects to follow. Oh More Rockingham BTW.

  • S550 Mustang
    S550 Mustang

    For being as young as you are it’s impressive that your into the history of Nascar, I appreciate you two and the content you provide. I can’t wait to see what you do with this piece of history…..

    • Grease Dog
      Grease Dog

      @Stapleton42 doesn't really matter how much of it you were around for, the fact that you're interested in documenting and preserving it is a big deal. You don't have to witness something to respect and honor it.

    • Stapleton42

      Thanks man. I grew up at the tail end of the golden era

  • Hill Billy
    Hill Billy

    Your passion for NASCAR history is very evident. Keep doing what your doing, it is very much appreciated! Well done!

  • Richard Noggin
    Richard Noggin

    To unearth this trailer and show it some love is awesome. Keeping the Earnhardt legend alive. Great job. The bonus Kenny video was awesome as well. Kenny is a character.

  • Fish Pony
    Fish Pony

    Thats a bad ass trailer. Cant wait to see the updates on it. I would definitely do what Logan said and try to remake some of the stickers.

  • TonyD5150

    Awesome video once again you guys!! I can’t wait to see the trailer cleaned up. Also I think a period correct dually would be so sweet!

  • Jared Shoemaker
    Jared Shoemaker

    Absolutely without a doubt you need to buy a period correct dually. Take care, be safe, and have fun regardless.


    I still remember going with my grandpa to a local GI Joe's store to see his show car. Such an amazing memory! They had a trailer just like that one there, could have been that one even.

  • Tyler Sterling
    Tyler Sterling

    What Kenny Wallace!!! I’ve met him a few times at my local asphalt short track!! He definitely is a character!! Love that man!! This by far is my favorite video rescuing a legends trailer!!!!! Can’t wait to see what’s in store for the trailer!! Stay safe friends!!!

  • Thomas Nichols
    Thomas Nichols

    Awesome find! I’d just wrap a newer truck to look like the old one if you’re actually going to be pulling it around.

  • Ken Wright
    Ken Wright

    This is such an awesome find, very jealous my man, watching videos like this just make me realise more I was born in the wrong country! Can't wait to see the progress videos on this trailer 😁🤙

  • Dale434464 Terry
    Dale434464 Terry

    Love your videos! Someone who is a true keeper of this Nascar history! Thank you for sharing!

    • Stapleton42

      Thanks man. It’s important to us

  • Rear Engine Shop
    Rear Engine Shop

    You keep finding the coolest stuff! Yes, you guys need a period correct dually truck to pull it. Kenny Wallace seems like a fun guy to hang out with. I follow him on Instagram and he always looks like he’s having fun.

  • James Callahan
    James Callahan

    You and your lady do some great videos brother keep up the hard work.. and we'll keep watching congratulations on everything you have going on

    • Stapleton42

      Thanks man we appreciate you

  • Andrew Fletcher
    Andrew Fletcher

    That had to be surreal, looking in your rear view mirrors and seeing that back there. 20 yr old me would be freaking out! Great find and purchase

  • ronald l
    ronald l

    Even though it's quite a bit old. It looks pretty solid, it should fix up well. Definitely a neat piece of racing history!! Looking forward to the Kenny Wallace video!

  • Scott McMichael
    Scott McMichael

    Dang that’s so friggin cool! Watching this video totally took my mind off things for awhile, it took me back to when I was really into Nascar and Dale of course, you scored on that find, 7 grand? For a race fan that’s the score of a lifetime, have fun with it!

    • Stapleton42

      Thanks dude we will have fun!

  • Cole Bertils
    Cole Bertils

    That’s so cool, what a great find! I too was a Dale fan back then and definitely agree, a matching black square body dually would complete the package.

  • CarrsLLC Carrillo
    CarrsLLC Carrillo

    Stapleton, you never seem to not impress me with each video you do! Another great find and wish you the best in whatever you do with it! $7 grand is a mighty fine deal for a piece of racing history, even if just a show car trailer. Awesome you got the chance to meet up with Kenny. Looking forward to that video!

    • CarrsLLC Carrillo
      CarrsLLC Carrillo

      @Stapleton42 oh I believe your trailer is legit alright, no doubt about it. I'm just saying the one that was stolen back then , wonder if it's the same one that is in your possesion. I think it was possible that race teams (especially the bigger teams) had more then one show car and trailer to travel around the country but then again, I could be wrong on that one as well. I wish this memory of mine would of hit me sooner when I visited the RCR shop last October. I would of asked about this story to one of the personal to see if it valid. Anywho enjoy your find!

    • Stapleton42

      Interesting… I do have the title for it so it’s legit 😂

    • CarrsLLC Carrillo
      CarrsLLC Carrillo

      ...also I have a mini story to tell after watching this video. I remember the Goodwrench showcar and trailer being stolen. Not sure if it's the same trailer though? This is what I recall: I believe it was during the '95-'96 race season towards the fall. Up here in northern Illinois, a show car was to be displayed at a local Chevy dealership around the Arlington Heights area. Unfortunately, overnight the trailer was stolen, broken into and showcar was stolen. When the car was eventually found, it was completely gutted and only the frame and bare wires were left. Now this was not on the local news or even in the papers. The only reason I know about this story (even though it's been so long ago) is because a buddy of mine had a freind who worked at the towing company that they had to tow the empty trailer to their impound. Now to validate this story and I need to find in my set of ol' vhs race tapes, I believe it was at Phoneix race where the towing company called in during the live broadcast of the race trying to let them know that they have in their possession the GM Goodwrench trailer and that it needed to be picked up from their impound. But I guess that was misunderstood once the word was passed along to Mike Joy where he reportedly said live on the air that the showcar was found... So if anyone recollects about this story I'm talking about please chime in, I'm pretty sure I'm not making this up...

  • Caleb Humphrey
    Caleb Humphrey

    Y’all have to build a square body to haul that thing

    • Matt

      Mitchell you gotta build a Cummins or Duramax square body to hook to that

  • Ryu rc
    Ryu rc

    Man old NASCAR guys are just awesome. Your hanging out with legends. I'm 36, and grew up with drivers from this era. These guys are my favorite. Ive used the magnetic lights before, I kept them in the toolbox for a few months, then one day I ended up dragging the light off on one side(stupid tall curb......) I pulled them out and stuck them on. And realized the same thing you did. Frickin amazing for the price.

  • Helmersher

    You definitely need a square body for this, would be an epic combo! Probably wouldn't make sense but a rolls royce powered square body dually would be cool:D

  • Jmopinion

    Getting caught up on the videos and this one is really cool to see and hear all the past racing gear and stories. Looking forward to seeing what you do with this trailer. Have a great week ahead.

  • Calvin H.
    Calvin H.

    I know how much things like that mean to you, so It made my day seeing you get that trailer. And it's cool to see that Kenny is still a giggle box. lol.

    • Stapleton42

      Thanks man. The video with Kenny is gonna be great

  • Anthony Gibbo
    Anthony Gibbo

    The living quarters is so cool man I love these vids good to see the channel gaining momentum 👍🏼do it for dale most definitely

  • Daniel Murphy
    Daniel Murphy

    If you have a insider at RCR they may have a record of who they sold the truck to if you wanted to track down the original truck that pulled it

    • Stapleton42

      We will absolutely try

  • SocalFun64

    Who doesn’t Love them some Kenny Wallace! Kenny and Michael Waltrip are two of the best.

  • Rusty Wells
    Rusty Wells

    One of the greatest guys to ever race in nascar Kenny Wallace truth be told I was a diehard Rusty fan but Kenny won my heart I love that guy!

  • brians48now

    I always loved to see Kenny in a commercial. He just always seemed to be a fun guy to be around.

    • tritontransport

      He is a fun humble guy any time I’ve met him

  • jr james
    jr james

    Epic videos of the legend and his equipment , I met Dale when I was a kid sense my mother worked for general motors and there promotions and events I got to meet alot of people .. brings back ALOT of memories

    • Stapleton42

      That’s awesome

  • iBOOST

    I would love to see a old Chevy Hauler pull it, but it should also be reliable. Find a salvaged/reconstructed put a older shell on it. 💪🏾😎

  • DaytonaFunTim

    Damn, that looks amazing for 1989 vintage! You definitely don't want to have trouble "getting it off." 😂 I too love HF.. so cheap, and sometimes it just works.

    • Stapleton42


  • Ben Seaton
    Ben Seaton

    It'd b awesome to see yall talk to Dale Jr and Richard Childress about some old racing stuff like this trailer. The conversations would be endless

  • DJ708

    Freaking Sweet Find Guys!!! Love It!

  • Roger Lambert
    Roger Lambert

    That's a great find! Can't wait to see how it turns out!

  • BassinWithBuck

    You paid 7 grand for a piece of real racing history related to Dale Earnhardt. You got an absolute steal man.

  • Taylor Rodgers
    Taylor Rodgers

    You could reattach all the trim on the outside of the trailer.. Then clear coat all the panels so you can preserve its survivor state!

  • Gil Leonard
    Gil Leonard

    Definitely a great find. Lots of history there. A dually would be a huge asset.

  • rob 5504
    rob 5504

    I think it’s time for the vintage stock car now! Love the content

  • Dylan Tantsidis
    Dylan Tantsidis

    What a beauty of a trailer, We need more Dale content! I’d love to see a tour of DEI

    • Stapleton42

      More Dale is definitely coming

  • James Engel
    James Engel

    Soon as this popped up in my notifications i knew it was gonna be great. Love watching you 2. Such an awesome fit and amazing couple. Keep them coming guys!

    • Stapleton42

      Thanks man we will!

  • John Fullmer
    John Fullmer

    I love that you find history in you're videos it's so neat to see that

  • Team Brahma
    Team Brahma

    What an awesome find! That's badass. Looks like it will fix up well. Definitely gotta get a period correct dually in front of that thing.

  • dewboy13

    Absolutely love your channel, because of random stuff like this. Who would've thought? This is a fantastic find. Hope the process of refurbishing is smooth!

    • Stapleton42

      Thanks man! We never know what we’re gonna find lol

  • len walas
    len walas

    Those wireless lights are frigging amazing! Are they rechargeableWith their own battery pack inside each one? I don't even own a trailer but I'm getting me a set of those just cause they're so cool

    • Stapleton42

      yes they are

  • Dakota Harbert
    Dakota Harbert

    A Period correct dually with modern goodies would be pretty freaking sweet. I'm wondering if power washing it would chip off the black paint..

  • David Eubanks
    David Eubanks

    Wow 🤩 this put tears 😭 in my eyes! DE family are Legends. I would to have this trailer. My favorite racing family SR and JR

  • Zee Bulb
    Zee Bulb

    I think it's cool AF you found this trailer before that dude from Florida who owns that race track did knowing how much of a Dale fan he is. I'd love to see you completely restore it to it's grand ole days of RCR and DE. Def a nice find.

    • Bencredible_Jeep_Adventure

      “That dude from Florida” 🤣🤣

  • IShowedUmyglockPlsRespond

    This is so fitting for the channel now you just need a dale car, you got the stache and all it's perfect.

  • Mike P
    Mike P

    This trailer could not have gone to better people then you two. You will do everything to preserve its originality and its not going to just anyone that needs a combo trailer for whatever. Cool find happy for you both on this buy. Sure a period correct truck would be cool also its not if you need it its can you find one in descent shape. Im in Canada the salt and harsh weather destroys everything. So finding one here would most likely be a bondo filler queen.

    • Mike P
      Mike P

      @Stapleton42 Cool keep it up you 2 great content love the posts.

    • Stapleton42

      Thanks man we will find a good one!