Craziest Mini NASCAR Backyard Go Kart Race! What Could Possibly Go Wrong?
We spent a disproportionate amount of time and money building the mini Kevin Harvick yard kart and getting it ready for the Backyard 400 race in Indianapolis. These are some 200+lb adults jammed into yard kart go karts designed for kids. Some modified, some not. Great idea or recipe for disaster? You decide...
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  • Stapleton42

    This is definitely the most off the wall thing we have ever done…no pun intended 😂 Merch link!

    • FreeKing Awwsome
      FreeKing Awwsome

      Kewlest dad's in the world

    • Lachlan Martin
      Lachlan Martin

      Who's Commodore Ute is that???? 15:42

    • Will Cordelo
      Will Cordelo

      Stapleton42, You had a great ride, but the wrong attitude. Here's the problem with a race like that. Half the guys are just there to have fun and don't care about the results! The other half are like you! They are competitive and are trying their best to win. The two types should NOT be in the same class, even if one of those classes only have 4-5 entries. It's much better than someone in one group ruining it for someone in the other! You see, the "fun class" guys honesty believe that the competitive guys take it WAY to seriously! They won't think twice about shutting the door on you and running you into a hay bail! Just like at a rental track! They think thats fun! Same with cutting corners! What I do is race the competitive drivers and get by the fun drivers as fast as I can and not worry about racing them clean. I love competitive racing, but have no time for drivers who don't care about your equipment or what you're trying to accomplish. One more bit of advice! In a race like that, and a track that skinny, you just can't worry about staying on the asphalt! Survival is #1... Fastest and consistent lap times is #2. Knocking down laps any way you can is imperative. You must put yourself on a level playing field or you don't have a chance no matter how fast your car is! Good luck 👍

    • Tommy Hawk
      Tommy Hawk

      @Logan Erwin Fox bodies still makes for good drag cars, if ur a Ford guy..

    • Countra bricks build craze
      Countra bricks build craze

      great vid man .very cool.😊 .

  • Cody Capps
    Cody Capps

    The real hero here is Travis Bell. Builds a go kart track in his back yard so his buddy's can come over and play. That's awesome.

    • Beast Rover
      Beast Rover

      Man I wish I had this in my backyard.

    • mark ortiz
      mark ortiz

      This post has my support!


      I wish I could do this. My dream is to be a racecar driver.

    • Slobaru

      and to annoy the neighbors

  • bluetoes591

    If they're that desperate to have a Cavalier, they're doing it wrong. Travis might need to add some curbs to keep people in check. I suspect the super narrow track was intended to keep things tame, but it seems to have backfired. Hope the fun parts outweighed the ending for you. It was pretty entertaining to watch.

    • Rebecca Bennett
      Rebecca Bennett

      @John Cooper just give everyone a participation trophy 🏆 so that mommy doesn’t have to wipe any boogers and tears. Or just let the women be the drivers, probably would be less whining and complaining!

    • John Cooper
      John Cooper

      Yes you are so right, some curbing would have changed things. I was thinking more hay bails but I like your idea.

    • Stapleton42

      Thanks man we’re glad you enjoyed it

  • XmasGoose

    The dude that bumped you and flipped the other guy is probably the same type of asshat that uses 2 parking spots at the grocery store. That being said, looks like you had a bunch of fun and looked pretty sweet doing it. Well done!

    • Ryan Hawk
      Ryan Hawk

      He's also like chick hicks from Cars 1

    • Wheeln 24-7
      Wheeln 24-7

      Kinda sucks he was so out of control he wrecked 2 nice vintage carts. If it was that sketchy to "race" dude shouldn't have been out there. Hopefully the one that flipped didn't get to busted up. Looking forward to what these 2 get into at Millbridge though!

    • Stapleton42

      I agree. Thanks man 💪🏻 we appreciate you

  • Joe Bolognese
    Joe Bolognese

    His immediate pull over after rolling homie over was definitely one of those “Awww Shit” moments when you know you were a dick..... the sad part is he wasn’t even gonna win the race. His super reckless behavior was for nothing. What a TOOL!!!

    • Sean Campbell
      Sean Campbell

      @Rebecca Bennett sounds like you are part of the problem, that’s not fun, it’s bad sportsmanship

    • Rebecca Bennett
      Rebecca Bennett

      No, he was having a good time. Nobody was in any danger. I’m wrecking everyone I can, intentionally. What’s wrong with having fun, it’s go carts not actually NASCAR.

    • SmileyGladhands

      @JAHJAH_FROMBROWARD are you also a bot?


      Lol the word tool is funny 😆 I’m goofy ball

  • TrainswithNick

    I can't help but think that the track width was largely to blame for the incidents and track cutting. There's no excuse for wrecking people to pass, but I do understand the frustration and desperation that sinks in when you only have one legitimate chance to overtake per lap. I think it'd be cool to find another event like this, with a better prepared track

  • G Men2121
    G Men2121

    Looks like a fun track, but needs to be widened to a 2 cart wide setup to give people better passing spots. And enforce a deduction penalty if people like some of those Indy carts cut the track. If 2 tires r off the track, its fine, but if all 4 are clearly off course, deduct a few points or do a stop and go like in nascar.

  • BonnevilleTB7

    I blame the organisers to a large degree in that they did no ‘tech inspection’, the track was too narrow,they did not make the rules clear enough during driver’s briefing and the marshalling was dreadful. I feel you drove well in your first race, managing the kart’s gearing issue etc. However, in the last race of the day your kart was totally outpaced by the ‘indycar replicas’ as well as many of their drivers cutting corners at every opportunity. I think you are wise to compete with like minded people at a well run, competitive and above all safe venue. Good luck. Steve UK 🇬🇧

    • Michael Leftwich
      Michael Leftwich

      Track should of been at least 8' not 4'. No room to pass.

  • Miami Sunrise
    Miami Sunrise

    This event is something to build off of and learn from for the racers and the event coordinators. Tech inspection, rules and track modifications added and this could be a really well refined experience that still has all the grit you still want out of racing go carts. This video is a ton of fun to watch and IMO well worth the adventure and time to film. Well done Stapleton!

    • Stapleton42

      Thanks man

  • TheArtoftheFlip

    That looks like a blast! A little more oversight and rule enforcement and what an awesome way to spend the weekend!

    • David Williams
      David Williams

      When I think of a good time I think of arduous regulation and strict governence

    • Rodrick

      @Stapleton42 yeah, but it was amazing to see the video, but i don't think the others really got the message of a NASCAR race. All litterally getting Touring and Indy car

    • Stapleton42

      I agree

  • Uncle BoBo
    Uncle BoBo

    The Chaos guy is a reference to the movie “Cannonball Run” it’s Dom DeLuise character. Bert Reynolds is also in the movie.


      MOVE It or lose it !!!!!

    • Ernest Cason
      Ernest Cason

      Dude with all the knowledge of the Thunder Chicken etc., I was disappointed that you didn’t know Cannon Ball run! Great movies (some better than others)! You gotta watch them! It’s a B.R. classic!

    • It's Probably the feds, but
      It's Probably the feds, but

      As someone who also hasn’t seen the film that whole sequence was peak cringe

    • A killa 4 reala
      A killa 4 reala

      I was looking for this comment. I was about to say the same thing, and thought that certainly someone beat me to it. Classic movie!!!👌

    • Darren Elston
      Darren Elston

      JJ I saved that ladies dog..🤣 Best movie super hero ever..

  • Team Brahma
    Team Brahma

    Everything about this is rad. Looks like such a blast. And the guy that did your #29 styled wrap killed it - looks great.

  • Indy Collie
    Indy Collie

    If someone started making fiberglass bodies for these again I could see this really taking off. The enthusiasm for go karts is imo bigger then it was in the 70's, just need more company's building them again.

    • Elaine Luikart
      Elaine Luikart

      We have a couple Coleman go carts and would love to buy F1 or Indi car bodies

    • Indy Collie
      Indy Collie

      @Stu West can you just picture it, fairgrounds parking lots turned into 3/4 mile oval tracks. Just like time trial they do in parking lots. Scca dose those.

    • Stu West
      Stu West

      There would need to be some kind of amature racing series. Mini Nascar parking lot ovals, perhaps.

    • 54raceman

      With a big enough order(not even a crazy amount)you could get about any kart body maker to do it especially the smaller builders

  • Kirk Slayden
    Kirk Slayden

    I'm thinking that whoever made and designed the track didn't think about the problems that are going to happen this track should have been made at least three and a half cars wide then this would have been a great track but also they should have put some heavy Banks on all the turns great idea bad design it was fun to watch

  • DaveSKI

    A simple way to fix the corner cutting issue is to penalize someone if all four wheels cut the asphalt, as long as you still have a wheel on the asphalt you're good. I guess you really can't monitor all that much in a backyard go kart race

    • Matt Goelz
      Matt Goelz

      @Chris Palmer yup, a line of hay bales extending off the apex of each corner would solve it and still allow for on the grass passes on the straight bits of track

    • Chris Palmer
      Chris Palmer

      put some hay bails on the grass stop them going further than you want

    • Backpacks & Caps
      Backpacks & Caps

      Just put used tires down to enforce a pole line. Hasn’t any here watched speedway? Pole cutting happens in any Motorsport until regulated

    • Gage meyer
      Gage meyer

      If your car is more than one car width away from the gras you ought to be sent back a spot🤷🏼‍♂️

    • Tim Tebow
      Tim Tebow

      @djmerchant ya but there is a difference in keeping it close to the track and completely cutting off a turn, that's bull shit.

  • C L
    C L

    Note: A Cavalier was NEVER the raddest thing on the street!

  • Not your Daddy
    Not your Daddy

    If he can cut corners like that, you should have been able to add nitrous using a "Whippet" cartridge. 😂

    • Maverick Buckley
      Maverick Buckley

      I wonder if you just ran it a hair rich pulled a Whippet out ya pocket scrapedthe end off on the ground and then held it in front of the carb, would you crack the ring lands or would you just get a nice bump in power 🤔

    • Scott

      Can you do this to a golf cart?

    • Stapleton42


  • Stephen Green
    Stephen Green

    Loved seeing Logan drive across the grass…You guys make a great RACE TEAM!

  • IShowedUmyglockPlsRespond

    This is EXACTLY the type of content we need 🤣 loving this crazy race

  • Mark Miller
    Mark Miller

    That just looks like an absolute blast to me!! Thanks for sharing such an awesome day with all of us, drive it like ya stole it! Appreciate you guys as always, and I'm there in the mix with you, virtually anyway! Very cool video! Thank you & Logan both!

    • Stapleton42

      Thanks mark 💪🏻

  • Alexander the III
    Alexander the III

    Really great video!!!! Looks like a really fun time!!!! And I agree with you that dude didn't have to cut an entire corner! Just to pass people. It just takes the fun out of the race. I'm gald you didn't get seriously hurt!

  • TheDuckumz

    Once again im late to the party, coulda sworn i was subscribed. Travis is a legend for putting on something like this, if there was a class my old dirt speedway kart could compete in i would seriously be tempted. Doubt they would allow a full blown alcohol race kart out there though. Either way looks fun as hell! As far as racing goes though, we always kept it clean and i actually enjoyed the inverted starts because it gave me people to chase and passing action. Running in the front the whole race was boring in my opinion. The grass passes were some bs though, needs to be like 2 1/2 kart widths so you have room to pass...

  • Stanley Flory
    Stanley Flory

    Mitchell, you did some really good driving in your "stock car class", showing real driving skill! Inverting that field for the final race was a big mistake for a track that was this tight and narrow! Hope they learn from this, and make it better next time! The suspension in a go-kart is tire pressure, period! Getting that right is important! Having different size sprockets for the motor and axel are a must, to dial in a track! I used to race karts in the late 60's! Go-Kart 500 frame, 7 hp McCulloch racing engine, 2 carbs, putting out around 12 hp! Straight chain drive, no clutch, 0 to 60 in 2.5 seconds!

    • Stapleton42

      Thanks man

  • Hot_Pink_Bitch _
    Hot_Pink_Bitch _

    Some drivers were doing what some folks call “extending track limits”

  • Wheeln 24-7
    Wheeln 24-7

    This really looked like a great time with some cool people. If this was the first year hopefully next year the course is wide enough for 2 carts the whole way. And the sketchy carts aren't allowed with the nice ones. Really enjoyed watching though you guys did a great job filming the event!

  • BlackDeath

    30:49 Anytime both wheels (both sides) of the car cross over a track limit that's a track cut. In sanctioned racing if you gained time or passed someone doing that you may get a warning, do it a 2nd time and likely be forced to serve a time penalty. If no position or time was gained (maybe you're avoiding a crash) no warning - no penalty typically (its usually at the discretion of the track marshal).

  • linksworstnightmare

    Good racing chief. Love your mentality of safety and the consideration of others as well as the understanding of how your kart works. This was the first video of your channel I had watched but confident you are an excellent racer. Only have raced mainly rental kart leagues but have been considering to buy my own kart and give it a go. Hope your kart is able to be fixed, may the flipped racer be okay, and may you get yourself a massive win. Have a good one!!

    • Stapleton42

      Much appreciated sir. You'll see us racing in a real car sooner or later!

  • Justin B
    Justin B

    Coincidence that you pulled the 42 ball? I think not😂🤣

  • vince edwards
    vince edwards

    You always have people that will do whatever it takes to win and that takes the fun out of it. Like the guy that puts 10k in a stock 4 motor to win $250 at a local dirt track.

  • Cody Baker
    Cody Baker

    That little cart is badass looked like a blast other than getting taken out

  • Cole Bertils
    Cole Bertils

    Total bummer about that dude and his driving but hey, it was still a fun video. Your car looked great and your pass in the grass reminded me of Dale. The walk around was fun and the guy taking it all the way with the Chicken Pit car was classic!

  • RebelRacer99

    that looked like fun, and yes cutting the corner like that is cheating. That dingbat running others off the track is probably the same kinda guy that pit manouvers drivers he can't pass at spectator drag events. That type of unsportsman like behavior shouldn't be tolerated.

  • Matt Harrington
    Matt Harrington

    All I could think while watching this was how much fun I would've had if I had a go kart that looked like a nascar car when I was a kid. I bet it's still awesome as an adult, one of my favorite paint schemes too. The Harvick 29 is awesome! He was always my second favorite behind Jeff Gordon and now he is my favorite current driver.

  • Michael Rubio
    Michael Rubio

    Man that looked like an absolute blast!! You just opened up a whole different can of worms in the go kart world! Now I want to race go karts

  • Timothy McMahan
    Timothy McMahan

    This video was awesome man, looked like a great time. I agree with you that it is tough when people do not know what they are doing.

  • mark ortiz
    mark ortiz

    That grass looks awesome, dunno if I'm more jelly of the carts or the terrain.

  • Perry Turpin
    Perry Turpin

    Would definitely love to see you guys back out there!!!! The content has been hilarious and awesome

  • Mike P
    Mike P

    The track needs to be 2 lanes all the way around and then a dq if you get more than 2 tires of the track in the corners because if there's 2 lanes available all the way around then the only reason you have 4 wheels off is to cut the corner. Still looks like a blast either way!

    • Tommy Hawk
      Tommy Hawk

      It just needs to widen on the turns or making S turns for passing, the straights are ok I guess..

  • akekl

    I just found this channel a couple days ago. And I can't stop laughing at this. We just done go kart racing at autobhan in bham al. And I wasn't about to let my dad beat me. Just stayed on the gas, bounced off the walls and still won. Next morning my back was bruised, my knee from hitting the steering wheel. The kids carts went 25mph and adults 55. Best place to have birthday parties. The second race dude wasn't cool. He shouldn't be allowed back honestly

  • Mike Hardy
    Mike Hardy

    You drove really well ... bump and run good stuff... You would be a natural in a stock car....yes I really liked this video showed you guys having fun... and it showed you getting a little pissed off.. Good genuine emotions.... people love that shit.....Toter Home Timmy LOL!... Appreciate all your hard work...God Bless you both...

    • Stapleton42

      Thanks man. I’ll get into one one of these days 💪🏻

  • Cool Sh#t Magazine
    Cool Sh#t Magazine

    These are so cool. I remember seeing the ones that MJ had at Neverland and always wanting my own mini Nascar

  • Joshua Hines
    Joshua Hines

    Great video Mitchell looked like a lot of fun to bad for the grass cutter all I can say to him is SUCK IT lol


    I had great fun watching you racing. You gave it all you could and did it with integrity. Hope you are ready for next years racing and don't let a sh*% head ruin it all for you both. It looked like you both were having awesome fun until that happened. Hopefully the officials will get to see your recordings and the person responsible will get banned from any future racing. I am a new subscriber because of this video and I can't wait to see more. Keep up the "Winning Content".

    • Stapleton42

      Thanks dude we are glad to have you here! I think you’re gonna enjoy what’s coming 💪🏻

  • Andy Lewis
    Andy Lewis

    Good job Mitch! Looks like you had a blast.

  • Tahoe's & Turbo's
    Tahoe's & Turbo's

    hell yeah! awesome video buddy and i was on the edge of my seat the entire time. Best part for me personally was seeing all the amazing rides in the background, especially that orange dually ext cab GMT-400. i agree with ya on the actions of that one driver and it seems the guy spends to much time in his sim or playing gtav than actually driving lol hope ya didn't damage the cart to much and we see more of this as you have a natural talent

    • Stapleton42

      Thanks man. Definitely gonna see me racing wheel to wheel more often. I really enjoy it

  • Scooters Only Repair
    Scooters Only Repair

    I love that van body. It looks like I'd actually fit in it at 6'7"

  • Raul Chavarria
    Raul Chavarria

    Definitely look up Cannonball Run 2, when I was a kid it was one of those movies that encouraged the car enthusiast in me. Jackie Chan in the Starion used to crack me up as a kid in that movie. The introduction to the movie with the Lamborghini is iconic.

  • Randysfiftysevenchevy

    That looks fun as hell for an old guy get together. as long as all motors and cars are close to the same set-up. Now I've got to see this,

  • Wolf

    More of this stuff, great content as alway's. With the gearing you had it was like your cart had Vtec. All top end.

  • Timmy Kennedy
    Timmy Kennedy

    People suck. Glad nobody was seriously injured. I hope that everyone involved with putting this event on realizes that they had a car stolen from them, black balls him from ever returning. The saying cheaters never win only applies to the ones who were caught cheating.

  • Octane Addicts TV
    Octane Addicts TV

    Had a blast watching you guys duke it out!

  • Travis

    Love the content, you two do such a great job.

    • Stapleton42

      Thanks Travis!

  • Dakota Harbert
    Dakota Harbert

    I love the in helmet voice over. You do a good job at it. I could watch you race and talk about it for a few more hours.


    Big time foul on the guy for putting you in the tree and flipping the other driver! Trading paint, perfectly fine...running someone off the road, unacceptable. I hope the property owner had a talk with him, warn him not to do it again or risk not being invited back. Other than that, I enjoyed watching this! Seriously, I hoped you watched 1981's The Cannoball Run. The late great Dom DeLuise as Captain Chaos! Allstar cast including a young Jackie Chan. 😉

    • Backpacks & Caps
      Backpacks & Caps

      To be honest on qualification day I looked at those trees and said, someone is going to eat one! Not sure if cutting trees down there is as regulated as here in OZ , but a track widening into the widow maker is a must. Also the pole line cutting was clear non respect to race craft in that corner.. it needed t be hay-bailed. All on all great grass roots racing! As much as content maker is a tad bitter, who isn’t when rubbing is racing that doesn’t go your way!

  • Woody Holland
    Woody Holland

    The final race was on another channel and I learned out a lot more from yours. Enjoyed the walk arounds and explanations of what was happening. Thanks

    • Stapleton42

      Thanks man

  • gac914

    That was BS! #1, inverted starts suck, but even more so, they should have kept the stock-bodied cars and indy-bodied cars separate, and yeah, that stroke WAS cheating. #2, they should have hay-bailed that corner to prevent that corner-cutting. Overall, you did pretty damn well in my opinion. With lack of rules, or at least none looking like they're being enforced, it was more than even Captain Chaos would have embraced!!! Your car looked great, BTW! Good job, you two!!! 👍👍

    • gac914

      @Dylan Spencer But clear cheating doesn't!! 😡

    • Dylan Spencer
      Dylan Spencer

      Inverted starts create good racing

  • Lt1is2slow4u SPANNAN’s NEST
    Lt1is2slow4u SPANNAN’s NEST

    Coming from racing shifter karts…that’s the most sketchiest track I’ve ever seen in my life! Back yard or no back yard.

  • frank koppen
    frank koppen

    great content, fun day. Until they start getting to serious and competitive and ruin it like ever other fun time.

    • 54raceman

      I’ll be honest i ain’t built to not take any kind of racing full blown serious rather it’s supposed to be competitive or just a fun deal I’m gonna go all in

    • Stapleton42


  • James Dalton
    James Dalton

    That looks like a blast! 😎🏁

  • Joe Houlihan
    Joe Houlihan

    I really like some of the stories and automotive history the guy that put that event on has shared, I’m sorry that you got forced off the track by some guy that ran out of talent. I hate that the whole event kind of got a black eye because of that guy. It’s awesome that you guys were willing to drive that far and put that much work into the cart to entertain all of us. Again I can’t thank you enough for all the great content.

    • Haworth Lowell
      Haworth Lowell

      @Stapleton42 No, you had some goods time & now have something to hsng on the wall to remember it. You guys should get someplsce and do your own track & race. Come to west TN where there are a bunch of dirt go kart tracks.

    • Stapleton42

      Thanks Joe. Definitely left there wishing I had spent my effort on something else

  • Alex Arelano
    Alex Arelano

    Love this channel and love you guys! That has the potential to be a sweet series tho. Gorgeous car!

    • Stapleton42

      Thanks Alex 💪🏻

  • Scott Mulrooney
    Scott Mulrooney

    That was some foul racing. I believe I would've also had words with the officials and the driver. Glad you are safe.

  • Collin Smith
    Collin Smith

    That was some pretty rowdy driving!

  • funny stuff i found on the internet
    funny stuff i found on the internet

    i went to this track in florida, it was indoors. it was more like a time trial with other karts on track. the track could barely fit 2 karts. trying to pass in turns was suicide i got penalized because i barely hit someone in the rear, but earlier in the race i got ran over on LAP 1 TURN 3. they didnt get a warning. it was fun while there was no traffic

  • Mike P
    Mike P

    Id love to own one of these carts. At our RC track we have a hell of a nice paved road course we could do this. Looks like you guys had fun. Ok now to the serious part how can you have not seen the Canonball run ??? When you asked about the suit of HIM i thought he is joking right LMAO...... You better watch that because next week i will quiz you on parts of the movie HA HA HA. Great content again thanks man!

  • william elkins
    william elkins

    So much fun. Really like you living in Mooresville. Kinda starting to remember why I used to love nascar.

  • Angus Phelps
    Angus Phelps

    Would love to build one of these and find out where to race them at someday!! Keep up the great content.

    • Stapleton42

      thanks man!

  • Jim Maxson
    Jim Maxson

    Doing events like this are absolutely a blast. I went to some backyard dirt tracks and totally enjoyed myself. All rules are off. I ran some cheated up motors.Thanks. Funny.

    • 54raceman

      No kidding the entire video stuff was going threw my head of stuff I could do to the kart and motor that nobody would catch unless they knew i did it lol

    • Scott

      Lol - this is my kinda crowd!! Lol

    • Z71Ranger

      @Jim Maxson Now we build them to run on E-85 You talk about a boost... But they burn a lot more fuel...

    • Jim Maxson
      Jim Maxson

      @Kenny Velez I ran cheated up motors on alcohol, big carburetors, ignition. Our outings had guidelines. But nobody checked. I know nothing about these guys and could care less what they ran anyway. Was just a general statement. And what I meant was all rules were off, was the driving part anything goes. For instance dumping guys passing on the grass. whatever

    • Kenny Velez
      Kenny Velez

      How are they "cheated up motors" if there wasn't any rules? Inquire Minds Want to Know,,,

  • Kent Beitel
    Kent Beitel

    This might be one of the coolest races Iv ever seen 🤘😂

  • James Sandman
    James Sandman

    That was great man!! Thanks for the entertainment and great driving there! #bestpitcrewever!!

  • George Wallace
    George Wallace

    That was really cool sorry some people thought winning a cavalier was that important I owed several of them and they were very dependable but not worth doing all that to win one. Great video Michael and your pit crew was awesome

  • Prophecy 2012
    Prophecy 2012

    That looks like a ton of fun. Generally in professional racing it’s the passing cars responsibility to make a clean pass.

  • EvilScientistMoose

    1:12- I'm recalling seeing one of these Z24's purchased new off the lot in 1990, and later that same evening, the owner thought he'd be Johnny Race Car Driver and tried doing an E-brake over 70mph. Needless to say, it was wadded up into a ball, with the owner getting an all-expenses-paid-by-him trip to the local E.R....and insurance refused to pay for the car. Gawd, what a turd of an automobile. In related news, my wife (then girlfriend) ended up with a brand-new 1990 regular Cavalier with a 4-banger and automatic...and dealer-added air conditioning. The car drove off the lot with what sounded like a 16-pound bowling ball rolling across the nose of the car whenever you did left or right hand turns, turns out that there were a grand total of 47 bolts either loose, stripped, or missing entirely in or around the front suspension...on a car with 18 miles on it. It also got big block chevy-like fuel mileage with the dealer-added A/C turned on, I mean maybe 8mpg at best. The wife/girlfriend allowed it to go back to her parents, because they were the ones that insisted on her buying it (I heavily suggested she get a Camry instead, as they actually...worked, but her idiot father was a diehard GM guy, never mind two GMC trucks in a row of his were freaking lemons, he couldn't keep a transmission in either one), and the car spent the next 10 or so years suffering breakdown after breakdown, almost as if the car were cursed. It's currently in a ravine behind her parents' home, after it sat for a year and rats ate every bit of wiring out front under the hood (there wasn't even 6 inches of wiring left was all gone).

  • Fang Of Truth
    Fang Of Truth

    This gave me an idea. Go kart racing on closed or abandoned golf courses with paved/ concrete paths.

    • Stapleton42

      Cart paths would be wider 😂

  • JD Racing 84
    JD Racing 84

    I have a suggestion for Travis. Split it into two races, open wheel karts and full body karts. either that, or do it like IMSA does. put all the indycars together ahead of the slower stock cars and grid them by class... that way things are a bit fairer and if those indycar guys want to cut 116 ft to the inside of a turn or race like idiots they can do so amongst themselves without affecting the stock car race...

  • Steve Mcafee
    Steve Mcafee

    Those races are fun af but have to have cool guys druving not asshats. Great job Mitchell!!!

  • chevyfan 82
    chevyfan 82

    Nice car looks sweet 👍 looks like a lotta fun except for the few guys driving like jerks but always the few that gotta try to ruin it.

  • RONALD Tillinghast
    RONALD Tillinghast

    I really enjoyed this video the mini cars all neat. would have loved to been there and even better be in the race as for the driver cheater going off track way off is not right i think 1 car length is fare but he was way off he should have been disqualified excellent video cant wait for more 😀

  • jasong712

    I love go kart racing. It’s what I do on the weekends. Keep this up!

  • Gamer360Sports

    Oh. My. Gosh. My dreams of doing a race like this when I was in Grade 3 have come true! I used to draw track concepts for hours.