Harry Gant's 1988 "Skoal Bandit" NASCAR Aerocoupe Monte Carlo (Unrestored & Sounds Epic)
Its always a good time when we are able to stop by @The Garage Shop and check out some NASCAR history like this here. This Burt Reynolds and Hal Needham team built 1988 Chevy Monte Carlo Aerocoupe driven by Harry Gant is visually original from its last update in 1988! With a mechanical refresh only this thing is a real time capsule into what a stock car was like back in prime time 1980's NASCAR!
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  • Stapleton42

    Was this car more or less “factory” than you expected it to be? stapletonautoworks.com

    • Anthony Gibbo
      Anthony Gibbo

      @Kyle Blackwelltotally what was thinking because im sure this car is not as was last raced but thats ok it exists and even if it was raced like this tho I still love it it was such a cool bad ass era with most drivers who didn't do it for a paycheck and builders either but probably lost money lol but shiiiit what do I know 😅

    • Kyle Blackwell
      Kyle Blackwell

      @Anthony Gibbo That is what I was thinking. If he can check the wheelbase, not only in length, but in relation to the body, then they would offset wheelbase on ovals, and if the weight is more centered then it would be a road course, but I think that you are right, that it is not as it was raced.

    • LITTLE

      Way more than I thought.

    • mustang mike
      mustang mike

      High, wide, and handsome Harry Gant

    • Jon Cotton
      Jon Cotton

      Definitely more factory than I thought. I can’t stop watching this lol I love these G bodies . Let’s see some more

  • pete smitt
    pete smitt

    Harry turns 82 in January; Gant tends to a herd of 100 Black Angus cattle on his 300-acre ranch in Taylorsville, North Carolina, rides his motorcycle around the country and is enjoying the good life.

    • jblooz

      @Kevin Lance I used to crew Super Stocks at NAS. My friend Mitch ran an orange Ford Granada for a long time, until it was destroyed one Friday night. Good times.

    • Kevin Lance
      Kevin Lance

      Sorry I just had this come up on my feed and the bandit brought back so many memories of back when racing was good. Saw Gant do a magic trick at Asheville in 88 when the local drivers let the stars have their rides. Elliott and Kyle Petty were banging on each other pretty good on the last lap and finally turned each other. Gant somehow stopped the car completely and then gagged it to win. I will never forget it. He is a true North Carolina boy and if you've been lucky enough to meet him, he's also a good guy. Racing really died for me when Earnhardt passed at Daytona, it was the end of the era when everyone in Western North Carolina either worked for a team or knew somebody who did. I don't think today's drivers respect that enough and I know Nascar doesn't. If Gant comes back and races I will buy a ticket. Thanks for the comment pete.

    • Mike Stansberry
      Mike Stansberry

      My wife and I ate at Harry's steakhouse back in the early 90's while at North Wilkesboro for the race. Harry walked around to every table and thanked everyone for coming. Super nice man.

    • Cody Echerd
      Cody Echerd

      @JAG3RB0MB No. The Steakhouse was sold around 20 years ago.

    • pete smitt
      pete smitt

      @JAG3RB0MB Harry sold that a long time ago; it still operated as a restaurant Blondeez until that closed in 2018.

  • Larry Hurley
    Larry Hurley

    Dude....that cooler inside the car is as 80's as you can possibly get.

    • coltsfan79

      It is I had one.

  • abikerinpa

    As the old Harry said, “there is nothing stock about a stock car”

    • ShawdowsAndDust

      The sheet metal (massaged by an English wheel) front and rear bumpers, windshield and floor pan are factory for sure. Very cool era in NASCAR.

  • John Highfill
    John Highfill

    Man that is a really nice car. I missed most of the 88 season. I went to Basic Training for the Army on Feb 22nd of 88. My dad would send me VHS tapes of the big races sometimes and I would drive people bananas when i was in Europe because I would watch the same race over and over. I don't think I sen the Daytona race until September lol. Man I would love to have that car. I was a Dale Senior fan and always will be, but I liked Harry. I love that you do these videos on old NASCAR vehicles' So much History.

    • Jeff Fischer
      Jeff Fischer

      GM made the aerocoupe to catch up to Bill Elliott on the super speedways.

    • Richard Mensinger
      Richard Mensinger

      I went into basic at Fort Bliss 8FEB88. Missed a lot of stuff being penned up in basic. No outside news or radio allowed.

    • jeff cornia
      jeff cornia

      I love your videos.

    • Kevin Anthony
      Kevin Anthony

      Did basic in 89 and RIP in 90 missed a ton of races as well do remember those cars and the production cars with the same rear glass.

    • Ghostrider Hobbies Jim Zilvitis
      Ghostrider Hobbies Jim Zilvitis

      Thanks for your service John. GOD BLESS

  • Jeff Ausbun
    Jeff Ausbun

    I loved the bandit. Harry Gant was a great driver.


    Dang, a vintage 1980s racer still in its original condition and still runs! Insane!

  • DaytonaFunTim

    Love the original state of this car! Kyle Petty did a "Coffee with Kyle" segment with Harry a few years ago. Harry still looks incredible, like he could still run the high line in a cup car!

    • Daniel Lopez
      Daniel Lopez

      @Tom Smith I LIKE today 's cars . Happy that Harry is still "Handsome " . Memphis Dan LeLoLai

    • Tom Smith
      Tom Smith

      Handsome Harry was fast and the cars looked so much better back then.

  • Craig Meyer
    Craig Meyer

    Those guys were either real men of yore, or just crazy, to get into that thing and slap the face of death itself, over and over, for hundreds of laps. Just incredible. It's a real privilege to get a chance to get a nice close look at the inner details of this thing. This is what I've always wanted to see.

  • Willy Wonka
    Willy Wonka

    Imagine doing 200 MPH in that thing! Scary AF!

    • ShawdowsAndDust

      The men that piloted these beasts were legends with balls of steel.

    • 1875 Remington Army .44-40
      1875 Remington Army .44-40

      @Maverick Buckley Bill set a qualifying record that stands today when he put up a 212.809 mph lap at Talladega in '87. Carry on.

    • Maverick Buckley
      Maverick Buckley

      Was it Elliot who hit over 212 that year or maybe the year before?

  • Budd Wolf 1966
    Budd Wolf 1966

    Although I’ve been an Earnhardt 3 fan since 1987, I always liked Handsome Harry Gant. He was a true gentleman, a great spokesman for the sport and always had a smile when meeting fans or the media. Thank you for sharing the video post and best of 🍀luck to you and your family ❤️👍🏼

    • Stapleton42

      Thanks man we are glad you’re here and hope you’re subscribed for more like this!

  • Dirtnap300

    Wow, what a time capsule! I can remember being a teen and watching Harry Gant pilot this monster around Daytona and Talladega on TV. I wonder if that cord under the sump tank could be for a pre-start oil priming pump?

    • Dustin Taylor
      Dustin Taylor

      It's an oil heater

  • wrightracing13

    Loved this video & checking out all of the stock components that actually went into NASCAR's back in the day. Well done Mitch & Logan, looking forward to more and more NASCAR history videos 😁


    Harry had a great series of wins in a time when Elliott was winning a lot & he rattled off 4 or 5 wins in a row did Harry!

  • Story Racing 387
    Story Racing 387

    Love racing archeology!! Great video 🤘 The 80s aero wars were awesome!

  • thrillbilly41

    I used to love the sound of 43 of these busting off on pit road at Charlotte and the smell of rich racing fuel exhaust fumes floating through the air. So many memories.

    • ShawdowsAndDust

      I was at Charlotte in that era. In fact I can remember seeing those Aerocoupes lined up on pit road as a teenager and falling in love with those Montes. That back window screamed "built for racing". Love these cars!

    • 1875 Remington Army .44-40
      1875 Remington Army .44-40

      Then you would have gone nuts over the sound of the big blocks in the big cars in the '60s and'70s. They literally made the ground shake. Carry on.

  • Darth Kso
    Darth Kso

    To quote the great Harry Hogge “there’s nothing stock about a stock car”

  • Makayla Slater
    Makayla Slater

    Man that brings back memories of me being about 8 years old playing with a plastic 33 Skoal Bandit car. My Dad loves watching Harry Gant riding up around the wall. The couldn't get any higher in the track. That Car is legendary.

  • Russell C
    Russell C

    I think you're right, I think that's actually an 85 chassis. I was a huge Monte Carlo fan as a kid, I loved these cars. Gant's was one of my faves.

  • BSNFabricating

    That car brings back a lot of memories. In '88 Harry Gant was one of the many victims for the tire war, breaking his leg in the World 600 and missing (if I remember right) five races. Morgan Shepherd (who drove for about six different teams that year) subbed for Harry, before subbing for Neil Bonnett and Buddy Baker later on. At the end of the year, Burt and Hal sold the team to Leo Jackson, and they switched to Oldsmobile, basically making Harry (in the 33 car) and Phil Parsons (in the 55 car, owned by Leo's brother Richard Jackson) unofficial teammates.

  • PocketPasser

    Okay so one of my biggest passions in life is nascar history. My grandfather was a nascar champion in the 50s. The 80s is my all time favorite era in nascar. And the Monte Carlo aerocoupe is my all time favorite racecar. How on the world do I get involved in something like this? I’m particularly interested in the building of these cars and the body fab. Interest the bell outta me.

    • Stapleton42

      Just start doing it 🤷🏻‍♂️

  • C Dreery
    C Dreery

    I don’t know, but anything Harry Gant drive is cool as hell! I still have an autographed Skoal Bandit hat!

  • Jeffrey Evens
    Jeffrey Evens

    Awesome car from the real NASCAR Era. Harry Gant was a great addition to the late 80s-90s drivers. 4 in a row what a feat in 91. NASCAR was more exciting then. Thanks for the video. Merry Christmas!

    • Ray Gronemann
      Ray Gronemann

      4 in a row cheating lol

  • Mark Miller
    Mark Miller

    So glad to see you guys out and about checking out great NASCAR history such as this stock car driven by Harry Gant! Man, I'm f'n' there, this was way back when, when stock cars were exactly that and not some homologated cookie cutter car that they use now. Harry Gant is still around, he is now 81 years old and hope he is doing well. Thank you & the lovely Logan for this wonderful video on this cool ride! Keep up the good work, love it! :)

    • Alter Egos
      Alter Egos

      Young girl “I don’t know who Harry Gant is” that made me laugh.

  • Kristopher Smith
    Kristopher Smith

    That thing is mint. Thanks for more historical content!

  • Isacc Emerson
    Isacc Emerson

    As my dad would say..."When stock car racing was actually stock. Race on Sunday, sell on Monday.".

  • M Davis
    M Davis

    “Nobody wants to hear your piece of sh*t Charger”😂 She comes off with some great commentary at times! The factory aspect was exactly what l expected from the 80s. Great video!

  • mark im
    mark im

    It’s so cool how they sound I loved going to the track as a kid and driving later on..miss it but it’s werid how even a 800hp LS doesn’t sound that good..but then those notes are from a tiny engine big cam huge over lap able to turn 9K rpm ..compared to say a 416 or a .427 only turning 6600 maybe 7500 rpm ..plus the exhaust with its flat bottom gives it the coolest sound compared to a round tube..

  • John Fullmer
    John Fullmer

    That's freaking awesome that's one of the best looking classic race cars

  • Michael Jankowski
    Michael Jankowski

    The Squirrel Cage in the back of the car was used to keep the rear differential cool. Hope that helps you out a little bit.

  • 🔥 Jeff (Bam !)
    🔥 Jeff (Bam !)

    I loved watching Harry Gant and this 33 car . It was often joked that Harry never won a race that he wasn't fussing about the carburetor and how it needed to be adjusted correctly.

  • Craig Voll
    Craig Voll

    This is so fucking awesome I can't believe the condition it's still in its soo dam clean wow I'd love to have this

  • Old Mountain Marine and Metals
    Old Mountain Marine and Metals

    How cool is that! I don't live to far from Handsome Harry. He's still working his farm. One badass man!!

  • Greg Simon
    Greg Simon

    Great video, Handsome Harry Grant, seen an update on him about 6 months ago, still doing some carpentry work and messing around his property.

  • Morgan Pierini
    Morgan Pierini

    Man these videos are fricking awesome... wish NASCAR was like it was back than.

  • Tom Mccarron
    Tom Mccarron

    In January 1991 I went to Daytona. They were having Pontiac testing day for the 500. I went to the track and at Turn 4, I climb the dirt Hill and was literally laying on the fence of turn four. Harry Gant was testing the Skoal Bandit and every time he came out of Turn 4 he was up against the wall. Talk about feeling the car! That was the most awesome thing I ever experienced

    • Stapleton42

      That’s epic

  • Battle Chris
    Battle Chris

    "Wheeler knocked me into Gant, Gant spun out!" ~ Cole Trickle

  • Michael Housley
    Michael Housley

    This is the car that made me love NASCAR.

  • Andrew Sheppard
    Andrew Sheppard

    Man the bandit was always my favorite paint scheme awesome restoration and another great video and find for you guys.Y’all always deliver the vintage roots of nascar

  • WP Flesh
    WP Flesh

    File this under “What is Harry Gant doing now” which is what he was doing during his racing days and that’s building houses all over North Carolina……He is in his early to mid 80s and he is still tough as nails and looks just like he did back then

    • Adrian Cole
      Adrian Cole

      Not sure if relevant, but had a 300acre ranch with 100 head of Black Angus in NC back in 2017. Keen motorcyclist too. Pic somewhere out there with him and his wife on the Kyle Petty ride. Great video and awesome racecar.

  • C Dreery
    C Dreery

    You are right a short track or road course. You can tell by the way the front steering components are behind the spindles.

  • morphman21

    I wonder how fast of lap times it could do around a track

  • Brad Purves
    Brad Purves

    Seeing the Harry Gant car brings back great childhood memories of watching him in motion back in the day. Thanks Stapleton.

    • James Baldwin
      James Baldwin

      Your so rite brad Harry Gant is a epic legendary driver one of my favorites with Ricky Rudd

  • cgammans

    Man love these historic videos. Keep them coming!!!

  • Desert bear
    Desert bear

    There is nothing like cool exhaust sounds to make my day! I can hardly wait to hear the Escalade light them up again!! Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!😀😀😀

    • Jeffery Epstein
      Jeffery Epstein

      Sounds better than any Honda with a fart can muffler

  • horsefly1020

    That was my favorite paint scheme back then. I can still remember that car on tv watching with my grandpa. I was 13 in 88 good times

  • nate Lewis
    nate Lewis

    OMG this car was my everything when i was a kid ! like i dreamed about this thing . WOW thank you for going in depth .

  • Joe Houlihan
    Joe Houlihan

    It would be really cool, if you guys could find more info on the skoal bandit car spoiler mechanism Andy Petrie talked about on the Dale Junior download. Thank you for showing us such a cool up close clip of the Bandit,

  • BANDIT Grizzy
    BANDIT Grizzy

    R.I.P. BURT REYNOLDS One of my favorite actors growing up.

  • Jared Richardson
    Jared Richardson

    Man that car is so damn awesome 🔥

  • Pistons Rods & Dad Bods
    Pistons Rods & Dad Bods

    What a beautiful machine. I wish I could own one

  • JimmyFoxhound

    Man I LOVE the simplicity of these old machines! I was a little kid back then and while I'm not a current NASCAR fan I have a soft spot for the old Winston Cup series and these old cars. They make me very nostalgic. What an amazing survivor!!

  • Twisted

    "Gant gained a lot of nicknames throughout his racing career. He was known as "Handsome Harry Gant" due to his Hollywood-style good looks, the "Bandit" after his longtime sponsor Skoal Bandit, "Mr. September"after winning four consecutive Winston Cup races and two Busch Series races in September 1991, "High Groove Harry" after the high line he often took through the corner, and "Hard Luck Harry" for numerous second place finishes in the beginning of his career and later numerous mechanical failures and crashes not of his own doing while leading or running well with Mach I racing."

    • Yung Sage Gaming
      Yung Sage Gaming

      Handsome Harry. What an absolute badass

    • B Eberle
      B Eberle

      Great comment only name I could not remember was Hard Luck Harry. Have a High Groove Day.

  • HOSSgarage

    I smashed the like button quicker than a lemonade in the summer at Daytona! Love the 33 car!

  • Chris Mills
    Chris Mills

    Man i love the sound of them old cars!!

  • Joshua Paulsen
    Joshua Paulsen

    Damn it this channel keeps bringing back into the 80s and 90s, tearing up and everything...and I effing love you for it. Thank you so much for doing what you all do. I love it.

    • Stapleton42

      thanks man!!

  • Team Brahma
    Team Brahma

    The cars then definitely had a more factory vibe to them over today's car. Such a neat piece to see. Love going back and looking at racing history like this. These were the cars and drivers I watched as a teenager.

  • Seven50ml

    I remember when bandits first came out, they were handing them out to anyone at the track that looked at least 15 years old 😆

  • Mark S
    Mark S

    That shortened decklid to fit the aero coupe rear window was pretty normal in Nascar, Dodge even did that same thing on the 69 (I think, might be off a year?) street Charger 500 homologation specials which had a similar rear window setup to reduce drag and improve downforce. Saw that recently on a episode of Nicks Garage (in Canada) who is restoring one of those.


    I always look forward to any and all video's you both put out PLEASE keep up the awesome work!!

  • Jon Cotton
    Jon Cotton

    Man I love those Monte Carlos! Thanks for posting. Your channel is my new shit lol

  • FearEnd

    Hey man I really love the nascar content please do more

  • Tahoe's & Turbo's
    Tahoe's & Turbo's

    I remember this car as a child and it was always in my top 3 behind Dale and Mark Martin! Always wondered what happened to it and am glad its being properly cared for. Now ya need an interview with Mr. Gant, who will be 82 next month. Loved it buddy! Keep it coming and Merry Christmas

    • Stapleton42

      We would love to meet up with Harry

  • James Engel
    James Engel

    Also on a side note.....those mid 80's g body grand prixs and the bunch caught my eye. Really be interested in scooping 1 or 2 up if they were to be sold

  • WhoDaFuk

    Awesome throwback content on the MC. Keep up the good work man 💨💨💨

  • Danny N Grays Cards & Toys
    Danny N Grays Cards & Toys

    Wow this thing looks awesome back when a stock car was a real race car !!! I’d love to come down and see this car in person !!

  • Nascar Love Affair
    Nascar Love Affair

    What amazing pieces of history you get to put your hands on! Thank you for sharing these time capsules with us

    • Stapleton42

      Glad you enjoyed it!

  • Clash with Sir Wolf
    Clash with Sir Wolf

    That was around the time when Leo Jackson was involved i believe. Harry had one of the first on board computers in his car that gave live telemetry. I remember him hitting over 222 mph on the backstretch of Dega in an aerocoupe like that.

  • Appalachian_Wild

    Man that brings back a ton of memories!!! I remember having a stack of them Bandit stickers when I was little.. I had them suckers stuck everywhere🤣😂😂

  • Jaime Casa
    Jaime Casa

    I’m a Ford man but I can appreciate this video. I remember this car actually racing!

  • Sofa King
    Sofa King

    The Wood was attached to the gas pedal because it didn't get Hot, that was an issue back in the day. Great video

    • Sofa King
      Sofa King

      @Dan McLennan Interesting how drivers were adapting to minor issues. Back in the day the little things Crew Chiefs were solving with a little ingenuity. What a time to Enjoy the Sport of NASCAR

    • Dan McLennan
      Dan McLennan

      True, some drivers took Styrofoam coffee cups and cut them so they would fit on the right heel to insulate some because the floor got hot also.

  • usmc sam
    usmc sam

    Always liked the "Skoal Bandit." Thanks for the video.

  • Life with the Lakes
    Life with the Lakes

    Stoked for more old school nascar content. I love the variety on this channel! Still hope you guys get some rc rc cars!

    • Mike P
      Mike P

      Rc Cars!!! now there is something i can afford lolll

    • Stapleton42

      Us too! thanks man

  • Bob Roberts
    Bob Roberts

    6:00 That is a Ford style electronic voltage regulator for the alternator. These were used up to about the early 90's. The connector is the same as the mechanical regulator used when alternators were first used. I'm thinking that they went to electronic in the early 70's.

  • Dylan Shepard
    Dylan Shepard

    Been waiting to see something like this! That car is freakin awesome! Love the aero coupes, one of my favorite style stock car 👌🤘 love the content! Also curious about the 29 Kevin Harvick car and the go cart I spotted in the garage before the engine noise clips lol

    • Stapleton42

      More to come!

  • 29North

    The DW hauler would make a great restore

  • RRaquello

    That is the best looking race car that ever was. Harry Gant was my original favorite when I started regularly watching NASCAR. I watched NASCAR going back to the 70's when it would turn up on Wide World of Sports, but didn't get to see the races regularly until the 80's, and Harry was the man!

  • J.T. Cooper
    J.T. Cooper

    👍🏻😎I went and seen one of his cars back in 1986 at the local Chevy dealership in town. First NASCAR I ever seen in person.

  • Jim H.
    Jim H.

    They ran like 17 to 1 compression back then too, that helps with who good they sound 😎

    • Jim H.
      Jim H.

      @Michael Raddish yeah, that’s what they lowered the CR to from 17ish to 1 in the mid 90’s. I (still) remember the era well

    • Michael Raddish
      Michael Raddish

      More like 14to 1

  • Dave Ekman
    Dave Ekman

    You guys do such a great job. I love your videos. Keep it up!