Hood Track Grudge Racing: Fast Trucks, Fist Fights, and Daily Drivers! (Things Get ROWDY)
Oh man this past time at THE PEOPLES TRACK aka Yello Belly Drag Strip in Grand Prairie Texas got out of control. We have heard the stories and heard the rumors but up until tonight I had not witnessed any of the nonsense myself. This place is like the thunderdome of drag racing...minor league hockey fights...whatever you wanna call it. Stuff gets WILD when the weather warms up here. Candyman does some racing with his ZL1 Camaro, I race Elvis the Duramax against Home Depot and his daily driver, and we come across a NASTY sleeper Volkswagen wagon!
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  • Stapleton42

    Teaser: Uncle Rob runs again and will race really soon! Also here’s the merch link below! Stapletonautoworks.com

    • Brandon Kichas
      Brandon Kichas

      When are we gonna get the escalade at the peoples track

    • Crimson Dawn
      Crimson Dawn

      10 Dollars waste on a l osing game !

    • Bradley Gilmer
      Bradley Gilmer

      I must've found the Bonus material first (while working a Graveyard shift)Cause The ZL1 has the wing on...I passed over 3 hours watching your shit- Good stuff man - One of the coolest drive in watch race tracks I've ever seen - if not the only one? Im from Cali though...

    • christian hawkins
      christian hawkins

      Where is this track at

    • anthony esparza
      anthony esparza

      Airplanes are way better than silly little cars

  • Mike Scherrer
    Mike Scherrer

    Gonna be more brawls in the lanes when people see all the shit your girl talks 😂 She is funny af.

    • Will

      She ain't funny at all

    • Rick Massey
      Rick Massey

      There was a bearded lady and a girl both were talking so I don't know which one you're talking about.

    • Dustin Hall
      Dustin Hall


  • Ron W
    Ron W

    Fight starts at 47:00

  • RUSH & CO.
    RUSH & CO.

    At least they let the fight happen. 2 ppl had a problem and solved it in 30 seconds. Then everyone goes back to racing like normal, my kind of place.

    • No Comment
      No Comment

      Old school. Peace

    • Chase

      @SuperN0va Thank you , Its a race not a fucking hockey game

    • SuperN0va

      @JustSomeChick WithoutAMustache there's always the potential for serious injury, especially when there's such high stakes. That's why they should not be fighting in the 1st place. This should be about racing and money, and at least some respect for the game. People scam, scheme, and get all in their feelings which leads to BS fighting.

    • slow2by2z

      Candyman looked like he knows how to handle the shaft. Haha just kidding. Keep bringing us the people's races!

  • Axl Despaw
    Axl Despaw

    16:50 nothing wrong with letting your viewers know about the red and green light every time because your going to have new viewers like me that don’t know shit about racing and it’s nice to let us know that..Thanks

  • Ghost Z32
    Ghost Z32

    Watched the whole event even the bonus material. This was a good hour of trackside entertainment that I wasn't expecting!

  • jake bust
    jake bust

    she’s actually starting to enjoy this stuff she loves going with, love to see it bro i remember the first time where she was mad the whole time

  • jjason ddrown
    jjason ddrown

    I found this old race totally by accident , but found you guys entertaining enough to leave on while I had breakfast. This shit is straight up comedy with some racing sprinkled in! Raced years ago, watching this fun makes me wanna put a car together! Thank you for bringing fun back to racing! Keep up the good work! Racin Jason

    • Stapleton42

      thanks man

  • Jared Spear
    Jared Spear

    Always watch the bonus material. Some of the best parts are the bonus!! Ready to see uncle Rob make a pass Are you participating in Race Week? If so is the Escalade gonna be up and running by then?

  • Nathaniel Roberts
    Nathaniel Roberts

    Everytime I watch y’all at the people’s track it makes me wanna catch a flight and bring my hotrod

  • Sadat M
    Sadat M

    Mitchell being taller than everyone gets the “bird’s-eye view” shot on that fight 😂

  • Chris Work
    Chris Work

    Awesome content..definitely stayed tuned in for the bonus material! Keep it coming Brother 🤜🤛


    I can’t explain how good these are their just amazing I could watch these all day

    • Stapleton42

      Thanks man

  • The Blue Collar Baller
    The Blue Collar Baller

    A) Best track I’ve ever seen and never been to. B) Your girl is beautiful! Awesome to see you going out as a couple and enjoying yourselves. Gotta love #CarCouples C) Your mommas mattress is a terrific name 😂

  • Eric Edwards
    Eric Edwards

    Bonus footage like always U make it look simple to put a turbo setup on a vehicle. Inspiring me to try one soon.

  • Pumba EBK
    Pumba EBK

    You should 100% ask the track owner if you could be the announcer lmao

  • Stephen Ramsey
    Stephen Ramsey

    BONUS MATERIAL, Ahhhh😂 Great content as always and glad you guys are good! Hopefully no one was hurt, other than some feelings 🤙🏼

  • ZohmBii

    Candyman double gripping that bump stick made my day! 🤣

  • Robert Shores
    Robert Shores

    Yeah I enjoy watching your videos an most always watch to the end... Very interesting a lot of times... Please keep on doing it the way your doing them ,,, You seem to me to be a level headed person,,, Keep it that way !!!please don't get the big head an become a dushbag...I Enjoy watching what you do... Please keep it up !!!

  • Eric's fishing adventures
    Eric's fishing adventures

    Nice to see some good Ole fashion brawling and some bonus footage of laying pipe! You guys are awesome keep up the great work!

  • Dennis van Buytene
    Dennis van Buytene

    After binging on Stapleton video's of course I stay for the bonus, Never miss an opportunity for entertainment.

  • KeyofCali916

    Man watching this makes me want to race. I can smell the smoke!! Lol

  • Eighth Lock
    Eighth Lock

    Thankful for you guys catching the action while Murdas at Tx2K. Everyone asked murda to go to good track tonight lol.

  • Jay Mcaleer
    Jay Mcaleer

    Love the series, keep it up.

  • Flat Out North
    Flat Out North

    From turbo Yukons to million doller redbull tourbusses to almost freezing to death in Texas, it's been a hell of a ride. Thank you.

    • David floener
      David floener


    • Jesse Rojas
      Jesse Rojas

      @Stapleton42 ya pretty much accurate 🤣!

    • Stapleton42

      😂😂😂 good way to put it

  • Brandon

    First time coming across your stuff. Great content 👍 and keep those long shafts under control.

  • declan mcculla
    declan mcculla

    Bonus material, these videos are insane love the content bro and your woman is fairly coming out of her shell recently good to see

  • Dustin Thorne
    Dustin Thorne

    As a guy from the northwest I love these videos.wish we had grudge tracks up here...Texas is calling 😭

  • Ernest (King) Guerra Jr
    Ernest (King) Guerra Jr

    Always entertaining... great content.. watched the bonus


    I love that you’re a regular at this track now lol. These vids are so damn good. Always watch them instantly...

  • Darrin Steven
    Darrin Steven

    Well that was an interesting night for you all. Installing a cam at the end is just another day at the office. Thanks for sharing the races. That is one track a top fuel funny var would be hesitant to lay a quick pass down on. Seems so narrow and closed in.

  • Sleepy Logic
    Sleepy Logic

    Leaving your tailgate down doesn't help with wind resistance. Having it up actually works better. Myth busters has proved it. I understand some people have never raced before but they must have watched before to know where to do a burnout at. Derj was never an automobile company unless it's like a swedish company.

  • shane m
    shane m

    So awesome, seen the bonus material you all guys are awesome, good luck on the track hope to see yall one day 😀

  • dalejrfan07221

    Always a blast to watch, love the commentary!!! Keep up the good work... ugh oh what's new on candymans car???? New cams?

  • Rudy Hollis
    Rudy Hollis

    Watched it all, that VW was impressive, and I don't blame them guys for not stopping that fight ( they'll get tired of getting hit in the face soon enough ) Yellow Belly is turning into my favorite track out of N.C.

  • Mark Estrada
    Mark Estrada

    How much HP to the wheels do you think Elvis has ? I want to see that LBZ start beating those gas trucks 👀 P.S watched the bonus material 🤟🏽

  • Drewsef

    That long shaft action.... god bless the bonus material. That wagon was one hell of a sleeper!!! Keep the amazing content coming!!!

  • Will Graham
    Will Graham

    The green machine driver sounds like my kind of friend lol. “Ya wanna race? Sure after I roll this blunt” 😂🤣

    • ItsRexy-minecraft

      @Royal Class Kennels 42:36

    • Royal Class Kennels
      Royal Class Kennels

      What time?

  • Ann Otten
    Ann Otten

    I would like to see more diesel trucks race there - seems like a great track for jacked up trucks rolling coal

  • Undecided_1

    “Just hits the nitrous and drives out of his life” favorite quote so far lol.

  • MotoGeekster

    Stayed until the end!! Love the peoples track content!!

  • R B
    R B

    Everyone always says it's got a 1000hp., So really it has 450hp haha

    • Mopar Matt
      Mopar Matt

      Watch out when they say bolt ons and exhaust

  • iklutzxp

    Dude, I love this channel and the people’s track. I’m also here because I watched the extra footage.

  • Stephen Kohtz
    Stephen Kohtz

    Always watch til the end, you never know when u'll get to watch that bonus sloppy shaft play at the end!🤪

  • Nate.Frechmann

    Can’t wait to see uncle rob tear it up at the peoples track

    • Daniel Craft
      Daniel Craft

      Just reverse it down the track. Hahaha

    • G. Hale
      G. Hale

      @Stapleton42 did u put the lighter fuse back in uncle rob?

    • Sim Drifter 69
      Sim Drifter 69

      @Nate.Frechmann they said you can race anything... 🤷‍♂️😂

    • Jake Pysz
      Jake Pysz

      @Nate.Frechmann it wouldn't fit in the lanes or the gates up by the track

    • Nate.Frechmann

      @Stapleton42 what about taking the rv to the peoples track tho?🤔🤔

  • The Suburban Redneck
    The Suburban Redneck

    I love these hood track videos since the escalade is on hiatus.

  • Clay KN4NIL
    Clay KN4NIL

    I'm late to the upload, but I'm down with the bonus material. We love this stuff, just have to carry your own heat! Top flight Craig can't save everyone!

    • Stapleton42


  • Tom Jackman
    Tom Jackman

    I was there when Baylor lubed up his shaft.....good to see he's doing stuff on his car. I wouldn't have felt comfortable taking mine apart at 17!

  • Safuez

    Good vibes and good times... Should definitely be a good race once Uncle Rob and IF Home Depot boosts his truck.. If not I’m sure there will always be a decent race for a Turbo Yukon... and we watch the bonus material

  • Matt

    His girl is gonna end up gettin him in a fight she keeps calling people bitches and hoes lol. I mean, she is completely accurate, but still fighting words nevertheless

    • Brandon Wilson
      Brandon Wilson

      My gf is just like her, trust me, girls like her can handle themselves 😂🔥

    • JMoney SnD
      JMoney SnD

      i find any "car girl" turns out to be annoying

    • J B
      J B

      @David Mathay Yeah I dunno about that , The bigger they are the harder they fall ..but..the smaller they are the farther they fly :)

  • Will Colon
    Will Colon

    love watching the videos keep it up , they should have more motorcycles at yellowbelly

  • brokeof10

    Good to see the youngster working on his own engine.

  • Justice D
    Justice D

    I don't really comment a lot but I've learned loved every vid that I've watched keep it up. Planning on making my gt86 and street car daily/drag build

  • Frank Suavè
    Frank Suavè

    The way he kept crackin jokes on the security lol 😂

  • RDC_Autosports

    this has to be the coolest track lol it’s so lenient 😆✌🏻 be safe guys and gals!

  • Cody Rogers
    Cody Rogers

    That cam should help! Love your vids. Can't wait to see you doing some racing

    • Stapleton42

      Thanks man. Soon!

  • Fred Wilma
    Fred Wilma

    22:30 🤣 you sir, earned yourself a subscriber.

  • Hearing Visions
    Hearing Visions

    The brutally honest bedroom dweller best friend is awesome on the vlog. Really entertaining.. like sticking a chess player in compton 🤣 all love guys, have fun out there. sicc car.

  • Dylan Beaird
    Dylan Beaird

    Saw the bonus content! I’m ready to see uncle rob out at yellow belly! I love these yellow belly videos. My wife and I always laugh at your commentary and nicknames for the cars. 🤣. I’ve been thinking about bringing my explorer ST out there since watching your videos. I work about 10 mins away. Keep up the great content bud!

    • Thomas Collins
      Thomas Collins

      I I saw the bonus content

  • Brandon Renwick
    Brandon Renwick

    this is the best! hood track videos are just soo good, i love the commentary. your car names are top notch! i really think your mamas mattress definitely needs a free window decal

    • Stapleton42

      Thanks man

  • Daniel Torres
    Daniel Torres

    Dude you have entertaining content!! love it!

  • Not so average Joe Outdoors
    Not so average Joe Outdoors

    Loved the bonus material new subscriber here great video keep it up

  • Tom Keith
    Tom Keith

    Been watching all day, and finished with the bonus material!

  • cody nobbs
    cody nobbs

    I watch the bonus footage every time!! Love your stuff man, think you'd appreciate my suburban. Not as bad ass ad your stuff but maybe one day!

  • USMC913

    Nice family friendly place lol. Those dudes couldn't fight their way out of a wet paper bag. Still my favorite video series you do.

  • Ayetheregosean

    Baylor’s pretty good at lubing his shaft 😂

  • Addicted 2Fuel
    Addicted 2Fuel

    Seen the bonus footage and I always watch every video start to finish. Waiting for the Monte to get finished and see a 632 get shoved into that Suburban already

  • Bruce Grunewald
    Bruce Grunewald

    OK, he can stick a cam in the hole. Can he change cam bearings? Love your channel. You found gold with Yello Belly, just don't get in the way of a bullet (or a Mustang).

  • David Kacs
    David Kacs

    You need to be the announcer at that track! Just for when you visit, like a guest announcer with a badass sound system for everyone to hear, you're hilarious and people want more!

  • Marshal Brandt
    Marshal Brandt

    This makes me want my jank '99 supercharged Tacoma running 11psi and spraying meth. It was still slow, but a lot of fun. Enjoying the vids, quality bonus material.

  • German Shepherd Ninja
    German Shepherd Ninja

    Man I like and share every video you make now, I’ve been back and watched all your videos and liked and shared all of them. Keep up the great work. Looking forward to your next post. Watching the old ones to get by. lol 😂

    • German Shepherd Ninja
      German Shepherd Ninja

      @Stapleton42 seriously cannot wait to see what your coming out with next.

    • Stapleton42

      Thanks man. We’re making a couple more now

  • Thaddeus K McNamara
    Thaddeus K McNamara

    Oh yeah… I’m watching you at “the People’s Track”!!! Awesome stuff, especially the BONUS stuff!

  • AndyGee’s Garage
    AndyGee’s Garage

    Defiitely do a Topflight security episode 😂

  • illverado

    Your commentary is TOP NOTCH haha it feels like I’m at the track with my friends watching this video 😂

    • 502MS


  • Stephen Wood
    Stephen Wood

    Love the videos, can’t wait to see more of the Monte Carlo, ordered a hoodie and a random shirt, watched bonus material.

    • Stephen Wood
      Stephen Wood

      @Stapleton42 I’m also the guy that tagged you on Instagram for the yellow belly post😂

    • Stapleton42

      Thanks man!

  • Kevin Olson
    Kevin Olson

    Stayed to see the bonus content of Candyman putting the cam in.

  • Juan Rodriguez
    Juan Rodriguez

    That was a cool race get together, and I did see the bonus cam shot!!

  • Bug Killa
    Bug Killa

    love the yello belly track vids. here till the end as usual ;)

  • marky mark
    marky mark

    Can’t believe how many people are in the burn out area that’s so dangerous Great vids keep them comibg

  • Cody Anderson
    Cody Anderson

    Bonus material! My 2 year old loves watching your videos! Keep it up!