The Car That Changed NASCAR: Sterling Marlin's Crazy Sounding 1995 Daytona 500 Winning Monte Carlo!
If you remember the signature howl of NASCAR races at Daytona and Talladega in the late 90s early 2000s...THIS is the car that sparked all of that. Larry McClure has the actual 1995 Monte Carlo Sterling Marlin won the 95 Daytona 500 with while sounding completely different than the rest of the field. This car was used again at the 96 Diehard 500 at Talladega where it was involved in the crash with Dale Earnhardt prompting the "Earnhardt bar" addition to future cup car chassis. Restored in the early 2000's by Morgan McClure Motorsports it sat in a museum for over 10 years. Now Larry has it back and we show you inside outside and underneath the car including its famous X pipe exhaust!
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  • Stapleton42

    Update: This video has been live for 2 hours and Sterling has already contacted me. The wheels are in motion to get him reunited with this car for one more ride 💪🏻 MAKE SURE YOU SUBSCRIBE FOR THAT!!

    • Anthony Laudano
      Anthony Laudano


    • D Baca
      D Baca

      Ford GT350 uses one

    • D Baca
      D Baca

      hi Guys....Baca here with Baca's Customs in AZ. I believe The Engine in that car had a "FLAT PLANE CRANK" in it. Just like the High Reving European and Italian cars that sound that way. FYI

    • Chip Ralston
      Chip Ralston

      @Chris Hoyle senb

    • shexdensmore


  • MrSnowrocks

    You are hitting a gold mine here. This is the stuff nobody really covers, TV doesn't cover it, reporters and articles don't cover it, podcasts just scratch the surface talking with this prior generation, but you bring us there and really dig into it. The rear window trick for the windtunnel, you might hear about that, but that was really hush hush at the time. But never got to actually see it. Thanks for bringing this stuff from Nascars golden era. Once that generation is gone, the tricks and stories go with them.

    • Ryan Lagoda
      Ryan Lagoda


    • Steve A
      Steve A

      This was my first Daytona 500 in 1995 and I remember calling my brother's the nite before and clearly telling him that the order of finish would be Sterling Martin and Dale Earnhardt and sure enough exactly as I saw it and told it

    • Charlie Rhiger
      Charlie Rhiger

      I agree with you.

    • David Brind
      David Brind

      You're absolutely right. Thank you, for thanking them. All the next gen will have/and want to talk about are the useless things in the news today.

    • Stapleton42

      I know what you’re talking about with the window 👀

  • steve cleveland
    steve cleveland

    I always liked the McClure racing team but how cool is Larry to take his time to talk in depth to this guy about the history on the car. This is the type of people that NASCAR is missing today. Not just the drivers but team owners.

    • Joseph Brooks
      Joseph Brooks

      Yep…just riding around one afternoon (High Point, NC, my hometown) I decided to swing by the shop where Terry Labonte was running the Sunoco 94 car. As I walked up, one of the guys invited me to “come on in”. A minute or two later, Terry came out from one of the shops and we spent the next 20 minutes or so just talking about racing and setups. At the time, I was the chassis specialist on a rookie Sportsman car at Bowman Gray. It was just one of many times in “the older days”, when you could show up at a garage and hang out with “the guys”. Oh, and yes… Larry McClure was one of the most personable guys you’ll ever meet.😊❤️

    • panzer waffen
      panzer waffen

      @F Bart's like more for the money than real passion for cars

    • F Bart
      F Bart

      That's what the big money does.

    • Sludge


  • Corey Wharton
    Corey Wharton

    A lot of kids today will not understand just how special this car is and just how important this car is to 90s and 00s Nascar history. Just amazing how much went into making this car a winning masterpiece.

    • Jebediah Gentry
      Jebediah Gentry

      That car was dominant with the Lumina body and when they changed to the Monte Carlo. Had it not wrecked at Talladega, Ihe very well could've won more restrictor plate races.

  • Randy Tingen
    Randy Tingen

    Man that’s a part of nostalgia there. You have exceptional taste Mitch. That’s the golden era of NASCAR as far as I’m concerned. Keep up the good work. Your content is the best on IRglo.

    • Christoffski

      The drivers, the crowds, the sponsors and that sound. ❤ DW was right. Woke up one day and they were gone.

    • Von duMozze
      Von duMozze

      @UFC Buffalo I don't agree in all the details or the year, but we're looking for the nadir in a hurry

    • Random Epic
      Random Epic

      @TC Music! lol he's not lying

    • TC Music!
      TC Music!

      @UFC Buffalo you’re archaic

  • Corey Wharton
    Corey Wharton

    This car, the sound alone and the fact of it being a proven winner is just pure perfection. Literally IRglo needs to archive your channel for eons because these stories need to be saved for eternity.

    • 1978garfield

      HIs channel should be archived on to a flash drive. That drive should be put in to a media player. That media player should be launched in to space. That way if nuclear war destroys the earth, some day aliens will find the media player and learn the wonder that was NASCAR.

  • The king scene
    The king scene

    Probably the best sounding car I've ever heard.. Those were the best days in Nascar

    • Patrick Cannady
      Patrick Cannady

      NASCAR in the 70s and early 80s was wild AF

    • partymanau

      The thing sounds like Tom Burklands twin engined streamliner.

    • Ethan Donahue
      Ethan Donahue

      You obviously haven't heard a NOVI

  • Mike Lliteras
    Mike Lliteras

    Larry McLure is a legend. I was at that race, hell, I was at the clash and qualifying the week before. That sound was crazy compared to anything else. It was my 2nd Daytona, what a great time to go. $85 tickets, $200 for 3 nights hotel across from the track and people like Larry doing these little things to get a half mph or 2-4 hp more. I have pics of Dale Sr taking a pic with my friend at the trailers, without being swamped with people. Also with Mark Martin, Stirling, Rusty at the old Outback. What a great time. Literally 50 of us friends for 15 years straight, 500 and the Firecracker. I sponsored a small spot on Billy Standridge’s car a few years later and I remember the July race when he blew up on the first caution because they, unknowingly, had the engine set up to scavenge the oil out of the pan and it blew because he didn’t keep the rpm’s up enough. He said Cale Yarborough’s people didn’t tell him. Just like Stirlings car, they had things they had to do to run these cars. It’s not like today where they don’t even have to shift and aren’t allowed to touch anything.

    • FloBama

      @Mike Lliteras Still pushing a clutch and moving the shift lever. Sequential manuals are more efficient for stock car racing.

    • Tracy Pippenger
      Tracy Pippenger

      Good old days of Nascar that car sounded totally different

    • Mike Lliteras
      Mike Lliteras

      @FloBama sequential is barely shifting.

    • j k
      j k

      @FloBama i know how to use a manual. He mows my lawn. 🤣

    • FloBama

      They definitely still have to shift. Manual transmissions are still used in Nascar. You'd be hard pressed to find a professional race car driver who doesn't know how to use a manual. Now obviously Formula 1, Indycar and most GT race cars now use high-tec DCT with paddle shifters, but that's just common sense because they're shifting gears way more, so it's a faster and more efficient way to go through gears and you can keep both hands on the wheel.

  • Evil beetle kustoms& creations
    Evil beetle kustoms& creations

    This takes me right back to being a kid watching NASCAR with Grandpa so glad to see this man is still around😊

    • JJ45

      Back when nascar was worth watching unlike today.

  • frmula1fan

    Reminds me of Robert Duvall's character in Days of Thunder when he's building the car and talking to it about all the little things he was doing to gain an advantage.

  • Matt B
    Matt B

    I’m all for seeing Sterling starting the car and hearing that famous sound! 🇺🇸🦅🦅

  • Mark Turner
    Mark Turner

    One of the first lessons I received while helping friends with their cars was, “if ya ain’t cheatin, ya ain’t eatin.” God, I love the sound of that car, gives me goosebumps. Saw Irvan win twice in a Morgan-McClure car at Talladega. Those, were some of the best years of racing in my opinion. To get a glimpse of all the little things, cheatin or not, that went into a cup car in those days, wow, just wow. Each video is better than the last, I appreciate your hard work, thank you. Hell yes I want to see Sterling, get him as fast as possible.

  • Allen Fritz
    Allen Fritz

    so amazing how much innovation these guys come up with. definitely miss the good old days of nascar better than whats going on now.

  • Paul VonAuth
    Paul VonAuth

    I managed machining at Roush Racing back in the time frame of Mark Martin, he drove the Valvoline 6 car, all the performance, and cheating was in the intake manifold as he touches on, followed by the cylinder heads, I machined many of both items.

  • Mike MacCracken
    Mike MacCracken

    I remember Bobby Labonte flipped his car at Daytona and reviewed the x-pipe exhaust. A local late model racer showed up the track the following week and I heard the car and knew immediately what he did. It was definitely worth some horsepower.

  • W

    Hell ya I want to hear the beast come to life! Next to driving an actual Cup car, listening to them live and breathe is right there next to that. Come on Sterling! You were my driver when you were driving the Silver Bullet Dodge. Still can't believe you got out of the car under Red. You owe us one. Love ya man!

  • J Freddy
    J Freddy

    That car is such an icon. I'm so happy you got the chance to see it in person. I would love to see Sterling Marlin fire it up someday! Keep up the great work!🏁

    • Austin Wilson
      Austin Wilson

      ​@Stapleton42 noticed it but where in the world did you get the bowtie on the grill of your mc and how well does it fit to the grill.

    • Stapleton42

      Thanks man!!

  • Mark Fortin
    Mark Fortin

    Well...that's it. You are single-handedly re-kindling my love for Nascar! Not today's Nascar, but the real era of racing, tweeking every little thing to get that 2 mph and 5 horsepower. Thank You SO much for what you are doing...I'm 75 and THAT was my golden days....

  • Michael Faraone
    Michael Faraone

    I ran a real 'Dr. Gas' X-pipe on my '03 F150 Lightning; Bassani shortys', OEM catted mid-pipes into the X-pipe, flowmaster super 40's, and MEGS at the end of the tailpipes. Mods running 15 lbs boost. 5-6000 RPM that 5.4 sounded a lot like Sterlings motor..

  • Delton Streetman
    Delton Streetman

    When they brought this car out I knew that the sound was the exhaust configuration, and even showed a couple of guys how it was because we ran the same basic system on our limited super modified, we used CSC over the top headers that were separate banks and put the merge collector and about 18 inches behind them connected the two exhaust pipes together with the same 4" diameter tubing the rest of the exhaust pipes were made from. People were going nuts trying to figure out what the secret was with even a few thinking we had a trick 180° flat crankshaft from Chevrolet racing and we tried to tell them they didn't exist, it was even said that the engine and it's components were super trick NASCAR stuff since the same person built our engine that had built engines for a several time championship Winston West team. It was sure a lot of fun using the team's motto of "if you don't hear a new rumour by 11:00 a.m. start a new one". We would then bet how long it would take to get back to us, and how many changes had been done to it.😏😎😇

    • Christopher Jones
      Christopher Jones

      Yes, and the "sounding like an IndyCar" thing had to be totally coincidental. An IndyCar is designed entirely different (mid-engine, etc.) and thus this trick was solely to do with this particular configuration.

  • John Barnes
    John Barnes

    I definitely miss the sound of these cars. I like the new ones but these sounded so much more like a world class racecar. we need to go back to this.

  • Desert bear
    Desert bear

    Mitchell thanks for preserving these stories because you can tell these men love to tell their stories to someone that is truly interested in what they have to say. Great content!!

  • Terre Hooks
    Terre Hooks

    I remember hearing the car on TV and then getting to hear it in person at Talladega. It would have the hairs on the back of your neck stand up. Thank you and the McClure family for this. I miss Nascar. Today's Nascar isn't it. The late 70's, 80's and 90's were unreal. Real people out there, on the track, in the pits and in the stands.

    • Stapleton42

      I wish I could have witnessed that. Thanks man!!

  • Jim Haines
    Jim Haines

    Yes having Sterling there would be great, I do think Morgan McClure racing really was under rated in history

    • Jebediah Gentry
      Jebediah Gentry

      They were very underrated until the late 90s when it became more and more expensive and necessary to have a teammate. The late 90s until now pretty much killed the teams running only one car without the same budget as the bigger teams.

    • Stapleton42

      They absolutely were. The outliers doing their thing way out in Virginia…

  • Greg Henner
    Greg Henner

    My favorite moment in NASCAR was when Sterling jumped out of the car and pulled the fender out away from the tire.

  • Jared Richardson
    Jared Richardson

    Gather around class, it’s time for another NASCAR history lesson. Thanks as always Stapleton

  • Quartrmile MOPAR
    Quartrmile MOPAR

    I still get a laugh remembering Sterling looking at aka pulling his fender out at the 2002 Daytona 500.

  • Anton Floor
    Anton Floor

    I like the “standard” sound a bit better then the X-pipe. But it must be amazing when it first drove down the track.

    • Dave Bryant
      Dave Bryant

      It was just one more thing that made the hardcore fanbase begin to feel like the sport was heading in a more refined indy car way that drove them away. Add Gordon and Johnson and there you go. Now if a driver is over 5'6" and 95 pounds they're too big to race. Result= nobody is watching the sport and it's dying a slow death while dirt tracks are growing.

  • Steve Durden
    Steve Durden

    I remember hearing that sound at Talladega numerous just sounded faster.

  • OldSchool

    Seems like the NASCAR of today has lost their way. This nostalgia you bring for all of us to watch should remind us the best days of NASCAR are in the past.. Thanks for all you do, keep'r com'n!

    • Charles Wallace
      Charles Wallace

      A sport can have a history and a future at the same time. :)

  • Melissa Kay
    Melissa Kay

    I'm a Sterling fan from waayyyy back -- would love to see him do this!! Thanks for the exciting video and the look into the guys in the garage!!

  • Joseph Hays
    Joseph Hays

    Stapleton U bring the best history to all of America and U keep exploring the history and finding more to keep nascar history alive


    Never will forget Sterling in the 4 car at the 96 Pepsi 400 started front row and led a ton of laps till ignition failed. Got passed by the whole field Sterling thinking a blown engine till he switched to the backup ignition, engine fired and he flew back through the field to win the rain shortened race 🏆 🏁

  • armedinbama

    I was at that race as a guest of a different car owner. I remember asking why Sterling's car sounded so different and his reaction scared me a little. 😳

  • Anthony White
    Anthony White

    Sterling never got the recognition he deserved in my opinion. Thank you for your video's of yesteryears of Nascar.

  • kh_coolwin

    I remember hearing that sound when I was there and this is the first time since then it’s finally explained to me I always wanted to know what that car was running different lol

  • evan jacoby
    evan jacoby

    I well remember the announcers talking about this car incessently, and the "indy car" sound it was making as it made laps......they actually said almost everything they could, just short of saying that : no nascar that makes this sound ...can be legal😁 good memories!

  • Mike Graczyk
    Mike Graczyk

    Another great video Mitch and Logan! I remember being a teenager glued to the TV and hearing that exact car scream around the track. WOW! The stories and details you guys uncover. . . Most people don't take the time to find the hidden gems that hide in the details that teams used to get an edge back then (dual oil pumps, longer primaries, etc.). And to think most of these innovations came from the minds of folks with good old practical know-how, not some design lab & 3D programming. By far the best content on IRglo; engaging, interesting, original, and REAL! Would love to see Sterling climb in that car and fire it up again! Keep up the great work, you guys are awesome!

    • Delton Streetman
      Delton Streetman

      Those long tube equal length headers were another thing that helped with a little "edge". The long tubes would give a little more bottom and mid range torque from the engine, most don't think of needing bottom end or mid range torque in a restricter plate engine since they were running them flat out. But nobody was thinking about restarts and leaving the pits but a few feet gained from little boost in torque could be the difference between a win or not.

    • Stapleton42

      Thanks man!!

  • bballr4567

    The amount of smarts these guys had in the early 90s was incredible. The amount of engineering to get a few HP was absolutely top notch. I was 11 during the 95 500 and I remember my step dad saying something about Sterling's car sounding different. Incredible video!

    • Stapleton42

      thanks man!!

  • Battlestar777

    …and yes… we would all love to see and hear Sterling start the car!!!

  • Ryu rc
    Ryu rc

    I was 10,11 years old when this was happening, and very distinctly remember when they kept talking about how it sounded. This was a super iconic car, and I have to admit this is a dream to see underneath the skin. But dude I can't wait to see the cylinder heads, I know there was an outfit that sold used nascar motors, was always a dream of mine to have one in a 49/53 Chevy 5 window truck (I since learned I don't fit but I still want one) slammed on steelies with the fenders cut out, and a 4 speed

    • Stapleton42

      Thanks man they are definitely fascinating

  • Howabouthetruth

    This video was priceless!!! Learned a lot about some of the crafty little tricks they used to make this team & their cars such a force to be reckoned with on the super speedways back then. Wow........thanks guys! And YES, it would be awesome to have Sterling fire this bad boy up for the first time in decades!!! Looking forward to the intake & heads video that helped Ernie win the '91 Daytona 500!!!

  • Ryan Gribble
    Ryan Gribble

    I'd love to see Sterling reunited with that car and to fire it up again. This shit is great content, keep it up Mitch.


    I have run x-pipes on 4 different combos and love the sound - a bazillion RPM sound, kinda like a Ferrari sound (small block chevy's)

  • Edward

    I remember watching that race as a young kid with my father, I can't wait to see this fired up again. What great memories this brings back, thanks.

  • GettyGetman

    Incredible video! This is THE car that made me a Sterling Marlin fan. My grandfather took me to watch the 95’ twin 125s at Daytona. 8 year old me fell in love with that yellow number 4 leading the pack. It is so cool to get a closeup look at this car. I always thought they junked it after that Talladega wreck. Great work on this video. You earned a sub. 🤘

  • Technik Meister
    Technik Meister

    Lots of little things added up to 40 HP and that was a lot of an advantage. They also had different rear gear sets for Daytona and Talledega so that you could run flat and 200rpm below the point that vales floated and the whole engine sang. They had it tuned for that from carb to the end of the boom boxes. Thats what he means about the "signal".

  • Gary Passmore
    Gary Passmore

    Another awesome history lesson during Nascar's glory days. Thank you guys, great content 👏!

    • Stapleton42

      Thanks Gary!

  • Chris Figgatt
    Chris Figgatt

    Love these types of videos! This was the era that I started watching NASCAR and I love it.

  • Pelt Down Posse
    Pelt Down Posse

    I saw and heard that car. I was there. Everything changed after that. They sounded like Indy cars....I saw Earnhardt's car with the penny on the dash. I loved those times at Daytona.

  • Al

    Great video & info! I watched this car at Daytona and had good memories of Nascar drivers & racing back then. I’m 71 years old now and very rarely watch many races from start to finish! Fond memories of the good old days with good old boys in great cars!!

  • jcnpresser

    The 2 floorboards was a pretty cool chest back in the day, I’ve been listening to Dale jrs podcast, and that cheating episode was the coolest. I remember hearing about the v6 thing too as to way that car sounded so unique, kinda would make sense, restrictor plate only lets so much air through, may run better if it was running in just 6 cylinders, and use less fuel. All those cheats were so cool back in the day. Now it’s all mandated cars, boring, that’s why I don’t watch it anymore, but I love hearing about all the olden days.

  • Appalachian Underground
    Appalachian Underground

    I live in Talladega and I I remember seeing and hearing this car at Talladega during this era , it was a great time to be a race fan. I wish that was still the case . ✝️🇺🇸🤙🏻🅰️

  • S T
    S T

    Thank you @stapleton42 for another piece of NASCAR history. This one was so good that I had to re-watch the entire race, and I also realized that this is the first “drone shot” of pit row that I ever saw long before any “drones” I knew about- thank you again for documenting these amazing places!

  • Sam3460

    . I really enjoy the type of background information that tells about the tricks these guys used to win. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Sterling Dalley
    Sterling Dalley

    Yes we need to get Sterling back to fire the car he’s one of my favorite drivers

  • Brian Foster
    Brian Foster

    Love hearing about the things teams done to cars togive just that little advantage. I am a Cup nierd myself and love all the videos that yall put out. Keep up the digging up of our forgotten Cup history

    • Stapleton42

      Thanks Brian you are in the right place!!

  • Paul Stansfield
    Paul Stansfield

    You both have a gift of asking a focused question, which makes the recipient really open up, give you so much more information. Another post, thank you Paul🇬🇧

  • Bowtie Guy
    Bowtie Guy

    This one is so cool! I think this era of cars were the best plate racing we’ve ever seen and these Morgan McClure cars were hands down the best of that time. Thanks for another great video!

  • adam0U812 Davies
    adam0U812 Davies

    Very cool video , it's awesome that Larry McClure told you what they did 👍 I was a huge Nascar damn fan back then. So much has changed and the fun is gone at least for me. You do an awesome job with your videos and you are lucky to have a great girl to enjoy it with. Keep doing what you are doing 💪👍

    • Howard Johnson
      Howard Johnson

      I used to be a NASCAR junkie back in the day. I know nothing about today’s nascar because I lost all interest.

    • Stapleton42

      thank you Adam!

  • Timberace

    You have my vote for a follow up with Sterling starting the engine. Great content.

  • Jebediah Gentry
    Jebediah Gentry

    Yes yes yes! Let's start a campaign and get Sterling in that car again! This was the era I grew up with. The 1995 Daytona 500 was the very first race I ever watched and seeing that car just brings a smile to my face. We have to get him back in that car. I LOVE what you are doing with this channel man, keep it up!!!

  • Brian Adams
    Brian Adams

    Sterling isn't racing now obviously but would love to hear him start it. Let's do this!!

  • Rick S
    Rick S

    You’ll be surprised how much your Montie will sound like a Winston cup car. I had a Nova with a 355 I built with a 630lift solid roller cam and a A LOT of compression. My exhaust was Dynatech stepped headers an a x pipe. It sounded like a stock car!

  • RoadKingRyder

    Great video. Would be cool if you could get Sterling,Runt Pittman and Tony Glover together. There'd be some great stories from those three. Keep up the great work!

  • Tony Jennings
    Tony Jennings

    Once again awesome job. When you talk to another old race team ask them about the truck arm suspension for the rearend and if they had different ones that had different strengths so they had more or less flex to affect the car.

  • Chuck Whitson
    Chuck Whitson

    Larry is a class act. I was a huge swervin Ervin fan, Dad worked at Eastman Kodak and I was professionally go kart racing Kodak #4 myself. Earnie lost a fan when he left Abingdon

  • jeff clarke
    jeff clarke

    I am so glad to see you made the connection with that 4 team.Can't wait to watch the follow ups.Keep it rolling...

  • Brad Ballard
    Brad Ballard

    That is so awesome to have heard his stories! What an awesome dude! All that hard work for just a little extra edge is incredible! Thats determination, that's what Naacar used to be! Now it's all even! I'm sure some people still find a little edge, but not like it used to be!

  • Steven Smith
    Steven Smith

    This was an awesome video!!!!! Sterling was my favorite driver since 1991! Thank you for this!!!!👍

  • Kenny Mars
    Kenny Mars

    This is like talking about an old friend who passed away years ago. Fond memories, it's all we end up with. I haven't watched much Nascar since Mark Martin retired. It's milk toast now.

  • Heatstroke!

    I remember watching those races, another awesome video, would be awesome to see Marlin back in that car,please make that happen.

  • Daniel Doroff
    Daniel Doroff

    man I appreciate pretty much all the old nascar stuff, but as more of a technical guy I'm so excited to see all the little things they did to the heads and manifold!

  • Ess Be
    Ess Be

    Awesome video. Thanks so much for this video. Was great to hear the stories. I really miss these days of NASCAR. So much better than what passes for racing today.

  • lance warner
    lance warner

    Id love hear this car running with Sterling being the one who starts this 4wheeld monster

  • David Restored
    David Restored

    So glad for this video! I remember watching that car going around the track with my Dad that has passed away and vividly remember the sound of that #4. It sounded sweet.

  • Chris Dieringer
    Chris Dieringer

    Damn this is awesome!!! I would have never guessed this car is still in existence! It was such a big deal. Thanks for this video!!!🏁🖤🇺🇲

  • timothy crunkleton
    timothy crunkleton

    Love u guys and the hustle im geeking out on ur content ur answering alot of questions ive always had keep up the good work Thank You🤜🤛

  • Erick Thomas
    Erick Thomas

    Be great to see Sterling in the car again, keep up the good work guys!

  • Brian Tincher
    Brian Tincher

    You guys are awesome!!! And the video content, audio quality and editing are top notch. Keep up the great work. I always wanted to know why this car sounded so different? I was a only 16 in 1995 and watched the qualifying and race and remembered Ned Jarrett commenting on the unique sound during qualifying. So glad I found this channel