Darrell Waltrip's 1971 GMC Astro: Old School NASCAR Hauler Stuck In Time (Former Dale Earnhardt Rig)
Huge shoutout to @The Garage Shop for letting us check out this incredible piece of racing history. Very rarely do we get to experience a firsthand look at what the infield of a NASCAR track was like in the 1970s and 1980s. The cars of the era are still found in museums...but what about the workhorses that toted the cars and tools all across the country? They are mostly long forgotten. Thanks to DW this particular GMC Astro 95 lives to serve example. It once hauled for Bud Moores race team, carrying the car of Bobby Allison, Dale Earnhardt, (Probably) Ricky Rudd, among others. This is one of the coolest things I have ever seen and am so glad we get to preserve the history with video and share it with you guys. Make sure you subscribe to catch more content like this!
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  • Stapleton42

    I think this rig needs to be brought back to running condition and driven over to the old Bud Moore shop in Spartanburg for one more picture in the original hauler spot next to the building. Maybe even find someone who used to drive it or worked for Bud to participate. What do you think?

    • steven saxon
      steven saxon

      @Stapleton42 what are they going to do with the truck?

    • Larry Burwell
      Larry Burwell

      i know the bud moore family. greg is my best friend. you contact me and i can contact him for you. i remember this rig for sure from the shop. i was there most every day

    • hillbilly bmx
      hillbilly bmx

      Derick from VICE GRIP GARAGE......Tell me i'm wrong!

    • Speed Hunter
      Speed Hunter

      I agree getting history back on the road is cool....even more so when it's tied to a legend if it's possible do it

  • Patrick Fraley
    Patrick Fraley

    The historical significance of the cars, haulers and various piece parts is really cool to see and discover. I would argue the stories and behind the scenes knowledge that an untold number of nascar related people have is just as significant but just as easily lost. Keep up the good work and discoveries.

  • David Beck
    David Beck

    Before we were a throw away society. Love the history of this stuff. Would be super cool to see this thing hauling fast toys up and down the road again.

  • Rhino1776

    That Pepsi Challenger and Tide Car are just killer. Dude, you're gonna be the Indiana Jones of Auto Racing. Digging up history one shop at a time. Love it!

    • Frank Denardo
      Frank Denardo

      I saw a Tide detergent car at Sonoma Raceway on display during the Save Mart 300 classic.

    • Dylan Zrim
      Dylan Zrim

      @Jack Magnium they were at the first freedom 500, dave gave Alex Taylor plenty of advice, and Mitch was helping Alex too. I dare say they had a chat

    • Jack Magnium
      Jack Magnium

      @Stapleton42 also have you met david frieburger?

    • Stapleton42

      I’m cool with that 😂 glad you’re here man

  • shullln

    Given it's history, I'm sure the NASCAR hall of fame would LOVE to have that.

  • Ryan Mulligan
    Ryan Mulligan

    I love how pumped you get for history. I'm not a nascar guy but you make this content enjoyable.

    • Stapleton42

      History is my thing 💪🏻 glad you’re here for it man

  • MrTmosley72

    I watch a few different IRglo channels that are Car related.....but you by far , have more passion about keeping history alive and current. Another great video 😎

    • Stapleton42

      Thanks man I’m glad you feel that way. Just chasing what excites me and hope it fuels the same for others

  • Michael Thoma
    Michael Thoma

    My vote is buy it, give it a gentle wash, then clear over and retain that history. Cool find and I'd really enjoy watching you and Logan get this thing back on the road

    • Casey88 88
      Casey88 88

      If its for sale.

  • Nicholas Swain
    Nicholas Swain

    I would dig through that truck all day lol looks so fun

  • Chuck Fowler
    Chuck Fowler

    That Ford Talladega is so awesome you dont ever see those cars...its so cool that they rebuilt it....not many people anymore that know those cars every existed....Tom Bailey has the only street legal one I've ever seen.

  • Todd R
    Todd R

    I was at the inaugural Brickyard race as a kid. I can’t say I remember anything pertaining to that 99 car but I do remember Jeff Gordon won. That race was a really big deal back then since it was the very first NASCAR race at the historical Indianapolis Motor Speedway. It was quite the experience, that track is ginormous and there were so many people everywhere the entire weekend. That was back when NASCAR was huge, I used to know every car and driver back then where today it’s an entirely different animal and I hardly know any of the drivers. Racing was just like you saw on Day’s of Thunder. Now there’s even Toyota Cup Cars.🤦‍♂️

  • B Schoenbach
    B Schoenbach

    You need to buy that rig and use it to tow the monte carlo around. Living quarters and tools, merchandise in the back. That would be great, have it in the same color scheme as the carlo!

  • Team Brahma
    Team Brahma

    This is a cool find. Sure there's a lot more racing history in North Carolina to be found as well.

    • Chris Dieringer
      Chris Dieringer

      @Andy Page The Wood Bros. is in Virginia I believe.

    • Andy Page
      Andy Page

      @NC Racin Channel 704 I'd like to know more about the shops. I know several of the more recent ones ( '90s forward) but I'd love to find the older ones, or at least pictures of them.

    • NC Racin Channel 704
      NC Racin Channel 704

      North Carolina is the heart of NASCAR because it started from Moonshiners and then they started racing dirt track didn't went to Pavement but I have met a lot of NASCAR drivers to old-school famous ones I know where don't Hearts original shop and a bunch of the original NASCAR shops are that's still left around

  • Stuffandjunk Andthings
    Stuffandjunk Andthings

    I'ts been significantly reworked mechanically at some point- The dayton wheels in the pictures have been replaced with budd wheels- which is a bolt-on, but not an insignificant amount of work. Man, if that truck could talk....

  • Christopher Duren
    Christopher Duren

    These are my absolute favorite videos you make! I love history and loving in Race City USA myself, I'm a huge nascar fan! Keep up the great work!!!

  • Bradley D
    Bradley D

    The amount of History in that truck is crazy. Makes you wonder how much History is lost over the years in similar ways.

  • Justin Nelson
    Justin Nelson

    I was wondering if there is a little local drag strip in your new area.. the hood track videos were a good addition especially when you toured it and got the history of the place. I know your going to uncover loads of history at the garage shop.. You and Logan keep up the good work.

  • Jason Gunn
    Jason Gunn

    Not to sound rude! But this is frigging AWESOME! The history sitting in and outside that garage! increadable!

  • Milton Bayne
    Milton Bayne

    That is crazy that all that history was laid up in storage, as it were. Hope you got a few pieces for your own collection. Great vid Bro.

  • Frank Denardo
    Frank Denardo

    Wow.... Nice piece of history here and a treasure trove of stuff in that rig. You don't see those type of trucks anymore I went to Sonoma Raceway and I saw some vintage NASCAR racing cars. They cars by legends Jeff Gordon, Bill Elliot, Richard Petty on display at the Save Mart 300 classic that runs in June.

  • Drew TuTwenty
    Drew TuTwenty

    Thank you Mitchell for bringing us this amazing History of racing seeing some of these iconic vehicles is amazing. Also I could just see the ideas flowing in your head about your Monte Carlo (Ralph) he’s gonna be amazing when your finished you should let Logan race it tho she needs a ride and she already said it’s her fave that be cool to see you in the Escalade and her in the Monte Carlo lining up would make a nice poster!

  • Junkyard Blaze
    Junkyard Blaze

    The aero war cars are sick! Also amazing to see the indy car sponsored by indy! That 99 is the only car still existing that has the same paint from the first brickyard race. Other cars still exist but that 99 was never raced again and other cars were repainted and raced.

  • Stan Brantley
    Stan Brantley

    This is so cool!! The old haulers are so fascinating to me. I found a picture of uncle Hoss Ellington’s hauler with the #1 Hawaiian Tropic car. Wonder where that old hauler ended up sitting for the rest of its life.. Thank you so much for sharing !!

  • Scott Whitney
    Scott Whitney

    Another awsome video of knowledge that a lot of us would have never known if we didn't visit these places. Thank you for the ride along.

  • Prince G.
    Prince G.

    I live for seeing history like this it gives me chills inside I was a huge racing fan as a kid my first trip to Talledaga me my mom and my dad went we took his 1981 Z28 we got to park in pit row in the field it monsooned that day and there were people strippin down diving into mud holes slipping and sliding every where it was a day to remember I know that.

  • Mike P
    Mike P

    This hauler has more history then that Earnhardt rv you looked at a while back. Man then you started pulling stuff from inside the hauler box you got my attention. Just amazing this stuff is still around. They better lock or empty that hauler box. Allot of people would give a few bucks for some of these things.

  • SouthernViking

    I used to ride by there on the way to work. There's a lot more racing history to be found. Great video!

  • Kyle H
    Kyle H

    Now, this is super badass!!! I have been looking to buy a GMC Astro for a few years now, Luckily there is one local to me for cheap! & I always wondered about stuff like this. How many still exist, or are out there? Will it ever be saved maybe restored to road-ready and show quality... etc. Especially when Evil Knievel's Mack F700 was found a few years ago. That was huge. These trucks are getting harder to find even restored stock i've seen them up to $50-80k. But with this having NASCAR Ties, All Restored it'd probably fetch more than 100k. IMO & Yes they mainly all had 2-Stroke Detroits, 6v53, 8v71, 8v92, 12v71 (special heavy spec). The items inside that thing hollly man! That's gotta be worth some!

  • William Garvey
    William Garvey

    Would love to see a collab with DW going through and seeing what’s in the truck

  • ryan7974

    I absolutely love the old NASCAR stuff this is stuff I like to see there's a museum just in that box truck

  • Rudy Hollis
    Rudy Hollis

    Wow!!!!! Those two aero cars are so cool, I saw both of them on a video @ Bonneville!!!! Those older cars of DW's are awesome, the 17 ASA car, 88 Nova and the Camaro modified are some of the coolest cars ever to be put on any track!!!!!!

  • Funda Cherry
    Funda Cherry

    Dude holy shit. This thing is actually a gem. A dirty Ole gem I want rotting in my backyard.

  • T B
    T B

    How awesome would it be if you could interview at least one guy that was tasked with driving that beast to and from the races. Love this kind of stuff.

  • Twisted

    Lot of history there back when NASCAR was fun to watch.

    • Todd and Emy
      Todd and Emy

      Yep! Now NASCAR is a dumpster fire.

    • trafficracer124

      @Seth Hollingshead well did you hear about the number placement change? Unbelievable.

    • Mitch Drew
      Mitch Drew

      @Andy Page wrong

    • Andy Page
      Andy Page

      LMAO. It's still fun to watch.

    • Seth Hollingshead
      Seth Hollingshead

      Yea they ruined Nascar now. Its all political political too many rules all same engines etc..90s and below really it. Maybe some early 2ks

  • Andy Page
    Andy Page

    I remember Tim. I worked at DEI 2007-2008. I also remember the DW cars in his own museum close to Charlotte Motor Speedway. Cool video. Looking forward to followups with the truck.

  • Tommy flames
    Tommy flames

    Just seeing all that stuff that everyone forgot about as junk it's like finding diamonds just so good to cover this stuff

    • Aaron Hobart
      Aaron Hobart

      @Richard Cline and there is the Karen . 👋🏿 Karen

    • Richard Cline
      Richard Cline

      @Chris Dieringer, senior moment!

    • Chris Dieringer
      Chris Dieringer

      @Richard Cline Then why are you here?

    • Richard Cline
      Richard Cline

      If it belongs to or promotes the Waltrips then is is totally JUNK!

  • djlonewolf78

    now this is a truck i would absolutely love to see a will it run video on instead of the fairly basic semis and other old equipment i watch from time to time

  • Bill Levassiur
    Bill Levassiur

    Great collection, The GMC Astro would have a 8V71 engine in it.

  • Chris Rosado
    Chris Rosado

    It blows my mind how you can have something such as that rig sitting for sooooo long and never check to see whats in it!!! I can't to see what all is found in there. @The Garage Shop and @Stapleton42 lets make it happen ASAP i cant wait any longer Lol Thanks to the both of y'all for the great content.

  • nunya business
    nunya business

    WOW! The history in that garage, gives me the chills..

  • Erik Albertson
    Erik Albertson

    Okay, this is awesome ! Love the "beetle fender" camaro. But, the Talladega and the Daytona are fantastic ! Love the older body styles.

  • Oliver Allpress
    Oliver Allpress

    Love all the stock car history stuff! Thank you!

  • Pete Castle
    Pete Castle

    Omg I can just imagine Earnhardt driving this down the interstate, simply amazing…..wow

  • Eric's fishing adventures
    Eric's fishing adventures

    Man videos like this are so cool, I just love the history of anything automotive!

  • Larry Johnson
    Larry Johnson

    I loved everything you showed in this video. There is some great history across the street. Thank You.

    • Stapleton42

      Thanks man

  • Steve Sidden
    Steve Sidden

    Absolutely outstanding history being a old driver in NASCAR this brought back a lot of old memories thank you so much for showing me these things keep up the wonderful work the great shows stay safe God bless👍👍

  • The Causal Gamer
    The Causal Gamer

    Would love to see a video of Darrell Waltrip getting all that stuff back especially the pole awards He probably forgot they were in there

  • Dave Newman
    Dave Newman

    What a great truck! I'd love to have that for my hauler today-

  • Jon Waterfall
    Jon Waterfall

    Super cool! I saw both of those aero cars on the salt this year at speed week, and it that are both super clean and amazing to see them going 200+

  • Danny Hoover
    Danny Hoover

    It would be a great video to go through the truck and see what's inside.

  • Arizona Don
    Arizona Don

    It would have a two-stroke 71 series diesel.... Most likely an 8V71, also called a 318 (318HP)..... All 2 stroke Detroits need superchargers to run, but a later version, rated at 350hp had turbos added over the supercharging.....I only see one splitter button on the shifter, so it's likely either a 9spd or 10 spd road ranger.....

    • unclecowboy2003

      Looks like a newer silver 92 transplant but could be wrong

    • Scot Coon
      Scot Coon

      The turbo made a big difference on the 6-71, too.

    • Burks 401
      Burks 401

      Yep you’re right they didn’t start till 74 so must be a 71 series motor

    • Burks 401
      Burks 401

      I’m thinking it’s a 6V92 looked too short to be a v8

  • chris walker
    chris walker

    watching Daryls reaction to going around the track at Bathurst was priceless

  • the other Brent
    the other Brent

    Awesome video. Sometimes it is fun to step back in time . Would love to look thru the truck. If there is that much history in the doorway. Just think what the rest may hold.

  • Jeff R
    Jeff R

    Very interesting video. Please do more and I would love to see what’s all in that truck.

  • Gen X 66
    Gen X 66

    Super cool GMC cab over. Wow can't wait to see what's inside. All the history. Like a deer in the when you listed the previous owners. Wow

  • JordansRc

    Love the racing history you dig up brother keep them coming 👏👍 That could have been any of the following types of Detroit Diesel’s, Detroit Diesel 6-71 Detroit Diesel 8V71 Detroit Diesel 12V71 Detroit Diesel 6V92 Detroit Diesel 8V92 They were all available in the 71 Astro 👍

  • Majiksmoke

    I love getting to look back into the history of NASCAR. You two are definitely in the best place possible for that! I would probably have a full-on stroke if Mark and Arlene fired up the Newell and took y'all on a whirlwind NASCAR history tour around that area of NC. Dude is such a class act. My son's favorite driver was Mark, and in 2011 he signed a go-daddy die-cast for my son at TMS. He only has 2 signed die cast cars...one from Mark Martin, and the other from Richard Petty. Keep up with the historical content. I'm loving it!!

    • Stapleton42

      I talked to mark about moving here before I moved. He said he never lived in the area even though roush had the car based out of here. So he wasn’t super familiar with anything lol. I hope he comes back to Arkansas sometime we’d make a trip to his museum

  • Kody Woodward
    Kody Woodward

    I love history like that and picture what history that truck holds. I think that's so rad!

  • Brian Walden
    Brian Walden

    Darrell was my favorite driver. Dude I love the content cause you never know what's your next vid is about.

  • Ronald Lopez
    Ronald Lopez

    I could watch a 2 hour video of that place. And that truck man you could do an episode of just the history in that. You’re a blessed man keep up the hard work, it’s paying off! Love you guys!

    • Stapleton42

      We are going to do an episode on the inside contents! Glad you’re here man

  • Mark Miller
    Mark Miller

    Love this video!!! Get in the back of the truck with DW and go through those boxes.

  • Infamy Auto TV
    Infamy Auto TV

    Love the automotive history you feature man keep up the good work! Top notch as always!

    • Infamy Auto TV
      Infamy Auto TV

      @Stapleton42 NP man keep the uploads coming!

    • Stapleton42

      Thanks man

  • Skipper LSU13
    Skipper LSU13

    Gives me chill bumps the thoughts of what you may find in the back of that hauler, that maybe DW has been trying to find for years. Can’t wait to se more!

  • Seth Tynan
    Seth Tynan

    You two are living the life! Awesome. Enjoy every day!

  • Jesse Chiocca
    Jesse Chiocca

    Love this stuff. Def need more and more indepth videos. Especially of the cars.

    • Stapleton42

      You got it!

  • The Tilemaniac
    The Tilemaniac

    Sweet! Now u gotta find the equivalent of yellowbelly and go send uncle Rob👍 Really enjoyed you being right up on the start line, talking about the cars/drivers etc. Was my favorite part of your channel.

  • hendo337

    It's certainly a historically significant hauler, it's going to probably need a lot to be a reliable, safe, efficient, work vehicle that you can trust on long distance travels for many years to come. The amount of cosmetic work is not going to be insignificant either, unfortunately. If the price is right and you're stoked to work on it...follow your dreams absolutely. Paint it up in the Dale Earnhardt Wrangler colorway and have a ball.

    • Scot Coon
      Scot Coon

      Full service, check all the fluids, change the coolant lines, maybe brake shoes and drums. Good to go.

    • Carlos Danger
      Carlos Danger

      You wouldn’t buy that take it anywhere you would buy it to put it in a parade orPark it in a town Square Turn it into a food truck

  • ab3fan

    Love the old racing history. Keep educating us please.

  • Anthony Estevez
    Anthony Estevez

    Great content! History is always fascinating! Thanks for sharing!

  • Joshua Shanahan
    Joshua Shanahan

    Man you find some of the coolest stuff. Thanks for documenting this history , so freaking cool.

    • Stapleton42

      Thanks man we’re glad you’re here

  • Ernest Paul
    Ernest Paul

    Probably a Detroit in 71' for an engine. The haulers used to go over one of the turns back in the day and most likely still do. Rockingham still does in Turn 3.

  • ronald l
    ronald l

    Wow what a piece of history and the stuff in there, truck and in the garage! Definitely have to go through that hauler and find what else is in there.

  • Jim Askins
    Jim Askins

    Coming from a huge racing fan from Pittsburgh I admire what what your accomplishing!! Yinz are doing great!!

  • Don Faris
    Don Faris

    Love this kind of content! Finding history. Keep it up!

    • Stapleton42

      More to come!

  • BANDIT Grizzy
    BANDIT Grizzy

    Definitely gotta see what all is in that truck... nothing more intriguing than a trip to the past 👍

  • Patrick O'Toole
    Patrick O'Toole

    Really cool to see I bet DW would love to see what's in the truck

  • Tim Rigg
    Tim Rigg

    Definitely need to do a video of going through all those box's in the hauler.

  • Aces Reaper2211
    Aces Reaper2211

    Man I didn’t know all of this history is here in NC I more interested in drag racing but it gives me hope to find a good Motorsports job here and put my years of experience to work on my dream anyway love your content brother keep up the awesome work

  • 1223 KW
    1223 KW

    Love your videos keep them coming and thanks!! for another cool video

  • Bruce Koster
    Bruce Koster

    Trucks have come a long way in 50 years....thankfully.