Rusty OBS Suburban Frame Restoration & Paint: Uncle George Goes On The Rotisserie! (GMT400 Build)
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Quite a long process and a LOT of work here but we finally have Uncle George's (our 1993 GMC Suburban) frame painted and ready for reassembly! We pulled the body off in the last video and rolled the frame outside to pressure wash it extensively and knock off all the loose rust accumulated over 30 years and 335,000 miles. Logan spent several hours every day with the air scaler getting the surface right while I pressure washed and stripped the frame of all remaining wiring and lines. We bolt it up to a rotisserie to do all three steps of the POR 15 process! The finished product is ABSOLUTELY worth the effort! We can't wait to get to putting everything back together and get the 632ci big block chevy stuffed in there!
Check out the "Uncle George OBS Suburban" playlist for the entire build series in order!
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  • Keith Billiot
    Keith Billiot

    Logan and you are killing the game lately loving this build Logan needs a ring 💍

    • C.S. Allsman
      C.S. Allsman

      Yuppers, she is definitely an awesome lady. Keeper for sure.

    • Aaron Hammers
      Aaron Hammers

      Agreed! She is awesome!

  • gac914

    Absolutely Logan should have more of the commentary, as she's (pretty-sure more than) 50% of the team!! 🤣

  • Jennifer Houlihan
    Jennifer Houlihan

    Hey guys, love the build!!! Logan totally needs to tell us what’s going on while she is working, she is a heck of a worker! Keep it up Girl!! Let me know if Ruger shirts come back he is a total cutie!!

  • Paul Stansfield
    Paul Stansfield

    Awesome video, personally prefer the longer one, so much content, also worth the wait. You guys work so well together. Thanks guys Paul 🇬🇧

    • Joe Houlihan
      Joe Houlihan

      I agree about the longer video’s! Just miss seeing them each week

    • Stapleton42

      Thank you Paul we appreciate your comments!

  • TNG Tactical Miata
    TNG Tactical Miata

    You two always make me smile the whole way through the video... Thanks, guys...

    • Stapleton42

      Thanks man that’s really great to hear.

  • Randy Roberts
    Randy Roberts

    Good work you two. So is there a reason you didn't choose to sand blast the frame clean? Maybe I missed that. Lookin good though. Logan is a trooper.

  • Stuart Burden
    Stuart Burden

    No words really, you two are the most incredible duo... you got this! Mitch and Logan, you are virtually unstoppable now... keep right on Rolling! Very best wishes to you both, you're simply awesome! Take your time, get this build right. Perfection pays off in the end. Stuart from Exeter, Devon, England...

  • TechMarcB

    When you go to re line the brake system, do yourself a favor and use the nickel copper brake line. Pretty, bends easy, flares easy, and is rust proof, corrosion proof. A quality flare tool will also make your life much easier. Hydraulic mastercool deal is the best I’ve ever used on/off the vehicle.

    • Bruce Grunewald
      Bruce Grunewald

      I thought they used steel because it doesn't stretch and cause spongy pedal. Then I thought about all the flexible hoses, so I'm not sure. Does anyone know why brake lines are normally steel?

  • dystemper

    It's cool seeing Logan's point of view the memories the two of you are making together are going to last a lifetime

  • Steve Mcafee
    Steve Mcafee

    Awesome video Mitchell and Logan great job showing all the hard work and yes let Logan take over she comes up with some great one liners lol

  • James Bailey
    James Bailey

    Unsure how far along you are, aquire the best flaring tool you can afford to make it easy. It ain't that scary. Bending tube correctly is more frustrating. You always apply yourself and overcome. Great job!

  • Mark Miller
    Mark Miller

    Cool! Glad to see you guys getting the frame cleaned up and prepped! Logan is absolutely rocking this frame cleanup work, she works her butt off as well as you do, Mitch! Pretty easy to flare tubing, brake line requires a double flare, practice on an old piece of steel line to get the hang of it. The rotisserie makes life easier doing big jobs like this. Keep up the good work! Always know I'm here with you guys in each episode, love to see your projects and what it takes to complete them, and the end result is always badass! Thank you & Logan for being here and taking the time to film video footage, and provide us with the best content out there! Be safe and looking forward to the next installment! Might want to consider putting the powertrain in before reinstalling the body......just a thought!

    • Stapleton42

      Thank you mark. That’s our plan!

  • Tim Koryciak
    Tim Koryciak

    You and Logan are doing a great job on the Suburban ! Keep up the great work ! Looking forward to your next video !

    • Stapleton42

      Thank you Tim. We really appreciate you

  • Jt Young
    Jt Young

    Nothing is as satisfying as pressure washing or media blasting parts. It's instant gratification!

  • Chance Steffens
    Chance Steffens

    Love it when I get notifications of a new video! And love the advice about taking the time to do it right the first time.... if I had learned that 10 years ago I would be in much better places 🤣🤣 Also, my order just came in from you guys! Shortly the wife's Tahoe will be rocking some SAW gear! And it's not stock, in true SAW fashion...

    • Stapleton42

      Thanks man we appreciate you. Glad to have your Tahoe on the team 💪🏻

  • Robert Snedeker jr
    Robert Snedeker jr

    Logan rocks and it’s a lot easier to flare hydraulic brake lines with a hydraulic flaring tool if you wanna spend the money

    • Mike Scherrer
      Mike Scherrer

      and safer.

    • David Beers
      David Beers

      Brake lines have to be double flared.

    • Andrew Tate
      Andrew Tate

      A mastercool hydro flare tool is the best investment I made in my tool box fuel line trans line and brake line have never been easier

  • Brian Hord
    Brian Hord

    Love to see you both collaborate together to knock out your projects, so yes more Logan please! Keep up the great work and content, you two are a great match for each other. 🍻

    • Stapleton42

      Thank you Brian

  • Jerrell Kull
    Jerrell Kull

    Great job on the frame for Uncle George! I've used POR15 for years and love it, it is a chore to do with all the steps, but the end result is unmatched. Y'all take care and see ya next vidya..........👍

  • jwcarterjr2

    As a Detailer, I have to agree. It’s extremely satisfying to see dirt and grime just disappear with a power washer and steamer.

  • Brad Jackson
    Brad Jackson

    Whenever you go to weld those cracks up make sure to drill a hole where the crack stops this will help to keep the crack from spreading or so I've been told

  • Robert Hathaway
    Robert Hathaway

    Hell yes I've been waiting for a video from yall. I love the videos. I always like watching y'all work together and make things happen. Can't wait to see when it is done.

    • Robert Hathaway
      Robert Hathaway

      I watch all of your videos

    • Stapleton42

      Thanks man. These build videos need all the help they can get!

  • jeremiah johnson
    jeremiah johnson

    That is so satisfying to make something like that look like new. Needle guns are cool and suck at the end of the day after using it. Hav fun Logan. Good times as always

  • Grifterfade Empire
    Grifterfade Empire

    Love the video!!! Nice and shiny!!! Looks really good. Keep up the amazing work. Just ordered boom tube shirt let’s go! Having you both Commentary is awesome:)

    • Stapleton42

      Thank you!

  • T and J Performance South Florida
    T and J Performance South Florida

    Frame looks sweet! you and Logan are doing a great job ! gonna be like a new OBS when your done

    • Stapleton42

      That’s the goal! Thanks man

  • Two wheeling Nut
    Two wheeling Nut

    Awesome video. Looked like a lot of work but the end result show it. You two do it right.

  • J_mill

    Frame looking good! I wonder if that por last as long as a powder coated frame. Logan found a new friend officer Oreo 😂

  • Team Brahma
    Team Brahma

    Just went thru the whole frame cleaning/blasting/painting thing, rotisserie and all. It's a job, but it's worth it. And yes to Logan doing narrations and things - I love that she gets right in there and helps out.

    • Stapleton42

      It should if we did it right lol. Hopefully 😂 thanks man

  • Jason McKinney
    Jason McKinney

    That turned out great looks really good. Y'all be safe with that stuff breathing it, got my shirts awesome thanks Saw is being representing proudly! Y'all have a great week. Much love from Kentucky!!!

    • Stapleton42

      Thanks Jason! We appreciate you 💪🏻

  • gafrers

    Great to see another video on Uncle George, so much work and the result shows. 👏👏👏 Por15 FTW Logan MVP

  • Wayfast Willy
    Wayfast Willy

    You guys do great work and the videos are always worth it. Keep it up

    • Stapleton42

      Thanks Willy 💪🏻

  • Trevor Smith
    Trevor Smith

    Building a project you can both be proud of is such hard work, appreciate your determination 🦅

    • Stapleton42

      Thank you Trevor

  • Rear Engine Shop
    Rear Engine Shop

    Not bad for a truck that age. Looks amazing now. Man, I need a rotisserie for my Indy Fiero project…

  • Noble Lundberg
    Noble Lundberg

    That frame is astoundingly clean, look forward to seeing the rest of this build!

  • Zackary Motes
    Zackary Motes

    Thought we were about to hear a “dirty Dan” argument break out over how nasty Logan was?!😂 Love the content! Always a treat!

    • Stapleton42

      😂😂😂😂 dang what a wasted opportunity

  • Austin Dickerson
    Austin Dickerson

    Can't wait to see it finished I just started watching your videos for a week but binge watched all your episodes love how you keep it real all the time keep it up btw suck it cole

    • Stapleton42

      Thanks man. There’s lots of good information in the older stuff so we are glad you’re watching it!

  • Craig Maverick
    Craig Maverick

    The frame looks awesome! I love watching the progress. I guess I took the easy way out on my Bronco frame. I had the powder coat guy sand blast it before he powder coated it. It saved me a bunch of time for about $700 bucks.

    • Stapleton42

      That’s the way to do it


    No need to apologize Stape, your always working so its no biggie for a delayed video.

  • MrRay55

    I think I might need a new shirt. The frame came out great. Patience is truly needed during projects like that. Great work.

    • Stapleton42

      Thanks man 💪🏻

  • Ed Rannou
    Ed Rannou

    Logan truly awesome. You two make a great team. Thanks for sharing your life together.

    • Stapleton42

      Thank you Ed. It’s hard sometimes to have your life on the internet but we make it work 😂

  • Arthur Fricchione
    Arthur Fricchione

    Missed you guys but now I know why. I’ve used POR15 on my own vehicles it works great and lasts forever. You are both kicking butt. Thanks for sharing and stay safe and well. 🇺🇸😊 Artie

    • Stapleton42

      Thank you Artie we appreciate you 💪🏻

  • ted zehnder
    ted zehnder

    Late to the party, I found steel wire brushes at the business end of a drill body or grinder make short work of surface rust on frames.I did a body off on my 73 vette frame and it came out nice enough for rust neutralizer and paint.There are various styles of wheels to get in tight spaces.

    • Stapleton42

      Great tip!

  • James Denny
    James Denny

    As always. Watched from start to finish. Yall are awesome and doing great w the builds. Gonna have to order the new boom tube shirt now.

    • Stapleton42

      We appreciate you James 💪🏻

  • Jt Young
    Jt Young

    Cutting and flaring brake lines is an easy skill to master, you just need to make sure to double flare and take your time.

  • Frosty Outdoors
    Frosty Outdoors

    This is another reason I need to get my sandblast/paint shop going. Cleaning metal is so satisfying!!!

  • Tahoe's & Turbo's
    Tahoe's & Turbo's

    Oh man what an awesome video to watch while I'm working on my GMT400 Tahoe 🤘 As an RC guy myself its cool seeing ya get into them and I'm here to help in anyway I can as I also moonlight for a little something called RCSparks

    • Stapleton42

      Heck yeah. We’re gonna mess with the LMT a bit in the next video 💪🏻

  • Scott

    Silly request, we always want to see more from Logan.

  • Greg Simon
    Greg Simon

    Great job you guys, looks awesome.

  • Hexen Motorsport
    Hexen Motorsport

    Appreciate the volume reduction, that would've woken up the neighbors.

  • Dakota Harbert
    Dakota Harbert

    Definitely going to pull the body off on my 70 D100 and do the frame. I'm moving into a house with a shed and a garage. Finally, I'm going to be able to go overkill on my bulid

  • David Callender
    David Callender

    Needle guns are just as satisfying as pressure washing. (One of my favorite things while in the shipyards when I was in the Navy.)

  • Hammerbeach

    It's wierd seeing Derek talking normally😁 good job on the frame!

  • Ray Russell
    Ray Russell

    Logan is a super star all that hard work she put in on everything she does I don't of any women that would do that work she is definitely a rare one I would say you need to make sure your there for her for what ever comes along you two are a awesome team. God bless you guys and as always be safe 👍

    • Stapleton42

      Thanks man. We appreciate you!

  • GG Buck
    GG Buck

    I always know (or at least I know) when you're up to something big. People don't know how much work putting video's out takes so when you don't post for awhile there's going to be something good coming. Keep up the great content and interest stuff.

    • Stapleton42

      That means a lot man. You know the deal.

  • Casey Mcguire
    Casey Mcguire

    yes more logan please. keep it up love your content.

    • Stapleton42

      Thank you Casey

  • James Larkin
    James Larkin

    POR has a reducer as well that works excellent for clean up. You can also spray this stuff.

  • Joe Cameron
    Joe Cameron

    I like the longer video. That way I can find it easier to watch again. It's a lot of work I did an s10 frame I used a drain auger with links of chain to clean the inside. I also boxed the frame before I started painting. It's definitely worth it. Logan deserves a ring. She just dives right in

    • Joe Cameron
      Joe Cameron

      Reason I did is 6.0 ls will be unnaturally aspirated. It's a conglomeration of the best stock parts plus some fun parts LOL.

    • Stapleton42

      Considered boxing the frame but I couldn’t justify the time it’d take to do that for what the truck will be used for lol

  • Coty Nietling
    Coty Nietling

    This build is amazing cant wait for more

  • Dean Woods
    Dean Woods

    You two are going to kill this project! 👍👏

    • Stapleton42

      Thank you Dean!

  • W Kannon
    W Kannon

    I love your time lapse music. It totally reminds me of any 80's movie where the 'crew" is driving around downtown, looking in every alley looking for Jimmy who stole the bosses money cuz his girlfriend needed an operation and they have to find him before the boss finds out or they're all done for! hahaha

    • Stapleton42


  • Dpkustums

    The couple that builds together and builds cool shit stays at the top of my playlist.

    • Stapleton42

      We appreciate you man!

  • deegan727

    I just did this to my K5 Blazer (without a rotisserie☹️). I used Chassis Saver paint though and used a sand blaster attachment for my pressure washer. It was a huge mess as expected, but the the results were great. I’m now doing body work. Looking forward to the coil over conversion. After the turbo LS swap I’m wanting to do F/R coilovers and links.

    • Stapleton42

      I may have to look into the sand blaster pressure washer thing… 🤔

  • Kyle Fitzherbert
    Kyle Fitzherbert

    Always a good day when you guys drop a video.

  • Walter Nunemaker
    Walter Nunemaker

    I love it that you used it exactly like por 15 tells you I did this on part of an f250 frame if you do what they tell you it will last forever

    • Stapleton42

      bingo. people complain when they don't prep right

  • Benny Helgeson
    Benny Helgeson

    Like most jobs done correctly preparation is the key for long lasting results. Very good job.

    • Stapleton42

      Thank you Benny. We will definitely be using that angle grinder soon!

  • Joe Houlihan
    Joe Houlihan

    Love the new OG Hat black and white and the new boom tube shirt, already bought both! Wife wants to know if there is enough people that want shop dog shirts to bring more in? Love the content! Missed seeing content, understand why. I check your channel first everyday. You guys are doing a Great Job and Thank you for sharing your world with all of us!

    • Stapleton42

      Thank you Joe! We are working on doing another shop dog shirt!

  • John Z
    John Z

    Yep, wearing Tyveks when doing that painting is/was a good idea. If the paint were to come off your skin wouldn't a guy or gal think it would come off the frame? Of course it is made to STICK FO-EVAH :)

  • David Messer
    David Messer

    You should invest in a dustless sand blaster from harbor freight or a sand attachment for the pressure washer a Lil messy but gets the job done.

  • BANDIT Grizzy
    BANDIT Grizzy

    Can't wait to see the finished product. 💪😉👍

  • Matthew Pickering
    Matthew Pickering

    Love ya work guys!!

  • gilberto lebron
    gilberto lebron

    Quality work takes time but lasts long time

  • the other Brent
    the other Brent

    You may be lifting the heavy stuff but Logan is gettin the job done. Absolute beast on that needle scaler. Oh and hey Plank Hey Ruger.

    • Stapleton42

      Thanks man. She definitely spent more time on the cleanup than I did

  • Richard Harvey
    Richard Harvey

    Logan can comment all she wants. Glad to see her give that frame a massage. Great job.

  • Baroniskus Slavcenko
    Baroniskus Slavcenko

    The frame looks awesome! Hope to meet you sometime at a CLT race.

    • Stapleton42

      Thanks man

  • Cory Klabunde
    Cory Klabunde

    MOAR LOGAN COMMENTATING!! Best IRglo channel ever! Also you two work so well together ❤️ Keep killin it! You are motivation for a lot of people!

    • Stapleton42

      Thank you Cory it means a lot to us

  • PressCorpse

    Curious if classic tube has stainless brake lines for this model ? Going through all the hassle of taking off the old ones, may as well put new brake lines on there. Also, any thought put into boxing in the frame or ha doing a coilover conversion prior to painting?

  • lawrence beeler
    lawrence beeler

    Some times they are called a needle gun and if you ever spent any time on a navy ship you would be very familiar with this tool for the same reason you are using it

  • Jasen Worrell
    Jasen Worrell

    The timelapse of her taking the rust off would've been satisfying the still camera and seeing the change happening wouldve been cool

    • Stapleton42

      Yeah we could have done a better job with that

  • Matthew Serrao
    Matthew Serrao

    I found on my frame, a quick strip disk worked really well to get to bare metal :)

  • brent beiler
    brent beiler

    You 2 are awesome been awhile haven’t seen you all, I’m in Alaska it’s so different from down there.

  • Nick Pruchnik
    Nick Pruchnik

    Started following you when I stumbled upon your nascar history series and I was absolutely HOOKED. Dang near watched all your videos. Keep doing what you’re doin I look forward to it. Also awesome to see you meet up with Derek!