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  • rjs2005

    I sorta cringe when I hear Dale Inman correct himself when he says "we"- there's no way Petty Enterprises would have been as wildly successful as they were without him. I get his total reverence for Richard and I admire his humble demeanor, but he deserves all the accolades and yes- it was "y'all", Dale. Awesome video, I really enjoyed the Petty's Garage section- that was the only area I didn't get to see when I visited the museum. It's so heartwarming to see the race shop put to good use and not left to decay.

  • Sergeant Masson
    Sergeant Masson

    After July 1984, Richard Petty stopped winning, nor could he beat Dale Earnhart Sr.

  • Ty baker
    Ty baker

    I've never been jealous of anybody on IRglo. But damn, your channel is amazing and I am jealous lol

  • Sergeant Masson
    Sergeant Masson

    Are the illegal oversized engines still there?

  • dave mckee
    dave mckee

    Love the videos you did with Dale Inman,they were great!The puppy is sooo cute.I have a Cattle dog border collie mix.The '66/'67 43 car is my favorite,I liked racing a lot better back in the day when stock cars were more like stock.I raced back in the early 1980's.My car was Petty blue and number 34,[43 backwards]I also really enjoyed your Lake Speed video.Thanks!

  • Brian Best
    Brian Best

    Hey I LOVE your channel, especially the NASCAR history stuff. A couple of things on this video. The fight you were talking about was Tiny Lund & Lee getting into a fight. Richard & Maurice came to help & Tiny was beating up all 3 when Mrs. Petty hit Tiny in the head with her purse (which had a gun in it). The 2nd point, in Kyle's new book, he says that Adam's ARCA Pontiac was one of his Hot Wheels Cars, still don't know why Adam drove a chevy. Keep up the good work. Definitely should do the Wood Brothers, maybe Jr. Johnson's old shop or Bobby Allison's in Hueytown.

  • Brian Edwards
    Brian Edwards

    Sorry bro don't mean to rain on your parade, I don't know maybe it's just I've been watching too many Joe Bobs like yourself build something kind of cool but not really I don't understand what is special about your Cadillac Escalade? you didn't do anything special to it you put a big horsepower motor in a freakin tank. Just curious like what goes through your guys's head when you're doing these builds? doesn't matter how much horsepower you give that thing it's not going to go any faster due to weight. So all these pretty colors and stuff that don't know if you think that's going to make it go faster but it's not really impressive cuz I seen about 10,000 other videos with dudes just like yourself who took their Escalade that they paid 80 thousand dollars for and they make it a paperweight...well it makes 2,500 horsepower only does 10 second quarter miles... I do love the fact that it was your dad's but that's it....sry

  • Leland Robertson
    Leland Robertson

    At 56:23 the video shows scary things 😶

  • Ron Wallace
    Ron Wallace

    man I had a brown 1970 monte carlo I loved it , my sister had a 70 my uncle a black 70 and my dad had a white 70 , great cars this one on here is gorgeous

  • Chrystal Buckland
    Chrystal Buckland

    Can residents of Canada get $500 from the Dave app

  • Pete Evers
    Pete Evers

    a wood brothers deep dive would be perfect

  • Bluey his.zarsoff
    Bluey his.zarsoff

    Chev in a mopar, no wonder the car is angry

  • Rosumin

    I do hope that even with the renovations they do preserve the original Winston boards (touchy I know with tobacco sponsorship) and at least 1 of the original stands. Perhaps display them as part of an infield museum or something to that degree if they can't keep them installed.

  • Parentsbasement

    Could you imagine having 10mins to grab whatever ya could to keep outta these shops your visiting a guy could put together a pretty Amazing collection. The amount of money just sitting on those engines stands and the old 1 off speed equipment. I would stack up hemi's and all the drag racing stuff and the car. Gotta grab a few of the winged cars. The memory on these fella amazes me also. They can remember a certain Sunday from 30-50 years ago like it was yesterday . Thank you for doing these walk throughs this is history that will be lost as these pioneers pass on.

  • Parentsbasement

    If ya do long sleeves make sure you get some in tall sizes . For those of us with long arms


    can you do a interview on Ray Evernham!!! 🙂

  • joe stoneking
    joe stoneking

    I have a 70 and 72 chevelle so loved this video

  • ThA MAN C MAcK
    ThA MAN C MAcK

    If We had stuff like this back in the day & while growing up I would have been A HUGE Lake Speed Fan❕ This was amazing and I am now A HUGE LAKE SPEED FAN & Supporter 💯


    Awsome channel great work guys love your work 💯👍

  • Thack

    You will enjoy this if you have not seen it, just after 25:00 they talk about Petty Enterprises.

  • Christopher Sizelove
    Christopher Sizelove

    Dale seems like such a down to earth genuine guy. Must have been a hell of an experience having him as your guide.

  • Edward Hughes
    Edward Hughes

    This is the first one of your episodes I've ever seen. I have subscribes, likes, and hit the bell. Eddie

  • KLuB 7198
    KLuB 7198

    i got to watch Erin Everham absolutely smash a sprint car race at Carolina Speedway, lapped over half the field, won the race and got too close to the wall in turn 2 and went right over. Ray had no clue what happened until after he went to the pits, and came back out on a 4-wheeler. She climbed out of the car and up the hill and was completely fine just shook up. Yes the long-sleeved tee would be very useful.

  • fredette1978

    Another awesome video thanks a lot for sharing. Would love to see a Wood Bros video that awesome to see thanks again great video

  • nattydreadlocks1973

    $30M to run a cup car for the current season.

  • Russell Carter
    Russell Carter

    Regarding the interior color, I’m colorblind so…

  • Paul Byrd
    Paul Byrd

    Wood brothers is a must